Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Credit Card Points & Miles

All right so you've just clicked on a Video that I'm confident will change Your life for the better this is because I'm going to do something that has never Been done before I'm going to teach you What schools will never teach and give You the complete ultimate guide on how To access one of the world's most Powerful tools that the ultra rich and Wealthy have mastered for centuries this Tool here affects the home you live in The type of car you drive it can affect Whether you sit in the back of the plane Paying for every single one of those Flights to sitting first class all Completely for free getting served drink And food not only that but it can affect The business that you decide you want to Start one day now look how do I know all This well I've been there from sitting In the back of the plane constantly next To literal turds flushing down next to Me through a 2-in wall to now flying First class all around the world from Driving my $5,000 Ford 500 that broke Down constantly on the side of the road To now owning three of my dream vehicles To living in an apartment where I Literally got chased down with a knife To living in one of the best Neighborhoods here in Maryland the last Few years wouldn't have been made Possible if it wasn't for all the things That I'm going to teach you in this

Video here today now I have a deep Conviction that financial literacy is One of the most important skills to Learn because if you don't understand How this works you can put yourself into Debt or even worse be stuck in the same Poverty Rat Race that millions of Americans are still barely crawling by This video is going to be completely Free and it's made up of my near decade Worth of experience from learning it Doing it and still practicing what I Teach on my channel every sing single Day by the end of this video you're Going to know everything there is about Utilizing this tool you're going to know Exactly how to get started in your Journey and all I ask is that if you Find any new value at all from what I Give you today go ahead and drop a like Down below and look you don't have to do The next part but if you comment a word Of encouragement I won't be shy to say That I really appreciate that too it Makes this whole thing of me talking to A camera which is look not the most Natural thing in the world a whole lot Easier now enough chatter for me this Tool that I've been talking about is Called credit so credit is used all Around us it's what has allowed great Countries like the United States get to Where we're at today it turns out Capitalism was built on credit and it

Laid the foundation of where we are as a Society Tech Giants and Silicon Valley Who birthed companies like Airbnb Uber Facebook and more needed credit from Investors to get to where they are today It turns out even Elon Musk one of the World's richest people in the world Bought Twitter with credit not cash look Even at student loans they're one of the Largest form of credit that gets Extended to students every single year Small businesses they're the backbones Of what makes this economy so great and Most of them start their Journey with Utilizing credit from Banks and other Entrepreneurs even our very own Government utilizes credit daily through Borrowing money constantly from bonds And other instruments to fund our Health Care Military and central government now The way credit works is super simple Imagine this you and I are sitting in a Classroom at school and I want to buy a Chocolate bar for 10 bucks but I only Have $5 in my pocket so you respond to Me with this okay Brian I'll lend you The five bucks but when you pay me back Tomorrow you owe me an extra $3 on top Of that now that $3 is what we call Interest for borrowing money at this Point you have just extended to me a Credit of $5 and for me to use that I Then pay you the $3 in interest now with Your $5 I can now put that together with

My own $5 that I had to buy that $10 Chocolate bar and at a later date pay You the $3 that I owe to you for letting Me borrow some of your money now say I Decide to take your money and not pay You back what I owe and yes I ended up Keeping that chocolate and it was Delicious by the way but what I did was Not right you're a person of Honor okay And you don't want what I did to you Happen to others so you decide to report Me to the principal of the school so the Principal calls me in something I'm not Unfamiliar with by the way and they said Look Brian since you don't pay back your Debts on time we're going to warn others About you and give you a public score Say $500 out of 850 so that they know to Be careful about extending credit to me So what I explain to you is how credit Works and how even the principle of a Credit score is developed in the real World now in the real world there are Three main credit bureaus called Equifax Experian and Transunion now here's where Things get juicy it turns out if you pay Your credit back on time to these big Banks and companies you never have to Pay interest at all but instead you can Actually make money as a reward for the Act of borrowing the bank's money and Then paying it back on time so I Currently have over 20 different credit Cards and in the last 5 years I've

Recruited millions of points which is Currently worth anywhere from $30,000 Conservatively to over $100,000 that I can use freely at any Time now the reason why there's such a High discrepancy where it can go as low As 30 grand to as high as 100 Grand is Through what we call Redemption if I use My points for just cash back I could Redeem one point to one cent on the Other hand if I use those same points For travel more specifically getting First class flights I can get a greater Point Redemption where instead of my Points being worth one cent to one point It could be worth 5 cents to even 15 Cents per one point instead as an Example the American Express gold card One of my favorite cards and the first Metal card that I ever got had a welcome Bonus offer of 60,000 membership Reward Points by the way membership reward Points is just the banks own lingo Chase Has ultimate Reward Points city has Thank you reward points Capital One uses Miles instead of points but at the end Of the day points or miles whatever it Is they're all worth one point to 1 cent So an easy trick to do in the world of Credit cards is if you're trying to Calculate the value of what your points Are worth just go ahead and take off two Zeros so 60,000 membership reward points With two zeros knockdown is

$600 that's how much that welcome bonus Would be at its base rate now the Requirement here is that in order for You to earn $600 you need to spend $66,000 in 6 months so that means every Month if you're able to spend $11,000 For those 6 months month you're going to Be able to get that prize of a minimum Of $600 cash back so what we just Covered was your typical welcome bonus Offer when applying for a new credit Card and this is how you stack up points And Miles the fastest and efficient way But even on top of that credit cards Also give you a small amount of points Or cash back on every purchase you make Look unless you're living under a rock With just about any credit card I'm sure You've heard the term you can get one to 4X back on your spend as someone who Even now is skeptical of anything that Sounds too good to be true growing up That was especially the case when it Comes to me finding out about credit Cards for the very first time for a While I Tred to wrap my head around it But I couldn't get it I used to ask Myself how on Earth can these companies Go out and pay me free money for me Using their own money now if you're Wondering that it's a valid question and It turns out that there's actually three Main reasons so number one some cards Are lost leaders a great example is the

Chase Sapphire Reserve which was a card That gave away so much money to card Holders that it cut profits for JP Morgan Chase by over 300 million bucks It turns out banks are willing to take a Loss on certain products because they Know they have other products that they Can make money on over time like auto Loans mortgages where unlike credit Cards you must pay interest back on it Regardless of even if you pay back your Payments on time in full the second Reason is that credit card companies Make money from The Interchange fee so You may not have known but whenever you Use a credit card retailers have to pay A credit card merchant fee also known as Interchange when you go to the whole the Wall Asian restaurant and they say no AMX or no credit card cash only it's Because they're saving a couple dollars When you use cash because they all get Charged that credit card merchant fee so Here's what that fee looks like you'll Notice that even some issuers like AMX Will charge upwards of 1.43% to even as High as 3.3% on a purchase so the third And final reason is that there are Always going to be people who end up Using credit for the wrong reason and They end up paying interest on that Amount America's total credit card debt Came in at right over $1 trillion in the Third quarter of 2023 leaving the

Balance the highest since the New York Fed began tracking in 1999 so those People who pay interest on their cards Are also the same people that are help Funding the free points and cash back That you and I can get so to simplify Things even further just imagine this There's two types of people one the Person who has credit card debt with the System working against them the second Person which will be you by the end of This video is by the way beautiful Handsome talented charismatic and just Overall amazing human being is a person Who has the whole quote unquote rigged System working for you a few years ago I Was featured in one of the highest Viewed Netflix documentaries called Money explained and on an episode they Did about credit I was representing the Person you're on your way of becoming Where the system was working for me look I've been in this game for quite a while Now and there's no secret there's no big Evil rigged Matrix out here to get you The way it all works is actually very Simple and it's as easy as you getting a New credit card you use that card for Your spend you turn on autopay and you Only spend money that you know you have And you win it's just that there's going To be some people who won't ever see a Video like this and overspend on those New Jordans or that new Gucci bag

Knowing well enough they have less than 1,000 bucks to their name so this should All seem easy enough it's pretty Straightforward but this is actually Just the beginning because what I have For you in this video isn't just about Educating you on the basics of credit And how credit card points work but I'm Going deep I'm going to walk you through The full updated credit card road map That it took me a near decade to Complete and to master from that you're Going to have full clarity on knowing The best credit cards to get started With from there we'll go over how you Can redeem the potential millions of Points you earn from following my road Map to extract maximum value so you Don't leave a penny out on the table I'll then share with you the secrets on How you can get approv for any credit Card because it turns out even if you Apply the banks can still reject your Application we then go over what you can Do to get a perfect 850 credit score I'm Then going to go over easy ways for you To get points that are worth thousands Of dollars without much effort and I'm Going to share with you the exact steps On how I was able to leverage my credit To eventually buy one of my dream cars a Few years back towards the end of the Video I'm going to go over probably the Most important thing which is knowing

The Cardinal rules because if you break Those very rules even by mistake it Could cost you everything so I'll go Over solutions to making sure that it Doesn't happen to you so this video here Today is going to be packed with a ton Of great information I'm pretty much Condensing all of my knowledge all the Best videos that I've made into this one Entire full guide here with that being Said let's get started all right so when It comes to the credit card game there Are going to be four main issuers you Have American Express Chase Capital One And City Bank aside from them you're Going to find different bank and credit Union cards which are still not bad but I would say the first four that we Mentioned are going to take precedent Over some of these other cards within The bank and credit union cards US Bank Is a a very solid Choice Navy Fed is Still pretty good and you also have Bank Of America from there we have different Store cards now there are going to be Good store cards mid-tier store cards That I would say are decent and then you Have your bad co-branded cards your good Store cards I'd consider Apple to be a Decent Choice there are still going to Be options better than Apple but it is Not a terrible card by any means you Have your Amazon Visa card this is Something that I use for my Amazon

Purchases and it allows me to get some Additional cash back on my spend and if You're someone who's spending a lot of Money on Amazon Prime things like that This is a card that I would still Consider at some point another example Is a city Costco card if you're buying a Lot of stuff from Costco and they're not Accepting your American Express it's Also another good option for you to earn Some cash back some decent co-branded Cards you have the Best Buy card the Reason why this isn't too bad is because They have like a no interest payment Period but you also get additional cash Back and things like the instacart Master card is not a terrible card it's Not something I would prioritize but Like I mentioned earlier these are Viable I would keep your eyes out on bad Co-branded cards there are some that I Would never never touch and that's Because of this reason here say as an Example with the Old Navy card the Welcome bonus offer is that I'd get 30% Off my first purchase that I use with That card at Old Navy compared to an American Express Platinum Card where I Can earn up to 9,000 membership reward Points that is a value at conservatively $900 cash back if you look at the Example here it's a no-brainer for the Amount of money that you can get now I Know a lot of people might be wondering

