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But you said you think we will have a a Small recession as in it's stilles Matter hor the markets forwards the Biggest lie the you and I were ever told In 2023 is that a recession is coming Everyone's like I want my recession I Want my 50% sell off in the S&P you're Not going to get it you had the mild Recession selloff last year that's what We're going to get the stock market is Going higher the crypto Market Bitcoin Is going higher I think the NASDAQ Finishes this year time highs I think S&P get alltime highs and in today's Video I want to share with you a series Of clips from experts explaining why Every time there's a recession there's a Debate about this every single time Click the like button to support me send This video to a friend and for me this All started when I watched a really Great interview with global macro Investor Raul pal on the overpriced Jpegs Channel explaining that this Debate on recessions meaning are we in One has it already happened is it coming How do you define a recession is a Debate as old as time and R has seen This over and over again how do you Define this seems like a silly question But how do you define recession is it Two qus of negative GDP well that's what Most of us think of but it's actually Driven by the NBR and they've got a

Whole bunch of different parts of what Drives a recession but basically if we See unemployment pick up from here we're Likely to have called all of the factors That the MBR have for recession so we're Very very close all of the indicators That I use suggest we're pretty much in Negative growth now so we're pretty Close we're you're saying we're probably In a recession or very close to being in I put this on Twitter on the weekend I Said how many of you have laid off staff Been in the industry where staff been Laid off how many of you are seeing Growth I mean it's like it's obvious I It's obvious we're in the recession I Don't know any anybody's not laid off Staff unless you're in health care or Something like that so why does it feel Different like I don't know if it it Does not feel the same way that I feel Like I felt in past recessions were Obvious because you are scarred by 2008 So don't forget you at school in 2001 you most people graduate or around Graduating School meaning well we use School in different terms so high school A lot of the millennial generation Graduated around the financial crisis Those were two big Recessions and then the pandemic right So you've had three of them on trout Which were abnormal right I actually Graduated in 1990 and we had a recession

Then the S&P was down 30% 20 8% it was Very much like this one and it felt this It felt this way just like this it was Miserable were the debates were there Debates then about whether or not we Were it feels like we now about whether Every single time I've ever seen the Yield curve invert or every time there's A recession there's a debate about this Every single time and while I will share With you one more clip from this episode Of Raul's thoughts in Q4 I think S&P get Alltime highs by the way full podcast is Linked down below I recommend as well as This is just one in five different Videos I'm sharing with you today but Let's not forget as explained actually In our video from a few days ago several Bitcoin ETFs will get approved in 2023 And whether this does actually happen This year or next year it could be in 2024 an ETF is happening and Bitcoin Today jumps over $330,000 at least Flirting with it as ETF hopes Drive Bulls and in this second clip Robert Kennedy Jr explains that black rock and Other Global Elites like this are trying To take over crypto before you just like They've done with all other sectors most Of us People who were about to buy a home they They were ready to do it and at the last Moment somebody comes in with a cash Offer and Scoops it out from under them

We've all heard those stories why is That happening Black Rock black rock There's three companies Black Rock Vanguard and State Street and they those Three companies which all own each other So it's really one huge BMS Also only 88% of the S&P 500 and now they have a new Target which is to gain Ownership of all the single family Residences in this country and they on a Trajectory to do that if they Black Rock Today is allowed to buy property they See that this is going to be valuable in The future and they're accumulating They're not allowed yet to buy crypto or At least they would prefer more Regulatory Clarity like an approval of An ETF spot Bitcoin ETF and then Black Rock will be in a race with you to Accumulate that too and finally let's Look into where we are today with Markets with crypto but let's remember What rul pal said a few months ago on Our Channel best cryptocurrency Investing strategy into 2024 I asked Raul about the upcoming Bitcoin having Is he still bullish and he educated me On the business cycle and how these two Line up so I think the Bitcoin harving Has actually to do with the macro cycle Um it's the debt refi cycle that Happened in 2008 in 2008 we had a great Reset of debt what happened is every

Central Bank major Central Bank around The world said right nobody needs to pay Interest interest rates are Zero okay that was fascinating then they Kind of agreed that nobody was going to Payoff debts so they just keep rolling Them and what they did is back in 2008 They all issue depth between three and Five Years that kind of fouryear midpoint is The Haring cycle because Bitcoin Launched at the same time so they're Coincidental now maybe it's one of the Reasons Bitcoin you know can outperform Because of it but really the cycle is a Macro cycle which is really important For people to understand but you can Still use the Bitcoin Haring cycle Because it's the same timing so it makes No difference you don't have to over Intellectualize it it's just like yeah Generally 2024 should be an up year Andless something dramatically has Changed And in leadup to this final clip because As you'll remember rul says we're Already in a recession but Q4 could get A little choppy Q4 for me is is the Weaker period that's when the recession Comes in Jerome Powell a few days ago in A new public interview while he admitted That the economy is showing signs of Cracking unemployment is starting to Creep up Powell said inflation is still

Too high and lower economic growth is Likely needed Financial conditions have Tightened significantly in re month Recent months and longer term bond deals Have been an important driving factor in This Tightening we remain attentive to these Developments because persistent changes In financial conditions can have Implications for the path of monetary Policy my colleagues and I remain Resolute in our commitment to returning Inflation to 2% over time a range of Uncertainties both old ones and new ones Complicate our task of balancing the Risk of tightening monetary policy too Much against the risk of tightening too Little doing too little could allow Above Target inflation to become Entrenched and ultimately require Monetary policy to ring more persistent Inflation from the economy at a high Cost to Employment doing too much could also do Unnecessary harm to the Economy given the uncertainties and Risks and given How Far We've Come the Committee is is proceeding carefully so How all that affects you is that if Everybody knows a recession is either Happening or very very likely to happen I mean every expert has been talking About this for the last 2 years if Everybody knows then that's just

Everybody's buying opportunity if one Happens at all we will have a mild Recession that was always my base case Okay but everyone was apocalyptical it Was 2008 again everything's going down 50% 60% 7 obviously crypto goes down a Lot more it goes down 80% but generally Speaking I just wasn't that bearish and The market had priced it in last year Yes which was the big thing to me is Like you know when eth bottomed in June Bitcoin the rest of the space bottomed In October that was like it's all priced In we've got it all but you said you Think we will have a a small recession As in it's still doesn't matter hor the Markets forwards it's very possible that Five years from now will look back and The government will tell us well we were Already in a recession I think the nasac Finishes this year alltime highs I think The S&P get alltime highs so Q4 for me Is is the weaker period that's when the Recession comes in so that's when we've Already heard today really all the FED Were out saying we've done enough Bond Market's gone too far the bond Market's Overpricing this and either way because Markets are forward-looking understand That the tightening the hawkishness from The FED is coming to an end and we're Already seeing liquidity come back into Markets things like Janet Yellen saying Today really interesting comment she

Said well when we think about it Financing the debt is going to be about 1% of GDP for the next 10 years well if The government's 100% of GDP in debt She's basically saying interest rates Have to be 1% which is part of this Everything code P I've Had so what I'm seeing is liquidity Starting to pick Up I think they will stop quantitative Tightening this year and then with the It's a bit complicated here but the Treasure have been issuing new stuff so That's the TGA build but that probably Slows down but the reverse repo which is The other part of the liquidity stuff Start draining and that probably pushes Liquidity if they take QT out it just Mean liquidity Rises sure to click Subscribe for daily updates keeping you Informed about crypto like always see You tomorrow


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