Top 7 Best AI Businesses To Start Right Now

Remember the AI profile pictures that Everyone was posting about last month I told you that lenza the business Behind those photos made 10 million Dollars in just one week using software That is entirely free for anyone to use The good news is you're still early and AI is still very new to us and the Opportunities to make a ton of money are Here and it's endless so in this video I'm gonna share seven business ideas you Can start today using AI now all seven Of these ideas will be ranked based on Difficulty potential profit and time so You can pick the right one just for you Now before we start normally I tell Y'all to like comment and subscribe and Yeah that's always good to do but with This video here one thing I don't want You guys to do is to share it with Anyone because I want to keep this video As exclusive as possible because I Genuinely believe the ideas that are Mentioned here are worth so so much Money now if you guys are ready for this List well we got the first business idea Right here and this is to start an E-commerce store powered by AI now tons Of people sell products online this can Go from clothing to Lifestyle products And even art and where AI can come in Handy as designing and ideating these Products so that you can then drop ship It or eventually move over into

Wholesale shipping to customers so let's Walk through some examples step by step So you guys fully understand how to do This what comes to mind for me when Selling something online is usually Merch or some type of clothing in this Instance what you could do is use chat GPT for some T-shirt design ideas and Narrow those down to some of your Favorite Concepts from there you can use A service like mid-journey or Dolly to Generate some art based on those Concepts as another example say you ask Chatgpt and it recommends t-shirts with Scenic Landscapes or maybe even a T-shirt collection with different types Of animals even more than that maybe the Animals are like futuristic or they're a Blend of one another you just got Something special now this service Existed back when I was first Drop Shipping like five to six years ago and It's still very popular now and this is Called printful which is a print on Demand service which allows you to not Hold inventory and with minimal setups Get orders have them printed and then Shipped and fully delivered to the Customer without you ever having to Invest or see the product if you want to Set it up even further there are Services like Shopify which allow you to Set up a store very easily it's Literally like templates created drag

And drop and if you stack that with Another tool like sidekick to build out Your landing pages or even use Additional copywriting tools such as or you can find Yourself making a website without having To code without really doing any work And an AI completely making everything For you nowadays it's not even uncommon For drop shippers to use tick tock for Organic marketing to Showcase their Products and even right now Facebook ads Something that I've spent a couple Hundred thousand dollars on back in the Day is still very beneficial to this Moment now with both those Concepts you Should at least have a clear Niche on Where you can Market to and ultimately Find buyers for your product if we take A look at some of the most expensive Clothing brands in the world it really Has nothing to do with design but it's Actually the culture culture and the Community that makes the clothing brand So unique and successful if you do Happen to take this path I recommend Focusing on building the brand identity Having a good story because that's what I think stands out a successful business From one that might not ever pick up Traction now if a question comes up to You well Brian this was too easy is all Of it legal when it's this easy it Almost feels illegal and that's why I

Want to make sure that you guys know That selling AI generated art is Completely 100 legal this is because no Human had created the art and under Copyrighted current U.S laws it means You can use AI art in whatever way you Want to make money alternatively to T-shirts and clothing and merch you can Also create different products like Canvas art puzzles coffee mugs and even Notebooks all of those are applicable For print on-demand Drop Shipping which Means the possibilities and Designs are Effortless and it costs you zero dollars To start now even before AI e-commerce Stores were already a bit saturated like I said I started Drop Shipping about Five years ago the first year I did it I Made over a hundred thousand dollars in Revenue as soon as I had a winning Product Um and I actually had it wholesaled I Bought inventory of it came to my house I would then see a lot of these other Direct Chinese manufacturers listing my Same product that I had developed and I Created a full idea on and they just Started undercutting me and it always Seemed like the competition was right Behind me it's just that this time Around you're gonna have tools that I Didn't have access to back then before We get into my next few points I want to Give a quick special important shout out

From the sponsor of today's video and That is going to be nordvpn now I've Personally been using a VPN for the last Four to five years and all that started When I had my identity stolen from me Online one of the easiest and best ways That you can protect yourself is by Using a VPN which stands for virtual Private Network and this is because a VPN will protect your information by Masking your device's IP address and Allows you to have an extra layer of Security from any hackers or Internet Criminals now besides the extra security You also get nordvpns access to TV shows And movies through Netflix that you may Not have access to before so if you Happen to be traveling abroad the Country I was recently in Korea and I Wanted to watch some of my favorite Movies in the US I was able to do that Just by turning on my VPN saying I'm Back in the States and then boom I had All my access returned now guys whether You're using AI or trying to start your Business always make sure that you are Using a VPN especially especially if You're on a public Wi-Fi router and this Is why I highly recommend today's Sponsor of the video which flows super Well with what we're talking about and It's not only that but Nord is also Hooking up our viewers on this channel With over 50 percent off and a

