Top 6 Best Ways To Store Your CRYPTO!! How To Stay Safe!!

How safe is your crypto are you sure That it won't be lost in a hack if You're keeping it on an exchange how do You know you'll always be able to access It the truth is you can never be certain That your crypto is safe unless you are Storing it correctly in this video I'm Going to tell you exactly what you need To know about storing your crypto as Well as some of the best wallets to use So if you're serious about doing crypto Properly then this is a video you cannot Afford to Miss before we can dive into the wallets In question we need a bit of background On self- custody if you're already Familiar with the concept then feel free To use the timestamps below to skip Ahead to those wallet picks now most People buy crypto using exchanges like Binance coinbase Kraken bybit and so on It's the easiest way to get started Buying crypto with Fiat currencies like The dollar euro and others however the Trouble is that many people then just Leave their assets on the exchange much Like they would keep their money in the Bank yes it is the easiest option Especially if you're trading but leaving Your assets on an exchange is a Gamble And an unnecessary one at that when you Leave your money on an exchange you're Effectively trusting that exchange to Keep your funds safe and you're taking a

Chance that the exchange won't collapse Now if 2022 taught us anything it's that Even large and supposedly responsible Exchanges and other such custodial Platforms can fall apart in what seems Like an instant Celsius blockfi FTX and Others went down the plug hole with Client funds following in their wake but Even if exchanges don't collapse and are Well-managed they still face security Risks principally hacks that's why self- Custody is crucial and in crypto custody Refers to the managing and storing of Private Keys which are essential for Accessing and transacting with digital Assets here at the coin Bureau we Advocate for self- custodial also known As non-custodial wallets that means you And only you have control over the Private keys to your crypto now okay Self- custodial wallets are a bit less Convenient and involve a bit more effort Than simply leaving your crypto where You bought it but this is your money We're talking about folks you don't want To take any chances anyways there's a Lot more to self- custody than we've Explained here so I encourage you to Check out the videos we've done on it in The past now though it's time to move on To our wallet picks and it's important To stress that this is a non-exhaustive List and there may be many other options Out there and irrespective of the wallet

That you do choose be sure to do your DD On it before okay with that out of the Way let's dive into those wallets in Fifth spot we have trust wallet yes I Know what you're thinking anything that Has trust in its name must surely sound Alarm Bells especially when it comes to Crypto but thankfully trust wallet has Proven itself to be well trustworthy Founded in California in 2017 trust Wallet is a decentralized non-custodial Wallet that gives users full control Over their private keys in 2018 it was Bought by binance the world's largest Crypto exchange now I should emphasize That despite that acquisition trust Wallet has maintained its independence Identity and autonomy not something you Can say about every company in crypto as You can see from the website trust Wallet allows you to buy store stake and Exchange cryptos as well as collect nfts You simply download the software on your Phone create a new wallet by crypto and Away you go trust wallet also has a Browser extension version for Chrome Brave and other browsers however here at The coin Bureau we still prefer to use More established and free options like Metamask when it comes to browsers but Trust wallet is nonetheless a solid Choice now though a word of warning Before you download any software make Sure your it hygiene is in good order

That means you should make sure that Your device is free of any malware or Viruses and of course don't click on Unknown or untrusted links or download Untrusted files the best place to Download an app like trust wallet from Is the Project's official homepage and We'll leave links in the Description so with that out of the way Why does trust wallet make my top five List well the main reason is security The Cornerstone of any credible wallet Trust wallet has an Immaculate track Record to our knowledge there has been No hack or breach to date part of the Reason for this must come down to the Fact that its code is open source with Its code open to the public for so many Years the chances are that any major Issues have been spotted and fixed by White hats and The Wider community and The second reason we like trust wallet Is its extensive asset support it Accepts major cryptos like BTC eth erc20 Tokens xrp cardano Ada and many more as You can see from this list in all it Supports more than 9 million digital Assets including nfts across 80 Blockchains as I said it's Extensive the wallet also gives users Access to decentralized applications or Daps with a special browser tab in the App making it easy to use platforms like Unis swap or Ave and for users looking

