Ultimate Crypto Guide 2024: How to Make Millions During the Market Crash

A majority of people who invest into Crypto actually lose money especially if It's their first cycle now I began Investing into the market since early 2018 and since then I've lost hundreds Of thousands of dollars early on but I've also made Millions this time around And it's in this video I'm going to be Teaching you all the lessons that I've Learned and give you the full ultimate Master class on how you can make money Through investing into crypto the proper Way so in this video here's what we'll Cover first I'm going to share with you The real secret on how you can make Life-changing wealth in crypto I'm not Talking about making a 20 30 40 50% Gainer cuz pretty much anyone can do That we're talking about real Generational wealth where you can Actually secure those 2 5 10 or even 100 X plays next I'll then share with you Why out of all the times right now in This moment you're watching this video Is the best time for you to get started From there I'll be going over some the Best strategies that have helped me make Millions of dollars in these markets and Regardless of if this is your first Cycle or 3rd there's going to be an Incredible amount of value to help you Guys on your journey of making as much Money out of these markets as possible Now by the end of this video you're

Going to have a complete understanding Of what crypto is you'll have all the Resources and tools to be able to buy in Early to discover a lot of these altcoin Gems will cover I'll go over then step By step on how you can buy crypto safely And most efficiently using a centralized And decentralized exchange I'll then go Over how you can make money in crypto Understanding how to manage risk vers Reward and even at times not having to To risk your own Capital at all through Different strategies like airdrop Farming leverage trading and more now It's also easy to make money in a bull Run but how about understanding the Fundamentals and expanding your skill Set into the bare Market well I'm going To go over all the strategies on what You could do to even make a potential Full-time living in crypto going into The bear now crypto is also littered With scammers literally at the bottom of This comment section for this video You're going to see a ton of scam Comments with fake likes promoting some Kind of fake token out here that's just Going to take all your money well I'm Going to share with you every single Scam that you need to know about in Order to protect yourself from losing All your hard-earned money from there I'm going to share with you strategies On beefing up your own security so you

Don't become a victim to any of the Scammers in the space as you navigate The crypto markets you're going to come Across rug poles influencers pumping and Dumping things called honeypots and Different malicious links that look Credible that could drain your crypto Balance at an instant not only in crypto Are you playing offense but you need to Understand the defense too so that you Can hold and retain your weal from here I'm going to share with you the lessons That I've learned in managing my own Greed but most importantly going over The fundamental crypto trading Strategies so that you won't feel as if You're missing out on the next new play So that you also know how to time the Top of this Market properly now last but Not least with all the things that you Learn you're going to have a complete Understanding of how this current market Cycle works so that you have a true game Plan of turning hundreds maybe thousands Of dollars into potentially millions of Dollars during this cycle so before we Get started let's warm oursel up with Some of the most commonly asked Questions that I've seen come in as one Of the largest crypto channels here on YouTube isn't it too late to begin Investing now at the time of filming This video Bitcoin is at around $660,000 And it was just over a year ago where we

Saw the bottom of Bitcoin sitting at Just around $16,000 now if you look at The all-time charts it's clear we are Not early by any means but still this Doesn't mean there is any less Opportunity than there was before it Turns out every cycle investors are Getting smarter in is getting worse and There's more projects and a variety of Factors that can make one assume that Yeah it is too late but just know this There are projects that have not yet Released that will do a 10 to 20x after You watch this video now these projects You couldn't have access to buy 5 10 Years ago because they're still Developing now now on the other hand if We're talking about buying something Like Bitcoin the number one Cryptocurrency then yes we are still not Early by any means but it's important to Understand the abundance of Opportunities that come about from the Success that we seen happen with Bitcoin On top of that a lot of new investors Failed to recognize the risks of Investing into Bitcoin back when it First released in 2009 hindsight's going To tell us man I should have listened to Larry I should have listened to my Cousin and put $1,000 into Bitcoin but Keep in mind there was no centralized or Regulated exchange nobody had heard About Bitcoin or crypto before there

Wasn't this type of information you Could find online now anyone who Invested into Bitcoin in those much Early days was simply gambling on a Narrative that was highly speculative This is because in 2021 the first Bitcoin linked Futures ETF was approved Fast forward 3 years later the SEC has Now approved 13 applications for spot Bitcoin ETFs after years of rejecting The idea and we have now had tens of Billions of dollars flowing into Bitcoin Through these ETFs this means you can Now invest into crypto with your 401k Account or your Roth IRA or even just Buy it on any public stock brokerage now Here's the most exciting part the Opportunity for you to create that Life-changing wealth improves Dramatically when you get what's called First mover's advantage in short this Year just means be early so imagine Buying at the Facebook stock when Zuckerberg was still going to college or Somehow being able to get Amazon stock When Jeff Bezos was still in his garage It turns out if you were that early on And had put just $10,000 into Amazon Stock today it would be well worth over $645,000 now look those specific Opportunities are gone however you have The crypto markets where you're able to Replicate to some degree similar effect Today so let's begin what is crypto and

How does it really work well the first Crypto ever created was Bitcoin and Bitcoin was made to be an alternative Currency to send money from one person To another without a central entity as An example say you go to dinner with Your friends and you want to split the Bill so normally in this case whoever Decides to pay the bill you'd go ahead And send money through venmo zel cash App PayPal or whatever app exists today Now the problem with this is we are Relying and trusting on a third-party Company to manage our transaction and Safeguard our funds now although it's Been good so far what if it wasn't what If one of those companies went bankrupt What if they got hacked or what if the Person I wanted to send my money to Didn't have cash app venmo or any one of Those apps for whatever reason well in That case this is where the use case for Bitcoin comes in Bitcoin originally Served as a way for us to send money From one person to another without the Use of a centralized entity this means By definition Bitcoin was created to be A decentralized digital currency now the Technology on this is open- Source this Means everyone could see how it was made And this here is one of the most Important parts about crypto because Crypto in its DNA is extremely Transparent through what we call the

Blockchain so blockchain is a public Database that records every single Person's transaction a blockchain stores Data in blocks that are linked together In a chain hence the name blockchain now Yes although Bitcoin was first created To be a peer-to-peer decentralized Medium of exchange where if you live all The way in Korea and I'm trying to send You some kind of money and and none of The apps that I normally use isn't Working I'd go ahead and just ask you For your wallet address and I just send You Bitcoin there well Bitcoin turned Into something more than that original Use case it was created for this is Because when Bitcoin was first created It had a free market ideology in mind Which simply means that the supply and Demand of Bitcoin could be represented By sellers and buyers so in the lines of The Bitcoin code the supply of Bitcoin Was hard capped at 21 1 million units Meaning that the world's government and Banks cannot just print more of it and Inflate its value the reason why this is Important is because with Bitcoin having A finite Supply as long as demand goes Up the value of Bitcoin would also Increase this is also a way that Bitcoin Would protect itself from having an Inflationary value if we compare Bitcoin To even the US dollar US dollar is Obviously extremely inflationary because

They can go ahead and print it and they Can make as many US dollars as they want And everything else becomes more Expensive Bitcoin is the opposite of That you cannot print more Bitcoin there Is a finite Supply and because of this Bitcoin's purpose went from being a Medium of exchange currency to then Having The Narrative of becoming a store Of value similar to what we see gold as Now by definition a store of value is a Form of investment that's going to hold Its value without depreciating because We know in the world there's a finite Amount of gold if there is demand and Value and more people decide they want To buy gold obviously the price of gold Will continue to go up now one thing's For certain though Bitcoin has been Pretty volatile for most investors to Believe it can actually be used as a Store of value and instead it's been Seen as an alternative investment so as An example the price of gold it's been Going up steadily on the other hand if You were to buy Bitcoin in October of 2010 when it was sitting at just 10 Cents and you put in $100 you would have Been able to buy 1,000 Bitcoins at the Previous all-time high price of Bitcoin Those 1,000 Bitcoins that you have Bought back then fast forward at the All-time price that we saw about a few Years ago would be worth more than 73

Million bucks it's because of historic Price action of Bitcoin growing as much As it did people are now investing into Bitcoin with the sole intention of Trying to make as much money as possible Along that Journey came allcoins which Are just any cryptocurrencies that are Alternative of Bitcoin what happened was Bitcoin was clearly successful there was Clear public demand companies starting To buy in people investing early on and Other project Developers who saw the Potential of Bitcoin wanted to use the Same blockchain technology to create Other coins they could use to provide Value now because Bitcoin was the first Crypto ever created with a very Particular use case there was still a Lot of limitations and features that Could have been approved upon for Example if you want to actually send Your Bitcoin you're going to have to pay A high transaction fee and it could take Anywhere from a couple minutes to even a Couple hours depending on how congested The network is as we discovered more About Bitcoin and its drawbacks Developers began creating other all Coins in an attempt to improve upon Bitcoin's technology now just like your Favorite ice cream altcoins came in a Variety of different flavors too some Altcoins focused on being extremely fast Where you could send money to someone in

The blink of an eye with a transaction Fee of less than a cent we saw the Creation of other things like stable Coins which Peg their value one to one To fiat currency so if you want anything As similar to the US dollar or whatever Native currency you use that $1 stays $1 Even when it's in the crypto world in The last few years meme coins have Gained popularity some of the ones that You might have heard about are Dogecoin Pepcoin even shibba enu a lot of these Cryptocurrencies were initially created As a joke but similar to the origins of Bitcoin people saw use case outside of What it was intended for and when the Idea of you being able to make millions Of dollars from just buying it early was Happening to real people all around the World meme coins became its own Legitimate category within the allcoin Umbrella we also have utility coins that Serve a variety of different functions And try to solve specific ific problems Out of all the different categories that We just labeled the second most popular Utility coin is ethereum so imagine this If Bitcoin is similar to Gold where gold Is valuable it's scarce yet it doesn't Have a lot of use cases outside of being A store of value and being worn as Jewelry for some people then I'd Consider ethereum to be more like Electricity electricity is valuable

Because it's incredibly useful the Entire world runs on electricity and we Need it to operate in the crypto world Ethereum is considered a lot like Electricity because its long-term value Comes from the utility it provides now Ethereum is also what we call a layer One blockchain now layers can get a bit More Technical and complex so I'm not Going to go into the full technicalities And details of it but let's just keep it Simple and think of this as an onion all Right so say we got an onion just like The innermost layer of an onion the Layer one is the core of any blockchain Network this year is the fundamental Layer that forms the base foundation of The blockchain so for example Bitcoin Any ethereum they're going to be your Layer one networks both Bitcoin and Ethereum provide the main structure for The network including The Ledger of Transactions and then the mechanism that Validates and Records those transactions On the blockchain network now this layer Here is crucial because it prioritizes Security and decentralization moving Outward in the onion layer 2 Solutions Are built on top of the layer 1 networks To enhance their functionality so just Like how additional layers of an onion Add more bulk and protection to the core Layer 2 solution solons aim to improve Then scalability speed and cost

Efficiency of transactions without Having to adjust or mess around with That initial robust first base layer so Layer twos handle transactions off the Main blockchain But ultimately still Settle on it layer twos include projects Like polygon arbitrum optimism mantle And my favorite network and what I'm Most bullish on base Network now at the Outer layer of the blockchain we now Have your layer 3 projects layer 3 is Focused on specific application Functionalities so we have layer ones Layer twos improve upon what layer ones Are doing and layer 3es are improving Upon what layer twos are doing it's at This stage we see decentralized apps Different smart contracts and even more Complex protocols that have those Specific use cases like Finance gaming Or even social networks now each of These layers work in coordination much Like how each layer of an onion Contributes to the whole enhancing the Structure and functionality of the Blockchain ecosystem out of of all of That there's even what we call a layer Zero this here is another physical layer To support some of the other layers that We just spoke about now between those Different layers you're going to have a Ton of different cryptos in separate Categories that you can invest in you'll Most likely come across tens of

Thousands of different altcoins in the Market and at the start it can be very Overwhelming one thing to note to make It all easy is that you don't need to Know every single altcoin in the market You don't need to memorize their use Case you don't need to understand every Single coin in the market because at That point it's diminishing Returns on What you really should be understanding As long as you have a grasp on the most Popular cryptocurrencies and the ones That you are personally investing into It's actually better for you to ignore All these other projects cuz a lot of The times they end up being scams and Just replicas of the real deal as we Progress throughout this video I'll Share with you which cryptocurrencies Are the ones worth paying attention to For now here are though the two most Popular crypto categories that you Should understand number one is defi Tokens defi stands for dcent centralized Finance these tokens here are associated With platforms that aim to replicate Traditional Finance systems so anything Regarding Finance within the crypto Market is considered to be a def project If you're ever lending borrowing trading Or using anything without an Intermediary it is within that umbrella Now the next most popular crypto Category to be aware about is what

Retail calls ethereum Killers ethereum Is the number two cryptocurrency and There's been a ton of competitors built And designed to off offers similar or Improved functionalities compared to Ethereum which focuses on being more Cost efficient faster and reliable now Ethereum is considered to be one of the Most secure cryptocurrencies but it Definitely has work it needs to do in Terms of the speed and cost efficiency I Remember one time I was transferring eth When everyone was using eth so the Network cost went up and whenever you Use eth that transaction fee is called Your gas fee similar to how if you're Driving a car you got to put gas into it That's basically what ethereum's like in Order for it to run you pay a gas fee Which get sent out to people all around The world who allow ethereum to run now The thing is when the network is really Congested like everyone wants to use Ethereum that night there's a big crypto Coming out there's a new nft which we'll Talk about later dropping we'll see gas Prices actually fluctuate and there was A time where for my ethereum a few years Back I paid over $1,000 to process just One transaction through examples like That there were other cryptocurrencies Like salana and cardana who mainly Focused on prioritizing the speed and Also the cost efficiency issues that we

Saw happen with ethereum now we talked About how the different layers improve Upon one another and enhance its Performance well this is where other Layer 2 cryptocurrencies allowed for the Improvement of ethereum all right so now That we understand the different layers Within crypto and you understand two of The most popular categories let me take You through a little time Journey from When Bitcoin started its Inception from 2009 going into present day today so When Bitcoin released there was a Narrative of it being digital gold you Can buy in early and the ones who did Came out very wealthy now what's Interesting is this narrative has been Persistent throughout all crypto cycles And Still Remains a fundamental basis For bitcoin's value proposition Especially during times of economic Uncertainty or even when the bull market Comes to an end and we're in a bare Market following that we had the 2017 Ico boom now if you know anything about Stocks when a new company decides they Want to go public and allow other Investors from all around the world Invest into their stock it means that They're doing an i An initial public offering well crypto Picked up on something similar and they Did something called an initial coin Offering or an icoo where this was one

Of the most explosive narratives early On in the crypto space this here was Fueled by the rise of popularity we saw From ethereum back in its early days it Was during this time where there was More project developers coming into the Space and they realized they can easily Create new projects new tokens and if They're able to raise funds by issuing Their own tokens they' see a lot of Growth so this period was marked by huge Speculation as investors hope to find The next big project similar to the Returns of what we had seen ethereum hit At that time so in the first quarter of 2017 ethereum was still at $10 to $40 And at its peak going into January of 2018 it hit $1,158 per token now the Ico era was Insane although there were people who Were making a lot of money off a token Project initially launching this also Led to many many scams and projects Failing to deliver resulting in more Regulatory Crackdown for the start of The crypto market now following the Ico Boom just a short one year later the Focus shifted towards the utility of Platforms Instead This is where the use Case of smart contracts came about Ethereum at this point was still the Center of the narrative promoting a Future where decentralized autonomous Organizations also known as Dows could

Run applications without any Central Authority so a lot of these crypto Projects are getting made they're Following the traditional blockchain Protocol of being decentralized well who Makes the decisions well this would Happen in the form of a dow the more Tokens you own for a specific project The more you can be involved in knowing How to pave the way for that project so The people who own the token could vote On different proposals and this is where Those decentralized autonomous Organizations were created now this was Also a time where we saw smart contracts Getting introduced even more now smart Contracts are literally what they sound Like it's just digital contracts and When a certain condition is met Something would execute to build these Smart contracts you just put in a line Of code and this here was the start of Allowing us to see even more different Di5 protocols where 2 years later in 20120 we saw something called defi Summer play out defi summer was Characterized to be one of the most Crazy times because you could earn Absurd amount of interest for the first Time when you were buying certain Cryptos staking certain cryptos trading It lending it out to people and getting Money back this narrative here showed The potential use case of what

Blockchain could be made for and even Now it seems like the blockchain Technology that fuels all of crypto was Best implemented and used in financial Services defi summer also occurred During the time where the entire world Was on a lockdown because of the Pandemic it was around this time where We finally signaled a new era in which Other people could have access to Different Financial Services right after That in 2021 this is where nfts first Came about I still remember this as it Feels yesterday the whole world was Locked down nobody had heard about nfts At this point and this narrative Revolved around digital ownership and Tokenization of different unique assets Through blockchain technology we'll go Into what nfts are some of the ways that You guys can play these nfts in this Upcoming cycle but just know that after D5 was when nfts really came about it's When we begin to hear about it see it on Jimmy kennel's Saturday Night Live show And it's where we saw the birth of Things like cyber punks or board ape Yach Club where eventually these nfts You could have bought it for less than $1,000 ended up going over $200 $300,000 Or more during the peak of that last Cycle that then segwayed into 2021 and 2022 and at that time it was all about Investing into the ethereum killers so