Completely risk-free 30-day money-back Guarantee so ladies and gents all you Gotta do is check out the link down Below to get started as well and that is Going to be at Brian Jung Let's get back into today's video so the Next one coming up is something that you Might not have expected take as an Example anytime you see an ad on TV or You watch a YouTube video or anything on Social media or you know you're watching The news and they're talking it starts With words that's how you hear me that's How you see me this here is called Copywriting and it's the ability to use Words in order to Market or to convert People to a specific objective now the Two biggest struggles that any writers Face these days are time or something Called writer's block and that applies To copywriting as well where AI Technology that exists right now is the Solution to a problem that has existed For as long as we know basically you Could start your own copywriting Business that exclusively uses AI such As chat GPT to generate that copy you Need for a specific business you got to Keep in mind too the art of copywriting Takes a tremendous amount of time to get Good at and to master and it's always Changing and there's people who have Been doing this for what 10 20 30 years And you could find that this AI does it

Not only quicker cheaper more Efficiently but they could do it at the Pace of maybe if you had 10 of those Employees all at the same time working Under you this is one of the biggest Breakthroughs to exist it's an AI Generated copywriter and all you you Need to do is focus on finding clients Understanding their vision and then Using the chat gbt automation to connect The pieces and you collect the income Now unlike the last business idea this Is not going to be totally automated but It can have a much higher earning Potential everything I'm mentioning in This video is coming from First World Experience of whether I was a client or I started my own business and shortly After my Drop Shipping business what I Got into was starting my own marketing Agency at that time with my business Partner I was actually in charge of the First major league rugby team here in The DC area in leading marketing and Filling out that Stadium but if I had Tools that exist such as AI to generate The copy I probably would have been able To 10x the clients that I had back then Getting clients is not hard social media Is still evolving in all these Businesses that exist right now are Still so traditional I can't even count On the tip of my fingers all the Businesses that I currently know right

Now that need someone who can help them With social media or post content or Know what captions to post so basically With this AI you can automate lot of This process and all you have to do is Just focus on what the client needs and You're going to get all the best options That it generates and you just choose One out of them over time this will also Help you build processes build systems Optimize keywords and really start to Understand what works best for inputs Using the AI ultimately this would be Best suited for Creative people and for People that have been already interested In copywriting or if anyone has ever Gotten like a marketing degree or you Imagine yourself owning an agency this Stuff makes money it is real you can Start it today you just need to get a Few clients this can happen through word Of mouth and one of the ways that I First got my clients was actually Reaching out to a few business owners And saying hey I'm gonna work for you Completely for free let me show you what I can do so guys I'm excited because This stuff is crazy and it works as you Continue to build your success you can Exponentially grow your business by Hiring the right people to learn how to Do the same thing that you're doing Scale it up scale it vertically and Eventually if you become really good at

Using AI you can teach other people how To do do the same and there's also money In that now the next business idea is Essential to nearly all content on the Internet so if you do anything related To the interwebs this is something that You want to look into this is all going To be regarding thumbnails when you Clicked on this video you saw a Thumbnail when you see most articles or You go on Google search you're going to See a thumbnail to a source of Information that you may want to learn More about so whether it's websites Blogs photos landing pages you name it Thumbnails are so essential because it's Almost like the cover of a book for Everything on the internet so the best Course of action is going to be to Figure out what kind of thumbnails you Could create and provide value to if you Want to make YouTube thumbnails niching It down into just YouTube thumbnails It's going to be the easiest way to grow Your client base rather than trying to Be a jack of all trades type of guy I've Learned in the past if you're all over The map it's going to be harder to pick Up new clients so focus on one area of Expertise but get really good at it so When it comes to generating thumbnails Using AI we're going to be using two Tools and this is going to be Mid-journey and Dolly which specialize

In AI image generation based on text Prompts in all likelihood if you're Generating thumbnails you might need to Have basic Photoshop skills to put Together the generated images but there Are also other very easy applications And websites such as canva I've been Using them for what six to seven years Now and it is still very viable for you To create professional thumbnails to This day now this business is going to Be a bit less automated but as AI gets Better and as you see the technology of Apps like lensa being developed even More I could see this becoming an even More viable resource for you to make Money like I'll tell you as a YouTube Creator I get a ton of emails like Almost every single day from four or Five people hey Brian let me edit your Videos or let me make you free Thumbnails I already know the tricks of The trade and more than that we already Have our own in-house thumbnail guy from Europe working with us shots at Olex I Don't know if he's ever seen this video That's my guy right there that's the guy Who's making these amazing thumbnails But if I could start over again yeah I'd Be using AI taking advantage of that and Making the sickest thumbnails to date And let me tell you there are still YouTubers that I am friends with that I Talk to on a daily basis that always

