So for the start of this year Bitcoin Has slowly been rallying and even hit Its new yearly all-time high ringing up Many of the other all coins in the space It's also worth noting that historically Bitcoin has had some of the most Significant movement happen for the Month of February to give you an idea of This back in 2011 this is when bitcoin's Price first rose from 30 cents to over a Dollar representing an increase of over 230 percent fast forward a few years Later in February 2014 the mount gox Exchange one of the largest Bitcoin Exchanges at the time filed for Bankruptcy causing bitcoin's price to Actually drop by more than 60 in a Matter of days now in February 2017 Bitcoin's price had actually reached a New all-time high of over 1200 driven by Increasing demand and interest from Institutional investors and Traders it's Times like this where you should have a Keen Eye Open on what's going on within The market and knowing what cryptos that You would invest in just in case we get A pump or we get a discount fire sale so This is going to be the top five cryptos Worth investing into today if you look Looking to get started back into crypto So the first cryptocurrency here on my List is going to be cardano cardano is a Proof of stake blockchain platform with A goal of allowing innovators and

Visionaries to bring about positive Global change with a market cap Exceeding 13 billion dollars cardano is Currently ranked as the eighth largest Cryptocurrency in the entire world as Stated on their website the idea behind Cardano is to redistribute power from Unaccountable structures to the margins To individuals and be an enabling Force For positive change in progress now here Are the pros and the advantages of Cardano first this crypto token has Demonstrated its practical application Across a diverse range of Industries Including agricultural retail education Government and even Finance in an Industry where normally critics are Always saying that crypto has no real World utility it's all a sham cardano is Actually proving them quite wrong so Here are two quick examples of why that Is right now there are multiple Agricultural companies that use the car Donno blockchain for product Certification and traceability from Farm To Table this is all about utilizing the Blockchain technology having The Ledger And getting verifiable results on top of That Italia prism is also an ID and Credential solution built on the cardano Blockchain that secures academic Certification with a fixed and Tamper-proof ecosystem on top of that We've also seen this crypto here become

Much more energy efficient which is also A concern that the broader world Nowadays has been highlighting to give You a better idea of how effective their Energy usage actually is Bitcoin is Consuming 130 terawatt hours where cardano is Consuming six gigawatt per hour that Means Bitcoin uses about as much energy As the entire country of Argentina which Has a population of about 45 million People and cardano would use as much Energy as about 600 U.S homes pretty Crazy now the third advantage that I see Cardana holding as a major benefit is The fact that their supply is limited so Cardano offers a solution to to Inflationary pressures faced by its Fiat Currencies which it's hard set and fixed Limit of 45 billion tokens as we've Talked a lot on this channel before a Currency that can be infinitely produced By those in control will never be a Reliable store of value just because Inflation can go through the roof as of Today there is currently around 34 Billion cardano tokens in circulation a Few more to go but it doesn't look like It's going to exceed that set number Fourth Cardona can also handle large Numbers of transactions so scalability Has obviously been a common challenge For the largest cryptocurrencies out There anywhere from Bitcoin to even

Ethereum where it can process and handle A transaction but it'll take anywhere From 15 to 30 seconds sometimes even Longer and it will also charge you what We know gas fees now the one time I Remember gas fees just being crazy was When the Hugo Labs boarding project was Coming out with the entire other Deeds Metaverse project and I was trying to Mint and minting had costed me like Sixteen hundred dollars and more in gas Fees if you which was nuts this is a Huge issue still affecting nfts today And right now if you went ahead and Bought off the cardano network you'd be Confident and safe in knowing that they Can process up to 257 transactions per Second but soon they may even be able to Process upwards of 1 million Transactions per second yeah ladies and Gents you actually heard that correct Cardano is expected to process up to a Million transactions per second with its Upcoming layer 2 scaling solution called Hydra this has been in the works for you Know several years now but it's finally Nearing its completion and it's actually One of the reasons why I'm so bullish on This short term keep in mind though There isn't an actual official release Date yet but the development team behind Cardanos hinted that the offering could Make its way into the market sometime Within the year of 2023. now aside from

The upcoming Hydra development there was Also a major upgrade to the cardano Blockchain that happened just a few Months back so this here is the vasel Hard Fork update that went Live this Past September number which has improved Cardano's ecosystem scalability Transaction throughput capacity and Advanced cardano's decentralized app Development capacity by a lot given all Of the upgrades and the success that we Have seen from them I am confident that The cardano team is going to Continuously strive to enhance its Ecosystem and also maintain that edge Within this highly competitive market at The time of filming this video cardano Is currently sitting at the price of Around 40 cents with a high that it Reached back in September of 2021 at 3.16 now that means it's currently down Still over 80 percent from that previous All-time high and if it ever returns Back to that price level that would be An Roi of almost 800 percent now the Second cryptocurrency here on my list Back on the list actually is going to be Solana so Solana is a functional open Source platform that leverages Blockchain Technologies open access to Deliver a ton of D5 Solutions now this Here is a crypto that has a proof of History consensus along along with the Underlying proof of State consensus

