VEnvirotech transforms organic waste into bioplastics

Foreign Ological startup that produces Bioplastic using bacteria on one side we Help organic waste producers to reduce Their Waste Management costs by taking The technology there where the waste is Generated and then we produce a high Added value product such as the Bioplastic and we put them to the market For different applications so for those People who don't know what's the Difference the basic difference between Bioplastic and traditional Plastics you Might encounter in your everyday life The brain difference are related with The procedure of the source for Producing the bioplastic you know Because bioblastic sometimes are coming From renewable resources and then after That bioplastics have a component that's Very important that is the Biodegradability you know because they Disappear from the environment because They are used for other microorganisms As a source of element between six and Nine months talk us through what you're Doing right now so we have our first Pilot here in a company called bonaria That is situated in yada we want to test Our technology in industrial scale we Are now in pillar plan automatization we Want to technology that it's going to be Fully automated and the result of this Is going to be called bee box the bee

Box is going to be a service for organic Waste managers that aim to transform the Organic ways into completely Biodegradable bioplastics and why is This a good place to build this business We're here in and around Barcelona why Why here here we have a lot of companies That have approximately 30 000 tons Every year of organic waste so it's the Best place for implementing a technology For testing the the yield for testing The optimization the logistics and then For giving a complete product to the to The market what was your original Inspiration for building this as a Business you're a bio engineer by Research and background what was the Moment where you sort of saw the Commercial opportunity here I worked for One year in a private company and I was Testing different Technologies Environmental Technologies for uh for Improving the quality of life of the People and our surroundings and I I Realized not all the technologies that We have there are right finally to the Society so I tested the entire process For bioplastic production and I I Realized that it was a simple technology For taking it to a society and that will Benefit all of us So your first customer is well in in Pilot phase it's a supermarket who do You imagine down the line who are the

Next customers we have two customer Segments first of all we have the Organic waste processors that has Organic waste organic wastes and then From the other part we have customers That are interested of buying the Bioplastic it could be that one company That is interesting for the bioplastic Could give us also organic wastes from Another company you know because it's The push and pull you know so we have Two different customer segments and both Are really interesting looking ahead What are the next steps you're you've Got this pilot running where do you see The business where do you hope the Business to be in the next going into The next year two years our big next Steps are are related with fully Automate the pilot plan and then to to Decide the best application for the Bioplastic in order to get to the market After that we are going to create a Network of producers of the bioplastic Just all working with the bee box with The same technology and after that we Are going to centralize all the value Plastic production and extraction in our Facilities so the big steps here are the Part of creating the big network of Customers working with the same Technology and then the part that we are Going to be the big bioplastic producers In the future


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