Top 6 ‘Cheap’ Cryptos To Invest & HOLD in 2023 (HIGH RISK!!)

Yes cryptocurrency is one of the fastest Appreciating asset classes in human History it's also incredibly risky in Today's video I want to take a break From the Blue Chips take a look at some Newer projects out of the top 100 and Highlight six cryptos implementing today So let's get to coin number one by Economy what is bichonomy and I do just Have to say first and foremost I am not A registered financial advisor make your Own decisions do your own research I'm Just sharing what works for me number Two investing in cryptocurrency is Extremely risky and especially when Looking at lower cap altcoins do not put In any money that you're not willing to Lose immediately and of course number Three subscribers of this channel have Seen this the majority of my portfolio Is a Bitcoin and ethereum because I'm The biggest Believers in them today Let's highlight six different crypto Projects that are still implementing Through the bear So first up what is bichonomy why are we Seeing more and more active dapps being Onboarded using the software well in Simplistic terms dichotomy is a plug and Play solution offering apis and sdks for A frictionless web 3.0 meaning the aim Is to solve the ux UI problem that we See in defy dichotomy provides a Non-custodial and gas efficient scalable

Relayer infrastructure through which Users can enjoy the Simplicity of web3 Applications by experiencing a Simplified transaction process meaning It makes the user experience for dapps Easier for average people life is Complex enough choose great ux and Obviously this is one of the major Barriers to entry right now with crypto It's very complicated for the average Person so I like to see in a bear Market Projects innovating like this now before We take a look at the growth what Specifically does by economy offer Number one by economy's core product Features plug and play apis and sdks That developers can use to build dapps With Superior user experience another Big component is a gasless transaction Fees because right now expensive fees Are a big problem to onboard users web 3 Users have to pay gas fees every time They use a Dap which is a pretty big Hurdle for Mass adoption Netflix doesn't Charge you its server fees every time You watch a TV episode so why should Dapps charge users gas fees for every Single transaction by economy leverages Meta transactions to subsidized gas fees And offers a completely gasless Experience to DAP users decentraland has Already been testing this how decentral End users saved over thirty two thousand Dollars for their users with gasless

Which is their product and looking at Their numbers in 2022 which was I don't Have to tell you one of the worst bear Markets in crypto history and then we'll Compare them to the numbers in 2023 in 2022 we saw real growth in a tough Crypt Of winter more than 15 million main net Transactions latest figure over 1.75 Million unique users using dichotomy and Almost 380 active dapps so in comparison To these numbers today those numbers Have clearly gone up we see the growth And with Partners like decentralend as Well as other major players in space I Think this project is one to watch And for the next crypto project I'm Going to highlight well to focus on the DAP platforms the layer 1 blockchains And again we know the Blue Chips we know These main players in the space are Their lower cap l1s that have emerging Ecosystems as well today I want to Highlight two different crypto projects Which are sister chains working in Tandem moon beam and Moon River and if You believe the future of crypto is Interoperable is multi-chain then these Two projects are protocols to watch Moonbeam is a smart contract parachain On the polkadot Network and has an Ethereum compatible environment being a Pair chain means that Moonbeam is a Layer 1 chain linked to the layer 0 Relay chain of polka dot and even though

The dominant players in the DAP platform Space are pretty obvious with the Moonbeam Network and Moon River Developers can use popular ethereum Tools that they already know to build or Redeploy projects created using the Solidity programming language and Substrate so providing an interoperable Multi-chain solution for developers and Like I said sister projects much like Polka dot and kusama it's Moonbeam and Moon River now obviously the biggest Indicator on if any dap platform will be Successful or not is where are the Developers and the users actually Flocking well as of the latest data for 2023 As a smart contract platform Moonbeam on Polka dot provides the interoperability And ideal development environment web3 Teams need to build cross-chained apps That must be why almost 300 devs decided To build on Moonbeam in its first year So this is the data and as we can see Filecoin algorithm flow osmosis and Moonbeam have over 200 plus total devs From fewer than 10 devs from just back In January of 18. also going further With the data we can see that Moonbeam Was part of the top three number of Project deployments slash category in 2022 and this means deployments meaning Were the devs actually deploying new Code building we can see that

Infrastructure and tooling up 27 defy up 20 52 deployments Moonbeam was also Hiring when other companies were firing Last year and now looking today in 2023 Monthly repo commits continue to rise Into the new year and we can see monthly Commits as well as active developers up And to the right And next crypto project that's making Clear progress also getting the seal of Approval from Eric Voorhees XD Phi is Like metamask but supports Bitcoin and Other smart contract l1s the obvious Competitive flank metamask has neglected And by the way every four to six weeks Let's come back to these projects let's Check back in and actually see if these Projects continue to make progress now Obviously despite how popular D5 wallet Metamask is it does have its flaws and We are starting to see a handful of Other quality non-custodial wallets Coming up to offer more xd5 is a Multi-chain wallet that allows you to Securely store Swap and send Krypton Nfts across 17 blockchains so not only Does it support many different protocols And not just a few like metamask it's Also seeing growth as well join over 150 000 plus people who are already using Xd5 as well as a five-star rating 200 Plus reviews on Chrome Store and Actually just looking at the latest data As of February 2023 there's over 170

000 plus monthly active users with an Over five star rating from 232 reviews And two new chains added in January like I said 17 chains as of now now XD Phi is By no means the only one there's also Other quality wallets D5 wallets Non-custodial wallets like Madame mask That are popping up too we have aurox we Have trustwallet Etc and as new features Come up or as new wallets come up I will Be on the lookout I will keep you Updated now if you believe that crypto Gaming is going to be a strong Trend in The future and if you like scary games The project is known as fear and it's Essentially not play to earn but survive To earn and as you may remember from our Gaming cryptocurrency video the other Day 10 coins to 10 million top 10 gaming Coins set to explode there's many Different crypto games still Implementing in this bear so what makes Fear nft games different well number one They were already an existing game Studio before play to earn fear nfts is A blockchain based horror gaming and Entertainment brand forged by the famous Whack it series developers the now over Six-year-old gaming studio has had over 1 million players and over 270 million YouTube views so I like how this studio Already had their audience and if we Look at some of the games people are Already playing they already have

Available you probably know clucking Hell whack the demon area one of their Newest games area is a 3D action horror Game coming to the fear ecosystem with 50 million YouTube views and millions of Players made by mad VR Studios Originally known for its Fame on Steam As a serious creepy jump scare game we Have converted this unique horror Survival title into an experience where Gamers have the a chance to earn fewer Tokens by progressing in the game Survive to earn Also another protocol we've talked about This one before to keep on the radar Clearly seeing growth is a big data Protocol it's similar in a sense to how The graph major defy protocol quarries Data Aggregates data for these defy Protocols with this very similar Big Data protocol powering a liquid Marketplace for commercially valuable Data so sourcing data from a network of Over 19 000 professional data providers And by the way this number has grown and Crypto data providers also increased From over 200 now to 450. so here are Those stats we also see asset managers And data consumers over 10 000 data Categories 145 and let's just be honest It's not like anybody researches things Anymore but actually take a look through Their partners and what they've built And here are just a few Partners a big

One is harmonic AI Harmonic ai's data Engine keeps 6 million plus startups and 110 million plus professional profiles Fresh they are an AI solution providing Data on startups to investors and Corporations so obviously a major Partner huge Silicon Valley clients a16z Notion HQ Rex Greylock if I missed a Low-cap crypto be sure to comment down Below I'll be reading I'll try and Research and add it into my next video But like always see you tomorrow


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