At this point ethereum continued to Struggle with high gas fees and network Congestions later on ethereum had a Whole bunch of upgrades so they were Able to reduce the gas fees make it more Efficient but during the early days of Ethereum it was still so difficult to Use those ethereum Killers came about They solved a lot of the issues and if You take a look at salana cardano or Even Avalanche that massive Peak you saw In the previous cycle was around the Peak of when these narratives were Taking off after the hype behind that Whole pump started to die down the web 3 Narrative really took fold Now by Definition web 3 is just a decentralized Internet where users now have control Over their own identities data and Transactions without relying on other Traditional Tech Giants this narrative Even now continues to gain traction and It holds the umbrella for many other Narratives this includes real world Assets where we're turning real world Stuff gold Commodities precious medals And putting it onto the blockchain this Encompasses all the other narratives That are now relevant today which Include real world assets dpin Decentralized social media also known as Doo the bass narrative the Bitcoin Ordinals narrative the AI narrative and More between the timeline of what I

Mentioned there were bull cycles there Were bare markets where it lasted a few Years in between keep in mind narratives Are also always changing and the project Tokens that do well inside of those Narratives are changing too this is why On this channel here every few weeks I Make an update on what I believe is the Current day best narrative in all coins That I see an opportunity in to Highlight here are some of the biggest Winners that I've mentioned publicly on This channel many many times as an Example Aerodrome we bought in at 10 to 20 cents it went up about 1,500% I made Over a million dollars from this single Trade dgen this is a meme coin but with Utility we're backed as liquidity for Several other projects we bought in at Less than a Cent sold it for less than 6 Cents for a profit of over 400% Arkham This is a privacy research tool token we Bought this at around 40 to 60 and sold It at over $2.50 for a 500% return the Common theme that you'll see behind some Of the most successful trades that I've Made is that we were able to spot the Development of some of these narratives Early on place our bets buy into those Tokens and then let it ride all right so From here on out we've covered a lot of The basics and you should now at least Have a better understanding of the Fundamentals but this year is where the

Real value comes in if you made it to This part of the video be sure to clear Any distractions pay attention to this Section here it's in this part I'm now Going to go over how you can become an Expert investor through a lot of the key Life lessons I've learned from being in Multiple Cycles I'm now going to go over Step by step on how you can research and Find those next aerody Drome or Arkham Plays that we got into and not only that I'm going to walk you through how you Can actually buy a crypto because a lot Of times if you have something like Coinbase a centralized exchange these Plays that we buy in very early on may Not be available there so you'd have to Use something called a decentralized Exchange there's a lot more steps you Got to create a wallet but I'll go over Exactly the best wallets the most secure Wallet and how to do this in the most Efficient way from here I'm going to go Over how you can build your Market edge With my personal tips of everything I've Learned I'll share with you then my Favorite resources most of them are free Some of them are paid it's entirely up To you on what you want to use but these Are the ones that have helped me to make Millions of dollars in the market it Saves a ton of time and it gives you Access to resources that you never would Have had from here we're going to go

Over all the scams that you're going to Encounter on your journey of making a Ton of money within crypto and I'll go Over how you can combat all of them by Beefing up your security and from here You should now be on your way of getting Closer to crushing this market now with All that said here is what you need to Do before you decide to invest any more Money into the market the number one Principle and the question you need to Ask yourself is what is my risk and what Am I comfortable losing far too often I See the bull market pick up or many People deciding they just want to go all In on crypto without thinking twice About the money that they could lose now Look everyone's going to have a Different situation you watching this Video you might be a parent you might Have a few kids and you might not be in The best financial situation in order to Risk tens of thousands of dollars now on The other hand you're a high school kid You have all your bills paid for you Have a roof over your head you have a Couple thousand dollar from birthday Money Christmas gifts and whatnot you're Going to have a higher risk tolerance in Someone who has a family where they're Constantly paying the bills and worrying About the funds because it could affect The livelihood of themselves and their Kids so first things first analyze your

Own risk understand how much money is Coming in understand the expenses that Are going out and put in the market only What you are okay with losing this is Because I've seen situations where People take out a loan from a family Member or a friend or they get like a Line of credit and max out their credit Cards in order to invest into the market And the market could be very unexpected Where it ends up going down for a few Months before it breaks new all-time Highs again and you're going to be Sweating emotional and stressed out for The fact that you over leveraged Yourself and you didn't do a proper risk Assessment now my income today is Completely different from where my Income was back when I was a college Student back when I was a college Student I'd probably invest less than 50% of what I had into the market Understanding also that I was still Newer to the market and that I would Learn over time it's only through Hindsight where you tell yourself oh man If I invested into that specific coin at That time and just rode it all the way Up it would end up becoming a massive Amount just know as the market continues To mature the inflation isn't just Happening between the dollars that we Spend in everyday life but it's also Happening with the amount of projects

That are coming up we're in the last Cycle maybe we'd have a 100 projects in A day getting released but in the bull Market now going into 2024 and Beyond There's probably 500 or even a th000 new Projects getting launched every single Day this means there's going to be more More projects that go to zero than the Projects that do what Bitcoin and Ethereum did over the long run now what I encourage all my members in Kaizen Which is my private membership group to Do is as soon as you join set a goal on The amount of money that you want to Make this is because a lot of the people Who get into the space they have a Reasonable amount that they want to make Maybe they want to just double or triple Their money when the market really picks Up Bull Run comes around and you hit That amount a lot of the times people Then lose sight of why they are Investing into the first place the goal Of oh I just want want to make an extra $30,000 so I can pay off my car debt or Buy this new thing or put a down payment To this house ends up being oh maybe I Can buy two three cars now or maybe now I can buy a multi-million doll Mansion Which I never thought of before when Things get crazy in crypto and this will Happen again everyone loses sight of Their initial goal they start making Their targets even higher and they get

To a point where they continue getting Greedy setting those sites higher and at Some point when the market goes down They end up losing it all now you can Set a broad Financial goal of I want to Make this much in the market I'm willing To risk this much but it's only Something that you can do so I highly Recommend either pausing this video now Or at the end of this video taking those Notes and reflecting upon how much money You're willing to risk and what that Goal amount you want to make is at the Same time be realistic if you risk only $11,000 the chances of you making $10 to $100 million is going to be in the Single digits now with all that said the Most important aspect that you have to Focus first Within crypto is Understanding where we are in the market Cycle so we have the bull run and we Have the Bear Run bull is when Everything is going up bear is when Everything is getting crushed now in a Bare Market aside from stable coins Every single altcoin even Bitcoin will Go down dramatically taking a look at History every moment we've had an Incredible Bull Run has been followed by A period of a bar run now these bare Cycles can last a few years it can be Very brutal and if you invested more Money than you could have afforded to Lose and it was all locked up in crypto

Those few years are going to feel like Decades now the reason it's important to Understand where we are in the cycle is Because you're going to want to trade Differently according to the cycle stage So as an example during a bare Market What I like to do is accumulate Bitcoin After the Bull Run comes to an end which Is usually when Bitcoin hits the peak And it just continues to go down and Down and down and down that's where I Don't do anything so leading up to a Bull run you don't need to always invest Into the all coins right before it takes Off timing the market is very difficult Even the pros are not able to do it but You can still play Both Sides to the Market what this means is if the market Goes down you can make money if the Market goes up you can make a lot more Money what I personally like to do is Trade with momentum behind on my side so When we're in the bare Market I will Accumulate more Bitcoin it's around These Seasons where you can buy Bitcoin It's the safest asset within crypto Because you just don't know how low Things will go in a true bare Market With some of these other all coins when I accumulate that Bitcoin and we see Some growth I might experience 30 40 50% % gains leading into the next Bull Run But one thing is clear when we are in a Bull run everything goes up and we

Experience what we call allcoin season The path to allcoin season has played Out a ton of different times there are a Few adjustments that we're seeing now That we're progressing into more of These mature Cycles but generally we see Money all going back into Bitcoin it all Leaves altcoins everyone wants to sell Their altcoin they want to run for the Hills when Bitcoin starts going down and Then when the cycle starts again going From a bare to another bull market we See money going from Bitcoin then going Back into ethereums then going into all The other altcoins so how do you Position this Well when things go down Buy up Bitcoin but when things start to Pick back up and you get signs that the Bull market is on this year isn't Financial advice but what I personally Do is I sell all my Bitcoin as an Example Bitcoin is still at such a high Market cap there would need to be a lot Of money for you to make a two to 3x With this coin I swapped about $120,000 Of cash mixed with all the Bitcoin that I had into aerody drone back when it was At 10 to 20 cents because this was a High conviction play and when this had Hit over $2 I had seen that same amount Make Me Over $1.5 million if I had held That money into Bitcoin I would have Gotten maybe a 60 to 80% return but Because I knew how to position myself

Into the allcoin season that's where I Was able to make a 15x that allowed me To make millions just by knowing where We were in the cycle so understanding The importance of the Cycles we have to Then ask oursel well what the root cause What causes a bull run to start what Causes a bare Market to start and how do I know what may happen next so one might Assume that the crypto markets would be Divergent of how they perform compared To the stock market because they're two Different asset classes but what's Interesting is that Bitcoin follows the Price action very similarly to what the S&P 500 and the broader US Stock Market Does so anytime the S&P 500 goes down if There's a stock market crash we see Bitcoin also going down the S&P 500 also Performs based on how how the economy is Doing where the inflation is and also Where the interest rate lies so this is Where that guy the name you heard of Jerome Powell comes into play He Is the Individual who makes the decision on Whether or not we get something called An interest rate cut so if you're to go Out and buy a house right now the Interest rate is about 7% at the time of Filming this video what that means is if You're able to secure an interest rate Of 2% on a mortgage you may be paying Just $3 to $5,000 a month for that Mortgage but when that interest rate

Near doubles to triples that mortgage of $2 to $5,000 ends up being $5 to $110,000 you pay per month when interest Rates are high people don't want to get Cars people don't want to get mortgages Because you have to pay even more every Single month to the banks in those Interest rates the government does this Now to slow down the spending if we kept On spending money we get something Called inflation rising up now this Talks of inflation all of it started Ever since the pandemic and when we Actually dropped all that stimulus money Which equated to about $2.3 trillion in Spend that $2.3 trillion of excess money Going into the markets has now been Affecting us even to this day so the Performance of Bitcoin lies within how Well the economy decides to perform Where interest rates are how bad Inflation is and if the markets are Resilient enough and stocks and s&p500 Continue to go up and we get news that Inflation is under control I'd expect For us to continue this bull run now Historically bull runs have lasted Anywhere from 18 months after every Event known as the Bitcoin having now The Bitcoin having does not affect the Amount of Bitcoin in circulation instead It affects the amount of Bitcoin that Gets mined so every four years on the Having day the amount of new Bitcoins

Created gets cut in half this means that When Bitcoin haves the reward given to The contributors securing the network is Reduced by 50% at the beginning of 2020 We saw 12.5 new Bitcoins were added to The network every 10 minutes via virtual Mining in May this was cut to 6.25 and In April of 2024 it dropped down to 3.125 the way the price Act of crypto Moves up is the fact that you just get Higher demand for the amount of Supply There is the more people that buy up an Asset the higher the token price goes up Now going into the example of Bitcoin we Will always have an amount getting mined From Bitcoin that opens up the supply But that Supply gets cut lower and lower Every time we have the Bitcoin having Event and if the demand continues to Rise up where everyone wants to buy into Bitcoin that's when we see the price of It increase now how do you know when to Spot the top of the market well this is Where we use indicators like the crypto Fear ingredient index it's something Very similar but it measures a variety Of different factors including how fast Bitcoin's price action is moving up how Many people are talking about the asset How many people are trying to just buy In at a time where it may not seem right And it's usually after we get this Euphoric peak in the market where things Begin to come back down if you've been

Investing for at any point in time you Would probably come across this Wall Street cheat sheet of a psychology of a Market cycle this follows very similarly To what crypto has done in the beginning Of a rally a lot of people are going to Be in disbelief when Bitcoin was at $166,000 everyone was expecting for it To drop at $122,000 and that's when People would buy but to many people's Surprise it actually continue to Rally Up this is where we begin to see Hope From $16,000 of Bitcoin going into $20,000 from hope we see overtime many Months go by continuing to go up we see Optimism it was from optimism we then Saw belief thrill Euphoria and it's Usually around this time this euphoric Peak where everyone you could feel that Greed they're just coming in they want To buy the asset no matter what you go To work people who never invest in your Work area who know nothing about crypto Are asking you if they should be buying Into Dogecoin and some of these other Meme coins that's usually an indicator We get to something called the market Top now your goal is to always buy in Early enough I don't say that you need To time the market Buy in at disbelief Or even buy in at Hope but if you can Buy in even right around this optimism Stage as long as you know how to sell And not get too greedy you can still

Make a great profit I talked about Earlier how I prefer to momentum trade So this is where I know I get Confirmation yes we are in a bull run Because once that is established we get Many many months following that and that Is where I can still find plays of Projects that just released that did not Exist for many months ago that I have Access to and then I buy in early now We'll talk about shortly though the Dangers of that as well because the Thing about crypto is even if you buy in As the first investor first mover's Advantage isn't always the best if you Buy into a project that comes out that Releases and had a ton of private sales In the back end where a lot of the times Where we get something called a tge a Token gated event where it's the first Time they launch their token a lot of Those previous investors who bought in Way before it got launched will go ahead And sell their bags on retail just like Us now the great thing about crypto is We talked about blockchain we talked About transparency how everything is Available on the internet well we can go Ahead and see and ensure that this isn't Going to happen this year is by looking At tokenomics looking at the private Sale investors and I'll go over some of The best tools that you can use in order To protect yourself from getting dumped

On back in the 2021 bull run this here Was an example of a project that had a Crazy hype launch everyone thought it Was going to go to $11,000 per token it Came out at $420 I even bought when it came out and Look at just how badly this crypto ICP Here got nuked this is an example of Private investors who bought in before The token launched and selling off their Bags and making people will lose Tremendous amounts of money now I've Learned my lesson and I'm glad that you Guys don't need to do it so I'll go over Exactly what you need to understand in Order to protect yourself moving forward Now with that said when you're buying a Project early enough it's going to be a Completely different vibe or feeling of What it's like when you're buying a Project that's already lifting when I Bought into aerrow drone back when it Was at 10 to 20 cents I noticed that on Twitter which is where crypto lives on No one was really talking about it it Was a narrative that hadn't picked up Yet but I saw the potential in now Here's the thing your goal is to not Always buy in as early as possible Because you do have the most amount of Risk and everything is hindsight when You look beyond the time of when you Bought in thinking oh that was the right Play I should have bought more money so

Here are some of the biggest lessons That I've learned number one do not ever Fomo do not buy something just because It is going up in a true bull market you Will have missed opportunities there are Going to be 14-year-old degenerates that Turned a $100 portfolio into even $100,000 or even a couple million Dollars and you'll see a ton of these Threads in the peak of that bull run That's actually how you know you're in The middle of a bull run it's when those Threads always pop up of how I made a Million dollar how I made a million Dollars in a bare Market you're not Seeing any of that when you see that a Lot of the times these accounts are Going to say oh these are the next Projects though that I see coming up be Careful because a lot of the times those Threads are first of all fake and They're a way for you to buy into some Of these other projects that have zero Chance of success now yes there are Legitimate threads but when it comes to The world of crypto there are many many Times where people will get paid under The table without properly disclosing That they were it's one of the reasons Why I believe we've been so successful On this channel here and it's because I Value transparency above anything else If a company ever wants to work with me Put my name on anything or I decide this

Is a valuable company I make it Extremely clear that there is a paid Interest here happening now at the time Of filming this video though luckily There has been no project that has ever Been able to pay for a spot in any one Of my YouTube videos and everything I Buy is on the public market just as you Guys do now the lesson here is during The Bull Run you're going to hear so Many people making money people are Posting their highlights their wins but A lot of the times they're not going to Share the full story on the hundreds of Thousands of dollars that they lost all The M trades that they had and just like How social media really is currently Just a highlight reel of your best Angles and you doing the most fun stuff And it never shares the full reality of What people and humans deal with you're Going to experience that even alongside The crypto markets so don't fomo into Anything don't have this fear of missing Out and the way to properly steer away From this is that anytime you decide to Buy a crypto you need to have a clear Why why are you buying it at this price And what I like to do is open up Something called a trading journal where I just open up in the notes section I Put something very simple I even write It down in some of my other notebooks What I'm thinking so that I am clear on