To buy crypto with Fiat trust wallet has Integrated card payment options like Moonay simplex and ramp however it's Worth mentioning that the fees can be Somewhat High using these options in Terms of usability trust wallet is Userfriendly making it a good option for Both beginners and experienced users the App is available for download on both Apple and Android devices and it has Received many positive reviews in a Nutshell then trust wallet offers a mix Of security flexibility and ease of use Making it a strong choice for anyone Looking to store and manage their Cryptocurrencies and it's absolutely Free trust wallet doesn't charge its Users any additional fees on top of what Their digital exchange and feat to Crypto Partners already charge which is Pretty remarkable although they haven't Disclosed their sources of revenue we Believe they earn their SATs PR Primarily through affiliate fees anyhow Let's move on so next up we have the Exodus wallet now Exodus is a popular Choice among cryptocurrency users thanks To its combination of user friendliness Security and feature richness we have a Comprehensive review of Exodus on our Website so if this video doesn't satiate You our in-depth review should quench Your thirst for Exodus knowledge Links Of course in the description below now

For this review I'll outline the main Reasons I think Exodus is a solid Choice First up we have user experience Exodus Is slick whether you're using it on a Mobile or desktop the design is clear Intuitive and Sleek both versions allow Users to customize their dashboards Offering live market data and the latest Crypto headlines at a glance okay so it Looks good but does it have any Substance what are its security Credentials well well they're pretty Good like trust wallet Exodus boasts no Recorded hacks or breaches unlike trust Wallet Exodus has teamed up with Tresor And allows users to integrate trezor's Hardware wallet devices now this Partnership is inspired the combination Of the Tresor Hardware wallet with Exodus's software platform offers users The enhanced security associated with Hardware wallets namely the fact that Your private keys can be stored offline While maintaining the convenience and Userfriendly features of the Exodus Software wallet its partnership with Trasor helps offset some of the Criticism it's received for not using Conventional two-factor authentication Methods like Google Authenticator Spoiler alert will be covering trasor Later on in this video so you'll see why Hardware wallets are the gold standard When it comes to security now though

Let's delve into the features of the Exodus wallet Exodus supports over 360 Assets from well-known cryptocurrencies To nfts you can see the full list on Their website one thing that's really Neat is that you can swap some supported Cryptocurrencies directly using the Wallet rather than going through an Exchange this is not only convenient but Also means you avoid the tedious kyc Procedures required to set up an account On a centralized exchange on the Negative side meanwhile Exodus isn't Fully open source exodus's defense is That by keeping some elements Proprietary the company guards against Potential cloning and malicious Alterations by hackers balancing Transparency and security from our Perspective though open- source code is Best now you might be wondering how Exodus makes its money since as I Mentioned earlier it's free to use well Exodus applies a small spread fee if you Use it to exchange currencies the exact Amount depends on the currency you're Transacting but as a rule of thumb Larger cap coins like BTC and eth will Have much lower spreads than small cap Altcoins so to sum up then both Exodus And Trust wallet are strong choices for Users holding moderate amounts of crypto Their ease of use functionality and Strong security track records not to

Mention the fact that they're free have Earned them their places in our top five Wallets especially for new users and Those who aren't storing large amounts Of crypto to however I must emphasize That they are both so-called hot wallets I.E connected to the internet while this Offers convenience since you can access It anywhere there's an internet Connection and from multiple devices There is a security trade-off the very Fact that hot wallets are connected to The internet also makes them susceptible To security threats like hacking that's Why if you really prioritize security as We do you should go for Hardware wallet Wets now a hardware wallet is in essence A compact device engineered for the sole Purpose of safeguarding private keys and Authorizing transactions these devices Boast a streamlined functionality Intentionally designed to be quote dumb And single purpose to mitigate the risks Of external hacks your private Keys Reside in a cold environment on these Gadgets meaning they're isolated from The online world and avoid common Malware threats the security is so Stringent that the only feasible way for Someone to access your crypto is by Physically obtaining the device and the PIN code required to unlock it now in Terms of operation Hardware wallets link To your computer and are managed through

Software developed by the manufacturer The user experience is pretty Straightforward and before I reveal our Third pick I should say that Hardware Wallets should always be bought from Official stores to avoid the risk of Being sold a compromised device from Unauthorized sellers yes that can happen And has happened so be warned it's Always best to order directly from the Manufacturer anyway in third spot we Have the engrave zero a relative Newcomer to the hardware wallet scene Now engrave is designed for security Physically it's chunkier and far more Robust than its counterparts on this List I imagine it's the sort of thing if You dropped it from a window that would Do more damage to the ground than to Itself but well maybe don't try that at Home while it's a tough knot on the Outside though its security features Beneath the hood are what's really Impressive the engrave zero is the first Hardware wallet in the world that is E7 Certified which is the highest security Certification in the world for the Blockchain and financial industry it has A fingerprint reader as well as a pin For two- Factor authentication and its Seed generation mechanism is highly Innovative using the highest level of Randomness I won't go into all the Details here but it uses a sensor to

