Vava’s 4K ultra short throw laser projector

Foreign Projector is a Ultra short throw laser Projector it uses Laser Technology That's straight out of the theaters What's unique about our projector is That the ultra short throw format allows It to project up to 150 inches while Sitting directly against the wall Normally with traditional projectors you Need to run you know like this lofty Installation process into replacement Bulbs every year or two and you need a Pitch dark room to get a decent picture With our projector it solves a lot of Those pain points It has a 30 watt Harman Kardon Soundbar Built in this is actually between three To five times More powerful than your TV speaker so With this you can actually replace the Sound bar use the unit you know as a Sound bar and just save a clutter into Your living room it also has 4K and with HDR We were always doing consumer Electronics what really happened was in The early 2010s when people were really Focused on their smartphones they create This huge need for portable chargers and There's this huge Market created and That's kind of how the company got Started and a little from there from Portable chargers we kind of expanded Our Horizons into different categories

Such as Bluetooth headphones Bluetooth Speakers and now we're making a Smart Home Products for everybody But there's other Ultra short throw Projectors out in the market we actually We understand that we actually are Coming in lower than other major brands Out there and the way we're actually Able to make that happen is that we have A business model where we're selling Direct to Consumers Um normally there's a lot of Market Needed across the middleman like if you Go to a distributor and reseller we Decide to just pass on all those savings And just make the product as affordable As they can to the average consumer we Felt that a lot of consumers would be Scared about putting their money on Crowdfunding because the product may or May not come out so we wanted to take That away by offering like a guaranteed Delivery program with Indiegogo and We're the only company to have that Program what it means is that we Actually don't get paid until we fulfill The delivery to our backers We believe that Ultra short throw is Going to be a game changer industry so We're definitely just getting started And especially with the success of Indiegogo a campaign it kind of proves That there's an appetite for this kind Of product


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