Then Brian well why don't I just apply For all of the cards I can still at Least get a little bit of cash back from Old Navy well the reason why you want to Think twice about that is because of These two main reasons number one the Chase 524 rule Chase is going to be a Prime issuer they have a great ecosystem Of cards they've had a rule for as long As I've remembered where if you've Applied for more than five credit cards Within a 24-month period you're going to Get automatically declined for one of Chase's products the second reason is That credit card denials can happen if You get too many approvals within a Short period of time so what is the Process then for getting the best credit Cards well this then leads to my Recommended credit card sequence here on Your screen you're going to see a credit Card sequence that I've methodically Laid out so that you're able to maximize All of the different rules and Workaround so that you can get the most Amount of points possible this is first Going to start with the Capital One sa One credit card which I'd consider to be One of the best credit cards for this Year now the reason why I think this is A great starter card no matter where You're at within your journey is because Capital One is an issue that's a lot More lenient on newer applicants and

People who are fresh to the credit card Game by taking a look at the benefits on Your screen I mean it just blows so many Credit cards out of the water you can Earn $200 after you spend $500 on your Card this makes for a great beginner Card you can earn 5% back on hotels and Rental cars booked through the Capital One travel portal you can earn 3% back On dining entertainment streaming Services and grocery stores but you can Find yourself getting 10% back on Uber Eats and Uber purchases which is crazy This this is through November 2024 and Then you can also get a free Uber 1 Membership fee so when it comes to this Being your first card definitely Prioritize getting that welcome bonus Offer getting the routine of building Your credit so all you have to do is Sign up for the card use that card to Make purchases and then set up autopay And make sure that you are never going Negative or leaving a balance on that Credit card it is from there where You're then going to look into getting Your first Chase product so the Chase Freedom Flex is the next card that you Want to get because of the 524 rule as We mentioned earlier they have great Card options and an upgrade path they Have over 20 different credit cards that You can get but most importantly Chase Also has a great ecosystem where you can

Really work up the ranks so Chase has Affiliation with JP Morgan they're Literally the same product and JP Morgan Has some of the largest Assets in the World now I used to bank with a variety Of different people small banks in my Local area but I come to realize that The safest bank is probably going to be The one that is the biggest when it Comes to recognizing the whales in the Space JP Morgan is is no exception this Is why I decided to build up my Relationship with them because even After you get the freedom Flex card They're going to have a variety of Different programs like Chase Private Client or even their invite only super Exclusive JP Morgan Reserve card where You can only get invited to this card if You have over $10 million of assets with Chase now I know that's a high number Most of us probably won't even be able To hit it most of us probably don't even Care to have $10 million in assets but It's always good knowing that there are Certain banks that still allow you to Climb up just in case that you are Ultra Successful I'm also a member of Chase Private Client I've been with them for Many many years and let me tell you the Benefits are fantastic I get priority With a lot of services with Chase if I Walk into a branch and they know I'm JP Morgan Private Client they treat me with

A lot of respect with Chase Private Client you also get better preferred Rates so if you ever get a home a Mortgage you get an auto loan they're Going to be able to give you some better Rates than you would find at different Credit unions or Banks now when it comes To chase they are one of the issuers Where they're a bit more sens itive to New applicants they prefer you to Actually build your credit with someone Else and that's why Capital One saver One is going to come clutch in that but Even after that sometimes depending on What your score is and your history they Still may not approve you for one of Their cards if this happens to be the Case here's an alternative that you can Do in order to boost your chances of Success so Chase came out with a new Product called the freedom rise several Months back and this is a lower tier Card you're not going to get the same Full benefits as the Chase Freedom flex But you're going to be able to get a Product with Chase and this actually Happens through you opening a checking Account linking that with your account Applying for the freedom rise the way This works is that the Chase Freedom Rise card is going to give you an Increased chance of approval if you get One of their checking accounts so a Checking account is generally free

There's actually a lot of different ones That you can get some of them if you Have no money in it they're going to Charge you a small fee so make sure that You do your full research but they have A lot of beginner friendly checking Accounts that you can open then you get The freedom rise card and then from There you can upgrade to the freedom Flex or later on you can apply for the Freedom Flex again down the road so that You're able to qualify for the welcome Bonus keep in mind when you upgrade to Certain cards you're not eligible for The welcome bonus offer you have to Actually apply and get approved to get The welcome bonus offer where on the Freedom Flex it's usually around $200 as Their standard rate unless you're Someone who really doesn't care about Money and you like just tossing away $200 I would definitely prioritize Eventually getting the freedom Flex not As an upgrade but reapplying later down Once you complete the first part of the Sequence now if can I'd say a majority Of you as long as you have a score of at Least 680 you should just get approved For the Chase Freedom Flex directly but This is going to be another alternative Choice for anyone who happens to get Denied from there here's a card that is A sleeper card and a mus have essential For anyone who rents it turns out a lot

Of people rent I was renting just a few Years back and for my rent I was paying Anywhere from $2,500 in my first Apartment to the last apartment when I Was going month to month before my house Was available for me to move in I was Paying pay around $4 to $5,000 a month in rent payments so in a Single year I was paying about $48,000 to live in that apartment the Beauty of the built MasterCard which is Also a newer product it's something I Wish was around back when I was paying That much rent because it would have Been free money $48,000 of spend placed On the built MasterCard which is a Product which has a superpower that Reimburses all of your rent charged Processing fee on a credit card and They're going to go ahead and send a Check to your landlord for your Apartment where you pretty much earn Free money on the rent that you have to Pay anyways so $48,000 would have been About 48,000 points which on the most Conservative side is $480 cash back that You would get per year now Bill also has Some of the best Transfer Partners in The game I still have my built MasterCard to this day and I still find A ton of value now if you can't get the Built Mastercard or you don't have rent To pay a good alternative is still going To be the Chase Freedom unlimited this

Product is very similar to the Chase Freedom Flex you would just get 1.5 X Unlimited on this card with a few Additional added benefits so at this Point within the sequence it should take About a few months minimum for you to Get into Stage number three and this Would then segue very well where after You've held about one or two different Chase products you have a few other Credit cards with other issuers you've Learned to pay it off in full on time You want to then look at your first Annual fee credit card now this year is Going to be a big step but it's not Going to be your big boy card yet the Chase Aire preferred allows you to get a Travel credit card without having to Fully commit to one that has a high Annual fee at the time of filming this Video they have a public welcome bonus Offer of earning 60,000 points which is Worth about $600 one to1 after spending $4,000 in the first 3 months Chase Values it on their site at a value of $750 and that's because with this card You get access to the Ultimate Rewards Portal which gives you an automatic 25% Boost on your points when you redeem it For travel now the Ultimate Rewards Portal is really straightforward American Express has their own version Of the American Express membership Rewards travel portal Capital One has

Their version too and simply put it's Just like Expedia you can go ahead and Book hotels airfare through it you just Put in your travel dates and then it'll Tell you how much it costs in cash and In points now this card also gives you a Ton of different benefits has an annual Fee of $95 this means every one year It's going to charge you $95 to hold This card but if you take a look at the Welcome bonus offer you get and even Just some of the different credits like The $200 back you get or the $50 you get In statement credits on hotels you Realize that you still have an Extraordinarily High Break Even fee now Your break even fee on a credit card is Simply the annual fee that you would pay Versus the return on benefits you get so If I pay $95 a year to hold this card But then I get over $1,000 and free cash Back points and more I would subtract That full value I received from the $95 Annual fee to notice that I would then Get a Roi of over $900 if I wasn't able To get over $95 in benefit benefits then I would simply be breaking even on this Card and unless I wasn't able to get That welcome bonus offer it's a card That I would reconsider on applying for At the end of the day I need to stress This credit cards are meant for you to Get so that you can get positive Roi From if at any time you're breaking even

Or you're unable to hit that welcome Bonus offer I would wait until we get to The section in this video where I go Over how you can hit welcome bonus Offers without spending extraordinary Amounts of money or forcing yourself to Overspend which could then lead you into Debt now following that this is where Things get super interesting we start Touching upon these products here and These are going to be your Chase Inc Business cards now business credit cards Are important for these six reasons First of all this is where you get the Most amount of points through those Welcome bonus offers a lot of the times The highest welcome bonus offers Actually lies in business credit card Products the only caveat to this is that You have to spend more money in order to Hit those but like I said we'll go over That later on in this video for me I own A ton of different business credit cards I have all the Chas Inc business cards I Have the AMX business platinum card and More and if if it wasn't for those cards I wouldn't have nearly the millions of Points that I would have today if Business credit cards wasn't available Number two certain business credit cards Don't impact your personal credit so it Turns out everyone has a personal credit Score but you also have your own Business credit score with certain

Business credit cards they actually Don't report onto your personal credit This here includes the chase in cards That I'm mentioning here because these Chase in cards don't show up on your Personal credit this does not add to That chase 524 rule allowing you to get More Chase products within that 2-year Period the fourth reason is that you get More variety and cash back on your spend When it comes to personal cards they're Usually the same categories it's travel It's food related it's dining out Groceries but it's with business credit Cards where you can start earning cash Back on a variety of different things Like office stores your phone utility Bills if you ever are running ads you Get cash back on that it's pretty much a Wider umbrella for you to get even more Points on the spend that you happen to Already be doing the fifth reason is Higher credit limits when it comes to Personal credit cards cards when I first Got started into the game I would get Credit limits of $2,000 $5,000 and it Wasn't until I got my first business Credit card where I was getting credit Limit of 10 20 or even $30,000 even now there are products Where if I apply for it and I request a Credit limit increase I can see credit Limits of 50 to even over $100,000 it's a lot easier to get higher

