Top 5 New Cryptos To Invest in By Bitcoin Halving [14 Days Left]

So the Bitcoin having is less than just A few weeks away and we are right now on The verge of witnessing one of the most Insane crypto bull runs in history now In the last few months I've mentioned in Nearly every single video plays like Arkham which we found at under. 70 cents Which at its all-time high pumped almost $4 or plays like aerodrum where I put in Over $120,000 of my own personal funds At the 10 to 20 cent range before even Seeing it break $2 just a few weeks ago Now by the way with aerodrum it was a Crazy moment because it was my highest Conviction play that I live streamed Over in Kaizen and because I've also Mentioned it in every single video here On YouTube it's funny because my wife Was also recording me in the kitchen as I was literally doing those handstand Push-ups because this was the first Project that I bought that has ever Turned into over $1 million even better Aerodrome was just an example of a Project that I had no kol deals in no Secret Alpha no preed investment but we Found it I bought it on coinbase just as Any one of you could and we made over a Million dollar from just this one crypto Now look half of you watching this video Are going to be in some form of Disbelief you won't think this can Happen to you you'll think something Along the lines of okay Brian this can

Happen to you but this surely cannot Happen to me look it wasn't too long ago Where I had a similar mindset to you but I'm just going to encourage you to try And have a little bit of faith for me as A Christian faith in my God is Everything but I've applied the same Faith to growing my business growing my Team growing my relationships my Community and even growing my crypto Investments and I've been able to see Wonder ful things bear fruit regardless Of what you believe in I just want to Encourage all of you to at least develop Some level of Faith so that you can have Courage to win in this market because it Is truly possible so look if you're Getting into crypto and this happens to Be maybe your first cycle I'd be lying If I said that we're still so early Because right now we're not I'd like to Compare this bull run as if it was an American football game and we're right Now playing in the Super Bowl if I were To give a hypothesis on where we are Currently within the stage of this Market I'd say we just about got out of The first quarter of the game now just Like the most recent Super Bowl match That we saw we could end up seeing Double or even triple overtime now look This means we're not yet halfway into The market and this means we're still Pretty far from quarter 4 or even

Overtime but what I want to emphasize is That there is a possibility just like in Any game we see that overtime double Overtime or even triple overtime Happening within the game now although We may not be early anymore you still Have time to make money in this market And it's all about seizing the Opportunity that you have in front of You today so with all that said here's What we got so we'll first start with Why Bitcoin has dumped as much as it has And I'll be explaining to you why you Shouldn't be as worried next I'll share With you what we need to see happen for This bull run to continue and why I Believe there is still a lot more Potential to go next I'll be going over How you can actually make money in this Current bull market regardless if you've Been here since 2021 or if you just got Into crypto a month ago I'll be going Over all the most important things that You need to know in order to see your Invest ment within crypto go from 2x 5x Even 10x or more last but not least I Always like to share some final words of Wisdom that I get from the Bible uh so Towards the end of the video I'm going To be wrapping everything up from the Story of good old David and Goliath and Connect that into some very important Lessons that you need to know so that You can Thrive within this market so

First of all let me say this cycle so Far feels like the weirdest Bull Run That we've ever had ever since Bitcoin Broke the previous all-time high the Overall sentiment doesn't seem to match The crazy extreme greed that we're Getting reported on online even on a day Where Bitcoin has now dropped over 6% We're still getting indicators that the Market is in greed now just as a Reminder in the previous Bull Run when We saw the peak of altcoin season really Stirring up we were witnessing all these Different cryptocurrencies going up Anywhere from 50 to 100 or even 200% Every single day during a True bare Market where allcoin season is rallying It's not a matter of if you should be Buying a project because you could lose Your money from it going down but the Mentality is that you need to buy Everything because everything is going Up and if you have your crypto all Locked up in Bitcoin then you'd be Missing out on enormous gains from all The different cryptos that are pumping In the market now that said we have not Really experienced that yet yes we've Had mem coin Mania yes we've seen all These random little narratives popping Up but truly we haven't yet seen the Peak of allcoin season yet now I have my Theories on this and I'll share with you Exactly why later on but before we do

That we need to go over then why Bitcoin Has come down as much as it did because Every everything at the end of the day Still starts with Bitcoin and with Bitcoin having coming up in less than Just a few weeks shouldn't this actually Mean that Bitcoin should be going up in Price instead so it turns out Historically every time Bitcoin has been Approaching the having event nearly Every time we've undergone a preh having Draw down now if we take a look at the 2016 and the 2020 having Cycles we Actually saw Bitcoin dip 38% and also 20% during those last few times now the Good news out of all this is that Anytime we have seen the draw down this Has been one of the few moments before We began to see crypto really rallying Back up taking a look at the chart Nearly every single time Bitcoin has had That draw down look at just how much Higher it went up this year is one of The reasons why I'm actually more Excited to see Bitcoin going down rather Than seeing Bitcoin continue to go up Even before the having takes place now All that makes sense but what I've Learned in crypto is that history tends To rhyme but it's not something we can Rely on to repeat every single moment One to one so I don't think crypto is Going down just because of the preh Having draw down I actually think the

