US Government’s SECRET PLAN to KILL Bitcoin! (THIS IS BAD)

People can now move Millions tens hundreds 
of millions of dollars around in two seconds   On their phone I wonder if we will see changes of 
banking regulation because it's just too darn easy   To withdraw money now this is concerning for all 
crypto holders in America why did Signature Bank   Get shut down by the government citing systemic 
risk Regulators shut down Signature Bank Sunday   The new york-based full-service Commercial Bank 
has 40 Private Client offices The Wall Street   Journal reported that signature was reeling from 
a bet on crypto banking we know why Silicon Valley   Bank and silvergate Bank failed and why the FDIC 
had to step in but why Signature Bank there was a   Bank run but signature really didn't collapse the 
same way that Silicon Valley Bank collapsed I know   Why dear God Insider politician Barney Frank 
openly admits that signature was arbitrarily   Shuttered despite no in solvency because 
Regulators wanted to kill off the last major   Pro-crypto Bank colossal Scandal Frank who helped 
draft The Landmark Dodd-Frank Act after the 2008   Financial crisis just said in an interview just 
admitted there was no real objective reason that   Signature Bank had to be seized quote I think part 
of what happened was that Regulators wanted to   Send a very strong anti-crypto message heard this 
independently from other sources as well confirms   Nick Carter who's the chairman of the board for 
coinmetrics also General partner for Castle Island   Ventures he says signature was executed last 
night not due to any Bank runs but as a political   Scalp intended to be veiled by the fog of War I 
suspected as much last night this was confirmed   Today apparently even the FDIC was surprised when 
Signature Bank was dropped into their hands my   Conclusion Nick Carter rights is that politicians 
like Elizabeth Warren together with regulatory   Bodies fragilized crypto Banks and encouraged runs 
against them then used withdrawals as the pretext   To close them down this was meant to be a surgical 
operation and it became a massive banking crisis   Because many are saying that Barney Frank might 
not be impartial but here's some more evidence   Signature's asset portfolio was nowhere near as 
troubled as Silicon Valley Bank see attached the   Closure of Silicon Valley Bank seems unwarranted 
as their assets unrealized losses aren't that   Big compared to its overall asset base over the 
past few days many experts have been confirming   This for instance meta Lawman a Vanderbilt law 
we just got confirmation from an Insider that   Regulators are executing a plan to kill crypto 
Barney Frank told Bloomberg Radio today that one   Signature bank was shuttered because Regulators 
wanted us send a message to get people away from   Crypto and two we Signature Bank were singled out 
to be the poster child for that message whatever   You think of Barney's politics Barney's always 
been candid and he just said the quiet part out   Loud I am very disappointed video does anybody 
want to debate me on this does anybody challenge   This that the only reason that they shut down 
Signature Bank was to screw over crypto it's   No coincidence that silvergate and Silicon Valley 
Bank also got wrecked because they were also very   Crypto friendly if you appreciate us breaking down 
this message like the video comment your thoughts  

Below engage with this video more people need to 
understand this Bitcoin worked this weekend when   Banks didn't Natalie Brunell on Fox Business I 
think it's notable to see that Bitcoin worked   This weekend when Banks didn't new people joined 
the network blocks were created and new Bitcoins   Were minted on a predictable schedule and it just 
worked and this is what Bitcoin was designed for   Because the current system the problem with it is 
not just all the leverage and debt but the trust   Satoshi warned us that banks are trusted to hold 
our money but instead they lend it out in waves of   Credit bubbles with just a fraction in reserve and 
and so people just need to remember that when they   Give their money to the bank the bank is making 
Bets with your savings it's not sitting there   It's not backed one to one you're essentially 
trusting the bank to manage counterparty risk   And what you have in return is an IOU on the 
screen and the difference with Bitcoin is you   Have a bare instrument with no issuer that you 
can self-custody with no counterparty risk and you   Don't have to trust anybody but yourself lawmakers 
are saying this the industry is hoping dust will   Settle things will quiet down maybe it'll even 
blow over guess again our federal Regulators are   Coming to life and they're bringing down the 
hammer on crypto lawmakers should be thinking   Like this I just hope that lawmakers soon realize 
that Bitcoin is accretive it's not destructive it   Will make the world more stable not less it 
adds to The Human Experience and it's a store   Of value competing with all the other assets for 
stores of value and it does not destroy the dollar   Frankly the dollar is dying by a Thousand Cuts 
at the hands of bureaucrats who are taking us   Further and further into debt and Bitcoin is a 
way to strengthen the whole system by presenting   An alternative a form of hard money tied to 
energy decoupled from politics do not forget   Governments politicians lawmakers they're going to 
do everything they can to try to control you but   The people are the ones with the power yeah but 
how are lawmakers print money for the next welfare   Program that the Curry's favor or the next special 
interest that courage favor if they lose control   Of fiat currency if there's not a Fiat Central 
Bank digital currency if currencies not in the   Driver's seat don't they lose all of their power 
aren't that isn't that what they're really afraid   Of I don't think they care about the economic 
message you just talked about I think that people   Sometimes forget that we hold the power we're the 
ones electing them and we get the government that   We demand and so they might be proposing ideas 
like a different kind of blockchain a cbdc a   Programmable political form of money controlled by 
the state but that's not the answer the answer is   A decentralized alternative with a capped finite 
Supply that no one can manipulate and that no one   Can control and Bitcoin offers that alternative 
well certainly Bitcoin has shined In a Moment of   Truth for sure there's light at the end of this 
tunnel my friends the future is bright for crypto   Holders yes certain politicians like the head of 
the SEC Gary Gensler seem to be anti-crypto but   There are heads of other regulating Departments of 
government like the head of the cftc that are on  

The right side of history ethereum is a commodity 
not a security and the head it has serious legal   Defenses to support his arguments in light of 
chairman gensler's recent suggestion that all   Digital assets is set for Bitcoin or securities 
what does that mean for a number of designated   Contract markets currently offering futures or 
swaps on ether I've made the argument that ether   Is a commodity it's been listed on cfdc exchanges 
for quite some time we would not have allowed the   Product in this case The Ether Futures product to 
be listed on a cfdc exchange if we did not feel   Strongly that it was a commodity asset because we 
have a litigation risk we have agency credibility   Risk if we do something like that without serious 
legal defense or defenses to to sort of support   Our argument that that asset is a commodity 
we're in tumultuous times ladies and gentlemen   Cryptocurrency is the future cryptocurrency 
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