Credit limits on business credit cards Because businesses usually are spending More money now the sixth reason why you Want to consider getting a business Credit card is because you get much Better organization of expenses if You're is in here in the US even if You're not you're probably paying taxes And there's no better way to organize Your business versus your personal Expense through using the right card now I know most people here probably are Thinking okay Brian I don't even have a Business so this whole section was a Waste of time but that's actually not The case now the IRS states exactly on Their website what a soul proprietor is Which is someone who owns an Unincorporated business by himself or Herself so Soul prop will include things Like Freelancers artists actors writers Babysitters dog walk Walkers food and Grocery delivery drivers or even Facebook Marketplace flippers if you've Ever done anything where you've been Able to earn a little side income from You are a sole proprietor which falls Under the umbrella term of being a Business owner which then also qualifies You for these business credit cards so Everyone including you can get a Business credit card even if you think You don't own a business for me my Favorite resources if I was to get

Started again and trying to get a Business credit card yet I don't have a Business right now the easiest one to Get started with is going to be Rover so I have a dog most you guys know I've Used Rover for people to walk my dog When I was super super busy and it's Great this would also qualify you as a Business owner because when you get paid The person who has hired you through Rover you're then going to receive the Payment from there now the second is an Instacart driver grocery delivery Driving is huge more and more people are Using services like this because they Don't want to waste their time at a Grocery store so this is something that Anyone can sign up to do you also have Other options where if you don't want to Be physically driving you may not have a Car you can do things that are virtual So tutor me.com is another great Resource you can sign up to be a private Tutor to teach other people your native Language if you know how to understand What I'm saying in this video chances Are you're able to tutor someone around The world to teach them the very basics Of English which would then also qualify You as being a freelancer or a business Owner number four start your own blog You can use sites like Squarespace Wix There's even WordPress there's just a Plethora of different resources that you

Can start your own blog with and then You can get into making content starting A coaching business getting into Affiliate marketing by the way these are All guides that I've made here on this Channel so definitely look them up if You want to learn more about them and Then the fifth one we have starting an E-commerce store it's something that I Did back when I was about 21 years old So after you picked out your business You've gone through the options it's Very simple it's very straightforward so Number one go to irs.gov and get Yourself an EIN number this is Completely free you can pick up a number At any time save that EIN number because That is what you're going to use when Signing up for some of these different Freelance sites and also for when you Apply for your business credit CR card Now the second thing is to get your pay Stubs and expense receipts for your Business so if I'm getting paid from Rover obviously you want to have proof Of that so that you can show Chase hey I'm applying for a business credit card Here's how much I'm getting paid from Rover or from tutor me here's my EIN Number here's how much I'm projected to Make this year based on how much I've Done so far and it's as easy as that Congrats on your first business credit Card if you guys need any help through

That by the way I have a full Walkthrough service with real people Called card hun .io I know the act of Getting a business credit card is not Easy and this is where I have my Dedicated people that could also help You guys out through the process but Look if Little Brian Jung that was 20 Years old could do it I'm confident that You guys can too with all the Information that exists today so card Hunter is one option you can also just Go ahead and watch Like My ultimate Business credit card guide because I go Step by step even through the Application process on that video I'll Have that video linked Down Below in the Description box of this video here in Case you guys are interested so at this Point the two cards I'd consider get Getting is the chase Inc business cash And the Inc business unlimited now both Of these cards have no annual fee and in Order to figure out which one you want To get you just want to look at your own Business spending habits if you're Spending a lot on office supplies store Stuff then you may want to consider the Inc cash card but if your spend is all Over the place and you want to keep it Easy the chase Inc unlimited might be Better for you at the end of the day You'd want to just get both of these Cards because they don't add to the 524

Rule and you want to keep in mind that You're able to hit those welcome bonus Offers after you get these two cards I'd Say get the ink business preferred this Is going to have an annual fee so keep That in mind but you're going to get a Tremendous amount of points from holding This card too I've been holding my Inc Business cards for many many years now And these are cards that I would not Consider cancelling this is because These two cards have no annual fees it Doesn't cost me a single thing and even With the Inc business Preferred Card I've been able to still break even off The spend that I do next here we have The American Express gold card this is One of the best dining and grocery Credit cards it's going to be your first American Express card that you can get It has has a strong welcome bonus offer And the American Express Gold Card fits Within the lineup of generally how American Express wants new applicants Coming into their ecosystem what I mean By that is they came out with a rule a Few months ago where if you apply for The American Express Platinum Card first You wouldn't qualify for the American Express Gold Card welcome bonus offer That's a whole lot of points right there That you don't want to miss out on so The MX gold is actually the card that I Personally got next and aside from the

Chase Sapphire Preferred Card where I Was like wa this is my first metal card The American Express gold card is where I believe the love for the game really Starts kicking in once you do that get The welcome bonus offer on this card It's very straightforward to you have to Spend six grand in 6 months I'm sure Most people are able to do that but I do Know with some of these other cards it's Going to be a bit more work so like I Said I'm excited for that chapter to Come up stay tuned so after you've had The American Express gold card I believe This is a great daily driver for most People I've made a ton of different Videos going over the break even fee and How even after holding this card for Many many years I still find positive Value you then want to consider getting Your next travel credit card now keep in Mind the parameter on getting this card Is going to entail someone who actually Takes a trip if you have no trips Planned your budget is tight you don't Want to travel you could go ahead and Skip this step here but I believe it's With these travel credit cards you can ACR a ton of points and you really find The value of some of these higher end Cards so these three travel credit cards Is going to be your Capital inventure ACC card your Chase Sapphire reserve and Your AMX platinum card I consider these

To be like the three Pokemon where They've evolved and they are like the Steroid version you got your Charizard You got the turtle okay I've been out of Pokemon for a while what is it bulbas no It's not B Blastoise Venusaur all right Your boys got it now although these Three cards are still very similar I've Managed to break it down for you so the Capital inventure x card is actually What I consider to be the most Affordable and still has a ton of great Benefits so if you're just putting your Foot into the door of all this you got a Tight budget you keep an eye out on all Your expenses okay and say you're like Me you go to Chipotle you tell them hold Out on the guac because you know it it's Actually mad expensive Capital One Venture X I think is a great card for Most people I still have labeled this as One of the best credit cards for this Year the Capital One has gone ahead and Just added so many jam-packed benefits For now the chasea I reserve another Great card but I'm going to go over in a Little bit why I'd hold off on this card And if you're someone who really values Like the AMX Platinum Card you get all The benefits you know that you're going To use a saxs Fifth Avenue and all the Lounge access that you get and this is a Card that you really really want I'd say You could also get this too the American

Express Platinum card is going to have An annual fee of $6.95 uh it's going to Have the most status benefits so with Marriott Hilton uh even at different car Rental places they're going to give you Status benefits where normally people Would have to spend x amount of nights At that hotel or x amount of different Drives that they've done with that Rental company for you to get but you Can skip all that if you hold on to this Card so as I mentioned the cards that You may want to consider getting is Going to be between the Venture X and The Platinum I'd personally just get the Capital One Venture X it would store Very well with the original sa one card That you have and the Chase Sapphire Reserve the reason why you may want to Skip that is because we already got the Chase Sapphire preferred and there is One little rule called the chase 48 Month rule where if you get a Chase Sapphire product within the last 48 Months you're not able to qualify for The bonus on the reserve so what I did Was I waited a full 48 months it's about Four years until I reapplied for the Chase Sapphire Reserve because I didn't Want to miss out on those points so Instead do this get the Capital One Venture X Card get used to a travel card To this degree and then get the AMX Platinum card after that when it comes

To the AMX Platinum Card you need to Prioritize this you need to make sure That you understand how to find the Welcome bonus offers because unlike the Capital One Venture X card where usually The welcome bonus offer is stable and by The way on the topic of welcome bonus Offers if at any time you guys are Looking to apply for a card it could be Now it could be a year later down the Road and you remember that Brian Jung Had taught you this stuff you can use my Links which cost you nothing at all in Signing up and allows me to continue Making free content just like this if You have family members or friends that Have a card by the way just use our Referral link so you guys can help each Other out but if you don't ever have a Referral link and you want to support a Channel come back to the content I have Look up our website use our links Because it helps us out a ton so going Back to it the American Express Platinum Card actually has some limited time Welome bonus offers that you can find With different rates so I've Seen It Go As high as 150,000 points that you can Get back compared to the normal 880,000 Points now this one is a bit rare I Don't see it too often if you get this You're very very lucky but what I have Seen more commonly is 100,000 Mr points Or even 125,000 Mr points by taking this

Few steps so number one check just American Express's website directly to Do this you can go ahead and use my Affiliate link down below see if you get A better offer and sometimes y'all get Lucky the second way is to use the card Match tool which is also linked on this PowerPoint which I'll give you guys Access to Down Below in the description Of this video sometimes a card match Tool is going to give you that 125,000 membership reward Point offer I've seen many instances where the card Match tool does give people an elevated Offer on the platinum card now from Those two methods if you're unable to Find the offer you can always get a Personal referral link from a friend or Family member and check what they have I Checked my personal referral link it Still came out as 80,000 points but your Miles may vary someone might have a 100,000 Point offer in their account if You know they have a platinum card it Doesn't hurt to reach out so ladies and Gents from there we got the gold card We've gotten one of our premium luxury Travel credit cards and from here you're Going to notice that we have some cards Stacked on top of one another this year Is going to be your hotel credit card It's also going to be your co- branded Cards and your airline cards and this is Going to be completely up to you

Depending on the places you shop the Different hotels that you prefer to stay Out or even some of the airlines that You like riding versus others now there Are a ton of these different cards I Actually have the world of high card It's a great card and it's something I'd Recommend for most people because the Way these cards work is that you pay an Annual fee on most of them but you can Get a benefit like getting one hotel Night for free as an example with the World of high card if I'm I'm paying $95 A year to hold this card but I can get One free Hotel credit every single year But that hotel room costs $150 or even $200 and then I get all the status that This credit card gives me I'm getting Positive value now if you are a home Body you ain't traveling that much you May not consider a hotel card or an Airline card but other co-branded cards Like for example Amazon might be of more Value for me I do a lot of shopping on Amazon I get 5% back on all my spend and This is why I still consider cobranded Cards to be a viable option especially Eight game if you're looking to maximize Your spend even further after that what You want to focus on is hitting more Welcome bonus offers at the end of the Day that small little 2 to 4X cash back You get isn't going to ur to be much but Where you get a majority of your points