Main catalyst here though relates to Something broader and this is the US Stock Market if there is one correlating Factor that has the highest accuracy Between different equities markets it's Actually crypto more specifically Bitcoin follows alongside what the US Stock Market more specifically the S&P 500 or even the NASDAQ does now in the First quarter of this year the S&P 500 Had one of the most extraordinary Rallies that we've ever seen naturally Anytime you have a very strong rally at The start of the year it is nearly often Times always followed by a bit of a cool Down period so as we started off the Second quarter the stock market has now Had a bit of a rougher start and most Importantly the reason why second Quarter has not been off to a good start Is because we got further economic data More specifically news on inflation and Where interest rate cuts are going to be I like this quote from CNBC what we're Seeing is a one two punch with a Combination of a continued hot inflation Data with profit taking with very Significant quarter 1 market gains we're Due for a little correction but we think That the investor narrative also Continues to be higher for longer with Respect to interest rates so if we know That all coins are going to be impacted By Bitcoin Bitcoin is still impacted by

The S&P 500 the S&P 500 is still Impacted by inflation rates because if We have higher inflation rates then we Are going to get more interest rate cuts Which leads to less money in the market With that said here's why I'm not Worried and why I'm actually more Excited even with all this news first of All dips in a bull market like this are Not only healthy but they are necessary For us to see sustained growth if you Take a look at the chart here on your Screen anytime we've had a 20% draw down We see the same fud people saying it's Over the crash is here it's done the Bare Market is in but nearly every Single time we've been able to see Bitcoin have another leg up look it Doesn't matter if you trade crypto if You trade stocks whatever Market you're In if things just go up if everyone's Just buying that is not sustainable and A lot of the times when we see a big Pump and a big dump those are not Healthy sustained growth trends that we Can see within an asset so here are five More reasons why I believe the bull Market is still on as we just covered if We want crypto to do well and Bitcoin to Do well and the stock market to do well There is one person in charge of all of That and his name is Jerome pow Jerome Powell is the individual who's Controlling the interest rates if he

Hears that inflation is actually going Down and we can cut interest rates even More this equates to adding trillions of Dollars of new liquidity into all Markets since the last fomc meeting we Had it seems as if the federal Government right now sees three rate Cuts coming up for the year of 2024 but In a bit more of a shallow easing path This means they might not have been as Aggressive as we once expected but if we Still have upcoming rate Cuts this could Mean in June interest rates go down even More quarter three we get another cut Maybe quarter four once more if this Happens to be the case and we are still On track for it I believe this year is Going to be the single biggest Catalyst To help Propel the bull market forward Reason number two the Bitcoin ETF when We see retirement funds AKA wrinkle Dollars coming into the market buying up More Bitcoin and holding it for a longer Period of time this is naturally going To help Drive the price of Bitcoin off With the first quarter coming to an end The spot Bitcoin ETF trading has now Concluded we've seen over 12.1 billion In total inflows going into Bitcoin out Of that black rocks ibit has been the Biggest winner up to this point Accumulating over 13.9 billion in inflow Since trading began back in January now So far year to date if you've actually

Put any money into any of the these ETFs That fund has now given investors a Return of 67% year to date so far moving Forward we expect Bitcoin ETFs to Continue to rise in the coming years as Even more asset managers develop their Own Bitcoin strategy if we take a look At the one-year chart look at this Healthy ride up closing in on the month It does look like things are taking a Bit of a turn but I always like to zoom Out to see the progress that we're in But you won't have a complete full Understanding unless you zoom out of the Chart so one year looks good 3 years Still looks good 5year looks better and Even for the 10-e you can just see the Healthy Growth to the upside by the way On the topic of the S&P 500 if you Didn't know the market cap for this ETF Sits at over $43 trillion currently the Global crypto market cap underneath all Assets is sitting just at a mere $2.5 Trillion this year is just another Reminder that the crypto Market is still Just a fraction of what the traditional Capital markets can do the fourth reason Why I'm even more bullish on this Particular cycle is because of the fact That all the Bad actors all the scammers Are now getting extradited and they are Finally going to prison Sam bakman freed A couple weeks back was finally Sentenced to over 20 years in prison

Dwan the founder of teral Luna is also Pending extradition right now in the Previous bull market if we didn't have As many Bad actors as we did and people Just were honest they weren't stealing Money now with all of these people Finally going to prison finally getting Tucked away I believe the likelihood for This bull market to succeed is even Higher last but not least but the reason Why I'm so deeply convicted for this Bull bu run is because we have even more Powerful narratives than we've ever seen Before in the history of crypto and no These narratives is not gaming it's Actually not AI but it's something even Greater it's bigger it has real utility And we're seeing the backing and support From some of the world's biggest leaders Within the space before I go into the Narrative and exactly how you can play This step by step so you can maximize Your returns within this bull run I want To just share with you my personal Prediction of where I feel like we're in In this market so first of all the Market definitely still has a very Free-for-all player vers player type Feeling it truly seems like everyone is Fighting one another with the majority Of players being Crypton native now look If you're new to the space and you Really want to make generational wealth Here's the reminder you must buy mid to

Low Cap all coin if you want to make Just a couple thousand in this market You're happy with a 50 to maybe even Just 100% return by all means you can Stick with the high caps you can even Stick with Bitcoin and you should be Fine if you're someone who actually Wants to make life-changing wealth you Need to stick with mid to low cap Allcoins because these are the cryptos That have a smaller market cap where You're able to get in early to actually See those two to three to four to even Five x plays happen more consistently Now if you don't have a concept of Market caps go on something like emarket and you can compare all the Different assets and how they're worth So a lot of these are going to be real Companies traded on the public stock Market exchange I think this is just the Easiest way to learn because I know most People know what Nike is and when you See that Nike as a company is worth over $137 billion you can put that into Perspective of some of these other Crypto projects near a similar level now Earlier I mentioned that you need to be Buying midcaps and low caps so the Definition of a midcap at least in my Eyes is that a crypto project needs to Be under a$1 billion market cap and a Low cap is pretty much anything that is Under a $100 million market cap now

