Top 6 UNKNOWN Coins ready to FLY! “Like Buying Chainlink at 5¢!”

Smash the like button and let's get to It altcoin daili next polygon next Unis Swap next cardano next roll bit next Chain link cryptocurrency is surging as Black Rock's ethereum ETF plan is Confirmed black Rock's ethereum ETF plan Marks a major shift Beyond just Bitcoin Or even just Bitcoin and ethereum Mirroring Rising interest in Crypt Backed ETFs among Financial firms Guys the ethereum ETF is a sure thing And that's not just me saying this this Is the senior ETF analyst for Bloomberg Saying this Eric belunas says I don't See a reason for the SEC to deny the Ethereum ETF it would not only be Illogical but they would open themselves Up to another lawsuit I don't see any Reason for them to deny ether given they Have approved The Ether Futures now it Just it would be like parallel and again We go back to possibly Even not only illogical but technically They could open thems themselves up from Another lawsuit see most people are Sleeping on ethereum because most people Don't understand ethereum I did this Right up on Twitter hopefully you're Following us on x/ Twitter and you know Ethereum is the dominant chain in the Crypto World by many real world metrics For instance eth moves vastly more value In simple transfers than any other chain About 5x more than Bitcoin you can see

That here ethereum has more value in its Defi ecosystem than every other chain Combined you can see that here theorum Collects more fees than every other Chain combined you can see that here Theorum has more developers working on It than the second third fourth and Fifth place projects combined you can See that here now when we talk about Dominance true Bitcoin has more full Nodes and Tron facilitates more tether Transfers but in general ethereum is Leading the crypto world World in Dominance by many metrics Black Rock Understands that ethereum and Bitcoin Are both winners and deeming and Recognizing ethereum as a winner means Crypto altcoins are going to pump hard This cycle I mean at this point and Again you guys should be following us on Twitter you know about this right away At this point it seems like black rock Is speed running these crypto ETFs Breaking news Black Rock has officially Filed for a new ey Shar xrp trust entity A ripple ETF is coming look at this now People are reporting this I think it's Important to say I haven't been able to Find the official listing on the xrp Black Rock news yet this might just be a Hoax let me know in the comments we'll Probably have more information on this For you tomorrow guys smash the like Button and let's get to it altcoin

Daily's next polygon next Unis swap next Cardano next roll bit next chain link of Course all of this is just information And opinion this is not Financial advice I look forward to hearing what you think Of my list in the comments below and let Me know if you think a coin should be on This list that is not on this list share This video with everybody you know let's Get to it look I like polygon I'm Bullish on polygon this cycle I mean we Were telling you about polygon near the Lows but I want to find the next polygon The fact is ethereum base layer has high Fees people are looking for the winners In the ethereum L2 space I think polygon Is certainly one but if you're looking For the next polygon I think I found it Optimism because former polygon lab's President Ryan Watts so one of the People who made polygon and its adoption So successful over the past several Years is now joining optimism doing what As their Chief growth officer polygon Lab's former president Ryan Watt has Joined optimism The Firm building out The ethereum Layer Two scaling protocol Op mainnet as Chief growth officer watt Told the block that he will no longer be An adviser to polygon after joining Optimism as Chief growth officer wat Will be responsible for expanding the Optimism ecosystem collaborating with Developers bolstering Partnerships and

Coordinating with external contributors Watt noted particular enthusiasm for Optimism super chain a series of layered Two networks sharing security a Communication layer and an open source Development stack I think optimism just Got the secret sauce to really start Differentiating itself in the L2 space Like polygon has already my next two Picks are in the Dex category of coins So first off is unis swap now probably You and I know a lot about Unis swap or Crypto Savvy but if you talk to most People they know Bitcoin they know Ethereum maybe they know cardano or Tron Maybe and even though Unis swap such a Blue chip in the deck space a lot of People don't know about it and they make Our list because they're generating big Revenue Unis sw's cumulative front-end Fees exceed 1 million within a month Unis swap lab's front-end fees have Topped 1 million within a month the firm Introduced a 0.15 fee in mid October That applies to web interface and wallet App transactions now I'll give you an Even lower cap in the same vertical the Dex vertical thorchain just became the Second largest Dex in trading volume Surpassing pancake swap which used to be Number two and is now second only to Unis swap congrats Rune holders look at This robust ecosystem and you can see Thor chain taking the number two spot

