Top 7 Coins YOU Are Sleeping On (Best 2024 Crypto)

If you're looking for the next big Altcoins ready to go on a massive run I Made this video for you these seven Altcoins to me look primed to explode And in this video I'm going to back up My seven picks with reasoning I told you About injective protocol early injective Has basically 3040 xed since we talked About it today I want to share with you My picks for the next injective Protocols this altcoin is bar top 100 Now I think it could easily be top 20 Plus we have six more subscribe to the Channel I have been very successful in Crypto I've been trading and investing The crypto markets for the last six plus Years if you are interested in making Money in crypto subscribe to our channel For daily updates smash that like button Send this video to a friend tell them Which coins on this list you like tell Them which coins you are not as into Let's jump right into this immutable X Which which is an ethereum layer 2 is The next big ethereum layer 2 it's the Next big altcoin in gaming because a Mutable has so many AAA quality games With users on top of it but before we Get into this I need you to understand The connections the Partnerships the Level that a mutable is at so a mutable Just integrated with Google and apple Let's talk about this immutable launches Passport wallet infrastructure with

Google and apple logins so the web 3 Game publisher immutable launches a new Login method for five games and apps That does not require users to store Seed wordss so they've basically Launched a wallet but there are many Wallets wallets can be kind of confusing Or not that interesting what's Interesting about this is they're not Even calling it a wallet they're calling It an immutable passport your passport Into their five AAA games your passport Into web 3 and so if I'm a user in this The new login method allows users to Create and recover their wallet using a Google or Apple account or through an Email address so very web 2 a great way To onboard the masses into web 3 so Industry giants like vanac and anybody Who looks into it has taken notice that IMX is the next big thing for blockchain Gaming vanc even has this big new crypto Prediction that IMX their token is going To be a top 25 blockchain project as They have so many quality games so right Now the five games that they have with a Combined user base of 500,000 people are Gods Unchained block lead golf PR watch To earn token Trove Atomic Hub and IMX Has even more than those five games in The pipeline it's no wonder that vanak Is making this prediction because with Their new passport wallet as easy as a Google login as easy as an apple login

As easy as an email login with their new Super easy to use wallet infrastructure Their dashboard you can find new games With ease store and add funds with ease Link third-party wallets with ease and Manage all of their in-game items within One familiar experience IMX is one of Mine and one of vanx top picks for this Cycle tell me what you think about this In the comment section below so who Wants to hear my pick for the next Injective protocol smash the like button If you want to hear my pick for the next Injective protocol we put out this Content for you for free because today This is where injective is but who's Been with us since the bare Market who Remembers us talking about injective and Many other quality crypto coins like Salana chain link during the dark times So my pick for the next injective Protocol crypto is and this alt is Barely top 100 now I think it could Easily be top 20 if you subscribe to the Channel you've heard me talk about me And a protocol for the last couple years Now you know I'm an investor in Mina but I'm bringing this to your attention Again because Mina despite its Great Value prop in my opinion Mina has barely Moved it all this cycle and it is Certainly still very much in the game I Think the best of its price Discovery is Still ahead of us this could even go

Super parabolic with enough hype so Three reasons why I like them one they Have a unique value prop 22 kilobyte Blockchain forever two coinbase invests In them coinbase backs them and three They've barely even started marketing Yet so I'm not saying that this happens Right away but keep them on your radar And you tell me if you like them too I'll be reading your comments the next Coin that I think is highly undervalued I actually think this coin could be a Top 10 coin too and by the way if you Want this information first subscribe to Us not just follow subscribe to us on Twitter this is where I put these posts Out first Unis swap is the coin Unis Swap interesting uni Unis swap is Positioning itself as The decentralized Exchange in the US markets so in a world Where crypto is regulated and a more Regulated and less regulated market both Emerge Unis swap is the Dex that thrives In the regulated market other Decentralized exchanges like pancake Swap Trader Joe Sunday swap quick swap Etc these can still Thrive more globally But Unis swap will be the go-to deck in The US with uni as its native token Cardano Who likes cardano I feel like a lot of Crypto natives are sleeping on cardano Because ethereum or eth l2s or salana Seems like the new hotness but if you

Take a look at cardano under the hood I Think many people are sleeping on Cardano so total value of cardano's defi Ecosystem it's going on a bull run in Itself it's nearing 450 million a Cardano def5 bull run is happening tvl Is at all-time highs because all these Daps on cardano are sucking up value and Making tvl at all-time highs I mean Cardano has a thriving ecosystem Nowadays in addition and I bet a lot of People don't even know about this their Expansion their Partnerships out into The real world is going very well Cardano foundation teams up with Brazil's largest Oil Company P bras for Blockchain Education the cardano Foundation is partnering up with Metro Bras the largest corporation in Brazil To offer blockchain education and Explore use cases in the energy sector Understand that cardano is doing this in Brazil they're also doing this in Ethiopia they're also doing this in Africa at large and these Partnerships That they're doing align with some of Their key objectives that they Originally put out into the world in 20121 at the time the foundation Announced its strategy to strengthen Relationships with Fortune 500 companies Seeking to increase diversity in onchain Activity and expand blockchain use cases To a wider range of Industries cardano

Promises made cardano Promises Kept not To mention cardano has just performed a Successful retest black path is still Intact Up Up and Away don't sleep on Memecoins retail loves memecoins and in The world of meme coins Dogecoin is Probably the ethereum and if so shibba Enu is probably the salana so shibba enu Is making huge news announcing plans to Launch do ship domains for Shinu holders While crypto ande don't work natively on The internet's domain name system Shinu Plans to launch a ship domain that will Connect to web 2 and web 3 what do you Think altcoin daily. shib guys I'm Adding ethereum to the list because Ethereum really hasn't pumped this cycle And it's almost a guarantee it does to Me it is a guarantee so they have a huge Upgrade coming up scheduled for January 17th this is that EIP 4844 Proto danen Sharding upgrade that we've been talking About ethereum developers believe that Proto sharding will significantly reduce Transaction fees on layer 2os making Ethereum's ecosystem finally ready for The masses not to mention the Black Rock ETF so yeah very bullish on ethereum and It's still pre- pumped in my opinion Finally my friends if you're looking for The next injective protocol I really Like the upgrade that synthetics is Doing now if you're bullish on real World assets on the blockchain you ought

To like synthetics I understand Synthetics was one of the the popular Ones of last cycle I think they're Coming back in a big way because of this Synthetics to end their token inflation Shift Focus to BuyBacks and burns so Similar to what ethereum does similar to What injective does what do you think of The coins I put on this list comment Your thoughts below I'll be reading the Comments tell me which coins you like Tell me which coins you don't like tell Me which coins you would add to the list Send this video to a friend see what They think guys the cryptocurrency Market is booming get involved today I'll see you tomorrow


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