Those numbers are completely subjective To someone if I saw a crypto hitting Even just $2 billion in market cap I Could consider it a midcap coin now one Misconception that I need to clear up is The fact that a lot of people who don't Really understand crypto assume that These mid and low cap altcoins are going To be even more risky than some of the Other higher market cap cryptocurrencies Like the ones that you see on the front Page of something like coin market cap Now look when it comes to some of these Low cap coins if you're buying it super Early it's not listed on any exchange There's always a chance the risk comes From it being a complete scam or a rug Pole now the top 100 coins a majority of Them are going to be listed on tier one Exchanges like coinbase for coinbase to List any one of these projects they need To be able to vet it fully and for a Crypto to be on a tier one exchange it Usually means that the exchange has gone Ahead and vetted it completely so that Less risk of it being a pump and dump a Rug pull or just a complete scam aside From that point though one key lesson That you will learn if you still haven't Learned it yet is that when crypto goes Down and Bitcoin goes down everything Literally everything within crypto will Go down with it with that being said if You know that all the other altcoins

Ethereum's going down avac whatever all This is going down and the low caps are Going to go down too with all that being Said the reason why I personally prefer Low cap coins is because if everything's Going to go down but I have a much Higher chance of upside playing with Some of these smaller projects that's What I'd prefer you also have to keep in Mind anyone who gets into crypto to Invest they're not doing it to become More conservative even with their own Crypto portfolio if you want to be Conservative just stick with the ETFs Stick with the stock market but as soon As you dip your toes into crypto Anything aside from Bitcoin should all Be considered to have the same amount of Risk obviously none of this is financial Advice not until I get my financial Advisor certificate one day but this is Just information that I've come to Realize on my own after someone who's Missed out last cycle and has now made Over $2 million in just the last two Months as a retail investor the biggest Mistake I made was that in the last Cycle I was trading High caps I was Trading things like avac salana cardono Dogecoin to be honest it was completely Pathetic of me to do that this is Because I was so afraid of these low cap Coins I was so afraid of using things Like Unis Swap and a decentralized

Exchange and I just assume that Everything in crypto was indeed a scam So here's the truth a lot of things in Crypto are a scam I mean there's Scammers everywhere there's scammers Literally in the bottom comment section Of my YouTube video working around the Clock to try and fraud you guys of your Hard-earned dollars but what I've come To realize is that it's in those low cap Coins where you can find the most amount Of potential and if you really want to Make a 5 10 20 or even a 100x in this Market it means you are in the trenches Of those low cap projects so just to Understand this if we want Bitcoin to Double in price then the market cap Would have to double would we be able to Get an additional $1.2 trillion coming Into Bitcoin possibly yes but the odds Of that are far greater than if we were To have a low cap project where if you Just had an additional $100 million of Volume going into it you would Experience a 10x so enough chitter Chatter I know we've just covered so Much here let's finally get into what I Think is the most valuable part of this Video and that is going over the Narrative that exist so that you guys Understand what's happening and why I'm Investing into what I am and from there I'll be going over some of the bullish Cryptocurrencies the ones that I think

Could have another potential Arrow Effect another 5 to 10x or even more so Early this cycle we saw AI coins explode We saw meme Mania happening where all These random meme coins were going off And even one night if you guys are Really in the trenches like you're Really in crypto you would have seen all Those crazy racist Salon of meme coins Popping off just a few weeks back now Look we are still right now within kind Of like this free-for-all territory Where investors are still just battling Against investors and it's the same Thing if you're going into an arena and You're fighting someone who's had Experience in the cage for years versus You not ever throwing a punch in your Life you're going to have the odd Stacked against you this is where I see A lot of new retail investors who have No investing experience at all come into Crypto they do what everyone else does Without purpose and intention they lose Money and they say that crypto is a scam If you happen to follow along onside That category let me reveal to you here The truth that it took me so long to Learn to win in crypto you need to Follow narratives narratives is what you Expect for it to play out so that you Can place your bets in on early an Example of a narrative is like Nvidia so We saw Chachi BT and AI going crazy if

You're able to take that information and Then say oh well AI it's all on a Computer and computers need Hardwares They need things like gpus or Cloud Infrastructure maybe there's a company That does it oh Nvidia oh and the light Bulb M goes off you decide to buy into Nvidia when it's at pre $200 it rallies All the way up to $900 and you Maj your Back that right there is chasing the Narrative even within the traditional Stock market but we're now just applying That over into crypto here's the issue Though when it comes to crypto there are Probably 10 20 30 different narratives And if you focus on too many things at Once you'll most likely fail in each of Them now my last video I actually went Over my highest conviction narratives All the way down to my lowest conviction Narrative for this video I'm going to Keep it very straightforward with you I'm going to go over the highest Conviction narrative the one that I Still think that you guys can get in Early on to and it's what has helped the Kaisen community make a collective if I Were to do the math at least seven Figures now so the greatest narrative to Exist for this bull run for you to cash In on is BAS Bas is empowered and funded By coinbase and it's what I consider to Be the apple of crypto where they Control everything they have the Apple

