Top 5 RWA Crypto Altcoins For 2024

We Believe The Next Step going forward Will be the tokenization of financial Assets the tokenization of real world Assets is about to be massive and we Believe it's so important to be Anticipating the next move the market Could grow as big as 10 trillion dollar By 2030 and that means every stock every Bond will have its own basically qip but What are the best real world asset coins In 2024 keep in mind investing in Cryptocurrency is risky I am not a Licensed financial adviser make your own Decisions do your own research but as a Jumping off point here are five RW Crypto coins to keep on the radar first Coin on our list some of you may Recognize from their long-term UFC Partnership vchain they're an L1 vchain Thor is a leading Enterprise grade L1 Public blockchain hey they follow me I'm Going to follow them so they bring Transparency to Supply Chain management By making inventory tracking more Transparent fair and efficient founder And CEO Sunny Lou at this year's recent Paris blockchain week explains how they Were one of the originals The Visionaries for rwa today rwa is quite a Big trendy topic right but actually the First use case ever build on vchain Blockchain working with one of the top Luxury brand happened in Paris 7even Years ago from our rwa roots of

Tokenizing products for leading luxury Brands to the news today V better Dow Two new tokens and airdrop V Chain's Moonshot for Mass sustainability Adoption so to Vain the answer is V Better do as a new platform we just Launched a few weeks ago so this is how All those Enterprises using vchain can Tap into more of their consumers V Better Dow which utilizes a dual token Model to incentivize and reward Realworld sustainable actions this TAPS In to V Chain's existing Enterprise Partners and as an example on how this Works the XTO earn model allows any type Of sustainability effort to be monetized For example a tree planting application Could let users earn better tokens for Each tree planted right now it's Stilling the testet but simply say what Is a v better doll V better is actually A new type of of sustainability Ecosystem to Foster multiple different Applications to digitalize users Activity on a daily basis and get Rewards right away and how this affects Vchain the airdrop is coming to you the Airdrops tap into the already vibrant 300,000 plus member vchain Community Priming the ecosystem for an influx of Sustainability apps and active users When V better Dow transitions to mainnet By July 2024 next coin on our list for Real world asset coins is Ando and while

Ando's market cap is relatively High Higher compared to many of the other rwa Coins meaning potentially less upside Their notable backers are really the Reason Ando is making so many lists I Loved this explanation what is Ando Finance it's an Institutional grade Financial platform which is backed by Founders fund panta capital and coinbase Essentially offering you to earn yield On us treasuries and the US Dollar on Chain they recently had a very big Announcement which is going towards Solving the rwa liquidity problem that They're going to introduce something Called Global markets a platform to Bring all publicly traded Securities on Chain with Native access to traditional Securities Exchange liquidity like from The NASDAQ NYSC and lsse this is Absolutely massive they're solving one Of the biggest problems in rwa they're Also so moving into black Rock's fund Which is buidl the tokenization fund Allocating 95 million of the O USG Assets and the news today they continue To grow usdy surpasses 200 million in Tvl for the first time that is a Tokenized note secured by short-term us Treasuries just meaning people are using This and next coin on our list which is Much lower cap which typically means More opportunity Opulus and it's interesting because I'm

An investor and OG's may actually Remember me speaking about opulus back In the fall of 2021 opulus is a Cryptocurrency I'm invested in Established by ditto music founder Lee Parsons earlier this year opulus is a Blockchain powered financial support Initiative for artists this was actually From my video in 2021 the opulus Platform also facilitates the launch of Opulus music nfts which the company says Is a new form of nft that offers buyers Rewards and a share of the song's future Earnings so the reason you should care Number one opulus the home of real world Assets for music on the blockchain Tokenized music assets to give power Back to the individuals the musicians as Explained by their founder major labels Are earning tens of millions every hour Just from streaming it's one of the most Lucrative times ever in history for Music but we have a music industry that Is you know making most of its money From streaming that is built on the same Rules and the same structure of the 1930s when it was created nothing has Actually changed on that side to help The artists at opulus we believe that if You create an asset or a piece of art You should own that art so that's number One reason you should care they're Solving real world issues but number two Opulus was founded by the founder of

