Top 8 Crypto Apps: BEST Picks For 2023!

What crypto apps do you have on your Phone it's an important thing to Consider because your Edge in the market Is only as good as the tools you have at Your disposal so today I'm going to take You through numerous different apps that Can help you take your crypto game to The next level I also have some hints and tips about How to best use these apps so don't go Anywhere Okay firstly I need to fully state that As with all other videos this is not Sponsored in any way most of the apps That I present here are free and they Are presented because my colleagues and I use them over here at the bureau and Of course none of this is financial Advice but you knew that already Now you don't have to use any of these Apps and there are many others that we May not have presented which may be Equally impressive so be sure to dyor Anyways with that out of the way let's Start off with perhaps one of the most Important apps that any crypto hodler Can have and that is a mobile wallet now Before we dive into some of the best Wallet apps we need to make something Perfectly clear when I am talking about A mobile wallet I am referring to Non-custodial wallets I.E those where You have full control of your private Keys

These are obviously different from Custodial wallets in which the private Keys are held by some third party they Are usually the likes of exchange apps Or other virtual asset service providers More about that below So irrespective of what Wallet app you Decide to download make sure that it's An actual wallet With that out of the way let's jump into One of my top wallet picks and that is Trustwallet this is a completely free Non-custodial wallet that was launched Back in 2017. It was also acquired by binance in 2018 And has since become the exchange's Official wallet now since that time They've been able to acquire at least 25 Million users and have become one of the Most popular wallets in the crypto space Now one of the main reasons why I like Trust wallet so much is because of its Security apart from the fact that it has Never suffered an exploit of any kind it Is also fully open source what that Means is that the code is open to review And the broader Community can vet said Code to verify its robustness so that's A definite plus another reason why I Like the trustwallet app is because of Its broad coin support of course they Have all the standard coins out there Such as ethereum and of course erc20 Assets Bitcoin Soul Ada xrp the list

Goes on and on top of its support for These fungible assets the wallet also Supports nfts on both the ethereum Blockchain as well as the BSC and Something else that I really like about Trustwallet is its functionality it's a Web 3 wallet which means that it can be Used to access and interact with any Number of decentralized applications That means the likes of decentralized Exchanges for trading or lending apps For supplying liquidity or borrowing This is all accessed through the browser Tab that you have in the app over here Trustwallet has also integrated with Fiat payment options so that you can Convert your cash into crypto right There in the wallet although these are Quite expensive and have limits on the Amount that you can buy or sell now Trust wallet is available on both IOS And Android and appears to be well rated By most of the community okay so that's One of my favorite mobile wallets and Perhaps your best option if you want Something free however if you're looking For the Best in Class security for a Mobile Wallet app then you may want to Consider The Ledger Live app by Ledger Now this is technically a hardware Wallet app but it allows you to use your Ledger device with your mobile via Bluetooth but the benefit of this is That it is of course a hardware wallet

Now for those unfamiliar a hardware Wallet is a device that's used Specifically for the purpose of storing Private keys and signing transactions They are the gold standard in crypto Security I have of course talked about them Ad Nauseam on other videos on the channel Which I will leave a link to below but The tldr is that when you use a ledger Hardware wallet with your Ledger Live App you are storing your private keys on The device and not on your phone this Means that they are stored in a quote Cold environment and are inaccessible From any external device and it's not Just the security that makes The Ledger Device and app such a great combo you Also have the benefit of a wide range of Coin support now I won't go over it all Here but if there is a coin that you Want to hold you can probably do it on This device And like trustwallet it allows you to Connect to web 3D apps and has Fiat on An off-ramp Integrations as well Now Ledger live is free to download from Both the iOS and Google Play stores Although if you want to actually get a Hardware wallet it will cost you that's Because the mobile friendly Ledger Device is The Ledger Nano X this costs 149 which some may consider pricey but Is definitely worth the investment if

You hold a considerable amount of crypto When it comes to the portability of the Device it has an eight hour battery life And this should be sufficient for most Of your mobile crypto needs so I've Linked to both The Ledger store as well As trustwallet in the description below Of course there are a number of other Really good mobile wallet apps out there And if you want to get the full Lowdown Then I encourage you to check out my Comprehensive video on them and that is Linked to in the top right for you Lovely people Okay moving on though the next app on my List is coin market cap Now I'm going to assume that if you've Been in crypto for more than a few hours You are probably pretty familiar with Coin market cap this is one of the most Well-known websites in crypto as it Tracks the prices and market caps of the Thousands and thousands of coins and Tokens that make up the crypto space However since it's purchased by binance A few years ago the website has expanded Rapidly to include a number of other Features and functionalities These include things like news Community Tabs forums socials and of course a Mobile app There are many features that I like About this app for example it has all The data that you would usually have on