Struggle with finding a good thumbnail Artist so if you're trying to find a Little side hustle and utilize Ai and You have an eye for Aesthetics you maybe Know how to use a bit more Photoshop as Well or if you don't you can use canva Take advantage of a thumbnail starting Business thumbnails are essential to Getting more clicks online the better You get at this the more lives you can Actually change it the more money you Can make for that Creator now these last Three business ideas have been Relatively simple so let's take them up A notch for the next one this one here Is arguably one of the easiest to start But it has the most potential to make You money a lot of influencers news Agencies entrepreneurs have started Their own newsletter in the past few Years and there's some good reason for That outside of being a great way to Connect with your audience and owning Your own platform this can also be a Great driver of Revenue here's the thing With AI you can actually automate the Writing of a newsletter very very easily If you need photos you can use mid Journey to make some of these images for Your new newsletter cover and there's Even more Tools in order to automate the Type of conversions that you're looking To get now I have my own newsletter it's Fully written in-house we haven't tested

It yet on AI but I've heard from some of My other friends and I've been doing More research on articles from people Who have been trying this and they're Saying that right now with the AI Creating it all you have to do is your Revision and it turns out it can write Content better than you can which is Nuts which is crazy so Brian well how do I get started well all you have to do is Pick a market a niche and a topic maybe You want to write a daily newsletter About your favorite vegan food maybe You're all about that keto maybe you're A workout Enthusiast you like going to The gym you have your favorite workouts That you're doing even more than that I Mean there's a whole market for Everything whether it's mechanical Keyboards or maybe you love something Like credit cards like I do you can Write about things that you really enjoy And all you have to do is find a way to Utilize social media like Instagram Twitter which is really organic easy to Use to start posting in value get people To sign up for your newsletter and to Start providing them value so say you do Pick the topic and the idea all you have To do is run it through chat GPT to Generate a newsletter that you can then Send out either every day or every week Now okay well Brian you know you just Gave me the formula on a newsletter yeah

I'm passionate about fishing or you know Gardening whatever it is how am I going To monetize it though where does the Money come from well to begin you're First gonna need to build up a decent Chunk of subscribers after that if you Get a decent open rate people are Actually reading you're getting some Feedback and if you're patient enough You can eventually build up an audience That'll pay decent money to have a spot In the newsletter as a sponsor or you Throw in things such as an affiliate so That's going to be sponsorships Affiliates someone will say hey I love Your newsletter um and I know you got a Thousand readers in there right now can I pay you 500 in order for you to shout Out our product our product is good it Turns out you use it it's a win-win-win On top of that if you get a loyal Subscriber base you can also get Affiliate commission so say you use a Specific gardening tool that you really Love reach out to the company or find Them on Amazon FBA and anytime someone Uses that or signs up for it you'll be Earning a commission too so I've gone Through a ton of different newsletter Platforms the one that I'm using right Now is convertkit if you guys want to Check them out I'll have that linked Down Below in the description if you're Also curious on figuring out which

Affiliate programs exists and things That you can get started with I use Impact which holds like thousands of Different affiliate programs from Companies and I'll have a link for you To sign up for that as well down below Eventually you can move over into a Platform like sub stack where if you're Confident in the value you're providing You can charge people like five dollars A month for the newsletter of Information that you're providing to Them ultimately the bigger you grow the More value you provide and the better Content that newsletter has the more Money you can make a good example of all This is going to be morning Brew which Just massively grew their newsletter From the pandemic they have a mass team Over what 200 people and I can tell you This anyone can start something like Morning Brew now another potentially Strange concept that I believe could Create a lot a profit is going to be a Fiverr based AI art service lenzo was Uniquely created to provide an Opportunity to see people through their Own lens of AI a majority of the world Still is pretty unaware of how AI Artwork works and this means that there Are a lot of people who are willing to Pay someone to generate art for them and This is where you could provide that Service and value now to begin something

Like this it is actually still pretty Simple all you need to do is pull up Dolly or mid-journey and from there you Just select the AI that you think fits Best with the requested R and you keep Generating it until you find the right One so more or less this service would Act in much the same way as a graphic Designer or illustrator would charge Both the added speed and Instant Transmission I just thought of uh Goku's Instant Transmission very similar to the Way copywriting scalability would work You could continue to just build your Business get as many clients as possible All at the works of your fingertips now As apps like lensa continue to involve Don't even just think of of like turning People into aliens but even think of you Know getting an old dog photo and making It as realistic as possible and putting You somewhere in that picture of it and Say maybe that dog had passed away and It was really hard for them to find an Artist who can make it uh that wouldn't Charge like crazy amounts of money where You could provide them like 20 versions Of this dog photo and them and it would Blow their mind just because of how Quick they got it they would pay you Less money than they would to an artist That would take maybe a year to develop I mean this stuff is just getting crazy If you wanted to take a step further you