Is going to be through hitting welcome Bonus offers consistantly year round This is how I was able to acrew those Millions of points in addition to the Methods that I'm going to share very Soon so at this point you're going to Have a ton of different credit cards Enough to fill up your own credit card Binder and this is going to be your Foundation of having those millions of Points coins following this I'd consider Getting different products here within My sequence I have the American Express Business platinum card but it's entirely Up to you if you prefer the blue Business Plus card or the blue business Cash card or anything else this is where You choose the different cards and Products that you now want to get custom To your own spend all right so ladies And gents if you have made it up until This point first of all take a deep Breath yes hold that and exhale you've Made it to about the halfway point here If you haven't done so already go ahead And drop a like because I'm sure you got A little bit of value hopefully from Some of the stuff that we've been Teaching and going back into our credit Card sequence we have the full Foundation of what we had set up but Going into it there is one Advanced Strategy that I wanted to talk about Here this is not going to apply for a

Lot of people and if it does it's going To apply for you maybe 3 to 5 years Later down the road so don't forget About me in this video here okay you can Always save it bookmark it or I'm sure If you search up the ultimate credit Card hacking guide this is still going To be the one that pops up for you uh But you know a way that you can actually Go ahead and make sure you don't lose This chapter and remind yourself is just By commenting the chapter note because Whenever you pull up the video again in The future it's going to show up as the Top comment for you to go back and click On but right here this is going to be a Super endgame strategy and it starts With the Hilton Aspire card now this Card here is very special because it's One of the only credit cards that allows You to get diamond status which is the Highest status you can get am miss a Hotel without having to stay at that Property for hundreds of nights amongst The different hotels we got hayatt Marriott Hilton IHG those are going to Be the main ones outside of that you're Going to have local boutiques you're Going to have your little airbnbs but Those are going to be your four main Different properties Marriott's going to Own the most amount of properties all Around the world they have a huge Footprint this means you can generally

Find a Marriott property all over the Place and the way hotels categorize the Niceness or like the luxury of those Different hotel properties is by using Different categories or organizations Within their system all right so just as An example marot they have a ton of Different options it usually is Separated from one end of the spectrum Where you have luxury Brands which would Include things like the Ritz Carlton or The JW or the W hotels and it also turns Out anytime you have a hotel that has The letter W it's usually one of their Nicer ones uh but if you go on the other End of the spectrum they'll call these Long-term stay hotels where they allow You to have a kitchen in there and you Have more flexibility and it doesn't Cost as much but you would not see the Luxury and the quality am miss the Luxury Brands as we just spoke about Even with hayatt their hotels are Separated by different categories so you Have Hotel category 1 all the way to 8 And the higher the number a category 8 Hotel would indicate that it's a much Nicer hotel room so going on their Website you'll notice that they have a Park Hyatt a grand Hiatt their Hiatt Regency and these are properties that I've stayed at all around the world and They are very very nice but usually Going down the list it also depends on

The area and sometimes it could be a hi High house that is nicer than a highy Regency it just depends on when the Hotel was also made and the upkeep Behind it but generally your h house is Going to be detailed as in being located In urban airport and Suburban areas with Apartment style suites and full kitchens So it really just depends on what kind Of living condition you're looking for Sometimes on my trips I prefer to have a Kitchen I want to be cooking some ramen Noodles up at midnight if I want to Rather than if I'm at a five-star hotel And everything costs an arm and a leg Now we went a little bit off track but The point I wanted to make is that with These hotels they all have their own Credit cards some of these credit cards Have high Annual fees like the ones that We're talking about with the Chase Sapphire Reserve or the AMX Platinum but Then they have some no annual fee cards Too if you happen to be a diard Marriott Fan you may want to consider getting the Marriott bonvoy brilliant versus the Marriott bonvoy boundless where you're Not seeing too much benefit as an Example the Marriott bonvoy bold card Here has no annual fee but you're not Going to get nearly the same benefits as You would with the bonvoy brilliant the Bold card is not going to give you any Benefit you don't get any type of status

As you would with some of the other Cards where even with a tier up compared To the $95 annual fee Marriott bonvoy Boundless card you're going to be Getting 15 Elite Knights and then silver Elite status versus even the brilliant Here you get Platinum Status you get a $100 Marriott bonvoy property credit you Get the one free night award and if you Look at this sometimes you're allowed to Then redeem this night award credit for A better Resort at a better category With this card you're also getting 25 Elite night credits you get a $300 Dining credit but it does come at an Annual fee of 650 bucks now if you Happen to be someone who's traveling a Lot you know that you're going to be Enjoying those Marriott properties then Obviously this card would make more Sense you would get positive Roi versus Getting a card like the Marriott bonvoy Bold card now statuses can get a little Confusing all right and that's because Every single one of these hotels have Different statuses they have different Names they have different requirements So with Marriott their bottom tier Status it's called member status anyone Gets so 0 to n kns but then what we just Covered was Platinum Elite status but That is not the highest tier the highest Tier is actually Ambassador Elite or Even titanium right under that now when

It comes to the Platinum Elite status You get with Marriott you can get Enhanced room upgrades this is what you Want to look out for and where you can Find a ton of value with Hotel credit Cards there was one time where I decided To use my American Express Platinum Card I booked a room right by the crypto.com Arena for a basketball game crypto.com Gave me free tickets to like one of Those glass boo it was cool met a whole Bunch of other YouTubers there uh but The hotel that I stayed at right by that Property was a Ritz Carlton under Marriott I booked through the American Express fine hotel resorts program for That room I was able to get a Presidential suite at no cost if you're Wondering how I was able to do that and How you could do something similar it's By getting one of these premium tier Cards so I had the platinum card and That gave me access to the American Express fine hotel resorts collection Usually if I don't know where to stay I'm going to open up this portal first Because these hotels when they see that That you book through a portal like this They're more inclined to give you those Room upgrades now I paid for a base room Uh it would have been about $3 $400 a Night off seon and their presidential Suites were anywhere from ,000 to $2,000 Or more per night it was a huge huge

Room and when I showed up and they gave Me that presidential room for three Nights right there I'm calculating value If it's $2,000 per night that's $66,000 In total and with the Platinum Card it Just paid for itself this year was not The only time I got an upgrade I've got An upgrade many different times using Different hacks that I've talked about All across my channel here the most Recent time I went to the win in Las Vegas and we got one of the nicest Suites that I've ever stayed in this Room was unbelievable everything was Controlled by the iPad and when I looked Up the base rate it was couple thousand Again per night even though we had only Been awarded a free base hotel room for That we did the Brian Jung patented Credit card sandwich hack now it sounds Crazy it's not okay so literally all you Do is you fold a $20 bill in between Your ID and your credit card you hand it To to them they know exactly what that Means you give them a tip and they'll go Ahead and upgrade your room now if You're feeling very generous you can do Multiple $20 but even for me giving that $20 where I like tipping other people Within the service industry I know how Hard it is and I know how blessed I am For me to be able to do YouTube and Stuff like this if I can give money to People who need it or people who are

Deserving of it I always will so I did It and that actually led to a even more Favorable outcome I got a huge hotel Room upgrade it made the experience so Great and it was actually at a time when I was staying at Vegas NBA Summer League Was happening so all these NBA players Around me literally was sitting behind Steph Curry that was amazing and I think It's just the momentum of you scoring Like an upgraded room that you didn't Think you would even get builds upon Just such an amazing experience so this Is all stuff that you guys can do okay If you are ever checking into a hotel This works well when you're in Vegas New York not so much just because those Rooms tend to be booked up but if you're Going to high tourist destinations it Never hurts to always carry extra cash On you and to tip the person who's going To determine what room that you stay in So if you go to Vegas try that out guys Let me know if that ever Works um just You know post about on your story give Me a shout out I'll repost you on my Story but things like that I'm so glad That I learned at an earlier age because That has worked for me many many times And a lot of people don't realize it's Something that you guys can all do even If you don't have a lot of money so all This stuff is really important and That's because Under the Umbrella of

Travel it's really two main things it's Hotels and Airlines and when it comes to Both of them it's a lot easier getting Free hotel room upgrades than it is to Get a free first class flight every Single time that you ride the airplane This is because Hotel credit cards just Have those statuses that you can get and A lot of hotels really do give you Benefits if you are loyal with them That's because the whole hotel industry Is so competitive right now where if you Are hopping from one place to another a Hotel company is going to make more Money if you are loyal to them you show Them that Allegiance and then they give You that upgrade making you want to stay With them even more so if you can start Building a relationship with a hotel Earlier find ones that you like in the Beginning I've tried Hyatt Marriott I Personally love Hyatt the most but they Are not as accessible they're not always Everywhere second up for me would be Marriott and then it would be Hilton now This leads us back into our PowerPoint Where we're going over the super endgame Strategy this is advanced level stuff Here it's going to sound a little Confusing but it's going to be super Easy Once I break it down with this Actual visual that I made and that's all Because with the Hilton Honors Aspire Card which they recently revamped it

Didn't look like this before it has an Annual fee of $550 you get 14x points When you are using it on their hotels And resorts but you get complimentary Diamond status a complimentary Diamond Status will give you 100% bonus on base Points you earn on every state you get Premium Wi-Fi and space available room Upgrades at Select Property so generally When Hilton sees that you pull up and They say hey do you have membership with Us and you tell them yeah I have Diamond Status and that is the highest status You can get they are the most in client To give you an upgrade if they have one Available now this doesn't work every Single time but there are things that You can do to help increase your odd so The sandwich trick that I mentioned do That stack that with before going to the Trip and you're going there for like a Special occasion hey this is my honey Moon hey this is my onee trip that I'm Doing hey I'm here to celebrate this hey My birthday's coming up hey my Anniversary is coming up email the hotel Chain see if you can get access to the Manager and then they can put a note in Your system which can further enhance The opportunity of getting a better Hotel room so those are little tips I Love the Hilton Aspire card for several Reasons though and that's because they Have many different card products but