Any of the distractions and that I'm not Making a decision based on the fear of Missing out and if there is a bit of Fomo it's okay it's crypto everyone's Going to get it at some point but then Make sure that you're properly Leveraging the amount of risk you put Into that trade in the last few months We've made couple million dollars but There were some trades that I definitely Could have been more patient on when I Started putting $100,000 plus into meme Coins that I knew I could be quick on But I didn't sell for a variety of Different reasons I realized that I Still became a victim of fomo even with Me having the experience of all these Different Market Cycles another way to Combat this is to make sure that you Surround yourself with a good Community If you're putting yourself in group Group chats with friends who are Constantly egging each other on or Telling you to do this or do that and You know sharing wins of things that are High risk and they only highlight that One trade and not their five losses Either that's probably not the best Community to be around this is where we Created a Kaizen it's one of the top Crypto communities right now and it's Where now we have members who are Helping each other stay accountable and Even our moderators making sure people

Aren't acting out of emotion now I Mentioned this earlier but a big top Signal that I look out for is seeing how Often I hear about crypto in person when It comes to navigating these markets There are going to be people who analyze Their charts this here is called Technical analysis where they're Constantly looking at chart patterns Trying to see when the next opening is They'll use different tools and Indicators and moving averages and for People who prefer that method of trading It can work but I've realized that if You are able to use a variety of Different tools understand the Fundamentals and the narratives coming Up I believe having a combination or Skill set in both can help you to become The best Trader in this market Personally for me I never use technical Analysis but I will now use it in order To time some better entries on certain Projects I still believe fundamental Narrative investing during the times Where the market has a confirmation Everything is going up is going to give You the highest chances of success on The other hand though there's going to Be some more degenerate type of crypto Investing people can use something Called Leverage where if you don't have $10,000 of access you can borrow $10,000 As if it was a loan to you to increase

Your buying power on some of these other Projects now anytime you're borrowing in Money like I mentioned you're putting Yourself at incredible risk so this is Where you need to practice and really Understand different tools like stop Losses so that if something actually Goes down when you thought it was going Up you protect yourself the asset will Sell so that you avoid placing yourself In further debt we'll go over into more Detail on who leverage trading is even Best meant for because there are a lot Of people that should never even touch Such a tool another thing to look out For is when it comes to crypto when There are no more exciting events coming Up that is also an indic Ator the market Is either going to be flat or the top is Near to an example Bitcoin having we all Know it takes place every 4 years the Market tends to Rally around that time But if that's already happened and There's no event that you can think of No upgrade no releases no government Regulation no more ETFs it could be Harder for us to see the market rally This is because what usually happens is We see a case of buy the rumor sell the News as an example approaching the Bitcoin having every single time we see Bitcoin moving up knowing that the Having is coming up and towards the Having date we see everything sell off

What a lot of investors will do is They'll buy in knowing that some news Will come up and when that news actually Occurs they sell off take as an example Dogecoin in the 2021 bull cycle everyone Was shouting that Dogecoin needed to hit $1 because Elon Musk was talking about It on SNL everyone and their mothers They were investing on every platform Possible and people are expecting a $1 Dogecoin it never happened it sold off Right before then and we've seen this Take place time in and time out so buy The rumor sell the news I see this Happening in crypto far too often people Will buy into something going on and They will sell right before the peak now Say you positioned yourself well you Bought in early enough you bought into These all coins that didn't have a pump You're up 3 to 5x well what do you do Then this here is where your exit Strategy principle comes into play and There's a ton of different ways that you Can enact different exit strategies you Can set price targets you could set up a Calendar notification I will sell at you Know 60 days from now or you could DCA Out which means dollar cost averaging Out the similar way as if you were to Dollar cost average in this simply means Instead of just buying the crypto all at Once you just buy in small clumps at an Extended period of time now it's really

Hard to time the market so if you buy Out slowly towards what you think is the Top of the market you've already made 2 To 3 to 5x that's one way that you can Also secure those profits in the case That it just starts to come crashing Down in the peak of the bull market Though keep in mind by selling too early You could be losing even more gains than If you were to sell just a little too Late so this really just depends on what Your entry was and how much you're Already up buy say I have a whole bunch Of cryptos I got 20 or 30 of them and I Have equally High conviction in all of Them that they're going to go up well What do I decide to buy in it comes down To their tokenomics so who owns the Supply is the supply coming out at a Rapid Pace where if nobody buys and Supply keeps going up the price of the Token is going to go down does a whole Bunch of VC own it and they are going to Be able to sell and unlock and dump Their token A month after it launches or I like to Look at market cap if there's a token That's already expanded it's at a Billion doll market cap it's going to Take a lot more money for a billion Dollar market cap to double once more Rather than if I bought into a crypto With the same conviction at 100 million Or $10 million market cap Now by

Definition a market cap is the total Dollar value of all the shares of a Company's stock or in the case of Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrencies It's all the coins that have been mined Or released and the market cap is just Cal ated by multiplying all the total Number of coins that have been released At a single given time this here is a Method of value investing into crypto so If cryptocurrency a has 400,000 coins in Circulation and each coin is worth a Dollar the market cap it's 400,000 now If cryptocurrency B has only 100,000 Coins in circulation but each coin is Now worth $2 its market cap is $200,000 Even though the individual coin price of Crypto B is higher than crypto a crypto A's overall value is actually double Than cryptocurrency be so similar to the Stock market if youve ever heard of a Stock split this is a similar concept That we have happening within crypto Basically in the stock market when a Company has grown tremendously a lot of New investors are not going to want to Invest into an Amazon that costs $40,000 Per share but if they do a stock split And they make it look cheaper than it Actually is it's going to want more Retail to buy so in the case of crypto You're going to see a ton of different Price action some will say it's at 12 Cents others will say it's at $7 and

People who are really new to the market They're just going to buy into a crypto That's at 15 cents thinking oh it can Probably go to bitcoin's market cap of $65,000 this is the true retail way of Thinking and you got to be careful every Crypto before launch is able to Determine what this price is going to be By just adjusting their supply so the More Supply they have as an example Doge Has 144 billion Supply in circulation For this token they're able to make the Price look like it's 15 cents now on the Other hand binance their circulating Supply or the amount of binance tokens That are revolving it's only 147 million Binance tokens so you can see lowering The supply during the development of a Crypto project will impact the price Here this is where I look at market cap And I compare market cap size to see Which crypto is going to have more value And more potential for growth now with All that said understand this when it Comes to crypto there are going to be Even more Cycles happening underneath The broader Bitcoin Bull Run we've seen Different sectors pump at different Times sometimes one sector pumps it Leads to another sector pumping and you Just want to go ahead and be one step Early you don't need to be 5 to 10 steps Early Buy in months ago but just if You're early in even just a few days

Early or even if you're a few days late And the pump ends up going for months That's where you still are able to make That money so how do you find these Cryptos where does the research even Start well I like using something like Coinmarketcap.com or coin gecko this is All personal preference they do the same Thing and it tells you what the broader Crypto market cap is sitting at it'll Tell you some of the trending coins the Largest gainers but most importantly You'll be able to see a lot of these Different projects now when a new crypto Token is released you can either buy it On a centralized exchange or a Decentralized exchange a centralized Exchange is an example like coinbase Scrolling down you could see a whole Bunch of exchanges that you could buy Bitcoin on now Bitcoin is the number one Crypto it's going to be available on Every exchange possible and you'll see a Whole bunch of them now every exchange Is different I actually categorize my Exchanges by tiers tier one exchange is Something like coinbase they have a ton Of volume meaning a lot of people are Using it they're trading it it's backed It's really reputable and then there are Going to be new exchanges that someone Makes with a group of people it just Came out a few days ago there's no Volume no liquidity and it could be at

High risk when a project is on a tier One exchange like coinbase it usually Means the project is vetted in a certain Way it's very rare that coinbase binance Or anyone of these tier one exchanges Are going to go ahead and list a Complete scam project on their site Coinbase got sued as a company because There were listing random projects at One and there was a lot of inside Information because when a project did Get listed on coinbase exchange for the First time it would get something called The coinbase effect or the coinbase pump Where it just naturally starts going up So to begin navigating the crypto Markets obviously just watching more Videos like this is going to help I do Episodes every few weeks going over some Of the top all coins and the narratives That I see forming but you can also just Go ahead and click around on different Categories we talked about in the Beginning of this video all the Different categories that exist now coin Market cap is going to create some Categories that really I don't think Should exist like the jobs tokens and The pre-sale memes some of this stuff I Would definitely steer clear of but You'll notice a few trending narratives Too AI is a big narrative gaming not so Bullish on it a lot of scam pump and Dumps from different influencers here

But this is another Market where there's A variety of different projects a Website like this is where you're going To see a lot of crypto projects but keep In mind if there's a new project they Need to apply on coin market cap in Order to get approved that's why you see This get listed here if you're a project Founder you can go ahead submit it and Then they'll go ahead and show on their Site now the thing about crypto is Anyone can make a project there is chat GPT tools AI tools where you can create A meme coin in less than a day as a Beginner a lot of the times someone who Makes a project has the most amount Invested into it because they can get Into it first they know the tokenomics They know the supply they know how it's Going to release and this is where if You see a new coming out it's not always Wise to just buy in because you see it Trending a lot of the times though if There is a crypto project it's good and It just released you've done all the Vetting and you don't see it on coin Market cap it will probably be on the Alternative site coin gecko now if it's Not on a centralized exchange and it's On a decentralized exchange instead You're going to use a tool called Dex Screener in order to find it so right Now already we're seeing a whole bunch Of random tokens ninja cat binance cat

Snowboard cat a lot of people right now The trend is to make New Meme coins on Salana they'll list it on Dex screener Because it won't get listed on a Centralized exchange it definitely won't Get listed on something like coinbase Where they have a reputation of listing Only legitimate projects then that means You would have to go on a site like Dex Screener in order to find some of these Other projects now this is where a lot Of the high-risk projects live but you Can still see the basics market cap Seeing how much a crypto project is Worth liquidity here this is the amount Of crypto volume getting traded so if I Bought into pumpcat today it's already Up 21 ,000% and by the way don't get Baited into a lot of these they can Release these tokens make it start out Really low um but by the time they get Listed they can manipulate these numbers To make it seem like it's up 21,000% but Early on if no one is selling and people Are just buying in you do not get the Best price what also happens is when There's very low liquidity you are not Able to put in a big bag so most people Who are buying this right now they're Only putting $100 a dollar $160 but if This was really going to the Moon Someone would want to put $11,000 maybe More but you just can't you'd have to Spread out your buys because the

Liquidity is so low and in order for you To buy a crypto someone needs to sell it So that is the exchange that is Happening if no one is selling their Crypto you're not going to be able to Buy a crypto and you're going to have to Break up your orders otherwise you're Going to pay a huge premium on that Token now going through coin gecko coin Market cap and even Dex screener to find Some of the next potential plays is a Decent starting point but there are a Lot more tools to help you get started And to then build what we call your Market Edge the market Edge is just Finding a winning formula for yourself That allows you to consistently get wins Or increase the probability of you Finding some of the projects that end up Taking off now the first free tool that You can use in order to begin your Research is going to be Twitter crypto Mainly lives on Twitter that's why Crypto Twitter is a whole saying you Have all the influencers there and you Get all the new projects when they Release that's where they come out with All the information instead of going on Wall Street Journal CNN or whatever Website that you use for your news Crypto Twitter is where you'll find the Most updated real-time info now how do You even use Twitter in order to find Some of the best projects well the one

Thing you have to do is optimize your Twitter feed what I've done is follow Some of the most prominent crypto Twitter influencers within the space I Follow a lot of projects and from there The Twitter algorithm will begin to show Me these different projects and I start Taking note some of these projects that I see pop up I look it up I see if it's Released or not maybe it didn't and then I'll see whether or not the price of it Does better in the future it's from here Where you start building out what you Call a watch list because it's very rare Where if you see the first thing that Pops up on your Twitter feed on a new Project that you just immediately Buy in If you do that you're going to get Wrecked at some point because a lot of The info even on Twitter like I Mentioned is paid for and if it's paid For usually there's an intended target For people to sell to so to make it easy You guys can follow me on Twitter and Just go through some of the accounts That I'm following so that you can at Least shape your algorithm to look Similar to mine the next thing is if There's a certain crypto that I found a Ton of value in or that I saw going up I'll look it up so I did the ticker sign Arrow this stands for Arrow Drome and I'll try and find some of the other People that may be talking about Arrow

I'll see different accounts I'll see if They're mentioning any other projects And it's from here you can begin your Research now you can go down a rabbit Hole there are some really good threads Not everything is paid for and you can Find Value just make sure with the Research that you do you end up Following through till the end and I'll Share with you exactly what the Precautionary steps before you buy into A project should look like another place That you guys can get inspiration from Is obviously YouTube I do all the Research for you I've been doing this For years we've already found many many Gems that have taken off and I talk About those exact projects in my YouTube Video I go over exactly what it is just So any beginner can understand the value And why I decided to buy now please just Be careful of other channels you'll see Once you watch one of our videos you're Going to see on the suggested column or Even on your browse feed all these other Youtubers with the gaping mouth with all The rainbow colors and saying bitcoin's Crashing or the next pump for the next 100x this and that just know that there Are a lot of scammers grifters and People in the space that will show you Something where they bought in on the Private Market before anyone was able to Buy on the public market like on the

Coinbase exchange or on a decentralized Exchange and they will dump on you a Good and easy way to do this vetting is Look up whoever comes up on your feed And search them on Twitter or on Google And type the word scam or scammer see All the threads that come up because in YouTube YouTube I'd say about 99% of Other channels not to diss any of them There's a clear abundant amount of Scammers in the space that have a Reputation of scamming others and they Continue to do it to just dump on people Like yourselves who are getting into This space for the first time now I'd Say out of all of that you can use Reddit you can use different screeners But I think aside from Twitter and YouTube the most valuable way of finding These projects is to join a community Now I own one of the largest private Crypto Twitter discords where real time I'll do live streams we'll go over some Of the projects that we spot you have a Full community of other like-minded Individuals who can help you grow within This Market I think that really is the Best you don't have to join my community It could be any Community just make sure It's not led by pump and dumpers but the Value that you get from the community is Enormous because you can truly bounce Those ideas you can see and confirm Things in the market and you can focus

On growth now a lot of people who have These private crypto discords they're Just going to Signal the buy and sell Alert and the danger of that is nobody Can time this Market perfectly so a lot Of them too during the bare Market will Get absolutely wrecked and that's why One of the things that I focus on within Our community is just simple education You can give a man a fish but you're Going to have to give him a fish for his Entire life or you can teach him how to Fish and he's going to be able to feed Himself for his entire life that's the Way I view the markets we still do a Great job of getting you guys the best Signals and some of the tokens that I Buy into way before it even goes on YouTube but whether it's my community or Someone else's just make sure you find The right one that supports you in the Mission of trying to make more money and Trying to learn more while you're Progressing through you should then Organize that list between the different Categories of cryptos as we talked about Before so some of them could be meme Coins on salana some of them could be Meme coins on Bas some of them could Just be layer 2 killers that are not Spoken about that's just on the up or What I also see a big Market in rwas Which are also called real world assets Compile your list see where it's talked

About look up the Ticker on Twitter do Your research see where the price action Is and from there you're going to start To build up the Reps and ultimately the Goal here is to build your own intuition On what you believe is going to do well Within the crypto Market when it comes To the success of crypto there is an Intuition that you build up over time There are certain patterns that you'll Spot with some of the more successful Projects and the patterns of projects That end up being dumps where they go to Zero where you would end up losing your Money you have your general watch list Of different cryptocurrencies that have Caught your eye The Next Step here would Then to be filtering them and knowing How you want to place your investment Look if anyone ever told you crypto is Easy you're going to make a lot of money Yes you can but it does take a lot of Work and this is where I'm doing Everything I can to make this whole Process as easy as possible for you to Understand so what we've come up with is Something called our own crypto research Report card this here is a PDF you guys Can all have access to it I'll have a Link Down Below in the description I'll Send you an email of it we have a Google Template sheet as well and basically the Way this works is any crypto you see say It is aerody Drome the one that we

Bought into you can start to score this Crypto and this is actually what venture Capitalist firms within the markets do In order to see whether or not they're Going to invest or partner up with a Project so in this case you get the Crypto report card template you'd make a Copy of the document You' do Aerodrome Crypto research and then whatever crypto It is I put in the name I see that it's Listed on coinbase so maybe I'll add Something to indicate that I see it's Listed on say crypto.com depending on How many exchanges it's listed on I Could add the scoring so if it's two Points for coinbase and binance listings One point for everything else it' be a Three out of 10 the more places it's Listed on usually the better because There is more liquidity but this here Isn't an indicator alone if it's not Listed on coinbase but it's on gate.io It could still be a very solid project From here I like to vet things like even The social media presence how active is Their Twitter Twitter is the most Important form of marketing for projects To get discovered and for projects to Continue to build and get exposure not Only will we look at Twitter we'll go Into how their Discord Community looks Like do they have a Reddit form how does The Reddit Community sound are they Toxic are they really engaging are they

