Turn $1,000 into $100k When Bitcoin Enters ‘The Banana Zone’!

The crypto Market is really heating up We're at 37.8 bull market progress this Is taking into account every other bull Market the progress bar is based on Standard having cycles and you can see Each having here and what you notice is After each having we tend to enter into What's being now called the banana Zone It seems like the banana Zone Terminology is getting quite popular I Believe originally started by Raul Paul But we've been talking about about this Forever and really people who are Familiar with Bitcoin and crypto know About this that there's always about a 9 To 11th month period where Bitcoin just Kind of goes parabolic kind of like a Banana usually starts in the summer into Fall maybe even into winter it's the Exact same thing Fred Krueger was Talking about in this video here so Things are about to get crazy I just Want to make you aware of this like now Is the time to shine now is the time to Double triple down on your education and Awareness Ness around the cryptocurrency Market even Sergey nazarov founder of Chain link says prepare for what comes Next the launch of the eth ETF proves a Very basic assumption that the Bitcoin ETF will not be the only ETF or Traditional Financial Market vehicle Through which the average Institutional Investor and consumer can access

Cryptocurrencies it will extend beyond Bitcoin to in this case eth but I Personally feel that that's really just The beginning just like many systems and Protocols initially list Bitcoin and eth And then eventually list a multitude of Other tokens that is really the Trajectory that we're on so on the one Hand it's significant because the eth Community likes it and it relates to the Eth community on the other hand it is a Sign of a very clear Trend that not only Bitcoin not only eth but many other Tokens out in the world will end up Getting their own ETFs at some point Allowing the larger Global Capital Markets to interact with that Financial Product now this parabolic banana Zone It's not going to start tomorrow it's Not going to shoot up 50k in a week in The short term we're seeing Consolidation we could be seeing a Rotation from Bitcoin into eth two Reasons one Capital being sidelined that Now see eth as so much more viable than Even just a month ago and two a rotation Into ethereum from Bitcoin itself we're Still in this consolidation period right Now but once we break out that's when We're really going to see this I mean Institutions are backing ethereum now Top investment firms support the Ethereum ETF including Black Rock Grayscale Ark invest Fidelity bitwise

Hasht Invesco vanac sooner or later huge Smart money will flow into the ethereum Ecosystem we're going to be ready are You and I mentioned that as another Example of why in the short term we Might see a rotation from Bitcoin into Ethereum Bitcoin might chop around a Little bit more eventually both of these Assets are going to Boom these are Instit tional grade now but Bitcoin will Rise again stronger than ever I assure You think about it like this Bitcoin ETFs bought 3520 Bitcoin yesterday $235 Million Worth of bitcoin that's 8X all the Bitcoin mind there is not enough Bitcoin To sustain 70k strap in God candle is Coming and even more than Bitcoin and Ethereum truly I've never been more Bullish on crypto on altcoins in Altcoins and crypto in America think About the implications of what's Happening with fit 21 this is the bill Coinbase is making another push to Appeal its case against the SEC citing Lawmakers fit 21 vote The Exchange noted A division between the lawmakers in the SEC in their views on jurisdiction over Crypto let me clue you in to exactly What the fit21 bill will do what does it Say why is this so positive for crypto Short thread on the most important Aspects of the fit21 bill the five prong Decentralization test to determine

Whether or not an asset is a digital Commodity expect all protocols with Goals of decentralization to be paying Very close attention to this test number One the power rule no person can change The code and no person can prohibit any Other person from using the system in Any way prong one thus requires Protocols not to have admin censorship Power hours prong two ownership and Voting in the last calendar year no Affiliated person can own 20% of the Asset no person can have the power to Direct 20% of the voting power must be Given up think about this prong 2 is Powerful no Affiliated person can own 20% this would immediately hurt many Token generation event plans further Dissolution means nothing if the Founders Founders delegates own over2 % Of the voting power cough Rune cough Hax Prong three code changes in the last 3 Months no changes were made to The Code By persons except for maintenance bugs Vulnerabilities also in the last 3 Months no changes were made unless Adopted through the consensus or Agreement of a decentralized government System meaning that development teams Must take a backseat to Dows prong four No marketing as an investment doesn't Get any simpler don't Market the asset As an investment within the past 3 Months prong five rules of inflation the

Token issuance of the past 12 months Must be an enduser distribution this is Government talk for an airdrop that one Is broadly distributed two relates to The nature of the chain or three is Based on the Holdings of other assets so All in all these five prongs would Actually end up classifying many popular Government tokens as securities perhaps Rightly so the prongs are surprisingly Thorough and reflect the nuances of Crypto if all assets lived up to these Standards we would see less fraud I Believe fit 21 is the right decision for Crypto and America hey real quick you Should join us at Bitcoin conference in Nashville this year 10% off if you use The code altcoin daily link and details In the description this is the biggest Bitcoin conference in the world I think This is going to be their biggest year Ever I love the fact that this is in Nashville this year if you want to be Part of the culture celebrate Bitcoin With like-minded people and hang out With us join us at Bitcoin conference Nashville 10% off use the code altcoin Daily link and details in the Description I hope to see you there Ethereum educator Anthony Sano who runs The YouTube channel the daily guay Emphasizes exactly the importance of This bill not just for ethereum but for The crypto industry at large listen what

