Top 8 Gaming Crypto Altcoins For 2024

Gaming altcoins are about to go insane This cycle with new developments Happening in gaming in general every Week it's the next installment of the Biggest entertainment property ever GTA 6 going to launch in 2025 which is Speculated to have crypto if we actually Have a real life crypto reward system Inside GTA this could shift be a seismic Shift even Disney jumping in big and I Understand you have a big announcement That you're going to break we've entered Into uh a strategic relationship with Epic games the maker of fortnite gaming Is that industry that is said to be the Most Recession Proof if you look at the History of gaming over the last 20 years It tends to be very resilient through Economic downturns through recessionary Periods here are the top eight gaming Crypto altcoins in 2024 keep in mind I Cannot see the future I'm not a Financial adviser and any of these Investments can theoretically go to zero At any time so never invest more then You're willing to lose and first coin on Our list today immutable immutable is a Layer two scaling solution for ethereum Specifically tailored to gaming with Over 200 highly funded games building on Them and an ecosystem that is becoming Undeniable listen to the co-founder of a Mutable explain is just so obvious from Pretty early on we were familiar with

This concept that assets inside of Games Should have value but players were Constantly ripped off I remember a story Where my brother and I used to share a RuneScape count as you know you can go Into the Wilderness and verse other Players and if you attack them first you Get a skull which means you lose all Your items rather than keeping the most Valuable and my brother at this time had Full Dragon which is the best armor or Close to the best armor you can get in The game and I went on his account went Into the Wilderness and uh scalled and Lost all of it and I felt so bad that The next day I spent all of my pocket Money buying gold off a uh essentially a Gold Farm in order to buy these armor Back and then a week later jagex banned The account for Real World Trading and 6 Months later jagex rolled out real world Trading but as long as it was through Their officient official platform where You buy bonds that could be exchanged For gold inside the game and so I think It's pretty clear that the demand for Real world uh assets is there so just Based on the data the demand for Value That Gamers could actually convert out Is there think of a mutable as your blue Chip I think we're now at the point Where these games have been well funded And they're going live over the next Year and next coin on today's list sort

Of a sleeping giant in crypto gaming Alium explore capture collect and fight For ethereum in the alium Universe the Game footage that has been released Looks absolutely epic and what to expect This year as explained by Kieran their Co-founder it's an ecosystem of games There's uh three which are going live Q2 Of of this year year so literally just Around the corner one of them is called Alium zero and that's a mobile friendly Game and that's basically a very simple City-builder game where your aim is to Generate Fuel and what you do with that Fuel is either use it yourself to go and Uh and play the other games or you can Sell it to other players and uh they Then use that fuel in uh the Overworld And as they describe the Overworld has a Fist full of features being implemented Including aluvial hunting movement Tech Harvesting crafting fusing and fighting The Overworld is our second game very Similar to like a power world or a Monster hunter Pokemon Style game you've Got seven beautiful regions for you to Go and uncover there's 200 unique 3D Collectibles creatures for for you to to Find you've got to go around and and Uncover what happened on this mysterious Planet and from there you collect these Creatures you start uh putting them all Together they all have different Synergies and classes and that's

Important in our third game and that Brings us to the third game in the Ecosystem it's an auto battler you put Together a team of creatures and in this E system it's all interoperable Interoperable which is a fancy word for For basically connecting all assets Between the different games and this Could be bigger than axi axi had Unsustainable economics because the Assets in game were hyperinflationary Causing the ecosystem to eventually go Bust alovi learned from axi and created Sustainable economics across their Ecosystem it's super exciting we're We're finally getting to the point of uh Of launch by the way click subscribe for Daily updates keeping you informed about Crypto and check out channel partner Bybit for a great place to buy sell and Trade altcoins use code altcoin daily For up to $30,000 in rewards link down Below for bit and next project to keep On your radar is superverse with their Own native game imposters we've Literally been updating you on this Since back in 2022 um Impostors which is Uh the first game here in the super Ecosystem that's built on top of the Super token uh imposters is a social Deduction game now imposters did just Hire a big new head of Studio Rick Ellis Which has a legendary track record but The news today and why they make this