Excited how does their telegram look Like if you don't know what Discord Reddit telegram is these are going to be Other social media tools and websites And apps that you can download where People build more communities on from Here this is important what is the road Mapap in upcoming events every crypto Project should have some kind of road Map whether it's an update or whether It's a certain crypto that may get Released on a tier one exchange or if a Project might have some kind of Partnership coming up that that Mainstream media does not know about These are things that you want to fill Out because it allows you to then have Different metrics of knowing okay people Are going to anticipate this they're Going to get excited for it and then you Can sell now tokenomics is one of the Most important parts of any project if a Project fails in all aspects but does Good in tokenomics it could be one that I'd invest into now Vice Versa if a Project is really good in everything but Their tokenomics is complete trash I Will not buy into it so every crypto has Their tokenomics this year is going to Tell you the amount of coins in Circulation and who those coins are Allocated to every project has something Called a white paper this is where they Write out exactly the purpose of the

Crypto what the utility is and there's Always a section on their tokenomics Over time as you learn more about the Space you'll get a better idea on what Tokenomics look good versus bad the main Lessons to draw though are well Explained from this blog here tokenomics Inform the long-term value of tokens Through factors like utility and distrib Ution a token's price is influenced by Its Supply Dynamics including the total And circulating amounts the stability of A token's price is also impacted by its Distribution strategy investing terms so What all this means is if someone came Out with a new project say they got $10 Million of funding from a private Investor a really bad tokenomics would Show that half the supply was the Investor and they're able to sell as Soon as a token is able to launch that Would be bad because that means someone Controls 50% of the supply and if the Token doubles or triples in price for When they get released on an exchange That private investor if at any time They sell their tokens it's going to Dump the price good tokenomics would Mean that there is a one-year lockup Period maybe a two-year lockup period Where anyone project developers project Investors private seed investors venture Capitalist investors they cannot sell Anything after one year and then after

That one-ear hits they can only unlock a Small portion every single day so that The project Also doesn't dump so a resource that I Like to use for this is called drops Tab And to tell you more there are different Whales within the crypto Market we have Retail investors which is us we have Your K's and influencers a little bit Above the retail investors but they're Able to buy in early too and above them You have project developers people who Make the project who decide when they're Going to be able to get the unlocks and Outside of them they have venture Capitalist funds venture capitalist Funds are on the outer side of the Ring Of people who make the most amount of Money in crypto when you hear about a16z Anderson Horwitz jump crypto Paradigm Polychain even Mark cubin he's on here You'll see the ROI of what they've made Investing into crypto and when it comes To crypto too guys if someone is making A huge Roi if someone buys just like I Mentioned earlier for any buyer there Needs to be a seller someone is losing Money so for the 263xhd the amount of return on Investment this positive money that they Had made so one thing is clear venture Capitalist funds they do a great job in Making a lot of money okay 263 x or even A 25x is crazy even a 4X when we're

Talking about tens of millions of Hundreds of millions of dollars in funds If someone's making a 4X off of that That's pretty good so a feature I like To look at is the token unlocks this Year will tell you the market cap it'll Tell you the ROI of when they first Release the Ico the initial coin Offering the token at event and you'll See the circulating Supply this website Here does a great job in making sure That the unlocks are happening in a time Where you're not going to get dumped on One project here that we've taken a look At Ando Finance Ando right now has a Vesting progress of 14% they've unlocked 1.4 billion andos but right now there's Over 8 billion Ando tokens locked up you Can see the next unlock event and all This means is every time there's an Event where something gets unlocked You're going to see a big dump in price People are un loocking those tokens and They're going to sell it this year right Now token allocation is also telling us Tokenomics where is it going to so it Says 50% of this token is going to the Ecosystem 33% is going to the protocol 12% is Private Sales and 2% is the Community a lot of the times if it's a Really good project they'll be very Transparent on what this really means Where does the 33% supply of Ando really Going into what does the protocol

Development mean how is that getting Split what is the unlock period so There's a source right here that is Linked right to ando's Foundation which Will go ahead and explain then the Ando Foundation who is managing the Distribution of this token at the Beginning guys this stuff is going to be Very hard to understand but over time You will be able to pick it up this here Is the maximum supply of the token this Here is the initial circulating Supply So what was available when the token had The event that they were launched you Could read on the vesting schedule so They're stating that more than 85% of The Ono tokens would be initially locked And then lock tokens would unlock 12 24 36 in 60 months after the initial token Unlocked this year is good private sale Investors and core contributors will all Remain locked up for at least 12 months After the 12 months they're going to Release over the following 4-year span From here you can see how the Ono tokens Were allocated you can see the split you Can see the unlock schedule and this is Important because you do not want to get Dumped on a lot of the times people Think crypto is PVP meaning you're in a Free-for-all Arena you're fighting Against other influencers I'm buying in You're selling you're selling I'm buying Like we're competing against each other

But a lot of the times it's us Collectively as retail investors Competing against project developers Private sale investors or even those Venture capitalist funds that I showed You so drops tab is another resource That you can use to see investors VCS You can put in some of your favorite Cryptocurrencies I'll do another one True flation very bullish on this Project we got in as early as we can we Knew there'd be a dump here for now the Price has stabilized so whatever time You're watching this in the future it Could be at a doar $2 it could be at 10 C who knows I expect this video to last On YouTube for many many years using Drops tab I could go ahead and see any Additional information regarding how Much that they raised and how much token Has been sold off so that report card That we were going over in seeing their Twitter followers their Twitter Performance getting a gauge on which Investors really bought in early on what Narrative they fit well into a lot of These tools I'm talking about are going To save you that time similar to drops Tab this is another unque tool it's Called chain litics now there are even More research tools available there are Different methods of researching and Finding projects I mentioned one where You organically find things on Twitter

You look into it you find other related Projects but some people will not even Look at the tokenomics or what the Project utility is and they'll simply Just trade based off technical analysis For technical analysis you'll want to Use something like trading view where You can get an in-depth picture at some Of these other projects if it's a newer Project that just released it won't be On here but here you can at least get a Gauge on what bitcoin's doing what I Love about this tool is that you can Pull up different trade ideas other Investors have you could see their track Record you could see their engagement This person thinks Bitcoin is going to Be going up higher with the long this Person wants to short it because they Think it's going to go down so you can Pick up different ideas another popular Method of researching some of these Crypto gems is being able to finding Wallet addresses of other prominent Investors and seeing what trades that They make for this you'd want to use a Platform like Arkham intelligence here I Can type in someone like vitalic Butterin who is the creator of ethereum And see what he's doing if vitalic the Owner of ethereum decides he's going all In on the next ethereum killer project That could be an indicator the project Could do extremely well now Arkham is

Great because if you're able to find a Wallet address that is obviously timing The market right consistently they might Be an inside Trader and if you're able To just get their wallet address paste It into Arkham you could see every trade That they make and even set up alerts on The next move that they make now this is In simple Essence if you're at school You're copying the homework of the Kid Next to You who's really really smart You're pretty much doing that in crypto There's no rules you can do that and you Can follow along and copy trade and this Right here is utilizing onchain research Or onchain analytics onchain is saying It's on the blockchain everything is Transparent it's a public ledger so Anytime you buy or trade a crypto using An external wallet you'll be able to Track all of that using a site like this All right so I'll go into deck screener Say I choose just a random token how About dog with no hat I'll go ahead and Set the date for as long ago as possible Let's see someone bought $1,400 worth of It I'll click on this filter cone right Here and I'll see all the times that They bought so they bought a ton of Times they've been buying a lot but they Bought really early on too when this Project first released and it's actually Doing a lot better than before they're Still buying now sometimes this could be

A market maker it could be an exchange Especially when you see a lot of buy and Sell patterns but this could just be Someone who is sniping it so from from Here I can go ahead click on Soul scan This is the transaction ID anytime you Buy and sell a crypto it's kind of like The receipt that you would get anytime The transaction is made now I can go Ahead and copy this account go into Arkham paste this and it's going to be The wallet address and I can see the Entire history of what different cryptos They are trading so one thing you could Do is find wallets that are trading Really effectively they're doing very Well they're making a lot of money copy That wallet address put into Arkham and See some of the other things that they May be buying if they have a really good Track record it is one way that you Could build that market Edge now these Are all different types of research Methods some may work some may not even Work depending on the kind of cycle We're going through what has worked the Best for me and the whole kaisen Discord Community is just being in on narratives Real early understanding what the shift Could be seeing the real world Applications between some of these other ETFs or Black Rock Larry and if you just Watch any one of our recent top allcoin Pick videos you'll understand exactly

What I'm talking about there now there Are people in our Discord who just pay The monthly membership fee they copy my Trades they buy in and they're all up Tens of thousands of dollars some people Want to do that they want to save time They don't want to learn all this stuff I respect it but just make sure that at The end of the day no matter who you Follow even myself included I'm not Always going to get things 100% right Every single time so do your own do Diligence do your own research before Aping in blindly because at a certain Point if you are disciplined and you Continue to put in that work you will be Able to experience growth and there is Nothing better than seeing that account Grow knowing that you're able to Accomplish this as well on your own all Right so at this point in the video you Should have a better understanding of The fundamentals when it comes to Investing into the crypto markets it's At this point if you're ready to buy a Certain cryptocurrency I'm going to Share with you the most effective way to Do this so that you can save money make Sure that you secure your account and For any altcoin that you're going to be Buying on decentralized Exchange a lot Of people end up paying way more in Transac action fees and what we call Slippage fees which we'll explain soon

And I'll share with you exactly how you Can cut those costs down all right so if You haven't done so yet I have one link Down Below in the description click on It it's going to take you to my website And I have a whole bunch of affiliate Links to different exchanges that you Can use a few perks of being one of the Top YouTube channels within the crypto Space is that I can work with these Companies and ask them for better deals Than you guys would ever get if you were To sign up for these exchanges without An affiliate link it works great because We get a kickback here on my channel Which allows me to continue reinvest Into the team and build out the Community further but it also gets you a Discount on your trading fees or a Welcome bonus upon signing up so as an Example if you sign up for coinbase on Your phone with no referral link you're Not going to get any offer but with our Link you have an offer where you can get Up to $200 back so if you are based out Of the US and you somehow don't have an Exchange of choice I definitely would Recommend you sign up with coinbase First coinbase in my opinion is the most Secure it's where I'm most comfortable Having millions of dollars upon the Exchange and you can get started by Clicking on the link and going through And seeing that link on the website all

Right so what I'm going to do here is Just make another account walk through The steps now by the way if you're using A reputable tier one centralized Exchange like coinbase it's going to ask You to do kyc check this is mandatory Across the world this year is a way to Protect investors from anti-money Laundering and gangs and like illegal Organizations from creating a coinbase Account and going Havoc with it so if You've ever created a new bank account Or opened a new brokerage account within The stock market this is all something You should be familiar with but also Within the crypto Market this is a heads Up now one thing to note is that Coinbase is mainly meant for the us but Other countries including Canada I Believe Australia and a few others are Still able to access this exchange now Just as a heads up if you are living Here in the US but you live within New York state New York City even parts of California some of these exchanges aside From coinbase might actually be banned Now look the SEC has stated that you Know us US citizens we can't use this we Can't use that for our protection this Is another conversation for a later day But it really isn't for protection if it Was for our protection it we would have Been protected from FTX or blockfi or Some of these other exchanges that all

Went bankrupt during the bull run but It's mainly because the US government Knows how much people are going to make From crypto and they want to make sure That they get every single dollar when It comes to the taxes that they would Make from every bit of profit you would Earn now some of these exchanges they Don't require kyc they don't know who's Signing up for it and it's all International so if an exchange does not Have kyc laws and you live in the US There's a chance the SC C might reach Out to them like they did with all these Other exchanges including C coin binance Even more the government is greedy if They don't get their tax money they're Going to say it's for protecting you but It's mainly because they know that if You decide you don't want to pay taxes It will be difficult for them to enforce Now with that said I highly recommend if You are living in the United States pay Your taxes don't try to avoid it Obviously consult your own attorney your Own tax professional but if it means you Got to move out of the country do your Thing I respect all that is still valid Now going back into setting up your Exchange a lot of these exchanges you Also use you can log in on a web browser But you can also pick up the app on your Phone for now the first thing you want To do when it comes to using any

Exchange is to make sure that you set up Proper two-factor authentication now When it comes to crypto you want to beef Up your security as much as possible Authenticator is recommended a new thing Right now is Pass Key and what I prefer To use is a password manager or a vault My personal favorite is one password I've been using them for about 5 to Years and this is where you just need to Memorize one password and if anyone Wants to have access to that account Your one password account you can set up Protocols where you use something called Like a UB key a security physical key Where usually it's only government Employees and workers having access to This but if anyone across the world Decides to log into your account they Somehow got your password for whatever Reason they would still need to Physically press a button to have access To this now one password or last pass These are two options you have they Pretty much allow you to just put in one Password then boom you can have access To every everything and set up new Passwords for every single website Because every single month it seems like There are websites that have a data Breach a data leak and if you're sharing Your password among all your websites It's easy then for you to get hacked and Lose all your assets now look I have had

My Chase bank account get hacked before I've had my social security number Stolen from me and someone applied for Like 50 different credit cards back During the pandemic there was a whole Headache behind it one thing you could Also do is that if you have an email That you're using for everything use an Email that doesn't identify you it could Be Birdman 727 gmail.com use something Random set up a new email account secure It use pasy use an authenticator I think The most secure item is the UB key a UB Key is that USB you have to push it in Person you have to have that device on With you in person in order for you to Access some of those most vulnerable Accounts so protecting your email there Is huge using a new email address Backing that up memorizing the account And then using a password manager like Last pass or one password is going to Secure you the most the last thing you Want to use is your email that you've Used since the first grade that has your First name last name and your birth date Because if hackers get that email Address it's going to be so easy for Them to possibly even access your Account okay so I've been using coinbase Since 2018 set up all the best security Protocols first thing you want to do now If you are going to be trading more Frequently I highly recommend that you

Sign up for the coinbase 1 membership Plan the one bad thing about coinbase is That they have very high fees so there Are a few ways around it with coinbase 1 You pay a monthly subscription you could Also change it to an annual plan so You're paying $25 per month do the math To see if this adds up but just for me Paying $30 a month I'm able to save an Incredible amount of fees so for the First $10,000 every month I'm able to Save those fees complete zero trading Fees you get boosted usdc uh apy so you Can earn 5.5% apy on a stablecoin usdc Very secure one to one back I also get My coinbase Advanced rebates you get Boosted rewards you get priority support You get exclusive tax benefits I think It's a great phenomenal deal for what They provide now within your coinbase Account you're going to notice a few Things one you have coinbase basic and Coinbase advanced if I buy a new project With coinbase basic I'm going to be Paying the highest amount of fees Especially if I don't have the coinbase One membership plan so as an example say I wanted to buy some more aerody Drome I Buy $50 worth of it this is an Experimental asset they actually came Out with this about a few months ago to Pull up to protect coinbase you'll then See okay I'm buying aerodrum right now At a dollar I'm buying $50 amount it

Would have costed me $2 in fees say I I Was to buy $5,000 I'll preview the buy Experimental asset okay okay it would Have been $92 in fees if I went ahead Then and simply just switched it to Coinbase advance this here is going to Look a lot more crazy but it really you Get used to it very quick you have your Price dep chart so this is your buys Your sells seeing where it's at if it's Really unbalanced with the green it Means everyone's buying in if it's Really unbalanced with the Reds everyone Is selling and you could see the order Book right now reflecting for every buy There's a sell happening so let's go Into Aerodrome once again here if I Wanted to buy Aerodrome you have a few Different options if I want to buy it Quick you go into Market order I'll type In 5000 and I'll switch this from Arrow To USD so 5,000. and we'll see how much the Transaction fee is it's only $10 this Time around okay so you'll see exactly How much money you save this is one way You can save a ton of that especially if You're using something like coinbase but This whole screen that you see here this Is exactly what some of these other tier 2 and tier three exchanges look like now Brian why should you even have different Exchanges well it's simply because you Will not have access to all the tools

You will not have access to buy every Single crypto on some of these other Exchanges I'll go over some of my other Favorite tier 2 tier 3 exchanges that Don't require kyc so a lot of them are Not available to people in the US Because of what talked about earlier With the SEC you can still get around it If it doesn't require kyc you can make An account and you can use things like Leverage trading before we do that let Me just break down what these orders Look like so you're going to see all the Order books you're going to see the Trade history um of everyone real time Buying and selling arrow on coinbase What the orders are looking like here if I were to buy arrow and I wanted it to Hit a certain price I'm going to move it To the price chart say it's at a15 right Now if it hits a dollar flat okay or say It hits 99 I could have this trigger for $5,000 now when it comes to the Execution this is just telling you how It's going to post so if I were to buy a Million dollar worth of arror right now And it was not on allow Taker and it was On post only that means someone would Need to sell a million dollars with an Arrow for my transaction to clear but if You do allow taker my buy order of the Million dollar Arrow I want will start To absorb and take other people's sell Orders one at a time so that I can