Airpod they got the iPad pretty much all Of these different tools that you end up Using and what coinbase is doing is they Control the on-ramp so the way way you Bring your money into crypto they Control the offramp so after you make All your money in crypto when you bring It back and transfer it back into Fiat For your checking account and literally Everything in between now look I've been In crypto since 2017 when I was in Community College I didn't know a lick About Bitcoin or tokenomics or white Papers but I did know this crypto still Had huge challenges and challenges that Even exist today an example is if you've Ever try to send one of your cryptos From one wallet to another and you ended Up waiting 10 to 15 minutes in anxiety Hoping the transfer went to the right Place or you accidentally adding in like One extra letter or one number and you Literally send it to the crypto Graveyard or some other random person's Wallet and you can never get it back I Mean that's a minor one even just things Like right now if you end up making a Brand new hot wallet on metamask or Coinbase wallet or if you get a cold Storage device like The Ledger they Require you to write down a whole bunch Of words right now and say that if you Ever lose this small little frail piece Of paper that you're going to lose all

Your life savings look even for me when I first set up a lot of those devices I Was thinking to myself if I'm having This much difficulty I cannot imagine Someone like my parents or even my Grandparents who if they ever decide They want to get into crypto and they Want to get this deep into it they got No shot there's no way so what coinbase Has set out for their mission to be is By investing into the infrastructure of Bridging this gap of all those Challenges and nuances that we Experience as investers even in the most Recent update with coinbase they made a Ton of these different improvements one Generating a wallet Within in 10 seconds Without leaving the app or using Pass Key based TX signing solving that Problem with recovery phrases using Biometrics to help secure your keys and They even have a feature in coinbase Wallet where I can just connect directly To my exchange without having to copy And paste a wallet address so how does Bas relate to all of this well if we Take a look at ethereum which is still The second largest crypto out of the Thousands that exist ethereum is Considered to be king of all allcoin it Happens to still be the most used Network because it's reliable but it Also has so many issues like having Crazy high transaction fees or still

Being insanely slow when you decide to Use it and send your eth from one place To another now what etherium is is a Layer one this here is the first layer Of the onion that allows you to do just So much more within the whole world of Crypto so projects like salana cardano And avax they are all layer one Competitors that aim to beat ethereum And to improve upon what ethereum falls Short on this is where you'll hear the Term ethereum killer cardano is going to Be the next new thing but over the last Four to 5 years we've seen no matter how Much these other layer one alternative Projects step up they still fall short And it's also the fact that people are Now even more accustomed to just using Ethereum even if I wanted to use salana For everything if the top nft project in The world like puggy penguins is not on Salana but it's on ethereum I have no Choice but to yet still stick with Ethereum's layer one now this here is Where layer 2 scaling Solutions exist so With it being clear that most people Will never migrate off ethereum then all We would need to do is is just improve Where ethereum lacks upon which is the Transaction speed and the costs so just Think about like Goku he's super saiyan 1 okay a scaling solution or a layer two Is making Goku turn into Super Saiyan 3 And now he can whoop some butt so base

Is that layer two Solution on ethereum And this is pretty much what's Empowering ethereum to now be even more Secure stable and scalable and faster And cheaper and now improving it in a Variety of different ways by the way Bas Is not the first project to do this We've seen multiple layer to scaling Solutions some of the more popular ones That I'm sure you've heard of is polygon Arbitrum or even optimism if you ever Want to transfer your crypto and it says Which network do you want to choose this Is what we're talking about all right so Knowing that though why exactly am I so Bullish on base so going back into the Coinbase secret master plan that was Written back in 2016 by Brian Armstrong We can see that coinbase has actually Knocked off all the different boxes and Now entering phase three and phase 4 Where this is where things are going to Get excited coinbase States our end goal Is to make it easier for developers to Build useful decentralized applications And distribute them broadly those four Different phases are broken up into Developing the protocol building a Digital Currency Exchange building a Mass Market interface for digital Currency apps then finally building the Apps that power an open Financial system Now if you guys want to learn more about This just Google coinbase secret master

Plan and you'll find it on their website It's real fascinating stuff we've Already covered this multiple times now In the last few months so for the Purpose of this video we're not going to Be going over it again the bottom line Here is that coinbase has over a 100 Million users using their platform even The companies that are running those Bitcoin ETFs you think they're just Going out and buying crypto without any Possible onboarding way no they're Actually using coinbase in order to buy Their Bitcoin so with all that said let Me share with you where we're at within The entire timeline this is where I Myself and the entire kaisen Community Aped into aerod drum right around that 10 to 20 cents Now Arrow has still Pumped but I still think there is much Longer ways to go so around on that 10 To 20 cent range it was across these few Days since then Arrow has now pumped Over, 1300% they hit that all-time high of $2 Before coming back down and I'd say Right now this is probably one of the Better buying opportunities just knowing That $2 is another level that I expect Us to test rather soon Aerodrome is the Main liquidity decks for all of base and What they're doing now I believe Aerodrome has real potential to compete Against uniswap in the next few weeks

Aerodrome is set to release their Slipstream update and I believe this Could be the Catalyst for us to see Aerodrome rallying towards even3 or $5 At that point if we go ahead and even Compare Aerodrome with radium which was The main Dex for salana radium's market Cap at its peak at over $1.1 billion Would equate to Aerodrome being at well Over $3 too even last week Aerodrome set A new record high for swap fees and they Generated $2.3 million in fees from Traders on a record high of over $400 Million in weekly trading volume if I Were to compare Aerodrome to the peak of Where Unis swap was that's still a 43x That we could see with this project that Would mean aerod Drome would be worth $60 I think they have every reason to be Listed on the front page of coin market Cap as one of the top projects to exist Now I don't want to get ahead of myself I think even a $10 air drum would be Absolutely fantastic but seeing the Potential that there is within the space And seeing just how further base is Getting developed if I could sell Everything and I would just keep one Coin this would still be that now say we Don't flip Unis swap the next one would Be pancake swap as an example an arrow With the market cap of pancake swap at Its previous alltime high would still Put it just under $20 or another 12.95 X