I do want to do is open this up to the Conversation about how this is more than Just about the E ETF because of the fact That yeah it seems like the Democrats Overnight based on you know whether it's Based on Trump's rhetoric or not I'm not Going to kind of aine on that but they They changed their stance here they seem To be very Pro crypto now not all of Them not Gary Gensler he definitely is Still negative towards crypto not some Of the other high ranking Democrats such As Brad Sherman and I think Maxim Waters Those people especially Elizabeth Warren I don't think they' have changed their Tune or anything like that but enough Democrats have that seems to have Shifted things and it's not just the Fact that they approved the E ETF even Though there were a lot of signs that They were going to deny it there are a Lot of signs that the ACC was going to Try and go after ether of security which Actually I should mention that the fact That the SEC has approved a commodity Based trust for these ETFs for eth means That the SEC has basically admitted that They are going to let eth be regulated As a commodity and not a security so We've put to bed the security aspect or Guess like the security argument against Eth like that's it it's finished we Should not hear about it again staking Is a whole another argument and and I

Saw as I predicted that all the issuers Removed staking from the ETF because That was obvious that that we're going To do that but I do think the SEC is Still going to go after various staking Products so we're going to have to see How that plays out there for being a Security or an investment contract Whatever you want to call it but when it Comes to the actual asset we know as eth Right obviously there's no deeming that Of security and that has Downstream Effects into the's case against coinbase And binance and Kraken over the other Assets that they have said that are Securities that has a effects there as Well so there's just a Pandora's box That has really been opened here but There was also a new set of legislation That was passed through the house so it Still needs to pass the Senate and then Needs to be signed by Biden to make it Into law but it is a very nice piece of Legislation that was passed I think it's A fit 21 act now this had been in the Works for a while and it actually sets Out some pretty clear guidelines on how To regulate crypto the fact that they've Got something like this in the ACT Basically says to the SEC you know you Guys haven't been regulating crypto as You should we have to basically put in Your legislation in order to regulate Crypto and to to Define what is a

Security and what is a commodity so here It is essentially so this is not only as I said good for the E ETF that the Democrats have changed their tune here But the fact that this passed the house With a lot of democrat support means That it is now possible that it could Pass the Senate and then we voted into Law and we actually get good crypto Legislation or any crypto legislation Really that can protect crypto's Interests in the US and protect crypto In the US and end or hopefully kind of Really weaken this absolute cluster that The SEC has brought upon crypto over the Last couple of years so that to me is The most bullish thing about the last Week or the last few days not so much The ETF being approved as bullish as That is for eth this is bullish for all Of crypto obviously for eth but for all Of crypto which is going to benefit all Of us so I actually can't believe that This happened I was very surprised at This happened the SEC is done racking up Losses the the Democrats cannot afford This because what's going to happen if They did deny the eth ETF is this is the Calculus that I think that they did is That because Trump is now kind of Pandering to the crypto audience and is Like Pro crypto here he would hit on That and he would keep hit hitting keep Hitting the Democrats keep hitting the

SEC on this and keep saying as we're Lading up to the elections in November Oh the Democrats are anti- crypto look At them breaking the law here look at Them doing this and he keep putting Attention on it and that's something That they definitely do not want the Bigger picture is the fact that the Democrats a nice bulk of them seem to Have shifted their stance on crypto and A more Pro crypto here which is what we All want to see especially those living In the US the tides have turned my Friends these are bullish Tides Definitely I do think that with the betc And E both having ETFs now that's going To mean that both of those assets go Into price Discovery again relatively Shortly I think you could see this over The next few weeks definitely and then They'll be on a Level Playing Field as Well I'm very glad that e is on a Level Playing Field with BTC now I didn't Think it was fair that BTC had an ETF And eth didn't and there is the long Tale of crypto assets that are still Going to be majority not even just Majority like 99% of the money that goes Into these other assets will be Crypton Natives and new people to crypto hey Make sure you check out any of our Videos from the past 6 months these Videos are still insanely relevant and Make sure you follow us on Twitter as

Well for up to the minute updates I'll End things here and just I want to pay My respects to the original Doge the dog That inspired the meme Doge dog has died We salute you sir it's been a good run Here's to the next era of crypto that You helped usher in and a sad update From this morning the Dogecoin mascot Has passed away kabu the Sheba enu that Rose to fame as the face of both the Meme Doge and the token Dogecoin passed Away peacefully in her sleep according To an Instagram post from her owner Another post on X early this morning From the Dogecoin account said that the Impact this one dog has made across the World is immeasurable as of noon Eastern A sympathy rally pushed Dogecoin Higher By more than 6%


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