List is because they're uniting the Biggest web three communities with the Best crypto games I'm extremely proud to Present to you superverse gaming United Super connects the biggest web3 Community to the best crypto games so Why have competition when we could have Collaboration that's right the current Phase of superverse is all about Bringing the best developers together Getting them as much Community Support As they can and helping them share Community liquidity and resources so Subverse is slowly integrating with some Of the biggest names in space like my Pat hooligan Off the Grid metal core Shrapnel which is supposed to be huge Gonzilla which is supposed to be huge The biggest web 2 Gaming influencers Like do disrespect have commented on These games the best I've ever seen in a Battle royale and it's still in Development he's not just saying this is Good for a crypto game he's saying this Is the best visuals he's ever seen and This was months ago and Gamers who hold Super tokens and play these games have Access to exclusive loot you if you're Holding any super tokens at all you'll Be able to claim ridiculously exclusive Loot in this game which could very well Have over 100 million players this year This game has the potential to go Totally mainstream and of course what to

Expect in the future as superverse gets Bigger and finally we have the evolution Super is evolving into its own chain Designed in partnership with industry Leaders to be the definitive home for Web3 gaming also we have Gala games Another blue chip in the space now we've Interviewed their leadership several Times and with the launch of Gala chain Their CTO talks about security how do You envision the tokens role Ro within The evolving ecosystem as the utility Continues to expand across uh Galla Chain yeah and shout out to the team at Certic happy to continue you know Focusing on security with you as a Partner uh happy to see our position on That leaderboard at number three too Which is quite an achievement security Is Paramount to us uh but at you know as It relates to Gala the token on Gala Chain you know we have a lot of plans For that too a lot of uh entries in the Road map related to that you know some Of the the core basic ones are around Gala as gas feeld for g chain so really A lot of flexibility because we're Hyperledger fabric based because it's All custom Smart contract and for me What I find cool about the gala Ecosystem is that it's more of an Entertainment Studio they have Gala film They have Gala music and Gala game again They're the Blue Chip the only other

Project that I can think that is Evolving the web 3 entertainment Studio As well is hello they do have crypto Games as well but for me I'm most Excited about what I'm a part of I'm a Producer and judge on the show so again Just understand that even though we're Talking about gaming it's entertainment In general that's how this revolution is Happening and speaking of Revolution Next up is Mya the web 3 gaming platform Miria is an ethereum layer 2 for gaming It has 1 million users 250 games 9,000 Transactions per second and zero gas Fees actually me and my brother just Become ambassadors for this project and I think this is cool the web 3 gaming Ecosystem powering over a million users Trade with zero gas fees on Mira's L2 so Again built for the masses and launch And scale your blockchain game in hours If you are a developer looking to create A blockchain game this may be for you And just looking at their website we can See the plethora of different games Available now Sports I.E Cricket we have Nitro League racing meta Rush also a Fighting game and a space game and again How they differentiate themselves from Other chains building join the fastest Growing ecosystem over 2 million player Wallets created thousands of developers 10 times the speed to launch and 96% Reduction in development costs in fact

Here's a member of the leadership Explaining how they're overcoming some Of these challenges the challenges in The space are still ones of uh Scalability and smooth user experience And all the regulatory Landscapes uh Which are the ones that we're investing A lot of time and and effort to address Because we really do feel that the Opportunities are huge um so yeah I mean We're we're pioneering Innovative Gameplay mechanics and uh exploring new Monetization strategies and um I mean at The end of the day offering a game Experience that's more immersive and um Transparent and um again overall player Centric as you say uh more than never Before and I guess for me even though They have many games games Nitro League To me looks like the funnest and finally If you're bullish on the Solana Ecosystem a game to keep on the radar is Mix mob the world's first card strategy Racing game from the team behind FIFA And Halo again most of the projects Today we've talked about were primarily Built on ethereum if you're bullish on The Solana ecosystem this one is heavily Backed and again I think looks cool also Backed by Solana and also if we're Looking at games that seem to have the Users or at least have the hype star Heroes the number one Esports space Shooter with over 1.6 million prize pool

Over 400,000 pre-registered players Powered by Microsoft now the news today Is that beta season 2 recently ended Here are the stats five times more Engagement or kills than in space Elite Beta season 1 that's a 5x on growth and 4x more battles fought ascending at warp Speed ready to join and rule the guy in Full game launch in April click Subscribe to stay informed about crypto I will be bringing you updates on all These projects and like always see you Tomorrow


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