Continue to buy up the dip if you don't Have allow taker on and you're doing a Big large sum a lot of the times your Trade will not execute limit you also Have a stop limit so you could buy in When it gets at 90s so limit is very Simple if it hits a certain limit it Will execute if you want to buy right Away you do a market now you also have Your stop limit this one's a little bit More complicated but it just adds one Layer of protection and this is just to Help you with your risk so in the case Of doing a stop limit order you can set A stop price and the limit price these Don't have to be the same amount but Traders will use them to help manage Their risk the stop price is based on The best available price not necessarily The price you set and the limit price Adds an extra control by setting a more Precise price constraint on your trade So in this example if you've bought 0.1 Bitcoin at $29,000 after doing some more Research you believe that Bitcoin could Fall even to $25,000 in this scenario You'd cash out of your position rather Than wait for prices to rebound and you Could set a stop price to sell if it Reaches $25,000 or below so this year is Just an extra tool for you to manage That risk if you are a novice Trader You're probably just going to be buying What we call spot and that's just buying

On the market oneon-one and it's just You're going into the you're going into Market okay so just know that you can Change this amount but you're still Buying arrow and you have to make sure That the pair here is set if you don't Have any USD and you only have usdt you Need to go ahead and convert your usdt Into USD now there's a ton of different Tools that you could also leverage but That right there is going to be the best You want to learn how to trade with this Advanced feature it seems like it's more Advanced it's difficult but it's really Not okay you just have to spend some Time on it know the basics of reading a Chart and for this it is very simple Stuff so the chart you can see it on the One minute candle the 5-minute candle The 15-minute candle you can even pull It out to the 6our mark see what's doing Every 6 hours and this right here is Within Futures Futures is a whole Different Market okay I would not worry About Futures in the beginning but spot It's pretty straightforward say I want To buy Bitcoin I can pull up different Indicators I can see the 52 week high And low there's a lot more tools that You're going to have access to you can Draw a trend line here from the bottom See where it's headed to you could zoom Out of the graph even more you could set The date range go into the 6 months Zoom

It out even more we can go to a custom Date range maybe before 2021 we could do 2020 it's a lot of flexibility here is It necessary to know every single tool Here no it's not necessary but it can Definitely help you in your trading Journey all right guys there are other Tabs in crypto you can earn interest so Some of these cryptos you can stake and Earn 133% apy eth I can earn 2% on it if I stake it if you stake a certain crypto That means you have to unstake it at a Certain point so you're pretty much just Locking it into the whole crypto world It's earning you additional interest so That you can help the network do its Thing and the way they provide you the Reward is they just give you that apy Back this is an easy way for you to make Additional Capital throughout the bare Market but if you're someone who's going To be trading constantly this is not a Feature that I would look into now one Thing is there are certain cryptos that Are not available on coinbase truth is Something I'm very bullish on it's not Available here but it'll say buy with Coinbase wallet coinbase wallet is Really awesome uh you can download it And this is what you would call a hot Wallet or an external wallet so with any Browser you use you can go ahead and add A coinbase wallet extension to it I like Coinbase wallet because they have

Something called a smart wallet feature Coming out it's a lot more easier Accessible to use and plus it just works So well on the phone too it uses face ID And you don't have to worry about SA Something called your seed phrase so Anytime you create a new wallet address A hot wallet or a cold storage wallet Device which comes in the form of Something called a ledger or a treaser These devices here you can store your Bitcoin onto it so that it's not on a Public exchange there are people who are Like hey get your crypto off exchanges Only put it on a cold storage device and Lock it away but I still see a ton of Risk regarding that I've used Cold Storage wallet devices for many many Years if you are holding Bitcoin for a Very long period of time and you're able To keep things secure and you're able to Have that seed phrase written down on a Piece of paper somewhere and you don't Lose it there is value in these but for Me personally I'd say as long as you Sign up for these exchanges and you beef Up your security in the methods that I Mentioned about 10 20 minutes ago you Should be good now cold storage devices Still if you're holding crypto longterm You want the most protection possible if You think coinbase or some of these Exchanges are going to also go out of Business for whatever reason and your

Crypto is going to get lost on it then You want to look into picking up one of These I also have links where you can Pick up these devices on the website Ledger and treaser are the two most Popular ones they are secure and I have Full in-depth tutorials that I'm not Going to cover in this video but I also Have on my channel where you can see how You set it up how you set up the seed Phrase and all the steps about it now When it comes to hot wallets there's a Ton of them uh the coinbase wallet Though like I said that is the best one To use right now it is tied in with Coinbase before everyone would have to Use metamask and log in but when it Comes to crypto I like the ones that are The most secure that are the most Effective coinbase wallet way to go okay So setting up a coinbase wallet super Easy I would probably do it on your Phone first and if you want to have it Logged in onto your browser extension You could just easily go into settings And scan your phone and it'll Automatically log you in there now we Talked about something like true flation Now true flation is not available for You to buy on coinbase it may not be Available on other exchanges too so how Do you buy it well first of all I'll go Back on coin market cap I'll type in True flation and I'll scroll down to

That bottom section ction on exchanges And see where it's listed the first Listing that it tells me is unis swap Unis swap is a decentralized exchange so Anything you can't buy on coinbase You're going to have to buy it on here I'll open up Unis swap. org I'll launch Their app and it goes into app. Unis Swap and I'll type in the token so true Flation should pop up here this is the Project and you'll notice there's like Four or five different ones of them okay You want to pick the right one to verify It is the right one I'll go on TR On coin market cap I'll go on their Website trf fl.com so to know that this Is the right crypto I'm trying to buy First of all usually websites make it Pretty easy for you to buy it so they're Listing all the different places but You'll see right here trl's official Contract similar to a wallet address Which looks like a string of numbers Just like this these token projects all Have contract addresses this is how you Can verify it is the right one you'll Often times just find it in their white Paper this one is called the light paper Instead and and if you pull up on ether Scan this is where you can verify it so This is the contract it's listed on Their website and I just will go ahead And verify this is the right one so what You can do is copy that contract address

Paste it in here and whatever comes up This is the direct one so you'll see This name lines up with this name which Is found on true FL which was found on The Ether scan contract here and it was Found on the True flation Light paper Now true flation is also available for You to buy on ethereum arbitrum and base Remember at the beginning of the video I Talked about how ethereum is super slow There's High transaction fees well if There's enough Supply and liquidity AKA People trading money on some of these Other Layer Two Solutions like arbitrum Or base you could buy it on there so Here's what you would do I'd go ahead And copy this address base I'd go back On Unis Swap and i' paste it in here I Should be able to see true flation this Is the same exact one but off the base Network so they're both the same token The base one has less liquidity so four Hours ago was the last transaction if I Go into the ethereum based Network one You'll see 5 minutes ago 7 minutes ago 9 Minutes ago there's more transactions Here there's more volume so this means I Could buy into a higher amount if I'm Only buying like $100 of this crypto It's not going to make a huge difference But when you're buying tens of thousands Of dollars worth of it that's when it Really kicks in so what you're going to Do at this point you find the token you

Want to buy it you'll then want to Connect your crypto wallet here you can Use a Unis swap wallet so they have Their own wallet you can download on the App Store you can use the break wallet The metamask wallet wallet connect these Are all different types of hot wallets That are available I'm going to use Coinbase wallet it's the one that's most Secure so when I do this if you connect This to a project that is a scam it will Drain your wallet instantly okay Unis Swap it is legit it is credible so make Sure that anytime before you connect Your wallet you read this and you Understand exactly where you're Connecting it to I'll go over the scams In a bit on the ones that you need to Steer clear of cuz they are mighty Mighty good but for now this is what you Should be on the lookout for now now Going into my coinbase wallet address You'll notice I have a few tokens here The main one I have ethereum and I have Two different kinds of ethereum this Ethereum right here is the ethereum off The ethereum network I can also use Ethereum off the Bas Network base is the Layer to solution and a good way to Explain this is if I'm trying to send You cash if I'm trying to send you $100 Because we went out to dinner I can Either send it to you on the zel Network Or the venmo network if I send it to you

On zel but you don't have zel there's no Point so that $100 is going to be the Same amount regardless of where I send It it is still $100 but if I send it to You on zel but you don't have zel and You only have venmo you're not going to Be able to see it pop up on your end Same thing with this if I end up using Ethereum base Network token but tration Is not on the base Network and they only Have ethereum for the ethereum network I'm not going to see that transaction Pop up and you're going to actually lose Your money so be careful here so I'm on The true flation with ethereum again I'll type in eth and transaction the Venos the zels the cash apps that's what This is base is the best in my opinion It's what coinbase is using so I could Pull up base and see all right I could Use some different tokens like my Ethereum token to buy into it but let's Just do ethereum for now I'll buy Ethereum say I do the max amount if I Want to get $989 of true flation there's Going to be a 1.26% slippage fee okay so this is the Fee that Unis swap takes as a Decentralized exchange all these Exchanges they take their own fee they Take their commission but they at least Tell you here now if I were to buy three E of this say I buy 10 eth of this I buy $30,000 you'll see my transaction fee is

Still 1.87% but I'm now paying about $2,000 in the instances where I've Messed up is where I bought 100 e of a Project and now my slippage is about 7% So it's costing me $20,000 in transaction fees and that's Because the liquidity is low there's not That much volume so it needs to raise The the price of the asset it's going to Start going up if I were to make an Order like this it would raise the price Instantly and my total value of truth Would be lower than what I would put in With the ethereum so this is how you use A decentralized Exchange in order to buy A crypto it's actually pretty easy you Can also in the same way with coinbase Use a limit here uh you can limit it to What the market price is you can do a Little bit above the market price you Can set what cryptos you want to swap I Could also send different cryptos to a Certain address using Unis Swap and you Also buy crypto with this feature here This here looks to be the moonay logo And you could insert your credit card Your debit card your bank account you Could buy crypto directly there so what Is the best way of buying crypto well First of all getting a coinbase account Finding a way for you to onboard your Money first you need to take whatever Fiat you have if it's Australian dollars Korean W US Dollars Mexican pesos

Whatever find a way for you to get it Onto an exchange and the steps are Really simple guys so just connect your Bank account you use something called Pled where you can sign into it uh or You can wire your money in it takes a Few days and you got to make sure all The credentials are right but you just Transfer your cash in and when you do The cash will be loaded onto your Exchange it will show up in this US Dollar from here you can convert the US Dollar into a stable coin really easily So you just press convert to usdc it'll Then be the usdc stable coin now you'll Notice with this US dollar you can Either cash it out back into your bank Account or you convert it to usdc so Move your checking account dollars into US dollar then convert that into usdc And then from here you can also cash it Out back into your bank account you can Swap it into a crypto like true Inflation aerody drone Bitcoin whatever It is this is going to do the basic way This is going to cost you a pretty penny If I do $1,000 worth of it here you're Going to be eating a lot of those Coinbase transaction fees so what you Could do here you could load up usdc so If I were to send any crypto let's do Cosmos as an example going to ask me how Much let's send $143 of it so it's then Going to just ask you for a receipt for

That receipt you can go ahead open up Your coinbase wallet address to do this Just open up the extension open it up on Your phone click on receive and from Here you can do receive from coinbase Transfer from another wallet copy this To the clipboard when I go into the Receipt I will then just paste that Address into it so one thing I do when It comes to sending any crypto Especially if it's over 10 20 $100,000 I Will always send a small test Transaction this is to make sure you Have the right wallet address because There were times where I sent over $30,000 to the wrong wallet address and It happens to me even the best of us it Happened to me a few months ago to some Of the best cryptos that even hit a 5x It was terrible terrible moment so do That if you see the test transaction Show up on your new coinbase wallet it Should take a few minutes sometimes it Takes 10 minutes then you'll know you're Good you can resend another amount and It could be the full amount after that These precautionary steps have helped me Save more money aside from that one Incident and I know it can help save you Guys more money in the case that you add One extra letter or it is the wrong Wallet address for whatever reason now At this point you should have a better Understanding how an external hot wallet

Like the coinbase wallet works too and How you can use a decentralized exchange Like Unis swap in order to buy some of These other assets that aren't available On some of these major exchanges if You're buying a large amount $100,000 or More on a decentralized exchange always Break up your buys for 10 $20,000 Increments now one thing to note is that Anytime you use an external wallet on Unis swap to make a buy all that becomes Public information for someone to see And track your wallet if you're making Buys on coinbase they're using their own Internal order books the model is called Mak or Taker and it's from here that People will not actually be able to Track your wallet so if you buy anything On a DEX people can track it they can See what else other stuff that you might Buy it's not going to matter it's a 99% Of you just because there are so many Transactions happening within crypto but If you are someone who is an influencer A celebrity it's something that you Should also be cautious and aware about All righty guys so now I'd say we're in About part two maybe three quars of the Way into the video here and it's in this Section we're about to go deep when you See these headphones on this means the Value is about to start going through The roof so buckle in one more feature Regarding coinbase that I wanted to

Share with you all here was that Coinbase does these sweep Stakes every Single month and I always assume sweep Stakes there's no chance you're not Going to win and I always ignore the Notification I have coinbase on my phone I always get it and even right now it's Saying take a shot at three Bitcoin There's going to be a hundred winners Ends in six days the thing about these Sweep Stakes is that it's super easy to Qualify for and actually one of our Moderators a few weeks ago went ahead And actually won 25 eth so he won $75,000 by just pressing one click of a Button in making sure that he was Eligible for the sweep steak so in Crypto yes you can make money in a Variety of different ways but this is by Far the easiest way if you're already Using an exchange on the topic of using Exchanges to make money I have an offer Down Below in the description in the Website that you guys can open up to Blof Fin and Mexi blof fin is what we Use within Kaizen in order to get into Leverage trading I'm going to share with You exactly the pros and cons the risks How you could even get started and Whether or not this is right for you one Thing though before signing up with any Exchange there are a few things to look Out for one of them is how well their Security is and whether or not they are

Holding all of their assets looking back At one of the biggest Financial ruins in Crypto FTX was not onetoone backed up They were going ahead using customer Funds and they could not prove that Everything was on the reserve so before Using any exchange do this with blof fin You can go to the bottom of the page Click on proof of reserves you can see Their audit you can open up details you Can copy the data and not only that on This main part of the website you can See that they're holding 130% of the Usdt the stable coin they also have all Their Bitcoin and more than enough Ethereum so do this for any exchange Because there are a lot of these tier 2 Tier three exchanges that come up and You want to make sure that you are using Using more of a reputable one and on top Of that they give you additional money On the trades that you're already going To do sometimes I'll use Mexi if a Certain crypto is not available on one I Think it's always good to have access to Multiple different exchanges but one Issue that you might run into especially If you're trying to use Mexi now is that If you are from the US they're going to Require that you are kyc so if you are Outside of the US you should have no Issues with 90% of these exchanges but In the case that you do live in the US Or somewhere where crypto laws are a lot

More strict you you can use something Called a VPN now you'll find the VPN That I use within the website this here Is going to be surf shark I've been Working with them for four or five years Now it's been a very long time I've surf Shark on all of my devices and anytime I Want to ensure that I have protection From the Internet or I want to put Myself in Korea or whatever country it Is and by the way there are a lot of Benefits to picking up a VPN not only do You enhance your security but also when It comes to crypto you do give yourself A layer of freedom because a lot of the Times like me I'm based out of the US And sometimes I do need to use my VPN in Order to access some of these other Exchanges or platforms and apps to give You one example Bing X didn't have a kyc Protocol but recently it actually popped Up so as you see on your screen it's Stating that right now my IP address is Located in a restricted region and I'm Prohibited from accessing it I can go Ahead and just click this here to apply But I could also just go ahead and turn On my VPN so vpns are super easy Literally just at the click of a button Um I can place myself in argen know Right now it's going to take a little Bit of time for it to connect boom it is Now connected if I go ahead and refresh This Bing X page I am now outside of the

Prohibited region and I can freely use Their exchange now after that I can go Ahead and disconnect from the VPN you Could leave it on but one of the things Is if you try to log back into one of Your social media accounts or your Coinbase account you're going to have to Log back into a lot of these accounts Because it's going to see that you're Logging in from all different parts of The world now with all of that said Though Bing X is restricted it means That you won't be able to trade because They do require mandator kyc and if You're in the US you do not get any Option to be able to even kyc because The US is just off of that list so it's In these situations you want to find Other exchanges there's plenty of Options these days so don't feel like You're limited just make sure that you Go through the proof of reserves and That right there is just going to be one Of the most important things to look out For so with that said these tier 2 Exchanges they all generally work the Same if you get good at using one and You decide to hop into another it's all Very simple so what I personally like to Do is I'll use like my coinbase account I'll drop in all the money into this Account I'll then send it so sending Crypto is really easy just go into send Crypto and I just need to get the

Receiving wallet address which is really Simple too so what I do in this instance Is I just go into my account I'd go into Deposit and if I wanted to transfer usdt Off the ERC Network I have my address Right here I could scan it with my phone Or just copy the link here and then send My crypto into that link now you're Going to notice a few things Futures Spot and per spot is when you're trading Crypto one to one on the market you're Not using any kind of Leverage it is Very simple so if I wanted to go ahead And buy Bitcoin right now I'd put the Amount if I don't want to do the math on Trying to buy $1,000 worth of bitcoin I Could just do total and do $1,000 usdt It's still on the Bitcoin trading pair Here I can make sure I buy 100% of it And then from here I will just press buy Bitcoin confirm and if I had enough USD In this account I'd be good to go now That's the market order a limit is the Same thing as I talked about in the Coinbase section of this video earlier On but if Bitcoin hits a certain price It would trigger that limit for me to Buy in at that great price now here's Where things get interesting we also Have Futures Futures is one way that you Can go ahead and use something called Leverage now leverage can be very risky I need to emphasize that right now Leverage is not meant for everyone if