Now by the way the only reason all of This even works and why even Aerodrome Is a viable play is just simply because The fact that the base token does not Exist if you're trying to invest into Base it saying like we're related to Coinbase it's more than likely a scam The reason that coinbase has not created The base token is because the SEC has Been down the golets of coinbase and Brian Armstrong so much over the last Few years I personally believe coinbase Is extremely smart they had all of this Plan for many many many years we know This from the secret master plan from The 2016 blog and more than that think Of it like this coinbase on the public Stock market trades as ticker symbol Coin but on the crypto Market I think They imagins to trade under the ticker Symbol base combined they would be then Called coinbase and truly they are now Mixing real world traditional Finance to The decentralized onchain world and Mashing it in together all right now if You missed out on the huge Aerodrome Pump that's okay because there's still a Ton of other plays that are coming up Right after we saw Aerodrome and Bas Really developing and then it started to Crawl all over crypto Twitter just a few Months later this is around the time Where we've seen base meme coins begin To pump and they pumped hard few

Examples Toshi we mentioned this project Way earlier on for the month of March And even right now it's consolidating at A fair range now the market cap of Brett Is still at about half a million Toshi Is sitting at under 200 million and the One mem coin that I think is doing a Better job than all of them they're so Active on social media they were Fair Launch is called Normie I think every Layer and every cycle we see an original Mem coin coming up a derivative of a Meme coin just simply means it's a Copycat and a lot of the times the Copycats really don't go anywhere now What I also like about Normie is that They do have a lower market cap it's at $83 million so under $100 million right Now I think this is a crazy good buy Entry because the last time it hit its Alltime high was near 20 cents it was at 18 cents so even from here you'd be Getting at least another 2X and if we Were to retest those levels and go even To the upside I think there's a Possibility it can get to even 20 or Even 30 cents during the peak of this Bull run now I have a full report card And a checklist of how I find some of These meme coins way earlier on these Are the plays that I'd consider to be High risk High reward so don't go all in Don't put more money into the markets Than you can afford to lose and just

Realize even with some things like meme Coins it is is all a speculative gamble Either way out of all the meme coins That exist if I were to choose one to Hit that $1 billion Target I would say It should be Normy with that said though There is one specific meme coin that is Incredibly special and this is one that We discovered we bought in several weeks Ago called djen this here is a Cryptocurrency it's disguised as a meme Coin but in reality they provide Liquidity to some of these other base Related projects I came across this Article here and I thought it was Absolutely fantastic this is because a Lot of people look down upon meme coins Or they're just like hey this is useless Crypto it's all gambling but there is Actually an added benefit that a lot of People Overlook they are not under the Scrutiny and the definition of being a Security under US federal law this is Because meme coins by definition aren't Equity Securities because the ownership Of a mem coin doesn't correspond with Ownership in any entity or a share of The profits or revenues of a business Venture meme coins also aren't debt Securities because they don't provide Any sort of yield on a borrowed asset And me m coins aren't transferable Shares because meme coins do not Represent a share in anything or a right

To anything either so this article just Goes more into depth on what meme coins Are they even talk about the Howie case Which is the subsequent case law that Was used in determining what stands as a Security or not even in today's modern Day now the reason this is important is Because even now the SEC is in its Fourth year of what I'd say is just Bullying coinbase and a lot of these Different exchanges this back and forth Of the suing and the regulations and the Security stuff has gotten got so bad That coinbase went ahead and even sued The SEC for their malpractice where if Coinbase is somehow behind the scenes of Running dgen they won't have to worry About the SEC adding this to the list of Other scrutinies that they have coinbase Under even more than that we've seen a Lot of these new projects who release a Coin people just want to buy because They make money they don't actually care About the project but when you use a Meme coin as liquidity and it's used for A variety of different good solid Projects we can see even more longevity And exposure with those indiv ual Projects so what are those projects are They actually even good well yes I'd Like to think so so a majority of them Are decentralized social media plays the Most popular one is called warp cast you Can download this on your phone signing

Up is extremely easy and I'll give you Guys another hint this is where all the True Alpha on everything that's Happening exists think of warcast just As crypto Twitter with their own app It's Twitter it's decentralized and it's Made on the blockchain it's pretty much Just like Twitter except crypto version Of it underneath the umbrella we have Dracula app this is like the web 3 Version of Tik Tok so you post a whole Bunch of short videos here and if Someone tips you you get paid in dgen That same meme coin that we just talked About another app that they're building Is bracket game so if you're into sports Betting and stuff you really know Players and teams you can use your D gen In order to buy into a prize pool and Have some fun there so we made the call Onto djen within the Discord of when we Bought in since then we actually had a Crazy pump up this was one of the most Recent 5x returns that I had we did also Manage to sell right around the 60 Cent Level too so is this huge leg up sold it Around here it's been coming down since And I still believe that DJ has another Possibility of going to even 10 cents or More market cap is still fairly low People are just discovering this crypto Now and one of the reasons why Everything at the time of filming this Video is at its current price now it's

Just cuz Bitcoin is going down I think 3 Cents for de gen is a steal there is Much more potential here and I still Have over $40,000 invested into D gen on My personal account I think at the bare Minimum not including their fully Diluted market cap but their regular Market cap should be at well over a Billion bucks this means that from the Time of filming this video a 6 cents D Or where we were at at the previous Resistance levels is what I'd predict to Have a fairly good shot at happening I Just think there's a fair shot for it to Go back there and even higher once Bitcoin restabilized and things begin to Pick back all right so Aerodrome and Dgen they are two of my higher Conviction projects both of these Projects provide that main liquidity or That extra money and dollars for a lot Of these other Base projects to exist Now that said I believe there are two More plays that I think we are still Very early on so if you ever go on to The website you can actually see On their homepage them talking about all The things that they want to build build Nfts build Bridges build stable coin Build anything build games build lending Build dexes the list goes on and on it's Clear base wants to own everything and I Think they should and they're more Deserving of it than any other project

