“Trillions to Enter Crypto Market” – Wall Street’s Top 5 Coins

Trillions of dollars of assets looking To find their way into crypto it's going To be Bitcoin eth salana bitwise CIO Matt Hogan just revealed what the next 6 Months look like in crypto some people Are looking that and saying this is the Easiest trade they've seen in a while so Much Alpha is about to be revealed That's the reason I think we're going to See maybe even stronger Flows In H2 than We did in H1 smash the like button Subscribe to altcoin daily make sure you Watch the whole video he talks bitcoin Price altcoins Wall Street is most Likely interested in first Donald Trump What to expect with the ethereum ETF Launch long-term trends that will push The price of crypto Skyhigh and so much More bitwise is currently the fifth Largest ETF by Bitcoins held Matt Hogan Is the chief investment officer with a Strong grasp on the pulse of Wall Street First question give us an update on the Success of these Bitcoin ETFs what do we Need to know first of all two things one These are the most successful ETFs of All time which is really remarkable Right there's been thousands of ETFs Launched over 30 years and the fastest Growing ones of all time are these Bitcoin ETFs that tells you just how Much pent up their band there is from Professional investors to access this Asset class what we're seeing right now

Is something really interesting there's A huge wave of flows primarily from Retail investors in January February and March and then they took the foot off The pedal we had a period where we sort Of chopped sideways but we're seeing a Re acceleration of flows in the last few Weeks and I think it's gaining momentum What I think that is Kate is the people Who started their due diligence the raas The institutions the hedge funds who Started looking at this in January They're now wrapping that up and they're Starting to allocate that's the reason I Think we're going to see maybe even Stronger Flows In H2 than we did in H1 We're seeing the professional investors Come in and drive the flows so what is The pitch that you give to your High net Worth clients what is the pitch you give To your institutional investors what is Sort of the the investment thesis that You're hearing from folks it seems to be Still that allocation of maybe 2 to 5% As a risk asset versus digital gold any Sort of store value is that fair to say And what are you hearing well you know At bitwise we speak to financial Advisers every day about crypto we've Been doing it for 7 years and when we Talk to them about bitb R ETF there're Really two things that come into four The first is massive concern about Rising debt deficits and the long-term

Outlook for the dollar investors feel That and they need a way to hedge that And Bitcoin has been the fastest Source In that race the best way to hedge that For the last few years you know since Co The dollar has lost 25% of its value Bitcoin's up 7 or 800% so it's been a Great hedge that's one major Catalyst The other one is really simple which is People are just looking at supply and Demand the supply of Bitcoin is Basically fixed Right and actually the the rate of new Supply fell in half in April and yet we Have trillions of dollars of Institutional Capital that needs to find Its way into the market so some people Are looking that and saying this is the Easiest trade they've seen in a while Other people are thinking how do I hedge That risk to the dollar either way it Adds up to significant inflows what About Donald Trump Donald Trump has Become a strong Bitcoin Advocate making Crypto an election issue how do crypto Centric Wall Street companies like Bitwise and black rock see this how big Of a deal is it that Donald Trump is Supporting crypto seems like former President Trump is sort of taking a Stand here and trying to frame himself As the more crypto-friendly candidate What is the feeling in the industry um Is there a lot of Buzz around the

Presidential election and what that Might be there is a lot of Buzz around The presidential election but there is More Buzz around the bipartisan sort of Consensus that built around the fit 21 Bill in the house we had 70 plus Democrats cross the aisle ultimately if You want to get something done in Politics you're going to need bipartisan Consensus and the good thing for crypto Is underneath the surface outside we After we get away from Washington it's Owned on a bipartisan basis the the Demographic that owns crypto is strongly Bipartisan and I think that's starting To be reflected in Washington and that Means I think we're going to see real Progress in the next 12 months it seems To be a demographic difference too right As you said not necessarily political Maybe just younger investors are more Open to crypto is that something you Found that's absolutely true and we Actually saw that in Congress there was Stronger alignment on demographic Grounds in terms of who voted for that Fit 21 Bill than there were along party Lines I think the average age of a of a Representative that voted for it was 51 And the average age against it was in The mid-60s again that's a good Long-term trend for crypto I think it Pushes us higher the ethereum ETF is a Huge deal is it not how do you see the

Eth ETF launch going and now that Wall Street is interested in crypto not just Bitcoin what altcoins is Wall Street Looking at after that what about ether ETFs at some point uh what's your Anticipation for any sort of success There and how would it compare to some Of the Bitcoin offerings that are now Available give us a little bit of what To expect down the ethereum side sure When you think about professional Investors what's the first thing they Learn they learn diversify your exposure No one holds One stock or one Bond they Hold a portfolio of stocks a portfolio Of bonds so we expect a lot of people Who own Bitcoin ETFs like bitb to also Allocate to ethereum ETFs just on that Simple diversification principle now if I had to guess I think there'll be a Little bit slower acceleration of flows Into ethereum ETFs if they launch than We saw in Bitcoin because there's more To learn it's a more complex asset it Has different use cases but you can be Sure almost all professional investors Are coming into the crypto Market They're going to want 1 to 5% exposure And most of those are going to want to Hold both of the largest assets Bitcoin And E is there room for Wall Street to Get into crypto beyond that it seems Like there is some comfortability with With Bitcoin at least I've heard some

People call it Boomer coin at this point That it it seems to at least it's Reputation has gotten better it seems to Be sort of pegged as the safest the Biggest the oldest yeah but there's all There's you know about a trillion Dollars worth of other assets that might Not be as palatable what's your take on If Wall Street will ever get comfortable I think they'll get comfortable with it I think you'll see them look Beyond Bitcoin and eth toward things like Salana as they start to understand some Of the non-financial applications of Open blockchains and I think that will Resonate the other place I think we're Going to see huge investment including From the largest financial institutions In the world is in stable coins that's a $150 billion Market I think that will be A multiple trillion dollar market in a Few years with big names like JP Morgan And Bank of New York and others trying Trying to find a foothold in that space So again it's the same story trillions Of dollars of assets looking to find Their way into crypto it's going to be Bitcoin eth salana stable coins and Other applications we're not even Thinking about today the big question What could go wrong what keeps you up at Night what is the number one problem Crypto still has to face what are you Hearing in terms of some of the

Reservations that still might exist when It comes to crypto whether it's the Reputational risk the the risk of safety Not enough regulation what is sort of The top concern you hear from more Institutional investors yeah I actually Think it's just the passage of time Believe it or not I think a lot of Institutional firms started their due Diligence in January and February after The Bitcoin ETFs were launched and that Process takes 6 to 12 months not for Crypto for any new asset so I think the Biggest one is the passage of time but I Will say that Wall Street has its eyes On DC there was a real change in Sentiment when we saw sort of bipartisan In progress in Congress around Comprehensive crypto regulation I think Once that comes into the four you're Going to see this trickle of Institutional assets turn into a flood Very exciting times you know most people Are ignoring Bitcoin right now Particularly as a just ranges and ranges There are so many reasons to be bullish On bitcoin and the entire cryptocurrency Market we clue you in to these green Flags on an almost daily basis make sure You get your tickets to bitcoin Nashville in July use code altcoin daily For 10% off we'll be speaking there and We'll be releasing the full interview With Charles hoskinson within the next

Several days so look forward to that and Make sure you check back on any of our Videos from the past 6 months the top Altcoin ones any of them all of these Videos are still very much relevant my Name is Aaron this is altcoin daily see You tomorrow


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