You have some kind of gambling addiction Personality or you find that you're Really irresponsible at certain times Please be careful with this feature here But as long as you're able to exercise That level of emotional risk and knowing How to properly manage and assess the Amount of power you get when using Leverage you should be good so big thing Here is you get the market bu you get The limit but you'll notice there's two Features right here so you have your Cross and you're isolated so in the World of trading margin accounts allow Investors to leverage their funds to Increase potential profits however you Have your cross margin and your isolated Margin so your cross margin involves Sharing the available balance across all Open positions in a margin account if You ever hear about someone getting Liquidated or you know Bitcoin drops $5,000 and then someone's account just Sells off completely that's what we're Talking about when you're using cross Margin you're sharing the available Balance across all your open positions If you're doing an isolated margin it's Not crossed up it's all isolated just as It sounds and it calculates the margin Level for each position independently Here are the key differences between Cross margin and isolated margin and Guys I have this all on the screen right

Now so you can literally read and follow Along too but cross margin allows you to Have better risk management isolated Margin can lead to a higher risk of Liquidation if a single position exceeds The available balance so cross margining Gives you more flexibility as a Trader Isolated margin gives you more control Over individual positions so with that Said if I was to enter any kind of Leverage position I have no other open Accounts it's not going to be a huge Difference but I just turn on Cross for The sake of this recording here and if I Think that Bitcoin right now will go in On the 5 minute charts right now it Looks like it's consolidating this is Where technical analysis comes into play If you know nothing about ta if you Don't know how to look at moving Averages that's completely fine this is Where there's a ton of resources online Where you can follow along one of them Is my community within Kaizen before you Enter any kind of trade you can always Use paper accounts so this means that You're practicing getting in the Reps Without having to risk your own dollars If you however do want to set yourself Up for Success we have some of the world Leading analyst here we have a thorough Vetting process and what we do is we Actually post the exact time we make the Trade with the leverage amount with the

Targets and the stop loss the stop loss Here is what allows you to assess that Different risk and you can see some of Our analyst calls right here they'll add In their chart analysis let you know Exactly where they think it's going to Go off and you can see their analysis Here where they believe the support Level is going to be and that pretty Much means where Bitcoin is going to hit And bounce up from and right now we have Over seven full-time analysts we also Have some Junior analysts who once they Pass all the checks they're able to Become a senior or a regular analyst Here but if you go ahead and take a look At our win trades see the 200% 300% Gainers even sometimes occasionally and More often than not we even get these Moments here too where people are making Four-digit trades this comes from the Leverage trading so you'll see blof fin Binance bingx so if you find interest in Any of this this is where you can get Additional help now big thing is on the On the right side this is where you Control the amount of Leverage you get So an example is you don't have to use Much leverage you could do 1X you could Do 2x but with something like blof fin You can go up to as high as 150x from Here you could do a market order you Could do a limit you could also do a Trigger and the one thing that's cool

About Leverage is that if you do think a Certain token is going to go down in Price you can go ahead and short so You're able to play both sides of it now The Kaizen Discord analyst it's one Resource I believe you'll make your Money back from the trades that you can Follow along but blof Fin and a lot of These different exchanges also give you A way for you to copy the trade of some Of their highest performing Traders now If I click on copy here you can see There's 7day Roi the amount of total p&l That they have and you can simply just Copy put in an investment put your Multiplier and submit now this comes Down to the whole thing like yeah you Can copy people's homework but I'm Always a proponent of just someone who Believes that if you're able to do at Least somewhat of the work and not copy It fully it's better for you to learn And build that intuition within the Market so that you come back to owning The shovel instead of getting fed the Fish your entire life on Mexi they do Fun things like Futures competition to See who's able to make the most amount Of money they have all these pop-ups Here coming and you'll be able to see The whole criteria for participation This pretty much just gamifies this Whole world of trading using Futures Using leverage but I talked about

Earlier how if you've never done this Before you can go ahead and practice This is where you do something called Demo trading so Mexi allows you to go up To 200x if you're a brand new Noob to The market you've never done anything Like this before I would not recommend You you go start running around with Leverage the price action of the market Does the opposite of what you expected You could run into a lot of trouble now Even Mexi right now has a $1,000 usdt Bonus awaiting uh I have to go ahead and Kyc and complete a variety of different Tasks in order to qualify so a lot of The times when they do advertise yeah You got $1,000 waiting there's more Conditions so definitely be aware of That but generally it is easy for Someone who decides to invest into these Markets because half of this is stuff That you would have done anyways so now At this point you should know every Single way to buy different Cryptocurrencies whether you're using Leverage or not you now know how to use Decentralized exchanges where they'll Give you access to all the cryptos and a Lot of these other tier 2 exchanges in The one that I still use coinbase now I Use all of these different apps it's Very rare where you just download one Exchange and it does everything for you Because some exchanges do certain things

Better and what I've seen happen within The space is with kyc and the SEC Creating all these laws and more Regulations and things a lot of the Times it's better to just create an Account use a new email address protect Yourself sign up for all the two Factor Authentication use that UV key that we Talked about earlier use the Authenticator app with one password or Last pass and if there is further Regulation often times you can get Grandfathered in so that your account is Still in the green this means if they Say all right everyone needs to be kyc If you're from the US and you're unable To kyc you can't do anything as an Example with Mexi they had that happen But I made my account before this Decision was made so I'm still able to Use it freely one big tip that I want to Mention too when you use some of these Different wallets you can go ahead and Press swap right within the wallet but Anytime you use the native swap app You're going to be paying a premium on The price of these swaps all right so What you can do is you can go ahead you Can open up your browser and from your Browser open up Unis Swap and then make The trade from here anytime you swap Within the app natively just with the Click of this button you are going to be Paying a ton of extra fees that you

Don't need to so this is one way that if You're going to be doing aot lot of Trading with a lot of these assets that Are not on some of these tier one or Tier 2 exchanges you're going to be Saving a ton of money there in this Section I think it's one of the most Important please pay attention if you Are listening to me while you are Driving come back and view this section Later but I need you to pay attention Because this can save you hundreds if Not thousands of dollars or just Whatever money that you decided to ever Put into crypto and this is going over All of the scams that exist so let's Start from the top down if I go onto Just any one of my crypto videos boom Let's go to the last one now we do a Pretty good job of clearing out all the Fake comments but you're going to see a Ton of fake comments like this one right Here it says am66 k whatever is going to Shoot through the roof AMS 66k these are All fake comments I have people on my Team right now like filtering this and Making sure we block and report them but Usually they'll just come back they'll Make a fake comment they'll add a whole Bunch of bots to like up the comment and You'll go ahead and probably look this Token up and people will buy it and it Will be a rug pole so if I look it up Right here look there are even some

YouTube videos apparently now a lot of What these scammers are doing these days Is that they are creating fake versions Of you they are creating fake videos From other influencers using AI I don't Know if this is made with using AI okay This is really weird I don't know why my Financial friend cuz I met this guy in Person I don't know why he made this Video this might be an AI generated Account so it says my my financial Friend TV the real account is my Financial friend right here you'll see That a subtle difference this one is my Financial friend 286,000 subscribers 3,000 videos this is my financial friend TV 103,000 subscribers 13 videos it's a Verified account and some of these Videos have you know 22,000 views this Could be AI this maybe he was held at Ransom and they're blackmailing him or Something they're like yo you got to Record this maybe I need to DM this guy And give him the heads up yeah this is a Complete scam guys I would not like I'll Open up the that's as far as I'm going To go oh look my website won't even pull It up deceptive site ahead it is going To scam you so I can't even connect to It that's how bad it is please be Careful so YouTube videos they're going To have these fake scam tokens they Always pop up on my videos for every one Little bug we squash we got 10 more

Roaches that pop up in its place so just Please be careful these YouTube Impersonators are seriously so good I They're right now they're using AI tools They're using my face they're using my Sound from what I'm saying these videos And they're making me talk about these Fake tokens when it's not me so just Know that this is the one verified Channel they're going to hack other Channels that have one to 2 million Subscribers they're going to impersonate Me they're going to try to steal all Your money please be careful the next One is email fishing scams this is where If you have an email address and all of A sudden you're getting emails saying Hey Billy buy this crypto here hey uh Here you know they're going to talk to You they're going to develop that Relationship sometimes they might tell You log in right now with this account To your coinbase you forgot your Password password and you need to put Your password in or your Twitter account Hey it's inactive go ahead and log in These are fishing scams they're going to Look like the real thing and a lot of The times there's scams so please be Careful too okay email fishing scams are Very real one way you can combat this is That you can have your own keyword so Anytime you get a email from an exchange You can put a certain word it can be

Like blueberries 13 and if that word is Not in there then you would know it's an Actual fishing scam out to get your Money all right so a very Str IC scam it Gets a lot of people is usually the ones On Twitter if there is some kind of Pre-launch coming out there's an Announcement or you follow another Influencers Twitter account anytime you Open up that tweet and you want to read Some of the replies you'll see oh here's A pre-sale of my next new token uh they Do this even on my Twitter account but What they do is they block me so I can't Even pull it up on my main one I can't See them and I can't block them but just Be careful anything on Twitter please Please be careful there's one project it Was called friendtech and when they're Actually releasing their own token that Everyone was anticipating there were a Ton of these scammers Down Below in the Comments that were impersonating their Accounts they stole hundreds of Thousands of dollars from other people And I've seen just so many people get Scammed all the time so Twitter thread Reply scams please be brutally careful Another thing is if you join a Discord Group a lot of people impersonate me They will send you a friend request Three different Brian Jungs uh will Message you and say hey what's up and They'll try to get you to connect to

Something and when it comes to crypto if You connect to just the wrong site it Can drain your wallet instantly there is Code where it can literally take all Your transactions at the click of a Button so just be careful of connecting Your wallet to anything that you are not Sure of the next thing you want to be Careful of is crypto influencer pumping Dum scams I talked about this a little Bit earlier on but I need to stress this Out there are people on YouTube on Twitter that have millions of followers They are scammers they have been Scamming for many many years in this Cycle they hope to scam you they will Lure you in with these narratives like Oh gaming is going to be the next new Narrative Buy in it's going to be worth Hundreds of billions of dollars what They do is they buy in on the private Markets they get crazy allocations when They pump these narratives up and they Get you to buy in it's when they'll sell If you're ever hearing about a certain Narrative a project a crypto influencer Just look up their name type in scammer Put that either into YouTube or Twitter And a lot of the times you're going to Be able to find threads of people doing The research and exposing who these People are there's too many of them to Count for I'd say about at least half of This industry is full of people who do

This so please be careful because they Are everywhere and they are out to get You another scam that happens quite Commonly is if you do end up getting a New crypto wallet you're going to see a Ton of these weird transactions Sometimes you're going to be receiving Something where it's like hey you just Earn a th000 ethereum and these are the Scams that come into your wallet and if You do anything if you try to sell the Crypto find a way to sell and you Connect to something else it can drain Your whole wallet address there too so If you find a token that you never Bought so a lot of these tokens here are Legit but there are going to be some That aren't like this this these three Right here they possibly maybe 1% chance They are legit but a lot of the times They aren't and they will rug they will Take everything out of your wallet and I've seen this happen most commonly with Nfts so nfts you'll see like a fake Version of the real nft you'll think it Is legit it'll have you connect your Wallet to something it'll drain you There are two more types of scams we Need to talk about these are crypto Project rug plls and crypto Honeypot Scams Now by definition a rug pull in Crypto it just talks about a scam where A project developer comes in and they Know that the project is not going to go

Anywhere and they've made it in order to Just steal any new investors money Between a rug pole you have a hard rug Pole where they manipulate the token's Price by buying and selling it they make It appear valuable and once theyve Accumulated funds from other investors Like yourself they're going to abandon The project they're going to remove the Liquidity and this leaves invest ERS With a worthless asset I've been in a Rug pool recently a few months ago too It was terrible I lost like $20,000 and The way that you can protect yourself is By making sure that you do proper due Diligence and research on a project and This is where the risk of buying in too Early on some projects you open yourself Up to more vulnerabilities just like This now there's also a soft rug pull Where a developer creates a token they Promote it but instead they just abandon The project and then slowly they drain The funds by selling the token at a Lower price making it just appear as if The project is failing I've seen a ton Of soft rug PS happen within the space It normally will look like a project is Naturally dying off and no one cares About it but if the developer is the one Selling off they're making a huge bag And they don't ever come back they don't Ever make tweets and there's no other Future project development that is what

I consider to be a soft rug pole So to Avoid falling victim to this just make Sure that you can dox or find out who The project developers are if they're Anonymous and they don't want to reveal Anything about thems they can most Definitely be in the works of trying to Rug pull you out of your fun next is a Honey pot just like what you think this Is a very delicious pot of honey they're Going to make a crypto look very good Set up all of these promises with the Intention of just trying to deceive and Steal your crypto now honeypots is a Fraud where the scammer creates a fake Website they create a fake wallet or Some kind of fake smart contract that Looks legit but it isn't the goal of a Honeypot is to just steal your Cryptocurrency maybe steal your personal Information also possibly drain your Wallet too so please be careful when You're operating within the space you're Going to get fishing emails people are Going to be sending you fake rug pole Tokens you could be researching a token That you think looks good but it could Be a Honeypot or a pump and dump or a Rug pole you may follow me on Twitter But then you get a DM from me but it's Actually not me and you're in this Conversation where fake scammer Brian is Telling you oh sign up for this do this And all of a sudden boom question

Everything when it comes to crypto make Sure every link you see is verified and If anyone ever reaches out to you try to Get some kind of confirmation it really Is them let me just take you through my DMs I get messages from projects all the Time but one of the most common messages That I get is that people are Impersonating me on all different Platforms someone asked me did I open a Ticket on their Discord someone asked me If we're chatting on telegram I get so Many of these messages and a lot of the Times when I do open them up and reply To tell them no then what they do is They try to pitch me again about their Project and they want me to learn more About it so I don't even do this this is My public declaration right here if you Ever get a DM from me there's a good Chance that it is an impersonator just Make sure you verify my actual account And that it is coming from the real one All right so at this point you should Either feel really confident really good Or slightly overwhelmed with the amount Of information that you've learned today But let me make sure that you guys are All caught up let's break down Everything so that you at least know the Key fundamentals that you can take away Today so the best way in getting started Knowing all the things that we've talked About so far here's what it is first

Continue to educate yourself as much as You can about these markets it is from Here where you're going to have that Base Foundation but you want to continue Expanding upon it anytime you're on Twitter you're following these accounts You hear terminology like DCA or fomo And you still don't really understand or There may be more technical terms and Different narrative acronyms that you Never heard about this is where you want To continue your research look it up on Google Now in this section of the video We're going to cover everything Regarding the more advanced stuff when It comes to crypto this isn't fully Necess AR but it's definitely good to Know so that you have an awareness and Understanding of how this different type Of the market Works starting with nfts So nft stand for non-fungible tokens and These represent ownership for a unique Item or piece of content using Blockchain technology think of nfts as a Digital certificate I got started within The markets with the first group of nfts These were called NBA top shots the Bubble on that market popped really fast Meaning that everything I was buying Like a LeBron James a Steph Curry card I'd wake up the next day um I'd buy it For $100 it'd be worth $5,000 like it Was enormous it was in crazy crazy time During the pandemic but literally a day

After that the bubble burst it popped All the prices of it went down and I Actually lost money than all the money I Could have made so this is an example Too whenever there's a new emerging Market like this that nobody knows about And you're really early on you get first Movers Advantage but if you are not Targeted with that and you're in the Wrong industry just by a hair you could Still lose out on a ton of potential Gain so if I had actually put a lot of My money instead of NBA top shots but Then did something like board Apes cyber Punks any kind of nft collection from Back in the day I would have seen a much Higher return but everything's hindsight It's okay because I learned my lesson Just know that nfts are not like Cryptocurrencies it's more similar to The fact that if I'm on eBay and I buy a Pair of shoes and then I want to go Ahead and sell those pair of shoes nfts You need to find a buyer and you use Different platforms like openc or RAR Where you buy an nft a limited Collection you list it on there for Whatever price and then if someone buys It from you that's where you can make That profit now nfts in the first season Were really popular for player profile Picks now we've seen different nfts have Other kind of use case where if you have A certain nft a picture of a monkey or