Or company within the space not only That but they have the backing from Coinbase Ventures and other PR om minent VC to have the capability of actually Executing now one project that I Recently put a pretty decent sized bag Into is called rable I was into the Whole nft Market where the first nft Sets that came out were NBA top shots in The course of the last Bull Run I ended Up buying a board ape I had several Mutant Apes I ended up making over $50,000 overnight with my moonbird I was Swing trading a variety of different Salana nfts and I'd like to consider That within nfts I have a pretty good Amount of experience now where I think The rotation is going to go into is nfts For the base Network the onchain guys Collection right here this is something That we ended up sweeping the floor on And it ended up going to even 1.7 e at One point and still sitting at a floor Price of 1.57 e so this means this Collection here has a floor price of Being worth over $4,700 at the time I bought in for just One of these tickets that have not yet Revealed into what the art is supposed To be we've already done a 2X easily With this project now the onchain gas is Right now the biggest nft based project For base they are one of the most Expensive ones and just as how we saw

Pudgy penguins come up or cyber punks or Even the whole board Apes collection I'm Betting that for this bull run these Nfts could end up being worth 10 15 20 Or even 50 e at the peak of where the Bull Run is headed as the main Blue Chip Collection for base nfts now if you've Never heard of nfts I'm sure the last Like 2 minutes of me talking made no Sense at all and that's just one of many Few problems that exists when it comes To nfts the other one is is the fact That they are not as liquid as all coins Meaning that if you want to sell it it's Similar to you selling your favorite Pair of Jordans you would need to list It on a Marketplace like eBay and then You would have to wait for someone to Actually buy your shoes regardless Though the potential is here if we take A look at some of the largest nft Companies you'll see that they've been Able to raise money pretty easily with Mindboggling valuations where yugal Laabs raised $450 million just a few Weeks back at a $4 billion valuation Doodles 50 $4 million moonbird $50 Million auki $30 million pudgy Penguins $9 billion the list goes on and on even During this current cycle we're seeing Things that we didn't see ever before And that's like seeing nfts like pudgy Penguins literally being sold on Walmart's website and in their stores so

If you ask me I'm very bullish on nfts But I also know a majority of newer Investors will probably never get into It and this is where the next play comes Up so rable is an nft exchange Marketplace think of this also as an nft Infrastructure play that aligns Perfectly with Bas over a week ago they Announced their partnership with bass And if we remember going back to the Website on it is abundantly clear That Bas and coinbase want to also own The entire nft Market in this Partnership announcement rull now fully Supports base you can mint and trade Base nfts on their site and if I just go Onto the homepage of rol you'll see Everywhere that their base partnership Is now live now raro is a project that Also has a backing of coinbase Ventures And a lineup of other reputable VCS upon Further research rarel also just raised Their series B where they bagged another $28 million in funding from espresso Systems who are also the brains behind Support for polygon and over 49 other Crypto projects rable according to coin Market cap even hit an all-time high of Over $63 so this means if rare bull is able To do what they did in the first Bowl Run which I think with the base Partnership and all the money that They're raising they fully have the

Potential to do so with we could see RAR Bble going to 50 70 or even at the Highest $100 during the peak of the Cycle RAR bable alongside most of these Coins are actually available for you to Pick up on the coinbase exchange but They're also available on things like or Unis Swap this is a Project that I'm keeping an eye out for They had massive momentum when they got Picked up even on their second wind Still did very well $32 and right now I Think rare bow sitting at under $4 is Still a gem now the next play following This is something even greater it's more Tangible and something I believe that Has true use case opportunity and this Is proy and actually since the time that It's been on our watch list it has Pumped from under a dollar over to $220 now propy is also listed on Coinbase they just established a great Base partnership and this here is a real Estate play so if you ever plan on Buying your first home I'm sure most of You guys have those aspirations you can Eventually see a future where instead of Going through all these Banks and all The underwriting and them checking your Credit and you having to fish for rates From a 100 different places you can Simply just use use your crypto buy your Home with that not have to go through All the mumbo jumbo mess and with how

The blockchain operates you can get Validation that exists on the entire Blockchain network for proof that you Own that property now aside from some of Those VCS even Brian Armstrong the CEO Of coinbase he personally backed this Project so far they've done over $4 Billion in transactions and propy has Never done any founder or investor Distributions so there's no vesting Period and the worry of me getting Dumped hard on by a lot of those other VCS is a lot less of a concern at least For this project here prior to propy the Founder worked for Arington Capital Which is also founded by the tech Crunch And crunch base founder Tim Draper Another reputable billionaire is a VC Within this project and if we go back Into coin bases phase four of their Mission this slots in perfectly now There are a few big cons that I have About this project and one is just Mainly the website I mentioned this also In my last video but Pro's website Definitely needs a serious facelift now There's word that the fix on their Website is actually coming in about one To two months so if that's my biggest Con and they're actually having plans to Fix it I'm pretty bullish on that now in The last two weeks here are propy Highlights they've minted over 27,000 Homes on base minting just pretty much