Here above pancake swap below Unis swap Above Trader Joe Orca above curve Thorchain what about the next cardano What would be the next cardano well First a little bit of recent news Ada Got a strong vote of confidence last Month big holders accumulated 1.89 Billion Ada last month translating to Over 600 million at current prices now We've been telling about ADA forever What's interesting is the majority of The accumulation took place between 24 Cents and 27 cents huh 24 cents and 27 when were we telling you about ADA Right here but for the sake of argument What would be the next adaa well let me Share with you some possible picks we Have pulse chain pulse chain is now 6 Months old although it is founded by an Infamous figure in the space Richard Hart I'd say pulse chain doesn't quite Come with the baggage that hex has which Is also another Richard har project not To mention the metrics speed for Themselves say you can be bullish or Bearish but eventually you just have to Follow and see what the metrics are Doing so with metrics like this 399,000 Active wallets 200 million total value Locked 50,000 validators I mean read it Yourself pulse chain could be the next Ada well I mean you tell me I have Another option here as well near Protocol it's an alternative L1 turned

Ethereum layer 2 they have a lot going For it not a lot of people know about it The news is that near Foundation Partners with Egan labs for more Efficient ethereum rollup transactions So like I said near was an alternative Layer one now they're an ethereum L2 Really interesting perhaps even more Bullish for the project near Foundation Has partnered with Egan Labs the startup Building out ethereum reaking protocol Egan layer the collaboration makes Cheaper and quicker ethereum roll of Transactions while reducing liquidity Fragments between layer twos so you tell Me which one of these is more likely to Be the next cardano obviously there's You know this just for the the the sake Of the video cardano stands on its own But if you had to pick one of these two Let me know in the comments the next Crypto that I was trying to find the Next iteration of is roll bit so I'm Sure you like roll bit or know about it I'm bullish on rollbit because I'm Bullish on people continuing to be Interested in Casino gaming and crypto Trading and things like that so you know Rbit offers games and sports betting the Only question is what is the next roll Bit now I liked this website's write up And I was looking at some of their Options now it's obviously not flow I Don't know about this one I don't know

About that one on apex token actually Sounded pretty interesting to me I was Thinking is this the next roll bit they Seem to have a lot going for him so I Looked into it Apex decentralized Non-custodial permission list and Censorship resistant derivatives Protocol it allows users to create Perpetual swap markets or any other Token pair on the ethereum blockchain Users can trade crypto derivatives Directly on the ethereum blockchain Without any intermediaries so it sounds Intriguing is it the next roll bit I Don't know it it reminded me more of Injective and I'm actually pretty Bullish on injective because besides me And Mark cubin nobody knows about Injective take a look at their current Landscape and you know injective is Basically what I just described except They are the Blue Chip decentralized Dax Layer one blockchain that focuses on Defi offers cross-chain trading me Resistant transaction zero gas fees Injective protocol is built on the Cosmos blockchain as a layer 2 Application injective protocol provides Tools to build decentralized Applications daps that focus on Financial functionalities in the crypto Space these daps include Perpetual swaps Futures margins spot trading derivatives Forex Futures staking governance

Deflationary mechanisms so injective Makes our list but maybe check out this One too see if it's anything like R bit Make sure you subscribe to our channel The cryptocurrency bull market is just Getting started nobody is more informed And keeps you more informed about the Entire cryptocurrency space than us Posting a video every day now regarding The next chain link now I have to look More into this myself I just happen to Get a hot tip from somebody in the know Supra could be considered the next chain Link got great Tech they just did a huge Raise they're going to be doing Marketing I'm going to have to check This more out myself but people are Saying that Supra is the next chain link But you tell me in the comments


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