The website things like prices watch Lists exchange data live price updates Etc etc However you also have the ability to Create an account and to track your Portfolio and this is one of the primary Reasons as to why I've installed the app Myself it allows me to see the exact Status of my portfolio in real time Now of course while this can be a source Of mental stress in Bear Market it is a Handy feature to make sure that you are On top of those markets nonetheless Moreover because you're getting prices From CMC data you can be assured you're Getting some of the most accurate Market Rates You can access all this information in The portfolio tab over here you can see Your top Holdings in percentage terms as Well as the dollar amounts or Alternatively you can view it as a pie Chart as I've done over here On this tab meanwhile you can also see Stats on the best and worst performers Across your portfolio and in addition You can add multiple portfolios in case You're tracking more than one I will Note though that in order to create a Trackable portfolio you will have to Create an account now what's neat about This is that you can also view your Portfolio on the CMC website should you Not have your phone on you

Beyond the portfolio tracking Functionality you may also want to check Out this explore tab this Aggregates News from a number of different sources As well as various videos and articles From CMC themselves okay so that's CMC But it's not your only portfolio Tracking and coin aggregating app out There Another really popular one and my Personal preference is the coin gecko App now this is the primary competitor To CMC in that they have a website that Also Aggregates a great deal of coin and Token data as is the case with CMC coin Gecko's app has many of the same Features and functionalities that you'll Find on its website these include all The data from the thousands upon Thousands of coins and hundreds of Exchanges that attract the portfolio Feature on coing gecko works much the Same way as that of CMC you can view top Gainers and losers as well as the pie Chart overview of the broader portfolio You can also add another portfolio over Here and much as is the case with CMC You also have an explore feature which Lets you check out numerous different News stories from around the web you Also have unique content from coing Gecko themselves which includes in-depth Articles podcasts as well as the blog And their newsletters I follow these

Religiously and they really are top tier Content so I encourage you to subscribe If you can overall both the CMC and coin Gecko apps are great they have most of The same features although I do have a Slight preference for coin gecko that's Mainly because the information around Each of the individual coins is a lot More comprehensive they also have a Better exchange ranking system and it's Slightly easier to use and I have Actually compared CMC and coin gecko in A head-to-head video which I will also Leave in the description below for you Fine people On to our next apps though and these are Exchange apps now despite how much of a Bad rep those centralized exchanges have Been getting over the past few months They are one of the only ways in which You can get your Fiat exchanged for Crypto and vice versa ideally of course We would live in a world where we only Use crypto but well we're not there Quite yet So in the interim we crypto users are Going to have to rely on Fiat on and off Ramps a lot of the time and an exchange App that I've been relying on for over Two years now is swissborg now this is a Swiss based exchange and it is perhaps One of the easiest ways for Europeans to Exchange crypto for Fiat and vice versa It's also an exchange app that the team

Here at coinbureau uses as our Predominant Fiat off-ramp Given their strong banking relationships We usually get funds into and out of our Account almost instantaneously so Firstly a bit of background on Swissport As I mentioned they're a european-based Exchange and have licenses in Estonia Switzerland and France now of course It's not just one of our top exchange Apps purely because of its ease of Convertibility there are also a plethora Of features and functionalities that are All presented in a simple and User-friendly application they have Support for over 50 different Cryptocurrencies including most of those That you would want to buy or sell and When it comes to Fiat support they have Euros pounds Swiss Francs Canadian Dollars Aussie dollars and nine other National currencies which you can see Here they also support deposits via bank Card credit card and sepa for Europe Faster payments for the UK or Swift for International payments I would just make Sure that you know about the maximum and Minimum withdrawal fees that you could Pay based on the currency that you're Funding in you can see that on this page Here Now there are many other great features With this app and I won't go through Them all here but I do encourage you to

Read our comprehensive long-form review Which will be linked to in the Description for you if you don't have an Account at Swissport yet then if you Sign up with our Link in the description And fund with 50 euros then there are Bonuses of up to 100 euros on offer we Do of course earn a small Commission on It but if it benefits the both of us win Win Alternatively you can also sign up Directly through the swissborg site now one of the only Drawbacks to swissborg is that it's not Available for our friends out there in The good old us of a so if you are based In the land of the free then your best Bet for a Fiat on an off-ramp is perhaps The coinbase app this is the mobile Version of The Exchange and it is of Course one of the most popular crypto Apps out there coinbase supports dollar Funding via wire Swift and ACH as well As debit or credit cards the app also Works seamlessly with the coinbase card Which will allow you to spend your Crypto on the go when it comes to coin Support coinbase has you covered for Over 100 assets so it should cover most Of the coins that you want to buy or Sell and something else that I really Like about the coinbase app is the Advanced trading functionality that it Supports now this used to be a part of

