Unboxing My NEW Credit Card | $30K Credit Limit

So ladies and gents here in my hand is a Brand new envelope and in this little Bad boy right here I got a new credit Card that we're going to be unboxing so In this video I'm gonna be going over Why I got this credit card we're gonna Be talking about the credit limit that They blessed me with I'm gonna be going Over the card approval process because It was a little bit interesting Something that I didn't actually expect At the current level that I'm at now With credit cards and I'm also going to Be going over some of the basic things That everyone should be doing when they Also get a new credit card so some new Lessons there and if you guys are Curious and you can't tell by the Packaging already I got the Chase Sapphire Reserve card so let me unbox This baby first and then we'll go into Why I actually got this card right off The bat you know my first critique is I Wish that they had done a better job With the packaging it's kind of Disappointing to say that literally my Built MasterCard that I got a few months Back had a way better packaging than What Chase sent me now what's cool is if You guys also didn't know you can Actually request to get certain cards Expedited I used to do this all the time For all my American Express cards Whenever I apply and I got the approval

Notice I would call them up immediately And let them know hey can you go ahead And expedite the package and I would get It overnight with this you know I was Being a little bit more patient I'm Trying to practice patience you know Sunday church my pastor was talking About patience how important it is Anyways credit limit on this bad boy 35. Thing just that thing just slid out of There let me We put that back so anyways credit limit That I got here on this card is 35 000 And the cash access line is 17.50 and This here is the Chase Sapphire Reserve So previous to this card I had the Chase Sapphire preferred I applied for that About five years ago and then I Downgraded that into the Chase Sapphire No annual fee version and then I Eventually transfer that over into the Chase Freedom Card as well so I actually Have multiple Chase random cards and a Lot of people don't realize this too Because they're just getting into the Game but there are many versions of Certain cards so Chase sapphires many Different versions and then even Chase Freedom they had the regular Chase Freedom now it's just the Chase Freedom Unlimited and the Chase Freedom Flex Card okay off the bat uh you know this Card's heavier than your traditional Plastic card but it's by no means like a

You know a card I'd consider be a metal Card and definitely when it comes to the Weight and the feel American Express I Still think Takes the Cake and you know There are just other cards like the Built MasterCard is even thicker than That but I'm gonna stop comparing the Build card to this one because this is Still in a league of its own it's a card That has an annual fee of 550 and the Reason why I went ahead and applied it For this card right here is just because This is a card that I've been wanting For a very long time I've accrued to Over a million points within my Chase Account I actually have been very Conservative about spending a lot of Those chase points you know I've booked A few hotels here and there but I've Been keeping a majority of it for any Huge Redemption I could get in the Future with that being said the Chase Sapphire Reserve pretty much allows me To get access to the Chase Ultimate Rewards portal because after I Downgraded my Chase Sapphire Preferred Card I was not able to access that Portal where I could transfer my points Out to other partners and get a higher Redemption now if you're also wondering Why I waited a full five years is Because well first of all I have both American Express Platinum and business Platinum and I also have a variety of

Other travel credit cards some loyal to The banks have the world the highest Card the mayor up Envoy business card And a few others but mainly with this Card right here I know that I have a few Trips coming up one of them is going to Be going to Mexico very excited for that In a few weeks and then on top of that We have a few more trips I'm going to a Conference in Austin Texas again and I'm Thinking about doing one more International trip I was in Korea last Year for two whole months with my Girlfriend that was an amazing time Other than her and I fighting a lot that Was an amazing time but I do want to go Back there because you know my whole Family line my grandparents my cousins Are all in Korea and it's just great Going there didn't have to worry about Crime didn't have to worry about like Dumb petty stuff that I do here in the States but in me getting this card the Chase Sapphire Reserve has benefits that Go for 12 months since I applied for This card so it doesn't just Automatically shut down when it's the New start of a calendar year so even if I don't end up making those International trips this year and if I Still go within the next you know 11 Months I'd still be good in being able To redeem all of the benefits and Credits that this card has to offer also

Another reason too is that chase has Something called the 48 month rule when It comes to their Chase Sapphire cards And pretty much if you collect a welcome Bonus you won't be able to get another Welcome bonus until you wait 48 months Which is a long time that's four years So you know I actually thought it was Like only three or four years and then I Realized like looking back into my Credit karma account it has been five It's been quite a long time so since I Got this card guys I'm really excited to Use it am I planning on downgrading any Other card not at the moment I am a Little bit more on the fence with my AmEx platinum card because I have two of Those and there are more Annual fees and I've held that card for many many years But at the same time I do like having a Personal version because the way I use Those cards is anytime I have a business Expense automatically I'll use the Business platinum card and it's just a Lot easier to do my bookkeeping and I Have a lot of automatic little Subscriptions already set up on those Cards and I know Amex has been pretty Good to me even in the most recent Months they've been sending me all these Like free little offers you know redeem All this stuff and if you guys don't Follow me over on Instagram you're Missing out because I went ahead and