They do something special they give you Something called an upgrade bonus so how Does this all work well with the Hilton Aspire card apply for it get approve for It off the chance you do get approved You would then want to wait 5 days this Is because American Express has a rule Where they'll only approve you for one Card every 5 days now the reason why There's all these little rules even like Chase 524 that we've talked about Several times is because a lot of these Issuers don't want people to be gaming The system and just racking up points as You do so a lot of these rules are made In place so that it's a bit more steps And you're not taking full advantage and There's also a layer of protection that The banks want for themselves too but This isn't going to hold us back because These are still workarounds that are Very easy to play with so after waiting 5 days what I would recommend is to Apply for the Hilton surpass card keep In mind even with the Hilton surpass Card you're going to start getting some Annual fees this here is a $150 annual Fee but you're trading that with the Opportunity to get even more points with Hilton their welcome bonus at the time Of filming this video is getting 170,000 Hilton Honors bonus points after you Spend $33,000 in purchases within the First 6 months a lot of you guys might

Assume that 170,000 points is a lot but It really isn't and the only exception Is with hotels and this is because Hotel Point valuations continue to go down Every single year there's even a website That started blowing up a few years back Where it's called bonvoy.com where if You got like Bamboozled this is the Version of that between Marriott bonvoy Program where you can report it here With others where in some instances you Have status and they don't acknowledge It or other instances where you stay in A really weird hotel room this is a Place where people are going to vent so You're going to see a lot of the worst Case scenarios generally for all the Trips that I've had I've had 99% good Experiences at all these places but That's just not the case when you're Dealing with thousands of properties all Around the world now Bon void first came About because the point Redemption were Not that good now it's evolved into Something a little bit other than that But know this credit card points seem to Be going down in value just a little bit Every year or issuers are at least Trying to make it a little bit harder For you to get that best Redemption Possible this is why it's always good to Have a game plan or at least knowing Your dream destination of what you Actually want to do and accomplish with

Your points now with the Hilton card 170,000 points is not worth one to one Generally because you have to spend it At a Hilton property and it turns out These Hilton properties are a little Overpriced now I'm not talking about Cash value say a hotel at Hilton you Know in Hawaii is $300 a night okay it's A little expensive but it's still rather Reasonable on a 1 Point to1 Cent Redemption that $300 means it should be 30,000 points well it turns out Hilton Increases the cost of what the points Would be so instead of it being 30,000 It would probably cost you 70 80 $90,000 For a $300 room making your points worth A lot less so don't get fooled by these Huge offers but also take what I'm Saying with a grain of rice in the Korean world we call a grain of Pop All Right a little bit of grain of pop That's because you can still find some Discounted rooms you could find places That are brand new they're opening their Offseason and you do get a much higher Point valuation on what it's worth the Best way to go about all this is to Reverse engineer the process find some Of your dream destinations some places That I want to go is like the malds you Know like those overwater Bungalows well It turns out Hilton actually has some Really great properties and it turns out If you book a base Rate Property that is

Not overwater but then you happen to get An upgrade using the Hilton Aspire cards Diamond status and you go there so then What happens is you automatically just Bump up the value of your points Significantly because you went from a Base rate room not over the water to a Overwater bungalow that you would have To spend thousands of dollars on now Either way points is still all worth Money this doesn't mean it's worthless You just need to find the hotels see how Much they're worth during the specific Time you want to go and then you can use Your points to redeem that travel and That's still free money from what I say Here you want to then wait 90 days this Is because American Express is only Going to approve you for Max two cards Every 90 days they don't want people to Apply for all of their cards all at once On the 90th day once your super endgame You've taken care of all your other American Express cards the ones that you Want and there's a lot of them we only Went through just the foundational few That I personally like but you have the Green Card the bbp the BBC I mean you Got a lot of different great products Within this setup you'd want to then go For the Hilton Honors card what you want To do is get the welcome bonus on all Three cards hold all three cards for one Year then you can downgrade your Hilton

Aspire and your surpass to your honors And this is going to leave you with Three Hilton Honors cards when you get a Hilton Honors upgrade email use it the Maximum endgame here is owning three Hilton Aspire cards so what this means Is you have the Hilton honors the Hilton Surpass and eventually the Hilton Aspire This year is a more conservative Approach there are different ways to do This this is going to be like your super Aggressive approach but generally Getting the Hilton Honors card if you Hold on to it you're going to get an Email offer at some Point okay we don't Know when it clicks but people get Upgrade offers this means they'll say Hey Billy it's time for you to upgrade Your Hilton Honors card would you like To upgrade it to the Hilton surpass if You do this we're going to give you x Amount of points on that card if you do This in the right manner you're then Able to acrw over a million points with Hilton which could be a great trip Really anywhere around the world Especially once you have that status and You know how to utilize all the other Upgrades so Hilton surpass got a little Bit of an annual fee if you can upgrade That you'll have the Hilton Aspire card Before you you upgrade it though you Want to actually apply for the Hilton Aspire so you get the welcome bonus

Offer now the welcome bonus offer you Get on a card is different than the Upgrade offer usually the upgrade offer Is significantly less but you don't have To spend as much money either now if you Want to be super aggressive this is a Strategy where it's going to leave you With multiple Hilton Aspire cards at the End of it if you're holding three Hilton Aspire cards you might be wondering well Brian why would I hold that many why Would I have up to $1,500 and More in Annual fees at a single Hotel branch and My answer to that is well you shouldn't Unless you're going to be utilizing the Benefits now from my strategy we talked About working your way up from bottom to Top but there is one consideration that You want to make if you do get an offer To upgrade your credit card and you Happen to take it you're not going to Qualify for the welcome bonus offer Because a welcome bonus offer according To the fine print is limited to people Who apply for that card for the very First time you cannot upgrade into it And then apply for it and then get Another offer so what people would like To do and the 2.0 version version is Actually starting here getting the Hilton Aspire card first because the Lower cards might offer upgrade bonuses At one point and you don't want to Eliminate your chances at getting the

Higher cards sign up so why would you Want three Hilton Aspire cards it sounds A little Overkill well let's break it Down at the end of the day if it can Give you positive Roi it's something That may make sense so with these three Cards you can get three free night Rewards on each cards that is valued at A minimum of $1,200 if those Hotel Nights are $300 cash value now there's a Chance that those hotels could be worth A lot more there are things like we just Talked about where you can go off seon Where you can get a room upgrade where It ends up being just worth more from The little things that you guys do Following this video second reason you Get hotel resort credits so if you like Getting massages Spas if you like you Know hydrotherapy whatever it is if you Like eating at very amazing places on Some of these hotel resorts then this is Usually what qualifies and goes towards That not only that you're also going to Get a $200 annual flight purchase Credit Now the umbrella of what quality Qualifies underneath this is pretty wide But generally with inflight purchases With getting Wi-Fi or getting food and Drinks so if you're traveling a lot Maybe with a family or you're redeeming It for other essential things that you Find on a flight this is another credit Back so if we go ahead and add all of

That it's at minimum $3,000 if you're Able to find Value from all three of Them and if you subtract that from the Annual fee you're still getting over $1350 in value so that's just an example Of like endgame stuff guys it's not too Well known that other issuers like Marriott or even Hy or I she have enough Cards where you can do this and you get Upgrade offers but for Hilton this is Been a known system that a lot of Experts do towards the end game of their Credit card Journey so now that we've Wrapped it up what's the final play what Should you be looking out for at this Point well it's these five points that I've really focused on in the last few Years that have still allowed me to find Excitement within the game so number one Get all your core cards those are the Ones that we talked about it may take You two to to 3 years to do this if You're a high spender you may be able to Do it in a very short period of time the Quickest I've gone in applying for new Cards at a time is one month I did that This past year I was fine I never got Rejected once and I went from getting The buil card we got the capital Adventure X card we got the chase Sappire Reserve card I know there's one Slip in my mind but there was a period Where we were getting them back to back To back number two if you come endgame

You're going to have over a million Points if you complete all of that You're hitting your spend and you're Going to do what I'm about to tell you Soon you're going to have well over a Million points and the ladies are going To start flocking to you that's just a Byproduct by the way it's going to Happen they're going to come flocking Over to you like flies on a turd and When that happens don't let them take All your points okay stick to the plan Number three don't forget about issuers From stores credit unions and Banks I Kept sleeping on credit unions I said You know what American Express Chase They're the best they're the ones I want To stick with I ain't going to go with These other issuers but it turns out These credit unions are pretty good too I recently picked up a Navy Federal Account actually that's another card That I got and when you get a welcome Bonus that's still free money don't Sleep on them this is where you can ACR Even more value towards the end latter Half of the game number four this is Easy mode this is what I do right now And I personally like building all my Assets in Chase so having my checking Account with Chase uh having my main Like mortgage auto loan things like that If I'm able to if they're able to give Me good rates I will put that with Chase

Build my relationship with them because At this point you know I was able to get Private Client like 3 four years back And I know for you guys watching you're On the of financial success and I'm so Confident if you guys are willing to do All the things that I said even in this Video you're someone who takes finances Seriously and statistically I believe You guys are some of the best suited People in order to qualify for Private Client which is having over $200,000 in Assets with them so I like building my Nest EG with just one Bank okay if you Happen to go with four or five different Neo Banks it's a headache to keep track Of um if one of them gets hacked you Know it's it's just a lot going on but Double down on security on just As One Bank commit to that bank build a good Relationship with them and currently What I do during a season where I'm not Working on welcome bonus offers it's a Little bit more slow on my end I just Put all my spent on American Express Because I get some of the best purchase Protection the customer service really Looks out for me I love their interface In organizing my expenses they give you Pie charts they break it down and then I Know that chase is where all the money Comes in I think that's easy mode okay When you get to a point you have 20 30 Plus credit cards you don't want your

Money in all these different places and You don't want to be carrying around a Binder with you for me my daily drivers Is the American Express gold card right Now it's the American Express Platinum Card and I was recently working on the Chase Sapphire reserve and on the first Of the month I'll use my built Master Card because all the benefits get Doubled which is also very nice and for My catch all card I'll either use my Freedom Flex my freedom unlimited or Even my Chas Inc unlimited card so once You do that here's the benefit you can Get invited to a final boss credit card This is like the Exodia piece it's like A legendary card most likely you're not Going to be seeing one of these Especially if you're working within the Service industry and that's because not Many people have these Elite tier cards This is the American Express Centurion Card this year is the JP Morgan Reserve Card for the JP Morgan Reserve card you Need over $10 million in assets for you To qualify for this it's very similar to The chase sappire Reserve but it is a Prestigious Flex card that is invite Only the American Express Centurion card Even if you are a baller say you have $10 million in your bank account they Will not give you this card just because You have money you have to spend over $200 to $500,000 depending on where you