The coinbase pro platform that's now Been combined into the broader Exchange Suite one thing to note though for both The coinbase app and Swiss ball Gap is That these are not wallets but exchange Apps this means that you don't hold the Keys to that crypto therefore I will Caution against keeping a large amount Of funds on any exchange despite how Safe you think an exchange is you can Never be 100 sure that you will always Have access to your account hence I Would caution against keeping large Amounts of funds on any exchange this is Where those wallet apps that I mentioned Earlier come in Also I will say that if neither of these Apps are for you then there are many Other exchanges out there that also have Really good apps and I've covered some Of our best exchange picks for 2023 in a Separate video that's linked to in the Top right now one more thing about Exchange apps before we move on if you Live in one of the more dangerous Corners of Our Fair Planet such as my Former home city of London for instance I would advise caution about having apps Like these on your phone there have been Instances of people being robbed and Forced to open up their exchange apps And transfer their crypto to the Robber's address and of course crypto Transactions can't be reversed therefore

I would advise caution if you do have Such an app on your phone consider Keeping it out of sight and be careful About checking it in public places you Never know who's watching I'm happy to Have exchange apps here on my phone in Dubai which is about as safer city as There is but not on my UK device Unfortunately now I keep minimal amounts Of crypto on exchanges anyway but I'd Rather not have to try and explain that To someone who's gone to the trouble of Robbing me Anyway moving on to the next app on our List and this is all about getting the Latest breaking info and collaborating With others in the space the app to Which I am referring is of course Telegram and if you've been in crypto For any reasonable period of time you Can appreciate how pivotal telegram is For communicating with others in the Space however more recently there's been An explosion of people using telegram as Their go-to messaging app it accelerated Considerably about two years ago when WhatsApp dropped the ball with their Updated terms of service rollout but as An app for communication in the crypto Space telegram is second to none it's Also particularly useful given the size Of the groups that can be created up to Two hundred thousand This is ideal for those crypto

Communities and projects where you have Thousands of people a feature that WhatsApp lacks and the benefit of Keeping on top of these telegram groups Is that it allows you to keep your ear To the ground about what's happening With your favorite crypto projects or The markets in general of course Some of the mass Market groups tend to Have a lot of speculation and noise but If you're lucky enough to get into some Of the more exclusive channels then the Alpha that's shared there is immense in Some cases and another great telegram Feature that you don't get with WhatsApp Is channels these are basically One Way Direct methods whereby news information And updates can be shared they're Increasingly being used by alternative News sites that share information you May not get from the mainstream media Speaking of which did you know that the Coin Bureau has its own telegram Channel You didn't man are you missing out I've Linked to this below but it's where we Share regular news as well as other Important crypto updates that you won't Get anywhere else of course there are a Number of other really good telegram Crypto channels out there and we have Covered these quite comprehensively in Another video of ours and that is of Course in the top right for your viewing Pleasure now while telegram is a top

Tier app for crypto communication and News there are a few things that you Have to be aware of firstly there are Lots of impersonation accounts out there Fake channels and accounts that will try And scam you out of your crypto for Example I constantly receive information From viewers that there is a fake coin Bureau Channel or guy impersonator out There offering investment advice be Careful of those In general though just follow the first Rule of online scams don't send someone Money that you don't know and be aware That we don't offer investment advice Trading tips or any of that Malarkey on Our telegram Channel also when it comes To some of the channels like coin Bureau For example they should have blue Verification badges to help you know That they're legit and something else That you need to be aware of when using Telegram is that it's not end-to-end Encrypted by default They use something called Cloud Encryption and what that basically means Is that although they claim that your Data is encrypted it's still stored on The cloud This is in contrast to other messaging Apps such as WhatsApp and Signal which Are end-to-end encrypted by default However there is an option for you to Have a completely encrypted chat and

That's through what a termed quote Private chats so that's telegram now Another crucial app that you have to Have if you want to keep up with what's Going on in crypto land is Twitter Indeed crypto Twitter or CT for short is Itself an entire ecosystem and some of The most exciting things in the space Happen over there not only can it be an Important source of breaking news and Juicy Alpha but it's also an endless Source of entertainment now I'm not Going to talk too much about Twitter's Features as they're already pretty well Known however there are a few tips that I have when it comes to crypto Twitter Specifically Firstly it can be a bit of an Intimidating place to those that are new To it there are some really really Opinionated folks and it can sometimes Get a little heated however you'll Pretty quickly learn who's full of And who's the secondly there are Some accounts that when you do follow Them it helps to set push notifications These include the likes of breaking Crypto news accounts such as DB handle At tier 10K or your favorite crypto Influencer Now of course there are hundreds of Great crypto Twitter accounts out there And I hope to be doing a video on the Best ones real soon so do keep your eyes

Peeled for that one Okay and that is it for my list of the Top crypto apps I've left links to all Of them in the description below and I Am Keen now to get your feedback are There any that I missed that you think Need to be on this list what crypto apps Are on your phone let me know in the Description below And if you like this video hit that like Button if you loved it smash the Subscribe I look forward to seeing you All again very soon but till then stay Cool stay safe and stay crypto [Music]


Coinbase is a popular cryptocurrency exchange. It makes it easy to buy, sell, and exchange cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Coinbase also has a brokerage service that makes it easy to buy Bitcoin as easily as buying stocks through an online broker. However, Coinbase can be expensive due to the fees it charges and its poor customer service.

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