Top 7 Crypto Coins to EXPLODE in August!!! [I’M EXCITED!]

The world's largest cryptocurrency is in A multi-year low for price wings going Forward Market participants are looking Towards something called the housing Also holding on to hope that that Bitcoin ETF I mentioned will bring in a Wider investor audience the mainstream Media is refusing to talk about these Seven altcoins bike trend is a new good Thing to come up Like fairy dust not Bitcoin not ethereum Not Litecoin huge progress is happening In crypto altcoins have a big future in This video I'm going to Enlighten you if You're interested in making money in Crypto subscribe to our Channel we post A video on crypto every day coin number One cardano is about to receive a major Boost with its mithril mainnet upgrade This is a big upgrade cardano like Ethereum is a Dap platform many people Are rooting for cardano because of the Ideals it embodies permissionlessness Decentralization censorship resistance This upgrade is about to launch on Cardano the mithril upgrade is aimed at Making cardano better efficiency of its Speed better security better Decentralized decision making Capabilities better this upgrade would Not only make the transaction Speed on Cardano blockchain swifter but will also Expand the kinds of decentralized Applications it could host cardano's

Ecosystem is exploding with growth this Momentum will continue listen to crypto Analyst Krypto Chino talk about this if You're invested in crypto and you're not Paying attention to what is happening Within the cardano ecosystem right now It's time to start paying attention the Entire cardano ecosystem has been in its Own bull run while everything else stays Stagnant this has been going on for About a month and a half now cardano Native tokens have been absolutely Exploding look at this iag of 1800 Percent Len Phi 1800 percent milk a Thousand percent Wi-Fi 500 and the list Goes on and these are not meme coins These are D5 projects dexes borrowing Lending protocols projects with working Applications that people are currently Using what is happening in the cardano Ecosystem right now reminds me of the Ethereum ecosystem in 2019 and 2020 Right before it exploded cardano tvl Continues to make new all-time highs While every other blockchain is on a Steady decline including ethereum the Opportunity in my eyes right now is in The cardano ecosystem Dogecoin Dogecoin Dogecoin the meme is good but more Importantly Elon Musk likes it Elon Musk Has been a Dogecoin advocate for years Even though it was it was created as a Silly joke Dogecoin is better suited for Transactions why is that the total

Transaction flow that you do with Dogecoin is substantially more than like Transactions per day has much higher Potential than than Bitcoin it is a Slightly inflationary but that Inflationary number is a fixed number as Opposed to a percentage right so that Means over time its percentage inflation Actually decreases and that's actually Good because it encourages people to Spend and rather than sort of hoard it As a store value Elon Musk just Rebranded Twitter to X Elon has big Plans to make acts a finance and Payments giant here Elon talks about X But you tell me if this doesn't sound Exactly like Dogecoin essentially if Done Right X would serve people's Financial needs to such a degree that Over time it would become I don't know Maybe half of the Global Financial System or some big number not sure what The number is pretty big it would be by Far the biggest sort of financial Institution not really in the way that People are used to thinking about Banks Just the most efficient database for the Thing that is money least amount of Fraud everything's real time and if it Involves money in any way it can be Dealt with seamlessly on one okay by the Way make sure you subscribe to our Channel daily videos just like this Keeping you informed on the entire

Cryptocurrency Market if you're Interested in making money in Cryptocurrency subscribe to our channel Daily videos my next pick is a little Bit controversial World coin now I Understand why many people wouldn't like It believe me I understand but that Doesn't mean that world coin isn't going To get pumped and dumped and then pumped Again For those who don't know what worldcoin Is listen to this Tick Tock work with AI Sums it up open AI CEO Sam Altman Launched a cryptocurrency project that Uses your iris to create a unique Digital passport Sam Allman launched World coin on Monday the Project's main Offering is the world ID which uses a Customer's Iris scan to create a unique Digital passport that identifies its Holder as a real human and not an AI bot The iris is scanned using a world coin Orb Altman believes that ai's Significant impact on the economy will Lead to massive economic and Technological shifts which will lead to Spikes in identity fraud and theft However many people believe that using Biometric data like this could raise Potential issues related to privacy Accessibility centralization and Security again I understand what you Must be thinking about world coin it's a Crazy concept the idea that we're all

Gonna get this like big orb and they Have this like multi-pound orb and I've Held it and it's going to scan your Eyeball and it's going to create a Unique form of identity and you're going To get a universal basic income through That identity and it's related to Krypton as well it's like so like so I Don't like it but there's a lot of Reason why it's going to still be around And grow initially if you hate World Coin you might actually love our next Pick Tommy Network Tommy network is an Alternative private internet browser and The antithesis of worldcoin some might Say many of you know I'm a proud Tommy Ambassador I did a whole Deep dive on The value prop and why this project Excites me check out this video for more Info understand this there's nothing Wrong with betting even short term on Technology even if you don't fully agree With it but then you also have to ask Yourself what technology do I want to Win what do I believe is the best future For me it's decentralization privacy Choice Tommy Network Tommy continues to Implement Tech updates weekly you can See here so in this video they make our List our next pick is even more Controversial to some than World coin We're gonna go with hex but you could Probably include pulse in this too Basically any Richard hardcoin Richard

Hard coins are notorious in the crypto Space for different reasons one of the Biggest being Richard Hart holds the Vast majority of the supply hex makes Our list today for two reasons one it's Close to 99 down from its all-time highs Many people who were able to sell have Already sold and two the highest of Stakes documentary on Richard Hart is Premiering in many theaters throughout The country in the next couple weeks What do you want people to know about You I got a big dick this here is 3.1 Million dollars watches I don't know World's biggest diamond you don't I do Who is Richard Hart genius legendary Arrogant bit of a narcissist the Benevolent King quarter million hate me Hate me you know that this is going to Cause a buzz and probably turn new People onto hex and pulse for better or Worse so what do you think about this Theory what do you think about hacks let Me know in the comments Solana outage is Gone Solana network is boasting a 100 Uptime in Q2 Solana is now evm Compatible this is a big deal the fact Is Solana has been building they've been Expanding their ecosystem and they have A lot of momentum going into end of year Avalanche has just committed 50 million Dollars for asset tokenization on Avalanche's network what does this mean The 50 million will be allocated to buy

Tokenized assets created on Avalanche as Digital versions of real world assets 50 Million to real world assets that are Being tokenized on the blockchain you Might already follow us on Twitter make Sure you subscribe to us on Twitter for Exclusive content like this we go over The benefits of tokenization where this Industry is going and in this particular Read how it relates to Avalanche we put Out exclusive content on our Twitter Just for our subscribers on a daily Basis our Twitter Subs can help us shape The direction of our videos and our Interviews and help pick which coins Make it into the daily videos so Consider joining our subscriber Community on Twitter there's a lot of Opportunity in cryptocurrency my friends I show you this on a daily basis make Sure you subscribe one video every day Keeping you informed


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