Live depending on the type of year it is For you to maybe get invited to this Card one day even after that there's an Initiation fee of $10,000 and an annual Fee of $5,000 and the benefits on this It is pretty crazy some of the stuff you Get we're not going to go into detail Here but we've made multiple videos Reviewing the Centurion card but it is Some cool stuff if you've ever wondered What it's like to live like a Billionaire and have a concierge service Think about Batman where he calls Alfred For anything he needs that's pretty much What you get access to if you need to go To a restaurant and they're completely Sold out the MX Centurion customer Service somehow finds a way to do it if You're trying to get tickets to a sold Out Taylor Swift concert for the best Seats in the House somehow the Centurion Service line is able to do it it's one Of those things that your average person Will never need it is really not Valuable but when you get to that level It is pretty cool to see and to Experience and to have and I know like I Said you guys are all capable of seeing That and it's always nice to have these Goals even if you think right now it's Not possible you just never know all Right so now what we've covered a lot of Credit cards the elite tier cards the Basic cards the foundational cards Hotel

Cards literally all of them okay now What well you need to learn how to Redeem your points for higher value so To do this you have two methods reward Portals and Transfer Partners Transfer Partners are where you're going to find The most amount of value but it is going To take a bit more work the reason why These are of high value is because it's Not easy getting a good transfer Redemption you have so many different Airlines you need to transfer your Points to you have so many different Hotels you could do it to there are Always conditions some are worth more Than others there are different Peaks There are different destinations there's A huge variety of different factors and This could take even just a couple hours Of research for you to find a decent Redemption but I'll go over a way that You can shortcut it that you can save All the time and effort but still get The same outcome but just know that Transfer Partners is where you can find Very high value I put 1 cent to 10cent I've seen it go even higher than that I've Seen It Go as high as even 25 cents For a very good Redemption and this Happens when you're trying to get Business class or first class flight Tickets so an example is I'm going to Korea again and the first class tickets On that is generally $30,000 it's insane

The point equivalent of that 1 point to 1 cent is 3 million points now say I Really want to take First Class by the Way there's usually not a huge Difference with some of these flights Between first and business they're both Very nice but there are some first class Flights that are extremely extremely Just out of the world you get like your Shower you get a private area I mean it It can be very crazy for me I don't need That level of crazy even just a business Class flight where you can lay down for Your 14-hour flight just sounds very Nice to me now regardless if I was Trying to get a first class flight what I would do is book an economy flight Ticket through Korean Airlines say it Cost just $1,000 in cash when I get to a Point where it says hey do you want to Upgrade your seat for cash or for points Sometimes it might say oh if you want to Upgrade your flight with cash it's going To be $229,000 or it'll say hey you know what It's only just going to be like5 00,000 Points instead of 3 million when you do The math on that you realize oh wow the Redemption is there and that's where you Can find significant outsize value it's From getting upgraded business class Flight seats or first class flight seats And on the rare occasion it's where you Can just book directly with some of

These Airlines you get a regular first Class seat you don't have to go through The upgrade offer and wait for Availability because sometimes they're Not available either sometimes you just Wait and then a few days before the Flight actually takes off they'll be Like okay the upgrade is available first Come first serve do you want to book it Now like and it's a little bit stressful Cuz you're not guaranteed that seat Either so that is just the value of Transfer Partners it takes a little bit More work but it can be very worthwhile All right so we'll use American Express As an example for this but if you just Go on AMX travel Transfer Partner you're Then going to be able to pull up these Calculators and see how long it takes For you to transfer those points the Minimum amount of what those points can Be transferred to and where it's going To get sent there's going to be a lot of Different Air Lines these are going to Get more recognizable as you start Traveling even more Delta obviously us Dtic but if you wanted to fly somewhere Really nice Emirates British Airways has Some really really nice flights etad I Know has some great stuff Flying Blue a Ana is where you can find a ton of value Too but like I mentioned a big tip is Just reverse engineering the trip that You want to take so all you would do

It's actually very simple you would find Out how much points you have and you Just click on transfer my points all Right so an example that I found of a Flight going from the San Francisco area All the way into Japan was this okay This is Japan Airlines first class this Flight is is normally worth more than $20,000 round trip but by going online Finding some of these deals and at a Specific moment I was able to see that This same flight was worth 880,000 Points instead in order to book this you Would just go on American Airlines Website you would go to select redeem Miles and then you just transfer Whatever points you have to marry up Bon Voy and then transfer that over into American Airlines now in essence it Sounds pretty easy but let me just take You through where the work really lies So when you're booking a trip you would Just type in the destination of where Your airport is departing from and where You're going to and you can search it up Obviously you put in the date of Whenever you want to travel you let it Load up and you're going to get some Quotes on what flights are going to cost Now this is all cash related stuff but If you're trying to use your points you Want to go up into this tab here and Find where you can book with miles from Here you can then look into the miles

Finder map or even award travel what I Just talked about in upgrading your seat Upgrade with Miles upgrade with miles on Partner Airlines this is where you're Going to look for that pick wherever Your airport is coming from all right I'm in that DC area here say I just want To ride business first class here is I'll flight to Miami there's a return Date I'll let this search in and before You do all that you can click right here This little check box redeem miles so Now instead of the cash price it's Actually going to show you the points Price and sometimes you're going to find Some pretty surprising results now not All airlines are going to make it this Accessible but even American Airlines Has it on their website where you can Look on a calendar view of some of the Lowest prices for this month but they're Also just going to tell you right here Straight up if it's the lowest price in Terms of the point value now it's from Here you got to figure out what Different points you have which can Transfer over I'll use a site like a w Hacker I'll put in that same type of Flight in here and it's going to go Ahead and tell me the different points That are compatible because not all Points transferred to different partners So if you have a ton of American Express Points sometimes you may not be able to

Transfer it over there are other Instances though if you are able to Transfer it to say Marriott and then Marot allows you to transfer it over to Them that's where the transaction can Work so through the process this is what It's going to look like just transfer Your points to whatever frequent travel Program that you have selected so just As an example you have a w hacker mine's Not loading right now but it would give You a whole list of different Transfer Partners that you have I also like using Different flight deal alerts there is a Ton of different ones that exist and Some of them are great because every Week or even every day I'll hear about Some flight deals of how much it costs With points where I can book what date Are available what seats are available And they're going to do a majority of The leg work for you what I also like is A lot of them can tell you how to book So go on to the website click this click That hit this I mean this has even 12 Steps before you can even get to the Place where you actually book your trip So if you feel like this is something Overwhelming and difficult just know That there are many other resources that Are available today now I'm on a ton of Different flight deal alert Pages I've Subscribed to many of them paying Hundreds of dollars a month just so that

I know some of the best deals coming if You guys are interested in me Aggregating all that data so you guys Don't have to pay hundreds of dollars And you pay me like $10 $20 look guys This is just the basics of business Right it makes sense you're still going To save money but you're going to have Access to all the flight deals possible Let me know if you'd be interested in That in my mind it sounds like a good Idea because I'm just providing you guys Value but I know the complications of That and it may not be the most ethical Type of business either but for me I Just want to find a way for you guys to Get as much value as possible and Whatever it is if I'm using something These flight deal alerts and I'm able to Find an affiliate I will link them down Below in the description of this video For you guys to check out as well in the Meantime if you're just in the stage Though where you're collecting a lot of Points and you're not planning to do a Lot of travel not for at least a year or Two I'd probably hold off because you Can save that money for when you are Actually looking to book a flight now These Services I think are still very Worth it if you value your time or if You're just unable to come across any Good redemptions I know it's one thing When you know the skill and you're able

To do this without thinking twice but I Know as a beginner there's just a lot of Complic locations it can be intimidating At the start so even finding a Consultant who can walk you through Getting a good Redemption I still Personally find a lot of value because If you're able to get that first class Flight that costs you $30,000 but you Pay just 500 bucks and then you pay them 1,000 bucks or 2,000 bucks or whatever It's worth Roi is clearly still there All right the next way that you can Redeem your points is through using a Reward portal now reward portals are Very easy so start out with this just Look up the travel portal on Google plug It in make sure it's the actual website So you guys don't lose all your Information and lose all your points uh From here I'm on the Chase Ultimate Rewards portal it's basically like their Version of xedia and if I want to go Ahead and book a hotel I just click on This here it's from here it's going to Open up another page and it's going to Tell me that my 1,1 188,000 points are Worth $1 17,8 31 towards any kind of Travel your boy wants to go to Japan Let's put that in let's do it for Sometime in April let's do one adult and Let me say search it's as easy as that In being able to redeem your points so Right here it's going to tell me the

Cash back value but it's also underneath That going to tell me how much it's Worth in points I'm looking at some of The hotels it's going to give me a lot Of great hotels and right here with the Chase Sapphire Reserve it's going to Pull up the luxury hotel collection Benefit this is very similar to what American Express has with their fine Hotels resort collection program and it Says that I get automatic free benefits Daily breakfast for two welcome gift Room upgrade $100 property credit Complimentary Wi-Fi early check-in late Checkout and then from here I can book On how much it cost so five nights would Cost me 12 Grand or it would cost me 8 43,000 points now this is actually not Too terrible so 12,654 would be worth About 1.2 million points so I am getting A bit of a better Redemption than it was Just one to one but there are much Better redemptions out here this is just An example of how easy it is to get Outsize value on your points now hotels I think is where you're going to find The most value because of the upgrades Like I said uh with flights you're not Going to be seeing as easy as it is There but if I wanted to go from DCA Japan say I'm going soon in the same way As I was able to see the hotel rate and What the point equivalent was you're Going to be able to see that rate here