Detect lighting to maximize the Randomness of the seed phrase confusing Well yeah tell me about it anyway the Engrave also provides a few cunning ways To reduce the likelihood of you being a Victim of a so-called man-in-the-middle Attack which in simple terms is when a Hacker secretly intercepts and Alters Communications between you and a website For instance by changing the receiver Address again I'll leave links if you Want to dig into the details meanwhile The user interface of the engrave is Designed for ease of use transaction Signing QR code scanning and pin code Entry are facilitated by a 4in Touchscreen it's intuitive and Slick it Also comes with a metal seed card that You can punch your seed phrase onto Using the punching tool that comes with The device as well so then with all this Excellent security and solid user Experience why isn't engrave further up Our list well four words coin support And cost engrave is still in its infancy The selection of crypto assets available Is extremely limited currently engrave Zero accepts over a dozen major cryptos As well as all tokens on ethereum and Multiverse X I should note however that In its road map there are plans to Increase the number of available tokens And also offer staking Services we're Sure looking forward to seeing those new

Features implemented soon in terms of Pricing meanwhile engrave is Considerably more expensive than its Competitors coming in just shy of $400 for context that's over $180 Pricier than the other wallets covered In this video that said if security not Price is your primary concern then Definitely consider the engrave the team Here at coin buau have been using Engrave zeros for a few months now and Have been very impressed in fact once we Were sure about its security we Partnered with the engrave team to offer Our community a special deal so if you Use the code coin Bureau when you make Your purchase or buy through our Dedicated engrave link you'll get a cool 10% discount but That's not all we've also got great Discounts on the other two wallets I'm Covering in this video and so much more Besides okay with that said then in Second place we have Ledger a Wellestablished name in the hardware Wallet World Ledger is a French company Founded in Paris in 2014 as you can see From their website they're soon to be Launching Ledger Stacks which promises To be their most sophisticated wallet Device yet since it hasn't been released Yet and we haven't tested it we'll leave A review of Ledger stacks for the future Now currently Ledger has two Flagship

Products on offer the Nano s+ and the Nano X the Nano s+ provides essential Features for securing a variety of Digital assets it is a perfect Entry-level Ledger wallet with all the Essentials to secure your crypto Meanwhile the Nano X is optimized for Mobile users who need to access their Cryptocurrencies while on the move what Makes the Nano X Stand Out is its Bluetooth feature which allows a Seamless connection to your mobile Device to do so you'll need to download The Ledger live mobile app after which You can establish a secure connection to Your Nano X via Bluetooth I should note That the device has an 8h hour battery Life which isn't amazing but isn't bad I Mean it's a hardware wallet after all Not a smartphone how much this matters Really depends on the user's needs I Suppose But it's the functionality of the leder Nanox that is truly excellent we're Talking support for a whopping 55,0 Coins and compatibility with over 50 Other wallets not to mention the Capacity to house nfts and connect to Defi DBS Ledger is hugely popular with Both models boasting top tier ratings on Both IOS and Android now when it comes To security Ledger is pretty reliable Both Ledger wallets are embedded with a Secure element chip and run on Ledger's

Proprietary operating system this Combination is engineered to offer Robust protection against sophisticated Hacks and to our knowledge Ledger hasn't Suffered any hacks of its Hardware Devices I should cavey at that though That in 2020 they did suffer a hack of Their user database where emails were Compromised an unfortunate incident that Was a PR disaster for the company and And speaking of unfortunate incidents And PR disasters I should briefly Address the controversy that ledger Faced in May of 2023 surrounding the Introduction of a new feature named Ledger recover the idea seemed innocent Enough an optional feature that allows Users to delegate the management of Their private keys to others however This all sparked outrage that's because Users were concerned that the upgrade Required to make the recover Feature Work would allow for the exfiltration of Private keys this was not helped by Ledger's poor communication strategy at The time which sewed further confusion Now we have a whole video about this Which I'll link to below but that Controversy notwithstanding Ledger Devices are still top tier wallets with A proven track record their prices are Also very reasonable and in fact ledgers Are the most affordable of the hardware Wallets I'm I'm covering today now the