Something you can then use that to have Access to certain group chats or certain Events I know even Coachella they did Something with nfts where you could have Access to buying special kind of merch Or opening up some kind of key to a Chest now in terms of making as much Money as you can you can make a lot of Money with nfts in a crypto Bull Run Nfts will also take off but we've seen Even in the last bar Market nfts they All go down in value I thought board Apes would hold their value I put $300,000 of my own money into a picture Of a monkey at one point it was worth Over 400 Grand but during the worst of The bare Market I've seen the price of These boor Apes these monkeys they went Down to even under $50,000 so yes with Nfts you can make a lot of money but Just as you can make a lot you can also Lose a lot too I find that it's similar To if you're collecting Pokemon cards in Real life and you're finding that rare Shiny Charizard card and you're making a Ton of money you get lucky off of a Reveal you have instances like that but Make sure that you properly educate Yourself here within the space this Video here is not going to go into the Full in-depth premise of nfts at all but Just know that yes there's going to be a Lot of opportunities and I think one of Them is going to be base nfts I've

Already exposed myself to a variety of Different plays I've already made about 30 to $50,000 from the base punks Release and I know if I can do it you Guys can do it too now what we also see Happen within crypto which is really Nice this is when you can get free money By holding certain cryptos or certain Nfts and this is getting an airdrop so Similar to literally what it sounds like If you're ever playing Call of Duty and You get a five kill streak you get the Cargo coming down and you get your Loadout class that's like an airdrop in Crypto you can get random amounts of Tokens placed into your wallet and I Know even as a nft holder I got aird Dropped a whole bunch of random nfts Some of them worth a couple hundred some Of them worth a couple thousand during The peak of the last market and going Back to even my wallet on your screen Just because I'm holding a few other Tokens I'm getting aor dropped all these Random tokens into my account now They're not worth much but it is free Money and if one of these end up taking Off it could be worth 10 20 30 maybe $100 or more last thing yield farming This was huge within the whole defi Summer of crypto this is where you can Buy a certain crypto and you can lend it Out to others or you could stake it and Earn additional yield and it's where you

Stake your crypto you give liquidity for The lending to all happen and you risk Your crypto in the case that things end Up not doing so well it ends up shutting Down there's not enough volume but You're able to earn insane amounts of Interest by doing that this interest is The apy we've seen the bubble on yield Farming pop a lot if you see that you Can earn 1,000% apy on a certain random Crypto a lot of the times the caveat Here is that that crypto starts tanking In price but it'll say you can get 2,000% apy so some of these other Project developers will try to bait a Lot of these newer investors like Yourselves in by saying okay you can Earn 3,000 2,000% interest apy on this Token just buy it here at this current Price and it just keeps going down down Down down there are times where I've Seen yield farming make hundreds of Thousands of dollars for other people But it's usually those people who have Already lost a lot of money in the first Place they've been in the space for many Cycles and it's not something I would Recommend anyone who's new to the market To really invest their time into now one Way of still earning interest though on Your crypto is getting into something Called staking you could do this with Nearly any crypto the easiest way is if You're using something like coinbase and

I go into earn and it tells you I can Earn 14% if I stake my atom and then if I unstake it it'll take sometimes a few Days this one's 25 days and that's how Easy it is another way though if you Wanted to earn interest we talked about Aerody drone but I could go ahead I can Connect my wallet that has aerody Drome In it go into liquidity and actually use My aerody Drome to earn even more APR Now in doing this I am lending out my Aerodrome to someone else but I'm able To earn that interest this has actually Been working really well for our members But when you start doing this there's a Principle called impermanent loss that You have to be worry about so Impermanent loss is a temporary loss of Value that occurs when the price of Crypto assets in a liquidity pool Changes relative to each other so if you Deposit your aerody Drome say at $1 if That token Rises or Falls in price you Can incur an impermanent loss because It's actually getting used at a time When the price of that token goes up or Down 90% of you are not going to have to Worry about that but it is something That you want to look into if you ever Do decide to stake your crypto to earn Additional interest this stuff is more Of that defi stuff you don't necessarily Have to do it uh but if you are getting Into crypto you really want to maximize

Every dollar you know you're going to be Holding it for a while it's one way that You can capitalize on earning even more Interest is especially in a market where It seems like things are going sideways The next thing we got to talk about is Taxes now crypto taxes in the US they're Rather complicated and the IRS treats Cryptocurrencies as property for tax Purposes so if you live in the USA Here's the taxable events that happen in Crypto if you sell your crypto or Exchange it even for Fiat you create a Taxable event if you pay for goods or Services using crypto taxable event if You exchange one crypto for another Crypto where you're literally just Swapping something you could be swapping It from USD DC to usdt technically that Is a taxable event if you receive any Airdrop cryptos taxable event if you get Staking crypto rewards that's all taxed And if you even breathe or decide to Blink your eye while being a crypto Investor yeah you're getting taxed right There now here's the thing the Government does not like the fact that Crypto is very difficult to track and It's why the next time you file your tax Return you're going to see right at the Top of it did you trade any crypto they Are trying to hunker down and figure out Who made this much money from crypto They're trying to go back on the books

And if you made $10 million from your All coins and you never pay taxes or Reported it they're trying to go out and Find these people and make an example And then collect Uncle Sam's money the Easiest way if you want to abide by the Rules and the laws you can download Something called coin le coin Le is one Of the best crypto Tax Services right Now it'll generate a report for you in Under 20 minutes and they just make Everything easy so back in the day if You're in crypto like even 5 to 10 years Ago a lot of these Services didn't exist And you would have to give to your poor Accountant a lot of accountants probably Had many sleepless nights because of the Crypto markets but you'd have to give Them all these transactions all these Different wallets and if you are ever Staking or using liquidity pools or Earning air drops like that's a Completely different world so a lot of This was made complicated because there Were never any rules in place but it Looks like the IRS is trying to get even More strict on the way crypto taxes were Being reported but you can make Everything easy I don't want any of you Guys to ever get in trouble in the case That you do get audited so a resource is Something like coin Le there's been There been a ton of different crypto tax Softwares that I've used in the past I

Think this one here is the best and it Just makes things simple you can easily Import your trades and you also want to Keep in mind too that anytime you pay a Transaction fee a gas fee a lot of that Is tax deductible too so make sure that That in the same way that you're paying A lot of money in taxes that you're able To recapture all the expenses and Deductions that you deserve now you're Not going to have to worry about this in The middle of the Year this is something That you're going to want to think about Later down the road but you can go ahead And at least just create your account Now so that set up for the future time Ahead all right so we covered a lot but There's still a few more things that I Need to share with you to help give you The best Edge in the market one of them Is knowing which apps to even download On your phone when investing into crypto You can't imagine that everyone is just Strapped in front of their laptop Knowing every single crypto at all times A lot of the times you want to make sure That you set up this device here your Phone that you carry on with you with The right apps building out the right Watch list having the right price action Notification so that you don't miss a Beat so for every app that we've talked About every exchange you can go ahead And download it on your iPhone if you

Use Android you can also have it there Too and you'll notice I have a finance Folder I have a lot of the traditional Finance apps like my AMX account my Chase account my cash app but you'll see A mix of different coinbase accounts Coin gecko coin market cap coinstats Crypto.com and this here is really Important so one way that I've set my Phone up as you can see on your screen I Have a widget from coinbase with four or Five of the top holding assets that are In my portfolio this way I can just Swipe on my phone once and I could take A look at those cryptos see how they're Doing at any time underneath that I have My VPN so I can connect at any time too And obviously you got to have that Bible Verse Bible app best one yet now from Here on my main page I have my Google Calendar but I also have the price Action of Bitcoin this way anytime I Open up my phone I could see where Bitcoin is at and from here let me share With you just a few of the most Important apps that I still use on my Phone so one of them is going to be coin Stats so coin stats is great because You're going to have a whole bunch of Different exchanges five different Wallet accounts your cold storage Hardware wallet all this stuff you can Connect it all in one app that's what Coin stats is meant for otherwise you

Can use something like coin market cap And manually add it there but this is a Lot easier you can link it through API Key so that they don't have full access To your account and you could also just Log into your account using coin stats I've had no issue doing that there but If you want to be the most secure as Possible API key you can do that with All the other exchanges just so that you Allow for it to have only the permission Of viewing your portfolio now I Partnered up with coin stats many many Years ago if you download the app you're Going to see like Brian Jung stating This quote personally maybe they did ask Me to do that when I saw that again Recently I was like oh cool I'm there to So don't get alarmed if you see my face There it is a great app you can set push Notifications you can set up price Limits you could view different nft Price alerts you could see volume market Cap changes but most importantly you can See your entire crypto Holdings you Could separate it by your different Accounts and overall it's just such a Great app coin stats is the one I Recommend but if you don't want to have To pay for anything you can just go Ahead and use coin market cap their app Here is still fantastic I can build out My portfolio manually you have the news Section and I could search up any crypto

Here and build out my own watch list so You'll see I have the regular coins I Have my watch list you have Brian's Watch list I have the kaisen watch list My AI watch list and from here you can Share this with your community your own Group of friends and and if a certain Project is hitting price alert you can Do it by percentage so it lets me know If it increases 10% you can get alerted By price I have different price alerts Set on different projects across Multiple accounts so if as an example Aerody Drome starts going up 20 50% a Day I'll know about it very quick and That way I can position myself in order To sell or see what further news and Catalyst is coming up okay you can do This entire same thing with different Exchanges you can also do it with deck Screener you could set up your own watch List here set up alerts and it's just so Important that you guys take the time to Do this on your phone and set it up now The most important app though out of Everything it's going to be the one Password app security is key and from There you should be good now a few other Things that you can do to really step up Your game when it comes to crypto number One it's always Community I have talked About this now a couple of times and It's because it's so important surround Yourself with the right people if you

Find that you're surrounding yourself With people who are just making Countless of terrible mistakes they're Not doing the research they're just Asking you questions Non-Stop about the Market they're not putting in the work To learn the things that they should be They're not watching videos like this so Guys by the way you could send this Video to them to have them get caught up On everything that you know that we've At least covered today but if they're Not bringing you up if iron is not Sharpening iron go ahead and try and Find a new community where I see the Highest Roi within crypto is making sure That you just find yourself a group that You feel supported with with people who Are able to help bring you up that you Can chat with connect with whether it's Locally whether it's a friend group Whether it's a local crypto Meetup Group Whatever it is that right there is Pivotal to have you succeed in the Markets and that's why I see a lot of People make Twitter accounts they Connect with others they share their Thoughts they share some of the projects They're looking at and every single one Of you watching this video regardless of What occupation you're in what Limitations you think you might have Just make an anonymous account and no One has to know it's you a lot of crypto

They stay Anonymous but this is one way That you can still connect with others Get into grp groups and pick up on what We call Alpha which is just good Information coming from the crypto space Without the right Community you can set Yourself up for failure so please take This seriously now something else that You can do to support yourself is being A part of real life events in crypto There are a ton of events all around the World you have the Bitcoin conference You have things going on in Dubai all The time I know even in Korea there was A whole bunch of different Summits and Conferences and it's where you can meet Project developers you can meet other Investors and you can just collaborate Mastermind more within the space so Bitcoin conference I used to go there a Lot of the times now you know I'd rather Build than to network and connect that's What I think the internet is made for But every time I have gone out I've been Able to see apps meet other creators Meet other project developers in person And it's always had higher positive Roi Now if you aren't sure about a Conference one thing that you'll have Access to if you do join our community Is the kaisen conference this is Something we are currently working on I Expect this conference here to cost the Company upwards of at $500,000 that

We're going to spend in in order to make This one of the highest value providing Conferences to exist within this space So if you guys aren't like on that weird End of crypto you know you're all Because there is a weird side of crypto I trust me I know it there is a very Weird side where I'm like is this really The crypto Market if you're levelheaded If you don't have a massive ego and You're really in it to learn this is Going to be a great resource I do expect Tickets to sell out we are still in the Planning stages so there is going to be A ton of time for you to prepare on What's to come ahead but I'm going to Just drop that there now we covered a Lot but but the focus when it comes to Crypto is simply just helping you get Into the right projects early on so that You can make the most amount of money Out of everything we've talked about What you should realize is that there is A lot of different ways that you can Actually make money in these markets Personally for me you should know I like Spending time just researching learning More about projects buying in holding it And waiting for the price of it to go up And then just selling at a time where I Make my exit price Target now on the Other hand my community my analyst they Love using leverage it def definely Scratches that little dopamine itch a

Bit more within that brand and if you Have time for it and you wouldn't rather Want to wait days or weeks or even Months to be able to see that huge Return on investment this is one area That you can look more into using those Exchanges that we talked about like blof And Mexi or more now there was a period Of time where I was crushing with nfts I Was waking up to $50,000 in gains and more during the Peak of the bull run and I was truly Having just so much fun within that Space as well so just figure out what You really want to get into don't be a Jack of all trades a master of none Focus on getting good at one thing then Move yourself into different categories One thing is you also will never know What you really like unless you dip your Toes in there so if you ever told Yourself oh I can't get into nfts it's Too difficult it's too hard it really is Not if you told yourself oh I can't do Leverage trading because it's so Difficult so hard I don't understand the Definition try copy trading try demo Trading try paper trading at first and You might see that you can make money a Lot easier than you would have expected Above all it comes down to sharpening The sword building the market Edge and The best way that you can do this Regardless of whatever method you decide

To go for in making money in crypto it Comes down to truly just understanding Where we are in the market cycle and What narratives are still coming up so It's in this section of the video here I'm going to be talking about what I Believe are the best narratives I'm Going to be ranking it from s tier down To F tier and this here at least for the Time of filming this video is what I Expect to play out as time goes on So Within the S tier I have first the bass Narrative if you have been following me On my channel you know I've been talking About this for a very long time but I Believe bass is the apple of crypto Apple has the iPhone the iPad the Mac They got all the devices they control The ecosystem at one point I even Thought they were going to make cars I Really did well the entire base Narrative focuses on the fact that one They are empowered and funded by Coinbase coinbase is what is currently Used by a majority of people it is the Top exchange at the moment it's what Most people feel comfortable with Onboarding their Fiat into the crypto Markets using their coinbase exchange Their Advance their leverage their Futures now they have the coinbase smart Wallet and they're diversifying their Product set really controlling all the Different aspects of what a retail

Investor would go through now I believe Bas is the chain of 2024 you're going to See optimism and a ton of other just Different layer twos I believe Bas is Going to be the most important one it's Going to be the most used they are so Successful they are onboarding more and More people and when you do use the Coinbase app which Millions tens upon Millions of people are using the first Network that pops up is going to be the Base Network coinbase's wallet is better They've created something called the Smart wallet it is incredible and not Only that but coinbase is in this for The long-term run if this is the first Time you're seeing it you can go ahead On coinbase's blog and read upon the Coinbase secret master plan this was a Blog published by the CEO of coinbase Brian Armstrong back in 2016 where they Talk about the four four phases of what They want to accomplish Now coinbase's Goal is to on board over a billion People currently they serve over 108 Million verified users and they have Access to over a hundred billion dollar Worth of assets within their own Ecosystem now eventually when they do Get to phase four coinbase wants to step Into the world of loans mortgages Venture capitalist investing into stocks Traditional Finance markets identities Authentication credit scores credit

Reports remittance of being able to send Money to others even more efficiently And even things like merchant processing Which they have already been building up Over the last several years out of Everything happening in crypto the one Thing that sketches many people within Traditional Finance is that it is too Decentralized it is too much like the Wild Wild West and there needs to be a Middle ground between centralization Security having a point of authority and That right there represents coinbase Well they have all the funds the Infrastructure they've been crushing it In terms of managing regulation and the Overstepping of boundaries that comes From the SEC and I believe 2024 and Beyond the base narrative is going to be The largest narrative it's going to be The most potential and if you're able to Get in early which I still think we are In the early days you're going to be Able to make a good amount of money so How do you get exposure well one Aerodrome that's why I've talked about It so much there's no reason we don't See A5 or $10 aerody drum this cycle as Long as Bitcoin is able to continue Rallying and even hit at some point $120 To $150,000 for the price action if you did Miss out on Arrow if you think it's went Up way too much there is another project

It is called seamless seamless is the First Native decentralized lending and Borrowing protocol on the base Network It actually turns out they were the First base native token ever listed on Coinbase it came out back in December of 20123 there's a great team behind this Project they're all Builders there's no Worry about VC pumps and this one still Has not had that AOL level massive pump Yet I believe this is a solid base play I believe it's been flying under the Radar it's been out since December token Unlocks all look good to me it is Literally listed on coinbase where Everyone's going to have access to it And as more and more people get into Things like the coinbase smart wallet They're going to look for other ways to Lend and borrow on the Bas Network and I Believe seamless is lining itself up to Be a massive player within the space at The time of filming this video they are Sitting at $5.9 recently in the last month or so we Did see it rally up to even $7 and There's no reason why seamless shouldn't Be at $10 to $15 they were approaching That when they first came out as a Project and they just still have not Been discovered by mainstream retail now Within the S tier narratives the only Other one that I have here is the rwa Narrative or real world assets by