So booking through a travel portal is Really good but you don't even have to Always book for travel either it turns Out you can put your points to many Different kind of things Private Island Resorts or even taking a cruise or Renting a car with it now don't sleep on This don't sleep on cash back a lot of People think cash back is a complete Waste of money but this is where I'd say It really just depends this is because If you pull out your cash you decide you Don't want to travel with it but then You invest that cash into the market and Then you are able to turn it into a 10x Return where you get $100,000 from the $110,000 you get all for free I say That's worth way more because you can Then use all that money to get even more Flights possible now I'd say this here Is a bit more of a hypothetical Situation but I just want to emphasize That travel is not your only option I Personally feel like this is definitely A decent way to go pulling out all your Points using that to invest into a Venture putting that into a business That can make you even more money over Time than just even fighting to get that Five to 10-cent Redemption which also Doesn't happen all the time it's still Possible but I'd say this money can go An even longer way at the end of the day Don't complicate it the term that we use

Within the whole credit card space is Ymmv which is your miles may vary so now That you know how the game works you Understand how to redeem your points for Maximum value and you understand that Cash is not always so bad we're now Going to dial in on the four other Lessons here in this video which is Number one how to get approved for any Credit card just because if you apply it Doesn't mean you'll always get approved There were times where I got denied for A credit card and then I had to use this Method in order to reverse that decision I'm also going to go over how you can Increase your credit score because this Is fundamentally the biggest reason why People will get denied and how you can Get much better benefits and get Approved from more cards and get better Rates on different programs like your Mortgage and your auto loan or even a Business loan down the line we're also Going to go over how you can ACR more Points I was teasing this up for so long Within this PowerPoint and we're finally Going to go over that and then number Four I'm going to share with you how I Was able to Lambo with credit cards okay So first of all if you want to get Approved for any credit card be sure to Use reconsideration lines whenever you Apply for a credit card it is a computer Algorithm that automatically decides if

You get approved or denied but Algorithms do not take into Consideration real world situations so If you're dealing with a financial mess That you took care of 5 years ago but It's still impacting your credit score This is where you can call up the Reconsideration line talk to a person And see if they can reverse that Decision now if that person is saying no We can't do anything the algorithm is Right you do something called hookah Hang up call again now I'd rinse and Repeat this no more than five times Maybe you'd want to wait a day after That so that they don't flag your Account but i' just say if you did it Five times and they're not approving you They're probably not going to approve You the good thing out of any of this is That when you do get declined for a Credit card the bank will always send You a letter in the mail telling you Exactly why so sometimes your history is Too low sometimes you've just applied For too many credit cards and those are Easy fixes okay just wait a little bit Of time reapply and it turns out you can Probably get approved then just keep in Mind if you ever get denied or they need More information it is not the end all Be all I've seen the Recon line come in Clutch so many different times here on Your screen are going to be the numbers

To them you can also verify it by Looking up the directory on their Website which I always recommend you Guys to do okay always double check Because when it comes to finances and Credit cards you never want to have any Of your information leaked to someone Who's posing as one of these Banks now If you do want to get approve for any Credit card it's literally as simple as Making sure that you have a good score The highest score you can get is an 850 And to get an 850 credit score it's also Very simple so number one pay off your Credit cards in full and on time when You get a new credit card you can Actually set the autopay date and Sometimes if you have it set like even a Few days after it's going to report the Utilization on your credit score which Makes up a large chunk and more Specifically it's going to make up 30% Of your credit score which is a big Amount so I encourage you guys to turn On the auto pay but do it on an earlier Date than when the statement balance is Reported now every credit card has a Different date okay you can look this Information up online but for me as an Example with my Chase Sapphire Reserve I Had it set to the 16th of the month and Then I kept noticing my utilization was Rather high when I was using that card I Went ahead and I switched it so it just

Pulls it out at the first of the month I Make sure I don't overspend and I always Have enough money to be able to pay off My cards and you're going to see your Score increase very fast now if you have A bad score it's because you have some Type of credit card debt so in order to Solve that you need to find ways to cut Down on the spend that you're doing Start budgeting start using apps I use Things like rocket money I also just use Basic budgeting templates I also like to Take a look at my expenses and see where I can cut down or where I can add income There's no point in cutting down your Spent to near zero if first of all You're not going to survive if you do That you still got got to eat and pay For utility rent whatever it is but most Importantly if you don't have active Income coming in it's going to be very Difficult for you to pay off any kind of Balance so make sure that you pick up a Side hustle start a business pick up Second shifts at work stay at work Longer if you need to ask for a raise at The hospital you've been working at for A very long time another little life Hack here is you can always call the Banks and they have a department where They can work with you they can lower The interest rate they can put you on a Payment plan uh they can literally give You the tools and set you up for success

But you need to put in the work don't be Buying things that you don't need Because credit at the end of the day is A tool that if you want to be able to Find Value from you got to be Disciplined in the spend that you have Before you do all that though you need To monitor your credit history a lot of Companies are going to charge money to Do this but if you sign up for some of These cards they're going to give you Access to monitor your score for free But they're not going to give you the Full picture because there are three Main credit burea so like we said Experian TransUnion Equifax if you want To see all of them for free use annual Ual creditreport.com I'm not sponsored Or affiliated with them anyway this is Actually what the FTC encourages people To use this is literally vetted by the Government it's annualcreditreport.com You can get a free report but if you do It I believe more than a few times Within a year that's when they'll start Charging you but you only need it once To get a full detailed idea on what it Is now from here when you get your full Credit report this is where you got to Do a little bit of work because it turns Out a lot of credit bureaus make a ton Of mistakes the statistic was not a Couple thousand mistakes they do here And there it's millions of mistakes that

They make now the liability is usually Not with the credit bureaus for them to Do an internal audit to you know find Their mistakes and tell you oh we messed Up so let's take this off for you you Need to go ahead and take initiative to Dispute any negative inquiries or Mistakes that they made on your account So if you've always paid off your credit Card but then there's one month where One issue is like oh you didn't pay off But you know you did that is something That you can dispute so in the US When You dispute an inquiry they must respond Back to you they must remove it or They're going to give you evidence that It is indeed correct to dispute Something it's actually very simple There's a lot of templates that you can Use online but even right now for me Chachi BT comes in clutch put in the Information put in the prompt hey I'm Looking to dispute this error on my Equifax credit report it was on this day Help me write a letter that's going to Help me to win this case you then get it You put it in a Word document you fold It up and you mail it over to them and You should hear back within a 1 to two Monon period sometimes it could be Quicker but generally it does take 30 to 60 days for you to get any kind of Response now all this is going to help Because like we said you need to know

What makes up your credit score this is At the end of the day okay five factors But if you just focus on paying off your Card on time having no kind of credit Card debt you're going to see your Credit score go over 720 anything above 720 is good you're going to get some of The best interest rates possible and if Anyone is flexing an 850 credit score The difference between 720 to 850 is Simply the L L of History okay now types Of credit is also going to affect it About 10% so this could be student loans It could be the auto loan it could be a Mortgage and you paying it off on time Now I know that's like the boring answer But there is indeed yes a fix to Everything so first of all there are a Ton of different apps where they'll help You build your credit anytime you pay Things like your bill that you're doing Anyways on time your credit score is Just your report card and if you're able To show like hey I'm paying my water and Utility bill on time every single month They can use that to help build your Credit score as well another way to Increase your score f is by doing the Piggy backing method take this image Here of my wifey on my shoulders picking Her little apples on her apple farm trip Back last year where I'm carrying her With my good credit and with someone say She has bad credit I'm able to give her

Good credit and to do that you add them As an authorized user on your account so This is only going to work where if the Authorized user who adds you on their Account has good credit too now to add Someone as an authorized user on your Account it is very simple you literally Pull up your credit card whichever issue You're with and it's going to say do Want to add an authorized user you put In their name their social security Number you don't even have to give them The credit card they don't have to ever Spend it you can cut it up but Automatically from what your credit Score has you're going to be Transferring that data that history the Benefits of your hard work over to them So if you yourself are struggling with Credit find a family member who has an 850 credit score something that's really High and see if they can add you as an Authorized user it costs nothing for Them it takes them two or three Different clicks but you're going to Start seeing an increase on your credit Score the next month because if they Have even like $200,000 say of credit on Your account their history is going to Get reflected on to you then your credit Score goes up and this is the easiest Way to do that your score is going up You're getting approved for different Cards well how can you acrw even more

Points because the thing is a lot of These cards require you to spend a lot Of money that I know people you know in This current weird economy right now With inflation up it can be a little Difficult so number one when it comes to Welcome bonus offers maximize these two Strategies pay your taxes so if you go On irs.gov you're able to pay your taxes With a credit or a debit card so Obviously this is where you want to use A credit card it'll tell you the fees And what they're going to charge you and If you click on this it's going to bring A website so I've used pay USA tax for Many many many years but there are going To be different sites like pay1040 these Are all directly affiliated with the IRS And if you're paying even a tax bill of $3 to $55,000 for the money that you Made on that year this is an easy way For you to hit that welcome bonus offer All right second option here if you are Into business this is going to be huge So Melo is a recent app and product that I got introduced where this app comes Into play is where you can use any Credit card to pay a vendor for an Expense that you have so for me the Official wedding celebration that I have Is coming up uh and a lot of the vendors Want to get paid by zel or they want to Get paid by PayPal zel and PayPal allow You to pay with credit cards too but

They tack on a huge fee so sometimes It's just not worth it unless you're Going for the welcome bonus offer and Your Roi is there but if you're trying To get like 1 x cash back but you're Paying 4% in fees obviously it doesn't Match up now something like Melo allows You to pay vendors in a similar way with Your credit card now just check what the Pricing is it could be lower it could be Higher depending on what other services You might have geared towards this here Is just another option where you can use Your credit cards to pay someone they Can cash it in and this is where you can Acrew your points what I'll say is this Do not try to gain the system I know Some of you guys might think oh Brian Well what if I do this and I put in Another account that's not affiliated With me like my cousins and then I have Them send me cash and then I do it again No do not do that that is something that We are highly against because it can Lead to account shutdowns okay this was A thing of the past where four or five Years ago people were doing something Called msing okay manufacturer spend I Do not recommend it I do not encourage It I recommend that all of you guys stay Far away because if you want to make Money from credit cards you can do this Without having to cheat or game the System in this capacity and this clearly

