Unboxing My NEW Credit Card | $20K Credit Limit

What's up my beautiful people welcome Back to another video here in my hand I Got the envelope to a brand new credit Card that I recently applied for in lie Of this uh amazing holiday season we got Coming up so in this video I'm going to Be going over what credit card I got I'm Going to be talking about the credit Limit the application process how it Fits within my setup what credit card I'm getting next how I'm going to use This what the whole onboarding Experience has been like so sit back Enjoy let's get started all right so to Kick this off the card that I finally Picked up was the capital 1 Venture X Card now if you guys follow me on my Social media you know that I recently Visited the Capital One Lounge that they Opened up Capital One has been doing an Incredible job in just revamping all These amazing airport lounges I had to Go see it myself there was one in DCA I Pulled up and I was like wao this place Is real nice they had like Organic pasteurized snacks they got like A organic poptart their food was so good They had these hand-sized little things The seating was great the bathroom was Clean I became a fan what I wasn't a fan Though was the fact that when I came in Just for myself to be in there for like Less than an hour before my flight I Paid about $75 including tip you know

When they hit you with the screen you Got two workers looking at you I'm not Going to press no tip for them not doing Anything so you know including the tip It was good bit of money but now now Your boy can go there for free so I got A little excited I've already opened the Entire packaging and one one thing that I noticed right off the bat compared to Some of the other cards that I got was That it came in this FedEx package now This is pretty awesome because usually Credit card companies will send it in The mail I've had that experience with Chase with American Express unless you Call them and ask them to expedite your Package in this instance I wanted to see How long it would take for Capital One Uh but I did need this card fast I'll Talk about that a little bit later on so This card came to my doorstep it shipped You know and delivered after I applied For for it within I would say two to Three business days which is really Quick now the capital inventure x card Came with a whole bunch of stuff if you Guys actually watch my Chase Sapphire Reserve video there's a lot of Similarities from that card I had a Similar Little Packet here we're going To toss that away I had the terms and Conditions the privacy policy another Little pamphlet the benefits pamphlet on This being a Visa infinite C now if you

Didn't know Visa infinite is the high Tier credit card you get more protection More Insurance more coverage more Benefit fits and a higher credit limit Too so going into that credit limit on This card it was $20,000 this was a Little bit surprising because my income Was kept the same on this application And on my Chase Sapphire Reserve which I Got about 1 to two months ago that card Was a $35,000 credit limit so the fact That I got $155,000 less for you know nothing Changing in such a short period of time It shows me that Capital One is a little Bit more conservative with their lending Now keep in mind though I have had a Relationship with Chase for many many Years I have all their Inc business Cards I have multiple Hotel cards what Else we got Chase Sapphire prefer Chase Sapphire Reserve Chase Freedom Chase Freedom Flex Chase Freedom unlimited and I'm also a Chase Private Client so I Think all of that may be one of the Reasons why I had a bit of a higher Credit limit but $20,000 is still not Bad I know on these cards $10,000 is Going to be the bare minimum so if you Don't have a credit card with a high Credit limit you want to look towards Getting one of these Visa infinite cards Or one of these higher tier luxury Premium cards that we talk about here on

Our Channel and this actually now fits Within the setup of the three other Cards that I have all right so now I Have the capital inventure X Card the AMX platinum and the chase sappire Reserve these three cards are what I Consider to be like your Squirtle your Bulbasaur and your Charmander you know You're kicking off a new game and these Cards are the evolved versions actually It's the what is it Blastoise Charizard And Venusaur it's been a while man out Of all of this the capital inventure x Actually has the lowest annual fee Compared to the two other cards but what I found Most Fascinating the Chase Sapphire Reserve yeah it's a little bit Heavier a little dense but this Capital MRA X card I don't know if you guys can Even hear that difference I can at least Feel the difference in my middle finger That's ringing from the pain and then The the platinum card so the Chase Sapphire Reserve is actually flimsier Than the Capital One Venture X card and Then the platinum card and the Venture X Are very comparable i' say the platinum Card is a little bit more harder to bend It's more sturdy but the Venture X I was Actually very surprised at how dense This card here was now the application Process on this was very smooth and if You or your friend or a family member is Looking to pick up a brand new credit

Card anytime you want to use those links Down Below in the description it Supports this channel a lot but if you Have a family member or a friend's link Go use their link okay help them out but If you guys don't have any Link at all Now instead of going on Google and using A link where you're not going to be Helping out anyone if you use our links Down Below in the description you're Going to be be helping out our channel So we can continue to invest in our team To provide you with the best content Possible anytime you do use those links I just want to say thank you very much In advance and let me know Down Below in The comments if you use the links Comment down below and I'll give you a Personalized thank you message in Response now going back into this card It was very smooth filled it out took Maybe less than 30 seconds all right Pulled up the link filled it out got an Automatic approval which was real nice Usually any time I've applied for an Isser that I've never had history with I Always got that little you know call us Or we'll let you know in a few Businesses like they had to think about You know the decision of lending me some Money we were good with this one the Card then came in shortly after that we Got it here today and from that point I Realized a few things first of all there