Ditto music ditto music is an online Music Distribution Company it has major Reach and Connections in the space in Fact they've worked with major artists Ed Sheeran and Sam Smith also Chance the Rapper and many more achieving numerous UK Top 40 and worldwide chart hits and The news today it's actually three-fold Number one and a way that rwas work on Their platform by the way opulus did hit Us up and ask to partner for this Segment of today's video just to be able To get this information out there earned From hundreds of tracks with just one Token so this is something called oval Oval is designed for users to gain Access to an exclusive and carefully Selected music library our music experts At opulus curate a collection of popular And high- Performing songs for this Library the usdc staked in this spool Enables opulus to expand the music Library back benefiting both the artists And the stakers opulus also uses Artificial intelligence unlock the music Industry with Aid driven transparency Here's a new preview of opulus AI Showcasing how you can input any artist Or song for transparent music Revenue Predictions and advances so just a new Level of transparency for the music Industry via predictable data and also If you like Disney free mfts mus music Fungible token airdrop earnings from

Iconic Disney hits earn from music Featured in Disney TV shows like Hannah Montana and that's a raven and movies Such as Bridge to Terabithia holding Opulus token is key for eligibility so In the very lucrative world of Music Copyright where even Black Rock has just Launched a fund for music buying opulus Democratizes all that making it a coin To watch for the rwa narrative and next Coin on our list origin Trail track and While they may have originally been Known for also providing transparency For the supply chain or verifying truth On the supply chain they've expanded That and they're now powering a Verifiable internet meaning verifying What's true on the internet now fake News is one of those pathologies that Asks the question what is true how do You know what's fake and what's not fake Hunch is that a mixture of connectivity And uh distributed knowledge graphs and Blockchains and uh are Converging and and it's an important Convergence and in particular it's going To help us solve one of the biggest Problems we have these days uh namely Truth and this is where the dkg is come In so dkg is decentralized Knowledge Graph and origin Trails dkg is an Evolving tool for finding the truth in Knowledge knowled meaning they're aiming To be the trusted knowledge

Infrastructure as explained by one of Their Founders now just you know this Centralized knowledge graphs currently Being used by Google um bigger companies Of course are meant to somehow Appropriate data and the problem still Is that using uh Knowledge Graph as a Centralized database you still cannot Prove you know whether or not this this Data has Integrity so we still kind of Lean back on the blockchain and we Decided to merge both Technologies so we Overlaid Knowledge Graph first off kind Of theoretically over uh blockchain and We devised a so-called decentralized Knowledge Graph so like opulus they very Much fit two narratives both artificial Intelligence and rwas this is the Transparent future that's emerging today You can go into retail stores in Europe Scan a code um cure code basically on a Piece of meat chicken beef in um and see And basically chat with the meat using An AI interface through origin tril um But actually not generating an answer by AI rather quering the decentralized Launch graph sure getting all the Information from the entire chain of uh Of um the supply chain for that product And next up on our list is proppy they Are the rwa leader in real estate a US Licensed escrow on Smart contracts I Loved the conversation I had with their Founder a few weeks ago but I actually

Thought this was a really insightful Question from pump on the legal Implications and why real estate on Blockchain but there's like a legal side To this almost like a regulation side to It there's obviously uh where are the Title store the local County maybe even The state they all want to understand Who owns what property when is it Transferring how much can we tax it how Do you think about the Technology Innovation but then also having to play Within some of these Antiquated systems Or uh have to interface with um yeah Whether it's the county or state yeah That's a great question and actually Again blockchain technology is the best Technology to track and record uh all Those transactions today counties are Recording a very small amount of Information about transactions which is Basically a scan document of a title Deed uh and rather with the Innovation And blockchain immutable records uh we Will be able to have the full Transaction data on the blockchain it Could be encrypted for the consumer um But the government will have the better Ability to tax as well as to track all The transactions and that's when we have Full data set and the historical data on Chain then obviously uh this industry is A title insurance that is again $25 Billion every year consumers are paying

Uh this would be obsolete give this Video a like if you got value and like Always see you tomorrow


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