Could also pair what designs you make And say okay if you do want to also buy It I could print it on a t-shirt or a Hoodie for you to take it another step Further so all the ideas that I just Mentioned are utilizing AI that has Existed but say you do just a little bit Of coding and you take it a step even Further well what else could you do so The sixth business idea on our list is Gonna be photo enhancement if you've Spent any time on Tick Tock or Instagram You've definitely seen a bunch of Filters on posts and stories before but Now these filters have become the new Norm for social media content and that's Where the opportunity lies now that we All know how successful lens has been What about an AI that can take all Photos and use them to generate air so Maybe you take a photo in your city and The AI is then able to generate a super Futuristic photo from it or maybe a Dystopian abandoned version of that same Photo too giving people the ability to Input any photo and get back 50 AI Generated pieces of art is a huge appeal That exists now especially if they're a Larger Creator so open AI is also going To be releasing the new and updated gpt4 Which has a thousand times more data to Work off of compared to gpt3 which is Currently what we're using having more Data means you'll be able to come up

With even more accurate and better AI Generated content making you even more Money looking at a prime example called Lenza where everyone started to change Their profile pictures I myself included I did it too for my Twitter this meant That they didn't have to spend any Additional money on getting it done one I probably spent like 15 on AI I even Put a photo of my mom in there to see What it would come out and she loved Seeing it now when you multiply that by A thousand million junkies who also want To try it too you know lenza ended up Generating a ton of Revenue which we Covered at the beginning of the video Basically for you guys if you want to be The person that sells the shovel and not The one that's trying to mine for the Gold you have to realize that by Understanding AI utilizing it adding new Features could be a very profitable Business where social media is still Intertwined now the next one on my list Is actually going to be related to being A personal assistant so very similar to The last idea of using software to build A business a personal assistant AI has The potential to generate life-changing Money if it's done right I can speak From example but business owners they Have a lot on their plate on a Day-to-day basis and whether it's email Management networking client Outreach or

Even just taking a few scheduled calls There's a lot of value that you can Provide to people who have the money That can pay you for what you're worth As an example I have my own personal Assistant she is virtual she is one of The best best people that I've added to My team and with the power of AI I can See it getting taken to extremely Powerful lengths if you happen to be an Entrepreneur watching this video just Think of any really simple tasks that You think okay this could have been Automated why am I doing this right now Because artificial intelligence right Now is the solution for that and if You're someone who's able to build these Tools understand how it works and Provide that value this is a fully Capable business that could generate you Good life-changing wealth for starters You could use a tool that already exists Like chatgpt3 or 4 which Powers chat Sheet BT to automate email writing from There if you can build an AI that Understands how people speak and is able To replicate your tone that's where the Real value is going to be but taking That outside of just email their tasks In an entrepreneur's life like check-ins With staff lead generation invoicing Quoting and more than an AI assistant Can help you with now if you think about What we already have there are services

Like Siri that allows us to automate Calling and texting using Voice of being Able to pair the functionality of an AI Assistant with a voice commands from an Alexa or Google home would take this to The next level if that's kind of going Over your head think of it this way too Just imagine saying to Siri send Billy Bob Joe an invoice for ten thousand Dollars for the work we did them and the AI can determine what work was done Draft it all up and send it off now this Service is important and it's a value so You could definitely be charging more Money for a service like this Entrepreneurs get to a point where They'll pay a lot of people in order to Get back time because entrepreneurs Value time more than money now ladies And gents there are some things that you Should also be aware of when it comes to These ideas that I want to make no sure These are all going to be good potential Possibilities of you making more money Generating wealth but I also want to say There's no real way to cheat your way to Success and make really easy money Everything takes work and if it doesn't Take that much work that means there's Going to be a lot of competition and That's going to mean it's going to be Harder to break through so if you think AI can do every single step for you they Can do a lot but in the end of the day

You need to put your mind to it you need To be determined and focused enough in Order to use this as a tool because at The end of the day I see AI more as a Tool rather than a completely viable Employee that has a mind of its own Beyond that AI technology is still in Development and relying on something Like chat GPT can be a little bit more Risky too because there are still Mistakes and things that could happen During the development or what I Consider like the beta phases for this Stuff but really setting yourself apart From people is where I think you can Find true amounts of success so with all That being said let me know if you have Any other AI based business ideas Down Below in the comments if you do want to Check out nor the link for that will Also be down below in the description Thank you again so much for watching Today's video follow me over on Twitter And Instagram if you haven't done so Already and I'll see you all soon peace


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