Posted a lot of those off offers on to My page there so be sure to check out my Page credit Brian link Down Below in the Description at the end of this video as Well now going back into the details of The packaging and whatnot I mean you Know it's a lot of the same stuff you Know Chase personal information card Member agreement Transactions okay now normally whenever I buy a new piece of tech or you know it Comes with like papers I actually love Reading this but when it comes to the Credit card stuff I feel like tell your Boy knows enough about this that I don't Actually need to go into like the actual Fine print of it but we'll put that Aside on this car 22.24 at the prime Rate 550 annual fee late payment forty Dollars and if you didn't know if you Ever have a late payment and it's like Your first time just call up the bank And they'll usually be able to waive it Because I've had that happen to me where You get a new card you forget to pay it Off on time or set up automatic payment That actually happened on my built MasterCard and every time they've been Able to waive those fees so you know if You feel like it's gonna ruin your Credit it's not a late payment is not Actually going to ruin your credits when You you miss a payment that's when it Can destroy you other than that what I

Also noticed too is I already logged Into my Chase account online and Everything's already set up so the Chase Sapphire Reserve was in there and if you Have a lot of credit cards and bank Accounts and business line of credits I Got like nine different accounts within My Chase account you can go ahead and Nickname certain profiles so I nickname All my cards because I don't remember All the cards just by their numbers That's another easy way to stay Organized and then one last thing the Chase Sapphire Reserve came with this Other packet and it's just like their Ultimate Rewards portal in text form I Know I mentioned it earlier but I really Do wish that they worked on their Packaging just a little bit more I know Back in the day too the MX platinum card Came in that really awesome wooden box And they decided to stop doing that so Hopefully credit card companies can Bring that back now when it comes to the Card approval process everything was Straightforward all I did was go in the Description of one of these videos I Actually used one of my links took it to The Chase Sapphire Reserve from there I Got a message on the screen after I had Applied that my application was pending So that really surprised me because I Have many different card products with Chase I have all the Chase Ink business

Cards except the ink business Premiere That's coming up on the list but I just Don't like how it doesn't transfer with Some of the other points within the Setup I know that card is still a keeper Card at least for the first year of Holding it it does have a 95 annual fee So you got to make sure that opportunity Cost doesn't coincide with you actually Getting that card either now when I had The status that my application was Pending I waited about 30 minutes before Getting a call from Chase I was just Doing some work on the computer and the Question that they gave me it was Straightforward they were just like O'Brien did you apply for a card I was Like yes ma'am and uh from there she was Like all right you're good to go we Approved you from there I got the card Within three to five business days after That guys I found the card in my profile Waiting for me there I went ahead and Actually transferred a lot of my points So in total I have over a million points Right now with my Chase account and then All of that is sitting within my Sapphire Reserve card and from there I'm Now going to be tracking the welcome Bonus offer for this card I need to Spend four thousand dollars in three Months for six thousand points I've been Having like a lot of birthdays coming up My mom's birthday my girlfriend's dad's

Birthday my girlfriend's sister's Birthday my dog's birthday his first Birthday actually shout out to credit Astro guys wish him a happy birthday Down there so you know a lot of gift Buying is going on a card like this and Pretty much like any other expense that I have not related to my business but if I can't hit that welcome bonus through My regular spend I will go ahead put a Business spend on here and then I'll Just make a note within my own books and To my accountant hey yo I had this one Expense I put on my personal card but it Is a business expense so that's Naturally how I would do it so ladies And gents that right there is an Unboxing and uh pretty much just like a Real-time update on some of the cards That I'm adding to my own portfolio I Think this makes up like the sixth 18th Or 17th card now that I have here but You know you start losing track after Being in this game for many many years Once I hit the welcome bonus on this Card I'm definitely going to hold it and Keep it for one to two years this is Then going to be competing against the AMX platinum and from there I'm going to Gauge whether or not how much I'm Traveling if I need to go ahead and Close any one of those cards but in the Moment coming ahead I do have a few more Cards that I'm looking to get I haven't

Touched any of the Hilton cards that's Still upcoming on my list especially if I ever do decide to take a nice little Hilton vacation take advantage of the Hilton Diamond status that comes with Free for one of those cards and then There's also the whole world of Capital One and even most recently I made a Video talking about the US bank cards Even for me being within this game for The last five plus years there are still Many different cards that I can get to Continue racking up those three points As a reminder if you're watching this Video and you have credit card debt Please please just disregard the last 10 Minutes of what you heard if you have Any credit card debt focus on getting Yourself out of that hole first before Looking to travel to World for free you Know and reap the benefits that some of These credit cards have to offer so if You guys are interested in applying for Any one of these cards like the Chase Sapphire Reserve be sure to check out The link Down Below in the description Be sure to subscribe join our Facebook Group if you haven't done so already It's completely free and you'll get Added to our newsletter where I'll be Hitting you with daily emails on credit Card tips and tricks and anytime we get A new video posted on our Channel we'll Be notifying you there as well by the

Way within our Facebook group if you are Looking to get the best welcome bonus Offer possible on a certain credit card Or you're not sure which credit card you Want to get and you know the type of Travel you want to do and the type of Spend you generally have go ahead and Fill out the typeform pinned in the Facebook group and from there one of my Team members is going to connect with You on making sure you get the right Match alright that's it have an amazing Day and I'll see y'all soon peace


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