Breaks the terms and conditions that Credit card issuer set so please avoid Doing that another way that you can earn A ton of points this is through referral Bonuses so this is something I got into Way before even doing YouTube I would Tell my friends at the time hey there Are some credit cards just make sure That you're not putting yourself in Credit card debt but if you want to sign Up for this card you're getting these Benefits I have this card here and boom You're able to get these pretty high Welcome bonus offers that add up really Quick now the one downside is that these Issuers they will limit the amount of Total points that you can get per year So if you have a lot of friends and Family members you're going to get Capped out now even if you do you're Still able to get a ton of points just As an example chasing cards you can earn Up to$ 200,000 points that's $2,000 in Referrals you can earn up to $500 cash Back per year with the Chase Freedom Cards and even up to 75,000 points per Year with a Chase Sapphire preferred now Referring people can be really easy some Of you guys are going to be very natural At it because credit cards are just a Great product if you know how to use it Right you could literally send them my Video here today tell them watch this Video and then you give them the

Referral link to your card to sign up For another way you can do it is use Social media for more reach okay instead Of having individual conversations use Your Instagram use your Pinterest use Your LinkedIn use your Tik Tok talk About your favorite credit card talk About the benefits and how you're able To take that trip for free and when Someone says Hey I want to learn more Can I do something similar to that you Then send them a link now if you want to Do this on a greater scale like what I've been doing here on this YouTube Channel it's completely possible I think A good social media strategy right now Is utilizing things like shorts reals Tik toks because even if you don't have A big audience you can actually get your Video seen by a lot of people Surprisingly pretty quick I've seen a Lot of videos go viral within the past Few years because of short form content From there post it online for the world To see make a second account invest time Into it and then you can use tools like Many chat which sets up an automated DM Where someone is like hey I'm interested To learn more about your card you can Then send it to them using this app all Without you having to do any work at all Now the second strategy is what I've Been doing okay post organically post Good valuable content give education to

Others it took me 4 years to get to Where I'm at now and eventually that Allowed me to get into the access of Getting affiliate links with a lot of These companies I still think this is Viable I started YouTube 10 years ago Technically but then it wasn't until 4 Years ago where I really decided to take This current channel here as high as I Could now guys I recently came out with A full YouTube credit card course There's over 11 hours of content it took Me 3 months to build that out I didn't Think I'd actually mention it in this Video here today but you will see me Talk more about that product I put my Heart my soul my team did so much work We have literally a 90 plus page Workbook in there and if you've ever Thought man maybe I can do this credit Card stuff or maybe I can make some Videos on YouTube talking about other Stuff that I'm passionate about and you Don't know how to start you don't know Where to begin you don't know camera Equipment stuff you don't know anything About the algorithm or Evergreen content I got you guys that's going to be Another resource that if you want to Learn more about I'll have it down below In the description so with all that Being said guys if you are interested at All in applying for a card I mentioned This earlier but I want to mention it

Again one way for you to support our Channel at no cost to you is by using Those credit cards links on our website And using the links Down Below in the Description look I know I don't know you Guys personally just yet because I'm Talking to you know my camera right here In my office but I know that if you're Listening to me now you are a real Person you have the capability of doing That and it does allow me to continue Making free content like this where I Can hire more people to help make even Better content to give more free value And education to the world if you guys Support me in my mission to do that and You guys want to be a part of this whole Movement of just empowering others with Proper education regarding tools like Even credit cards definitely use those Links it supports us a ton if you do use It I thank you so much from the bottom Of my heart if you don't use it that's Completely okay too I still appreciate You guys for watching this type of Content all the way till the end all Right so let's get to the point here now So how to Lambo with credit cards first Of all even if you get all the best Welcome bonuses in the world you're not Going to get the superar you're not Going to get all that getting supercars Getting your dream home comes from Starting businesses or getting a good

Paying job that allows you to have Active income build building up now Where credit cards do come into play Significantly is where if you are paying It off in full and your score goes up You're going to be able to leverage OPM Other people's money more frequently Allowing you to get loans on these Vehicles now it's not always just Businesses you start I've started four Or five businesses now there are times Where I literally thought I was losing My hair I mean I was losing sleep a lot Of the times there were times where I Got burnt out many many moments where I Threw in the towel I was like this is it And there were some decent moments in History we built one of the biggest Crypto channels we built one of the Biggest credit card channels we built One of the biggest affili marketing Drop Shipping channels we've built one of the Biggest membership groups to help others In their inves I mean we've done a lot Of great things but I'm one of those People that values leveraging money all Right so after saving up for years Investing my money constantly growing Different streams of income growing the Business supporting a team there was a Point where it still didn't make sense Financially for me to buy a Lambo out in Cash this is where credit can come in Handy so so much so number one as you

Build credit lenders are going to want To extend more credit to you number two Applying for a new car with a good score Is going to be the difference between Seeing a $2,000 a month payment by the Way that's what you would expect on Getting a superar versus a $3,000 or $4,000 month payment if your credit Score isn't that good number three like We said you need to make sure that you Have enough income okay credit cards you Have to spend money to get a certain Percentage back so that means you have To make more money than what you're Spending so that it all equates out what I just mentioned with the impact of bad Credit notice this this is just the Interest and a payment on a car loan for $20,000 over a period of 60 months if You have a terrible score and your Interest is 14% your monthly payment is Going to be $467 comparing it to be at a 5.61% rate $383 now if you do that on a Larger scale where the car is worth $200,000 $300,000 this is exponential so When you're using a credit card make Sure you pay it off on time make sure You build up enough income streams Because that is what's going to allow You to then make the decision of getting Access to these different auto loans and Dream vehicles and little splurges that You want to make at the end of the day Credit just gives you even more access

To different tools and I personally Believe it's a lot better of a decision For you to get something like a business Loan or a business line of credit that Even JP Morgan Chase extended out to me Where you start a business you leave an Impact you provide value to people at The end of the day if you can help People that's what money is money is Just an exchange of value value comes From you helping others and helping them Make more money helping them solve their Needs providing Services providing value This why doctors get paid what they do But it turns out even though business Owners and entrepreneurs may not be as Smart they can make a lot more money Because their impact doesn't just go From one person at a time but it can go From one to thousands one to hundreds of Thousands or one to even Millions so I Know I'm going all over the place but Credit really Blends in with all these Different Avenues in our life it's not Just the credit card they Ed to swipe This is just one piece of the whole Entire pie that builds your own Financial identity to wrap this video up Here are the five don'ts of credit cards Do not ever carry a bounce if you want Any of this work if you carry a bounce It's not okay there are instances yes Where there are some credit cards that Have no interest and I'm an advocate of

That if you're going through financial Hardship if you know how to utilize Credit cards and you say okay I'm going To put my expenses on this credit card Here I'm not going to pay interest as Long as I paid it off in one year and Within that onee period you know you're Going to secure that job you know you're Going to have money coming in it's just A bit of a risky game to play so just be Incredibly careful number two don't just Use one credit card this is pretty much A no-brainer at this point in the Slideshow but there are going to be some People who say oh man I'm just going to Use the AMX gold card for everything no If you want to capitalize and make Millions of points and do what I've done You need to get more and more credit Cards if you don't use a credit card It's okay you don't need to cancel it or Close it you can just put it away put it In your sock drawer put it in your Credit card binder and lock that into Your Vault for me with 20 different Credit cards I like to put little Expenses on them maybe every year just So the banks don't go ahead and Automatically close it for inactivity if You go ahead and close a credit card With no annual fee you're just shooting Yourself in the foot that can hurt your Credit it's going to show that you have A closed account and this is one

Misconception if you don't use a credit Card keep it open just don't use it keep On autopay in case something pops up on There so you're not acur just interest For something that you didn't even know Happened so I didn't write this one down But obviously put on auto payment for All of them okay unless you are so Meticulous with your finance that you Have to manually put it out and you like Doing that for some reason I'd say turn On autopay forget it and just stack your Cash number four don't try the game the System there are people who are going to Go out buy gift cards and do all this Stuff look it's first of all you're not Going to get a lot of points from doing That second of all you are going to get Shut down third of all it's not worth The risk and the stress you can still Make so much points cash and money just From doing this even the right way Number five don't take out cash advances With credit cards yes you can get cash Out from ATMs but they are going to Charge a premium on that amount there's Never a reason that you should be doing This even if you're held hostage tell Them I ain't doing that because Brian Jun told me not to so ladies and gents That is going to be everything in this Video first of all I have a completely Free Discord if you guys want to learn More about credit go ahead and join I

Also have a bang and Facebook group all Right 40,000 members we've been around For four or five years it's called the Credit Society go ahead and join us There I also have an email newsletter I'm going to be emailing you every few Days just credit card tips and tricks And then also credit card offers if you Guys want to go ahead and join that list I have a link Down Below in the Description if at any time you're like All right it's too many tips just Unsubscribe from the newsletter I won't Take it personally but there's a lot of Good info that I share there and if There are any good offers I will mention It to you guys there as well I mentioned This earlier but to support the channel You can use these affiliate links if you Don't want to it's okay but it is very Very appreciated check out the products We have down below if you're interested In any specific credit card put in my Name on Google or on YouTube and search It up and you're going to find probably A review video that I made on that card So the Capital One sa one card if you're Interested in applying I have a Dedicated video I'd watch that first and Then check out the link and then apply For it and then make sure you have Everything turned on this right here is Probably going to be the most valuable Video on YouTube if you made it here

Till the end I said something at the Halfway point like I'll be a little Weird yeah here I'm o that's weird woo Sorry I'm getting a little delirious I Think at this point I love you guys I Really do thank you for all your support Um be sure to check out all the Resources follow me on Instagram and on Twitter if you haven't done so already And that's it that is the ultimate Credit card hacking guide if you guys Have any feedback let me know down below One last thing comment down below if you Made it till the end this is how I know You guys are the real ones this is what Really encourages me on the days where I'm like man did I just film a video for Three and a half hours without eating or Doing anything was it worth it yeah your Comments make it worth it you guys and I Appreciate so if you made it till the End just comment down below your Favorite part of the video okay I read Every single comment it means so much to Me genuinely all right so that's going To be everything I love youall I'll see Yall soon peace


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