Means like giving birth on a certain Platform not only that but they also Generated about $250,000 in Revenue in 13 days for propy Keys one of their Other extensions that they have Alongside this project they've also Added $8.4 million in total value locked To base their gas fees are unbelievably Low and even right now users are still Adding their deeds on chain and Upgrading to real world asset nfts What's also fantastic is that within This ecosystem we're seeing crossovers Happen pretty frequently so even propy They have now partnered up with rable to Have proppy keys using rable as their Main Exchange now in the last one month Propy is up over 300% but I would not be Surprised to see them also hit a$1 Billion market cap especially if we Compare the fact that this is a real Tangible company that is building and There are literal meme coins that are Getting $1 billion do market caps like It's nothing so the way I see this whole Bas ecosystem playing out is I see it as That movie Inception think about going Inside of a Dream Within A Dream Within Another dream earlier I mentioned the Dgen ecosystem I also talked about the Warp Cast app and just how well they're Doing well if we want to peel the onion Back from layer 1 to layer 2 to layer Three we can actually find a variety of

Different meme coins that are under the Umbrella of dgen so is one Website that you can use as a resource To see different meme coins getting Listed now big disclaimer meme coins Like I said they are highly volatile Highly risky but you'll see also the big Amount of returns that a lot of them can Provide even at a time of filming this Video These numbers are actually higher But right now with Bitcoin pulling back Everything is kind of resetting a bit Out of all the different projects that We've done our research on the one that Appeals to me most is actually higher so The reason I'm bullish on higher is Because aside from dgen they actually Have some of the highest trading volume Amongst all the other coins last cycle We also had all these different crypto Trendy lingo stuff like wag me we all Going to make it or up only or super Cycle or even people saying have fun Staying poor there always seems to be Every cycle now just one catchphrase and I have a conviction that hire is going To be that saying if a crypto goes up Just say higher if Bitcoin goes up you Comment higher it's this organic top Level marketing that I think will have Such a huge appeal at the time of Filming this video higher is sitting at Just 5 cents they had hit its peak going Up to 11 cents and with the market

Currently pulling back I think right now It's getting into that oversold Territory and the next leg up could be Huge in order to trade something like Higher you need to get your coinbase Wallet you just need to bridge it on Your coinbase wallet into base and it Takes maybe less than 5 Seconds you put How much dollars you want to do into Ethereum you then press preview you just Then click bridge and you're ready to go Now I know it might seem like we just Covered a lot but I believe this here is Only the tip of the iceberg the way I See it is that every narrative within Crypto has its own ecosystem you and I We're just on our little rocket ships Going into different universes and Different galaxies but then I see Something like the base ecosystem here So to migrate everything I've said over Into a visual format this is what we got We have Planet base we've got Aerodrome Which is the liquidity decks we have the Six base funded ecosystem tokens that we Covered in our previous videos we're Still looking for a good lending Protocol we have a solid nft Infrastructure play with rarel and the Neighboring planets to Planet base I Would say is optimism or Vel drone now Optimism also has a Mighty High market Cap $3 billion but I do think there is Some potential if you're looking for

More of a conservative play velodrome is The neighboring crypto of all of this I've seen a lot of people who got fomo From Arrow really starting to pump vrum Just a few weeks back and I think there Could be another pump here too but if You're looking for the real deal I think A lot of this money for anyone who makes Profits is always going to just transfer Back into aerody drum at the end of the Day going back into my beautiful drawing I think the one thing that is propping The entire solar system up right now is These two things it's the fact that the Total value locked or all the money Going into base is increasing at an Exponential rate because they have the Backing of coinbase and the genius Behind everything Brian Armstrong and His team and even shout out to Jesse Pock and what a lot of people are saying Is like the new and improved version of Vitalic from ethereum We're actually Supplementing all of this and carrying It on the shoulders of what I believe is The next new narrative forming and that Is Black Rock more specifically with the CEO of Black Rock Larry thinkink making One of the boldest statements ever and Saying that ETFs were just a stepping Stone towards tokenization now Tokenization in the context of crypto And blockchain just refers to the Process of converting rights to an asset

Of a digital token onto the blockchain So think about literally what we just Discussed with propy they are tokenizing Real estate onto the blockchain now the Reason why he wants to do this is Because yes he can make money from doing It but there's also a ton of other key Advantages one you get increased Liquidity you get fractional ownership So if you can't buy that huge plot of Land you can break it up on the Blockchain you can own a certain piece Of it there's more improved transparency And security you get Global Market Access you get increased privacy as well There's Regulatory Compliance within the Space that's developing and you also Have even greater New Opportunities Underway as another example if I wanted To own a part of the Mona Lisa and it Was minted meaning it was brought to Life onto the blockchain and if I was Able to buy even just like 0.1% of it I Could tell others I am an owner of the Mona Lisa I just own the digital version Of it and a small percentage of that too Now when it comes to tokenization real World assets this stuff is not new funny Enough I was actually at an event in Person in real life during the previous Bull run when I actually got to see the First blockchain company buying a bank Ski artwork to burn it live on camera And then tokenize it into the blockchain

Yeah this was that day I was literally On the left or right side of this Filming it with my iPhone I person Thought it was kind of ridiculous there Was a lot of hype behind it but now that We're in the 2024 Bull Run and seeing Where black rock is thinking a lot of This is starting to make more sense I Don't know about you but personally for Me I would not want to bet against Larry Fink so if you want exposure to a Tokenization project there is one and It's called Ando Ando is backed by Founders fund panta and coinbase Ventures everything looks good about This project I think it fits the Narrative so so well but the main issue Here is that they have over a $1 billion Market cap so upon doing further Research it turns out that the Circulating Supply is only 14% with no Unlocks for the next 12 months this Means that the real current market cap Is actually just around $140 million Instead so what this means is the real Liquid circulating Supply is just 2% by Doing the math the circulating Supply Should be at around $20 million this Year was also backed up by another Article here just stating that 85% of The total Ono token Supply at a Substantial 10 billion tokens has now Been officially been locked so how did We go from base to now talking about