Definition real world assets are to make Ownership flexible and to democratize Access to certain kinds of investment Opportunities while facilitating Efficient transactions in the long run The reason why real world assets is what I believe has massive potential even Outside of the finer crypto markets is Because Larry fin of Black Rock he's Been working towards tokenizing all These assets also known as real world Assets also known as the entire real World asset narrative and the total Market cap for tokenized rwas is Expected to reach $10 trillion by 2030 Right now the crypto rwa space it's Valued at under $9 billion so if it's Able to hit that expected market cap it Is massive potential for where we're at Now so to capture just 10 to 20% of Those 10 trillion would 102 200x the Entire sector now there's a ton of plays That you can gain exposure to literally Some of these projects are working side By side with the government right now The US government in order to legitimize A lot of these assets they're also Working with black rock and some of These bigger financial institutions this Includes Ando and centrifuge I do Believe the market cap is a bit large on Ando and centrifuge too they raised a Bit of money their token unlocks it's Okay it's not the greatest but two other

Projects one that I have very high Conviction in the other one a bit more Mid conviction But still it's up there is true flation And true fi this video I'm not going to Go full into details on it I've talked About plenty of times on my channel so Far there has not been a massive pump at Least at the time of me filming this Video but I do believe when the market Conditions resume Bitcoin goes back up We are going to see huge growth Within These two plays TRL is not available on Coinbase but truei on the other hand is Available at the time of filming this Video true fight is sitting at 12 cents True flation is sitting at 50 cents Underneath the S tier we have a tier Starting with doo doo is decentralized Social media I see huge potential in This especially when we still have Conversations about Tik Tok getting Banned not coming to a solution and in The chance that Tik Tok does get banned This is where these decentralized social Media apps are going to have a huge role Now even in the first leg of 2024 during The initial pump that we've seen with Bitcoin we've seen other decentralized Social media plays doing extremely well Warp cast also known as farcaster they Literally have an app that you can Download on the App Store and this is Like crypto Twitter except it's not on

Twitter it's not on X whatever you want To call it it's on warcast this here is Empowered by the dgen token dgen is Considered to be a meme token but it Actually has utility in being able to Provide value to some of these other Social media projects that run within The base ecosystem of what we talked About earlier now djen has already made Myself well was like $400,000 we made in A single night but it also made the Entire Kaizen group millions of dollars In Combined gains it was an amazing play Right there I do still see potential and That's why I didn't sell off my entire Position and my entire bag but we did See that crypto do a four to 5x within a Very short period of time and when the Bull Run continues I believe it's going To take off even further so dgen Foraster that's one play you have FR Tech friend I'm a user of friend Tech I Do wish there were a few things that They did better but for now if this is All that we got I still see these as Viable plays especially at the time of Where their pric is at so djen at the Time of filming this video sitting at 1 Cent we actually were able to sell right Under 6 cents here which really we Couldn't have timed that one any better But I do still see the longevity of this Play doing well next we have friend Tech Also known as the friend token sitting

At a $1.78 a lot of the airdrops that They had most of the aird drops now have Completely sold off this project I still Think has potential as long as the Market is able to pick up but one of the Bigger decentralized social media plays Is literally called decentralized social I have no exposure in this I do see Potential here as well they're sitting At $199 it looks to me on the charts like This would be a decent buy just a few Months back in January when the markets Were first just starting to pick up this Was one of the first cryptocurrencies That initially took off within that First wave Doo is another viable play But they are coming out with another Cryptocurrency called focus it is not Out right now the tokenomics looked very Fair they had great funding they raised It from the community off their initial Launch and the unlock period like I said It's so healthy on that one so when Focus does come out which should be June To July of 2024 that's going to be Another position that I'm going to keep An eye out on so like I said much Earlier on in the beginning of this Video there are some projects that have Not yet dropped if you're able to do the Right research and pay attention you're Going to be able to catch these Trends Much earlier on like the ones that we're

Talking about here now another a tier Narrative play is going to be the AI Narrative this here is what sticks with Retail the easiest we saw chat gbt doing Well we saw real AI projects building But you just got to be careful there's Going to be a lot of influencer pump and Dumps with random AI projects and There's going to be a lot of new AI Projects that are just going to throw in The word AI into their project name and A lot of them can end up being honeypots Like literally just scams that scammers Are creating AI has potential it has Huge use case and even in crypto I do Still see the viability of it one play That I gained more exposure for AI into Was render I saw the potential on this Much earlier on we were able to buy in I Believe $3 range we sold somewhere along The way of maybe between1 to that $13 Peak right now it is peaking once again Sitting at $10 the one downside is the Market cap is high the market cap Sitting at $4 billion do I believe for To continue making those massive massive Gains it's going to take a lot more Money going into Bitcoin and then Ethereum and then the flow of some of These altcoins like render if you do Want to play AI there are a ton of other Projects that still have not yet Released at the time of me filming this Video so just be on the lookout for some

Of the ones that are more hyped are more Anticipated this requires a little bit Of research but if you are within any One of my community channels you'll also Know and hear about them so that was the A tier in the B tier we have meme coins Meme coins you can make serious amount Of money but you are playing against People who buy in really early who will Dump on others it is a big pyramid with These meme coins you're going up against Project developers and even if it is Fair launch those project developers can Just buy in as soon as the project is Released so meme coins there is a level Of risk every meme coin will go down Down in the middle of a bare Market okay Yes they can go up 3 four 5 600% in a Single day but you just cannot get Greedy they will all come crumbling down So what I like to do is just use meme Coins simply as a vehicle in order to Make very quick trades and build up the Ammo that I can then use to buy into Some of these higher conviction utility Plays but meme coins they're great you Don't want to look into like the next Shibu the next Dogecoin yes those exist That's why I bought into dog with hat Way way earlier on and we were able to Make a 5 to 6x within the first part of This cycle I ended up selling out of That I wanted to put that into the next Utility play that which then did another

5 to 6X and this is where you continue To roll a bit of those profits to start Making more exponential gains later on This video I will go over how I was able To turn less than $100,000 into multiple Millions in the first part of this bull Run so far it's crazy when I say it out Loud it really is but I'll share with You just some of those cryptos there Because the coinbase performance history Will at least give you guys the Credibility but I have more than 5,000 People right now within my own community That have seen all these trades getting Made live so the evidence is also all Over the internet from different people All across the world but going back into The different narratives to be on the Lookout for meme coins potential yes you Have Salon meme coins they will still be Around because Salon of meme coins are Extremely easy to make there was random Times you had dog meme coins cat meme Coins you had racist meme coins I mean The things that we see in crypto it's Just really wild there are some meme Coins I've seen I don't even want to Talk about right here but where I have Also seen more success was the Bas Narrative meme coins and whatever next Layer that we see popping up I think Base meme coins can continue to do well I still think we're very early within That narrative just getting a gauge on

Where the broader Market is headed so Right there that is something you can Look more into even our intern that Worked with us for the last four or five Months he bought into something like Brett which I don't recommend at all I Actually don't like the project in any Way but he bought in early enough he Still did a 5x for the first time he Ever got into crypto so I've seen it Happ happen with people who are Literally high school students making Really good money that they never would Have expected before but just keep in Mind with all these meme coins you will Have to sell at some point otherwise it Will come down and you do not ever want To lose more money within that specific Part of the market next is gambling Cryptos this is like your Stakes your Shuffles where a lot of these companies Are creating these gambling websites you Can make a lot of money from crypto Gambling casinos just use your VPN hop In there you transfer your crypto your Ethereum your Bitcoin whatever and you Can start playing poker Blackjack Whatever your cup of tea is as a Christian you know I got to be careful About a lot of that you know the Temptation and all that stuff but as an Investor I can't Overlook the Opportunities that I see happening Within the space it's not s tier by any

Means but I do believe some of these Gambling projects early on if they do End up taking off and they have good Fair tokenomics they are able to make a Profit it is one of the few industry Categories where it is legitimately Making money for the project from there We have defi nfts it is in the B tier There will be another massive Resurgence With the nfts I do think board Apes will Make a comeback a lot of people are Salty about even me I got a little bit Of that I've lost hundreds of thousands Of dollars but at some point in the Market I do think they will recover and To close out the Beats here I do believe Salon coins there will be an opportunity It's not something that I enjoy playing At all I do believe more in Bas and I'm Pretty much just all in on base at this Point but I also don't want to overlook The opportunity that we're going to Definitely see happen within salon would It be bigger than base or some of the Other stier narratives we talked about Probably not but in any case something You could also be aware about your C Tier these are going to be your brc2 Plays your Bitcoin ordinal plays and Similar to how ethereum was used as Electricity people are claiming you know Bitcoin it is the number one Cryptocurrency and it could be used for More use case it could appeal to another

Audience I understand that but I am Personally not that bullish on anything BRC or Bitcoin related last tier the F Tier gaming this is simply for the fact That you have all of these Shilling Pumping dumpers and these kol scam Influencers who are doing everything They can to bring up gaming but gaming Is the one thing that I'm so most Bearish on there are so many good AAA Games out here the amount of work it Takes for any company to build a Successful game and when you're Competing against Giants who already Have a big fan base League of Legends Apex Legends Minecraft Call of Duty war Zone maybe there might be one or two Games that get a little bit of hype but Just like what we've seen with Among Us Or some of the other games that that Come and go I don't think there's a Chance I believe gaming is going to be The worst narrative that we could get Into now does that mean you won't make Any money at all no I'm sure that when The bull market takes off everything's Going to go up everyone will look like a Genius but this is one I'd be so careful About because gaming is one of those Industries they're spending absurd Amounts of money trying to build and Develop all these things out to maybe Hope that people are going to buy into Their ecosystem and become full-time

Users of that particular game I'm Definitely more bearish on it especially Knowing what I know regarding the whole Crypto space and the people involved Within that particular Niche now there Could always be one game that pops off There could be a gaming infrastructure Project that still rides the way with The entire crypto bll run but in terms Of the risk verse reward I think that Your dollar could go a lot further with Some of the S tier or a tier narratives That we mentioned here so that right There should give you a better idea of The narratives from there you can do a Follow up on okay what Base projects are Good what real world asset projects are Coming up what are in the development That got funded that have good backing That have good tokenomics it's from here You should now have all the tools in Order to spot some of these gems now to Give you guys a bit of motivation yes Earlier this year if I look at the All-time charts my portfolio with the Deposits and all that I had it was at Under $100,000 I put in I think 50 maybe 75 Grand additional into the markets but at The lowest of this bare run it was Sitting at $99,000 this amount fluctuates based on How much I actually hold within my Balance if you guys have a coinbase

Account you'll know that but most Importantly I stopped putting any Additional cash into this account we Stopped at about this point here I Swapped my Bitcoin did everything and at The peak we're hitting about $2 million With just this exchange and I about Three other accounts that were doing Extremely well so in the matter of just About a few months I was able to make a Couple million on some days I was Cashing out like my dgen trade $300 to $400,000 and if I even pull up just a Few of these cryptos you'll see the Performance propy we made 92,000 And RAR bble which still has another Shot of doing extremely well this bull Run it says I'm down 100 Grand but we Actually up a decent amount too another Example is what we talked about earlier Render we're able to pretty much double Our money on this trade make about $50,000 and it's still going up now out Of all of them one of our best trades Has been aerody Drome we are still up About $800,000 on this trade and at one Point we're up about 1.3 million for me Putting in about $120,000 which was all That I had in Bitcoin that I swapped Into Aerodrome which ended up turning Into the 1.5 1.6 million worth now all This is to just show you real life Examples of the fact that I'm buying on Coinbase as a regular retail investor

That you guys all have access to a lot Of the times you'll see influencers who Will need to buy only in the private Markets they'll need to leverage their Connections that they have but even with Aerodrome I knew no one from that team We heard about it we did the research The conviction was there we bought in And that right there is just an example Of how we were able to succeed Within These markets so ladies and gents I am Convinced that you guys could all do the Same this next Bull Run yes it's going To be a bit more challenging it's not Going to be complete easy mode that We've seen happen for the last two three Cycles but I believe that if you really Put in the work you surround yourself With the right Community you continue to Educate yourself you will set yourself Up for Success I've been making videos On YouTube for a while we've covered Many different types of businesses you Know making a Drop Shipping Store Starting an agency getting into Affiliate marketing churning credit Cards doing this and that but nothing Comes close to the amount of money that You can make from crypto with the least Amount of work so when the crypto Markets pick up at some point it will Things will feel crazy please be sure to Manage your greed and just know that the Markets will at some point come down my

Prediction is that Bitcoin will go up as High as 100 20 12 125,000 it could Definitely do more but it is within that Range where right now it'd be a 2X from This price point where I'd feel Comfortable than dollar cost averaging Out of the market you don't have to sell Everything all at once you could average It out because there is going to be a Very low chance that all of you are able To time the market and sell everything Right at the peak now our server is a Premium server we've had our weit list Fill up to over a thousand people at one Point I'm going to do something Incredibly special for you guys at least In this video I've never done in any Other videos and I've created a new Offer for just $1 a day you can join my Membership group you're not going to Have full access to my loom videos my Live streams all our analyst trades and Everything but you'll at least have Access to several channels to see what's Happening and most importantly all the Mods that are in my main server are Going to be able to help you out and Walk you through the markets within this Community here so for a dollar a day You're going to still join Kaizen but You're going to get limited to the Private Discord Community chat think of This as the light version of your Favorite app if you don't want to commit

All the way to you know getting into Crypto all the way there are still Things you need to learn you can still Have access to a good community that I've been emphasizing throughout this Video I think for at a dollar a day too You're really not risking much if you Want to skip all that we do also have The regular Community available now we Removed the weight list at least at the Time of when I'm filming this video it Will turn back on when the bull market Starts peeking up and we're getting a Ton of members coming back in and this Is solely so that we can reduce the Amount of new members coming in making Sure you are all taken care of tickets Are getting answered questions are Getting answered because when the bull Market picks up we get thousands of People trying to join all at once and The server ends up completely changing So with everything I mentioned in this Video from the report cards to all the Tools to the links to the U Keys the the Exchanges we have it all linked Down Below in the description of this video Also go ahead and pin a comment with the Kaisen link to the $1 offer and so that You can open up the web page to have Access to all those additional tools and To Brian j.co toolkits which is going to Give you all the access to everything That I mentioned if you guys found any

Value in this video I hope at this point Y'all did find one piece of value or Something new please do me a favor drop A like down below subscribe to this Channel send this video to someone that You also want to win in the crypto the Bull market with you now here's one more Truth I want to leave you guys with and That is when the bull market comes at Some point your crypto money your real Money is not going to feel like real Money don't forget about this even for Me like I still hesitate on whether or Not I should get guac on my Chipotle or If I should be buying this or that but When it comes to crypto I'll buy a $20,000 nft at the blink of an eye or I'll put1 $300,000 into a crypto project At some point there is a disillusion That comes with the fact that it's Crypto It's All Digital money that you See on your screen it doesn't feel like Real life you're going to be littered With all those threads of 14-year-old Millionaires on your Twitter feed just Remember this is serious stuff this is Real money you can change your life as I've changed mine but above all Regardless think long term for me as a Christian I know that God wants his People to prosper and do well but this Still requires a level of discipline it Requires that you're doing things with The right intention I don't know where

You guys are in your journey with your Own walk with God but I'll tell you this I've gone through the last Crypt Bull Run I got the lambo in 2021 I got Multiple cars I've done this I've done That I've made a lot of money I've lost A lot of money I've made more money in Crypto and as great as things have been Nothing came close to the relationship That I have with God and the presence That he has in my life and alongside That my journey of making money into Crypto got a whole lot better when I did It with the right people so if you Happen to become one of the Chosen Few Who makes millions from this bull run From at least watching today's video Here just keep in mind materialistic Possessions they are illusions of the World try to use your wealth for Something that's going to continue to Help bringing you more fruit so whether It's real estate or getting into a Business or paying down debt or being Able to invest into proper education or Something I believe there's going to be A lot of people if you've watched this Part if you're watching if you're Hearing me right now at this point You've gone through all that you're set Up to now be on this timeline of being Able to make more wealth than you had Access to before so just do good with The money that I know you guys will make

And make sure that you're operating Within a mindset of Peace when you're Operating out of fear scarcity and you Know you're running out of opportunities And you want to make more money a lot of The times the best decisions don't come From there so manage your emotions keep Yourself in check because when the Allcoin season really arises it goes Crazy it's like ADHD every single day Cranked up times 100 there's going to be Moments where you're not even sleeping Much because you're going to be getting All that dopamine hit from your phone But just know this is a long-term game Some of us want to make millions this Cycle around too but there will always Be more Cycles it may get harder and Harder every time but I believe now with You getting this information you have Started your journey to be on that path Of changing your life I love you guys I Appreciate you guys be sure to follow me On Twitter and Instagram if for some Reason you haven't done so already you Can follow me along On my journey there I'm going to be guiding you guys Throughout this bull run so turn on Those notifications we will be having More videos coming out and even Throughout the bare Market we have very Exciting things coming up I would love For you guys to also join kaisen but That is entirely up to you I know even

Though there's a lot of scammers not a Lot of great groups in the crypto Community Community there are still Other decent ones so regardless of Whatever decision you make try to find a Good community that is going to help you Tremendously I love you guys stay Blessed and I'll see you all soon


Coinbase is a popular cryptocurrency exchange. It makes it easy to buy, sell, and exchange cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Coinbase also has a brokerage service that makes it easy to buy Bitcoin as easily as buying stocks through an online broker. However, Coinbase can be expensive due to the fees it charges and its poor customer service.

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