Was this unspoken rule that a lot of Data points were showing if you were Someone who had good credit you had a Lot of inquiries you had a lot of cards That Capital One would automatically Deny you but as you guys know I got a Lot of inquiries I got a lot of credit Cards I've just recently applied for the Reserve one that we just made made a Video on our Channel a few months ago And I got automatically approved for That so it shows to me that data points Are lightening up a little bit if you Guys are trying to get a Capital One Venture X Card you might not have the Best score or you might have a really Good score I think even just from myself And my experience that you guys might Have a better chance than you did maybe A year ago when it was a bit more Tightened up now from there the website Had very clean UI the interface was Smooth the onboarding was amazing I just Got an email and it was like hey you Want to set up your account now I went Ahead and did that then I got the card I Input it into the website and then from There I've been good to go now as soon As I got the card today like literally a Few hours ago I bought all that gym Equipment so my credit line right now Went from $20,000 to about $113,000 but What I've also gone ahead and done and I Do this for all my cards is just set up

Automatic payment for the statement Balance I keep it real simple and with This card I set it up so it actually Pays on every 9th of the month that way It pays it off a little bit earlier so I Get a little bit more on my credit score A little hack all right so now now that I have the capital 1 Venture X Card what Is my plan well welcome bonus offer Knocked it out very clean very easy from Here I know that I'm going to have those Travel credits so anytime I'm booking my Next trip I'm going to look to see what The price on the Capital One travel Portal is going to be so I can redeem Some extra free credits I get here and Then from there I'm eventually going to Have to decide to close one of these Cards because in total I mean it's well Over $1,000 in Annual fees and I I got Way more cards than this as you guys Know so my plan after getting this card Here is to see which one I'm going to Keep now out of all the three cards it Feels to me a bit more like I'm going to Go ahead and probably cancel my Platinum Card it does have the highest annual fee And I do have the business version and I Feel like it gets a little bit redundant But yes I do utilize the Platinum Credits still a lot sacks Fifth Avenue The subscription Services it does come In handy for me Chase Sapphire Reserve Has also been great it's been smooth I

Don't plan on getting rid of this card Anytime soon either so that just leaves The Capital One Venture X and the Sapphire Reserve I know that I'm going To have a lot more travel coming up even In April we're going to have the prince Of travel Summit so my friend Ricky from Prince of travel he's hosting this Amazing conference for anyone who's into Credit cards I'm going be there I'm Going to be speaking about starting YouTube doing social media guys do what I've done so if you guys want to hear me Speak in person this is stuff that I Would never talk about here on this YouTube channel grab a ticket I got a Link for that down below in the Description we still have plenty of time For that so if you want to think about It more that's completely fine too but That's going to be in Canada this year I Would love to meet you guys it's always A blast when I run into the people you Know trying to humanize this connection We have from the computer screens and Then after that I got my wedding coming Up and then you know honeymoon so I'm Accumulating a lot more points even Right now I still haven't spent a lot of It I spent I'd say last year we probably Spent like 50,000 or 880,000 points but This year even with about 3 million Points across all my accounts I'm still In the zone where I want to Rack it up

Even more I love just having points on The side but right now I still see the Future of the credit card points in Miles Community Community where points Are going to get harder and harder to Use in the future so if you can even Consider just cashing it out one to one And then investing it cuz that money Will still go a long way rather than Just burning it all for travel and if You want to get a full in-depth look at The Capital One Venture X Card I've made So many videos about this car now I mean Even this past year I probably made like Eight videos so check out some of the Content that I made I made a full Dedicated review on this card too I Still consider it to be one of the most Underrated travel credit cards of this Year so check that out guys and uh Welcome bonus offer $75,000 points $750 In cash not too bad if I got a good Redemption that could be $1 131,00 or Even more if you even just take a look At my own Capital One screen look I get 4% back at Lululemon look your boy loves Lululemon that's all I say if you guys Ever you know want to get me a gift Anything Lulu it's pretty good things Like that 4% back at these like random Little shopping areas I just still think That's going to be an amazing way for You to get a little bit of money back on What you're going to spend anyways if

You guys did enjoy today's video be sure To drop a like down below subscribe to The channel if you haven't done so Already follow me on Instagram and on Twitter I'd love you guys to join the Jung Nation on there post a little bit About my life and some offers and cool Stuff that we're working on so if you Guys want to get a bit more of an In-depth Peak love for you guys to check Me out there thank you all so much again For watching this video I love you all I'll see youall soon peace


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