Top 5 Latest Crypto Trends for 2024 Shaping the Market

2024 is shaving up to be one of the most Prolific years in crypto in this video We're going to give you five of the most Important Trends we are watching this Year and why you should be paying Attention to them too and speaking of Things to watch out for this year I'm Thrilled to announce the grand return of Block show one of the longest running Blockchain events since 2016 block show Is joining forces with block down which Is renowned for setting the standard in Web 3 Festival experiences for a Spectacular joint event in Hong Kong From May 8th to 9th join us for this Unique blend follow the link in the Description to learn more and secure Your spot now early bird tickets are Limited now without further Ado I'm your Host Jackson Bringing you five Trends You should be watching this [Music] Year number one Bitcoin the first big Crypto to watch is Bitcoin this might Seem like a no-brainer but trust me it's For good reason there are two main Events that could send Bitcoin on a one One-way trip to the stratosphere the First is the approval of a Bitcoin Exchange traded fund by the SEC an Exchang traded fund or ETF is a publicly Traded investment vehicle that tracks The price of Bitcoin investors can buy a Share of the fund and thereby gain

Exposure to bitcoin without actually Having to buy Bitcoin themselves this is Incredibly significant because it makes It much easier for traditional and Mainstream investors without crypto Knowledge to get exposure to Bitcoin in A clearly regulated and lawful manner Basically the sec's approval builds a Safe Runway to bitcoin lands and all Investors have to do is get in the plane As you can probably guess this will Likely result in a new wave of Investments from traditional Finance Into Bitcoin the second reason Bitcoin Takes the number one spot is the having Bitcoin's fourth having will take place In April this year this event occurs Every four years during each having the Mining reward for each block is cut in Half that means miners will now receive 3.1 125 Bitcoin for each block mind Rather than the previous 6.25 to put That in simple terms there is less Bitcoin being created than before in Economic terms when an asset becomes Scarcer and demand goes up what do you Think happens to the price historically The four-year having cycle has Correlated to subsequent increases in Price action you can see the pattern Clearly on this chart Dan Morehead CEO Of panta capital says that if Bitcoin Follows its previous price patterns the Current rally could last until November

2025 the combination of the having's Four-year price cycle with the approval Of a Bitcoin ETF could jet Bitcoin to New heights predictions on how high Bitcoin could go vary from $80,000 from Bitwise invest to a bold million dooll Forecast from staunch Bitcoin or Samson Mau knowing Bitcoin it probably won't be A smooth flight but this is shaping up To be one heck of a year for Bitcoin There is little doubt that Bitcoin will Be the main Force piloting the crypto Market in 2024 all right enough with the airplane Puns let's move on to the second Trend To watch number two real world asset Tokenization 2024 will be a big year for The tokenization of real world assets Tokenization transforms traditional Assets like stocks bonds or even Precious metals and real estate into Blockchainbased tokens this process Allows for fractional ownership it's Essentially breaking down a big asset Into smaller pieces that can be easily Bought and sold online but how is this Actually useful well tokenization can be Especially useful for normal people like You and me who might want to invest in Low liquidity assets like real estate or Fine art for example most of us can't Afford a Picasso or a penthouse in Miami Even if we thought these assets would Increase in value over time with

Tokenization we could take advantage of The increase in value of an asset Without actually having to buy the whole Asset institutional players are also Showing increasing interest in Tokenization a 2023 Ripple survey shows That 72% of Finance lead ERS plan to Adopt tokenization in their business Within the next 3 years analysts at Bitwise predict JP Morgan will tokenize One of its funds and launch it onchain In 2024 that would likely pave the way For more large players to adopt this Technology Boston Consulting Group Expects the real world asset Tokenization Market to reach $16 Trillion in value by 2030 so far the Most successful use case for real world Asset tokenization is represented by Tokenized Fiat currencies best known as St coins usdt the largest dollar back Stable coin is the most widely traded Cryptocurrency bitwise predict stable Coin transactions will surpass Visa in 2024 looking at the success of stable Coins we can expect more exciting use Cases for tokenization getting Widespread adoption in the coming months And years number three game five the Global gaming industry is massive it's Worth hundreds of billions of dollars And is projected to only continue to Grow many believe that blockchainbased Games could tap into this industry's

Growth potential and bring web 3 into The mainstream however gamei has faced a Challenge poor years your experience Play to earn games attracted players With the promise of making money rather Than offering a truly enjoyable gaming Experience that's why critics started Calling them play to work games players Tend to abandon these games as soon as Money circulating in the crypto economy Dries up like in a bare Market but there Is hope for a change in 2024 analysts at Vanek anticipate the release of a number Of AAA games this year the analysts even Expect to see one of these games surpass 1 million daily active users this would Be a groundbreaking moment for Blockchain gaming and would pave the way For more blockchain games to enter the Main stream Number Four The Return of Nfts now I know you might not be happy To hear about nfts again they are a Polarizing topic for many of us in the Crypto Community they're either as Worthless as a rock or they're an Incredible new technology time will only Tell tell which they end up being However like it or not nfts May return To center stage in 2024 according to a Dap radar report nft transactions have Been on the rise in the closing weeks of 2023 driven by the recent Bitcoin rally Past 40K but the nft landscape of 2024 Will likely be very different from the

One we saw booming in 2021 a major Difference is the rise of ordinals nfts On the Bitcoin blockchain which are Already challenging ethereum's dominance In the space this trend is already Evident if we look at December nft daily Volume data where Bitcoin surpassed Ethereum on a number of occasions Moreover alternate layer ones like Salana and tezos are expected to take Increasing share of the nft market Finally the nft market should benefit From the expansion of real world asset Tokenization and the gamei sectors which As we saw are both expected to be big Themes in 2024 number five Ai and Blockchain the final Trend to watch in 2024 is AI and blockchain the Intersection between these two Technologies has been one of 2023 Strongest narratives and is expected to Continue gaining momentum in 2024 Currently a handful of tech Giants Dominate the AI sector mainly due to the High costs associated with training AI Models this has raised concerns about The risks of concentrating this powerful Technology in the hands of a select few Companies blockchain technology offers a Solution by decentralizing AI promoting A more democratic landscape according to Venture capital fund a16z we should see The emergence of a permissionless Blockchainbased AI Market in 2024 that

Would allow individuals to contribute to Creating data sets which could lower Costs and make AI more accessible to the Public Gemini also notes that zero Knowledge proof cryptography could even Allow machine Learning Without exposing Individual sensitive data additionally Blockchain will likely prove pivotal in Tracking AI generated content Providence And verifying its authenticity between Deep fakes Advanced filters and image Generators it's getting more and more Difficult to tell what's real and what's Not online as AI generated content Becomes widespread blockchain technology Will prove critical for uploading the Integrity of information on the internet Considering all the potential use cases At the intersection of AI and crypto Many of which have yet to be discovered This is a trend that could easily Explode in [Music] 2024 so that's it folks this was a Selection of the top five most important Crypto Trends to keep an eye on in 2024 Drop like And subscribe to our channel To stay up to date as these Trends Evolve also be sure to head over to for more in-depth Written coverage on these topics thank You everyone for watching I'm your host Jackson and I wish you all a great [Music]



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