Nano s+ and Nano X are priced at $79 $149 respectively in the nutshell then If Optimum security coupled with Mobility is your aim the legend Nano X Is the professional's choice if you're a Newbie or generally in one place then The Nanos S Plus will do the trick and If you don't have a ledger yet and want To pick one up then we have links in the Description to help you and now it is Time for pole positions so drum roll Please yes it is Tresor now this Czech Company founded way back in 2013 Produces the model one which is an Entry-level device and the Treesort T Which is higher spec with a touchcreen Now we've covered these on our website And in past videos which are link to Below today though I'm going to talk About trezor's newest Hardware product The trasor safe 3 think of it as an Entry-level device that's in between the Model one and the Treesort T it's just Been released 10 years after Tresor was Founded and I met trezor's CEO matate Zach in Amsterdam recently and have a Video with him about the new release Which I'll leave link to in the top Right for you guys now the treasure safe 3 is a slick and solid device it's Intuitive and straightforward in keeping With trezor's previous models it also Comes with USBC support to keep those EU

Folks happy in terms of coin support Meanwhile the treel safe 3 is extensive It can store the keys to over 7,000 Digital assets including all the big Names and for those of you who are into Design the treasure safe 3 looks pretty Sleek and comes in four colors gold Silver rose and black pretty cool now When it comes to Safety and Security the Secure element in the device is Protected with an E6 certified chip it's also fully open Source which means that people can vet The code Independently something else that the Privacy Hawks Among Us may want to take Advantage of is the chance to go in Cognito with coinjoin bitcoin's Anonymizing process when it comes to Backup functionality the treasure safe 3 Also has a Shamir backup scheme now for Those unfamiliar this is a method Whereby you can create more than one set Of seed phrases to recover your device You can set a minimum number or Threshold of separate seeds so for Example you can set a two of three Configuration where two seed cards out Of three are required to recover or you Could set a five of seven or well any Other configuration you can think of it Works much the same way as multisig Wallets and allows you to build in a Redundancy in case you lose one seed or

To have more than one person with their Own seed speaking of seed words treaser Will also be releasing the treasure keep Metal now this device will allow you to Punch the seed words in a steel cylinder And it can survive well pretty much Whatever you can throw at it the device Is quote waterproof resistant to acid Alkali and chemical corrosion and Extreme temperature resistant it's the Kind of device Mr Beast would probably Fire a rocket at and get half a billion Views while doing so Now as I've said before keeping your Seed phrases on something solid like Metal is a much safer course of action Than keeping them on a piece of paper or God forbid Online so the treasure safe 3 costs $79 More than the Tresor 1 which is priced At $69 but less than the Model T which Goes for $219 if you want our opinion go for the Treasure safe 3 while it is slightly More expensive than the model one the Features more than make up for it it has All the Model T features apart from Basically the touchscreen which is a lot For that $140 premium quick side note Here though the treasure safe 3 is only Available on pre-order at the moment and Will be shipped in the coming weeks we Were able to get the preview of the new Devices straight from Tresor but based

On our experience I can say it's Definitely worth the wait so if you want To get your treasure I've left links to It in the description for you Now folks before we finish up I want to Say a few General words about security One of the things that struck me from my Recent interview with trezor's CEO is That according to him there are Apparently 420 million crypto users but Only 2% of them use Hardware wallets now This is baffling Hardware wallets are The way to go if you care about security And yet only a fraction of people are Using them so if if you want to join the Crypto Elite get yourself a hardware Wallet in fact if you really want to up Your security game I recommend buying a Couple of different ones so you can Spread your bets I know it might not be Affordable for everyone but if you're Holding lots of crypto first of all keep That fact to yourself and second of all Consider using multiple wallets and as I've mentioned many times before you Must make sure your seed backups are Kept safe if you lose them that's it There's virtually no chance of recovery So make sure to write them down in good Clear handwriting or better yet opt for A metal seed card or use trezor's keep Metal do not do not keep your seed words Online as that can expose them to hacks It's just not worth taking that risk and

Again if you want to build in a Redundancy for more than one seed phrase Then that Shamir backup scheme for the Treor safe 3 is the answer okay Point Made I Think and that folks concludes today's Video now Below in the description You'll find links to all the wallets Discussed including some exclusive Discounts on select devices I'll also Leave links to our reviews of these Wallets from our website which go into More detail before you go if you enjoyed This video and learned something from it Please like it share it and subscribe And if you're looking for the best Crypto deals on the market then the coin Bureau deals page is where you should go It has exchange bonuses of up to $40,000 As well as trading fee discounts of up To 60% and of course discounts on Hardware wallets too so be sure to check It out below if that's youro until next Time thanks for watching and see you Again soon this is Guy bidding you Goodbye Oh


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