Trump’s Secret Crypto Wallet: “I Only Want Ethereum & THIS Coin”

Breaking news in finance today former President Donald Trump is invested in Cryptocurrency we know this due to Recent Financial disclosures that he Just made he has a crypto wallet in each Crypto wallet I'll take you through the Details and it's crazy to me to think That just two years ago Donald Trump Said this developing Balfour Wall Street Is about to ring I'll ask you one last Question you don't like Bitcoin you Wouldn't invest in Bitcoin Bitcoin it Just seems like a scam uh I was Surprised you know with us it was at six Thousand and uh much lower I don't like It because it's another currency Competing against the dollar essentially It's the currency competing against the Dollar I want the dollar to be the Currency of the world that's what I've Always said cut to then one year later About one year ago Donald Trump said This when asked about China's recent Crackdown on crypto if you have a Relationship with the Chinese president Xi Jinping what do you think Xi Jinping Is up to and is this Crackdown on crypto Good for the U.S well I think he wants To do his own currency whether it's Crypto or otherwise and one of the Reasons that we have to be very careful Is we have a currency right now at the Dollar and I'm a big fan of the dollar I'm a big fan of our currency and I

Don't want to have other currencies Coming out and hurting or demeaning the Dollar in any way yet now he does use at Least two currencies the United States Dollar and ethereum but a few months After this clip actually in December 2022 Trump announced for the first time That he was releasing a limited edition Collection of 44 000 nfts representing Cartoon-like trading cards hello Everyone this is Donald Trump hopefully Your favorite President of all time Better than Lincoln better than Washington with an important Announcement to make I'm doing my first Official Donald J Trump nft collection Right right here and right now they're Called Trump digital trading cards these Cards feature some of the really Incredible artwork pertaining to my life And my career it's been very exciting You can collect your Trump digital cards Just like a baseball card or other Collectibles so this first drop was an Overwhelming success at least for him The 99 cards sold out in one day and Then Trump and his partner a company Named nft Inc LLC we'll get to them in a Second then released a second batch in April of this year and it also sold out Hello again this is your favorite President Donald Trump with some news You are going to really love a few Months ago we almost broke the internet

When I announced my trump digital Trading cards these beautiful Trump Cards made headlines all over the world Because of the speed at which they sold Original cards sold out so fast Everybody is asking me to do another Series well I've got some fantastic news For you my drug digital trading cards Are back with a bang Series 2 the new Collection features incredible artwork Of me as a rock star it's so easy to buy Just need an email address and your Credit card or crypto how much did Trump Make from these sales in total the sales Appear to have raised more than 8.9 Million dollars and the former president Earned almost three hundred thousand Dollars in licensing fees from The Venture according to the disclosure Meaning just like how Trump licenses his Name out in the traditional World Trump Did the same sort of Licensing play in The digital world and his wallet is held Under the same Trump entity through Which he collected his licensing fee cic Digital as we can see right here cic Ventures LLC because we now have access To Trump's secret crypto wallet how he Made Millions from nfts so this Initially came about in a hundred and One page filing required for any Candidate running for president so we Got a taste of this in April Specifically filed April 14th and while

The details of this first initial filing Were sparse all we saw were income from Cic digital LLC that's the company he Worked with for the nfts and income type Nft valued anywhere between half a Million and a million dollars just a few Weeks ago we got an update a revised Declaration in his revised Financial Disclosure form submitted to the office Of government ethics he gave details of How he earned over one billion dollars In earnings and in the filing Trump Disclosed his ownership of cic digital LLC which acquires licensing payments For utilizing Trump's Persona on Non-fungible tokens meaning that company Paid Trump to license out his image and According to Bloomberg the company Boasts a crypto wallet holding a Substantial value of some where between 250 to 500 000 so this was that revised Statement showing the filers meaning Donald J Trump's employment assets and Income and we see plain as day Cryptocurrency wallet ethereum valued at Least over two hundred and fifty Thousand dollars and it's interesting Because in his first drop back in December we covered this the Donald Trump nfts were on polygon blockchain Actually I think both eth and polygon And even just checking today at his Current website now in the FAQs Trump Digital trading cards are minted on the

Polygon blockchain because polygon Describes itself as eco-friendly and Carbon neutral yet today he didn't claim A polygon wallet I guess everything was Consolidated to ethereum and by the way We don't know maybe this is usdc on Ethereum a stable coin on ethereum maybe This is all ethereum either way Donald J Trump has exposure it took the use case Of nfts to bring him in and comparing How much he earned in crypto versus his Other notable assets this filing list Comes from each of the hundreds of Assets belonging to Trump including his Mar-A-Lago club where he reports over 5 Million dollars in Resort related Revenue Trump media and Technology Group The company behind truth social is Valued between five million dollars and 25 million dollars even though he Reports earning from truth social less Than a few hundred in income and then is Other big earning stream apart from his Speeches he did make a lot of money from His speaking engagements Trump's 1987 Memoir the art of the deal brought in Between a hundred thousand and one Million meaning that besides his Original book besides Mar-A-Lago besides Truth social cryptocurrency was up there As one of his big earners slash assets Last year with now at least five of the Main presidential candidates running Next year one two three four five now

Either own crypto or come out in support Of crypto but as president on day one Cbdc goes into the trash can we're not Going to allow it is as important to Freedom as free expression and we are Going to let Americans invest in things Like Bitcoin and cryptocurrency no one's Forcing you to do it if you want to do It you can do it a government that has The power the star of its citizens when They're disobedient will inevitably turn Our entire country into serfs we will Make the 2024 election a referendum on Sound money in the United States pick One is a bull work against precisely This kind of government and corporate Expansion and intrusion we did a whole Video on this I will link this down Below but because this is an ongoing Story be sure to click subscribe you do Not want to miss a video


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