Ando well there was actually a tweet Done by coinbase's institutional account Stating that we're excited to announce That coinbase has been the key Infrastructure provider for Black Rock And securitized tokenized investment Fund the summary of this is that black Rock thinks coinbase is going to be the Fastest horse to get everything on chain And going back to the secret master plan From coinbase where they want to bring All these things to the real world it Looks like Ando is going to be a big Player in all of it right now in US Connecting the dots between coinbase Black Rock real world assets is going to Be the next play check this out by 2030 Real world assets are going to SAR to4 To5 trillion dollar while ai's market Cap will rocket to just 738 billion so Knowing all that here's what I'm doing Next so keep an eye out on the first six Investments that the base ecosystem made Avantis bsx onboard open cover paragraph And true flation the one I'm actually Most interested in is true flation but At the moment none of these Cryptocurrencies have a token that any One of us could buy with that said I Still wouldn't be surprised if they do Decide to drop one in the future true Flation is backed by coinbase and chain Link and they are also going to be a key Player in the real world assets

Narrative that is currently building now Even just on their homepage you'll see Quadrillions that's right real world Assets are about to bring massive sums Of money on chain true infation is Underrated if I could go all in on Another project following arrow and Following dgen this is the one that I Would look at next Unfortunately they Actually don't have a token still yet But we can cross our fingers you never Know so to wrap everything up I want to Go over the story of King David fighting Goliath if you're a seasoned Christian You might be like okay Brian of course You're going over this story people who Aren't even Christians know this story Be well for my Bible study reading right Now we're in 1st Samuel chapter 17 I had To read it this morning and I thought it Was fitting for the current situation We're in with the market so if you don't Know here's a setting the Israelites Which are led by King Saul are at war With the Philistines and both armies Right now are camped on opposite sides Of the valley preparing for a big battle Goliath he is a emth of an individual He's a Giant Warrior I think of someone Like the mountain from Game of Thrones Automatically and Goliath is Representing the opposition where if Anyone fights him oneon-one the loser Would have to be the servant of the

Other party so what happens David the Youngest of all of his brothers is sent To the Battlefront to deliver food to His brothers who are watching this whole Thing unveil it was in that moment he Heard Goliath's Challenge and he was Astonished that no one actually had the Courage to fight the giant David Volunteered to actually fight Goliath he Expressed innumerable faith in God's Protection for him he was a fraction of The age of what goliath was and he took Him head on David was offered from his King at that time to use a variety of Different armor and weapons but he was Literally so small he could barely fit In any of it or walk in those boots so He instead decided to just take five Smooth stones from a river stream put it In his pouch or in his pocket and when He decided to enter battle he had full Faith in God he took one of those stones He had a slingshot it went right into The Giant's head giant fell down Goliath Ended up falling down pretty much got a Concussion maybe something worse and Then David ended up securing the wind The lesson here in this story is that we All have our Glides we all have our own Battles and even in crypto you might Think that you don't know enough or You're not capable or you don't have Enough capital or you don't have enough Time or whatever it is this story here

Just showed us the immense strength in Having faith over fear David's Willingness to fight Goliath driven by His faith in God allowed him to do what Seemed to be impossible for others this Victory here also in the biblical Setting shows that God God often chooses Unexpected people to accomplish his Purposes and I've learned even just in My own personal life when we really Realize that God is for us there's Absolutely no one who could stand Against us so even in crypto if you Think you're just not cut out for it or You don't have the best tools or the Best resources just have faith and Conviction like we've seen David had the Reason I've made over a million dollars In crypto is because I carry strong Conviction and courage in all that I do Even when I was buying Arrow when it was At 10 to 20 cents I carried with me Strong conviction if I had fear if I Didn't believe in myself if I didn't Know that God had my back I probably Wouldn't have made that investment and Eventually see the fruits of which has Now impacted hundreds if not thousands Of people positively from the reach that We have so this year is just a reminder To have faith in all that you do and Just realize even as an underdog you Could still come out winning in these Markets so ladies and gents if you

Enjoyed this video be sure to drop a Like down below subscribe to the channel If you are new follow me over on Instagram and Twitter if you haven't Done so already I would love to connect With you guys there not only that but I Also have our wait list for kais if you Want to get early access to my research Get alerted on anytime I make a buy or Sell alert or even just check out our Leading analyst within the crypto space We have it pretty much all there for you Now we are on a wait list it takes about 1 to two weeks to get fully admitted Just because of the volume that we are Dealing with but I would love for you Guys to join and even if you decide you Don't want to that's completely fine Because I think on YouTube there's still Plenty of resources here that I'm Sharing in this video so check it out Link Down Below in the description and Aside from that if you guys want to beef Up your security you want to get a VP to Have access to other crypto tools that You may not have here in the states the Partner that I work with is surf shark You can get a massive discount using my Link down below it's an affiliate link So it also supports the channel here as Well if you don't want to use it it's All good but I will have that alongside Coinbase and any other exchange that we Are partnered up with Down Below in the

Description so thank you all so much Again for watching this video have an Amazing day and I'll see you all soon


Coinbase is a popular cryptocurrency exchange. It makes it easy to buy, sell, and exchange cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Coinbase also has a brokerage service that makes it easy to buy Bitcoin as easily as buying stocks through an online broker. However, Coinbase can be expensive due to the fees it charges and its poor customer service.

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