Which actually helps it achieve optimal Scalability for decentralized app Creation going into some of the pros of Solana first this is definitely going to Be one of the fastest top 100 Cryptocurrencies on the Block according To several sources online I mean even me Using Solana multiple times throughout The previous bull market I can account Their transactions are very quick Solana Is kind of like the Lightning McQueen They're Built For Speed and the Development team has also executed that Feature pretty well now aside from Ethereum nfts and the hype that we're Getting on this whole new world of Bitcoin nfts Solano is actually the Runner-up within the space currently They are number three in the world in Terms of nft sales volume I do note that With the current market sentiment and Being in a terrible terrible bear Market Happening within nft is that a lot of The demand has gone away but it's in These moments where everyone's in fear Everyone's panicking that you may be Seeing huge opportunities to buy in now Although those are some of the Advantages of Solana it's also worth Noting some of the disadvantages that We've had which include even the FTX Collapse where it resulted in Solana Getting severely affected we saw the Price actually during early November

Dropping from 33 dollars to just 12 Dollars a few days later it even got so Bad that up to 32 percent of Solana's Total value locked dropped just within a 24-hour period from when the FTX news Had actually released the news here was The fact that svf had a close Relationship with Solana and it was Actually one of the most prominent Supporters for the project and as you Guys all know what happened with SPF and Also FTX this was not really too much of Good news for the project at all it was Later revealed that svf had helped lead The project by investing a 314 million Dollars into the funding round and as a Result many people speculated that a Significant portion of FTX and alameda's Wealth was also tied up within Solana so Just naturally what had happened was When FTX was going out of business there Was a lot of rumors circulating that he Would dump Solana in pretty much the Price of that would go down even further Now however just because svf turned out To be a fraud it doesn't mean that the Solana project actually was too since Then what's been really interesting is Just the fact that Solana's price has Rebounded extremely well and it's been Pretty low-key but it has been growing At back up just days before the entire FTX collapse had actually occurred there Was still some major developments

Happening within the project where there Was a partnership with Google and the Announcements of a Solana brick and Mortar Stone and an upcoming Solana Smartphone now the most recent Development was announced just a few Days ago where the brave browser has now Added support for Solana decentralized Applications which will allow for Seamless browser-based connections to Solana programs this year is pretty big News I actually have been using brave For a past few years they're the Alternative to Chrome and Safari and for Them to go out their way to add Solana In comparison to the other Cryptocurrencies that exist just shows The confidence of this cryptocurrency Currency in their high speed and low Costs so right now Solana is trading at Around 23.38 at the time of filming this video Still down about 92 percent from its All-time high of over 267.52 so if you end up picking up some Solano right now and it returns back to That 260 dollar all-time high at some Point that would actually be an Roi of Over 1200 percent now the third at Cryptocurrency on this list this is Going to be more of a riskier and Controversial play but I do see Something opening up here with the token Apecoin so apecoin is actually an erc20

Governance and utility token used within The entire AP ecosystem to empower a Decentralized community building at the Forefront of web 3. as stated from their Website of the ape Foundation which is Just the administrative Council that Carries out the decisions for the ape Down members apecoin serves several Distinct and important purposes such as First apecoin is the ecosystems Governance token allowing all holders to Protect participate in the apecoin Dow And make their voices heard through the Voting on those proposals second apecoin Is also considered a utility token where All holders can share and transact with One another without needing a Centralized intermediary now third being An apecoin holder means that you also Have secret access to exclusive games Merch events and services where they Will incentivize people to use apcoin And such as their most recent game where You're going through a sewer using the Board ape or using a mutant nape and Being able to collect prizes or boost up Your position within that game which had Resulted in further airdrops such as Sewer passes now the reason why this Added to the list is just the fact that They have significant ties with the Yuga Labs board apiakla project which Officially launched on March 17 2022 and It's still considered one of the top nft

Projects right now with a market cap of Over 1.8 billion dollars and amongst This massacre of all these assets going Down the floor price of even these board Apes are still over a hundred thousand Dollars holding yet very strong now with All those being noted apcoin is actually Still one of my favorite projects just Because of the massive Community Supporting behind it if anyone knows a Thing about crypto you need to know that A project can only survive with a great Community supporting it now this is true Anywhere from micro cap cryptos to the Mid caps to even some of the highest Largest projects what's even most Amazing to me is just the fact that Apcoin has not been around for a long Time and within the past year that They've been released they're already Within the top 50 coins in the world by Total market cap and that happened Despite the overall crypto markets Taking a massive hit within the past Year where several prominent projects Crashed and burned not only did apcoin Reach a market cap of over 2 billion Dollars on its launch date but it even Got as high as 7 billion dollars less Than a month later now that alone right There should show you how strong the ape Community is and how much demand there Is for anything closely affiliated with That Yuga Labs team although apecoin is

Still technically considered like a meme Cryptocurrency as well but I do believe When things pick up and they will at Some point this is one of those Cryptocurrencies where I see growing Immensely now at the time of filming This video apcoin is sitting at five Dollars and fifty cents it's currently On at about an 81 discount uh from that Mid 20 range but if it does return back To those points you would see an Roi of Over 430 percent now the fourth crypto Here on my list is an essential for all Crypto portfolios and this is still my Largest holding cryptocurrency and that Is going to be ethereum since ethereum Also made my list for my last top five Cryptos video back in January I'll keep This section brief and just highlight a Couple newer main points if you would Like a full rundown on why I'm bullish On ethereum then check out one of my Previous videos right here so ethereum Is currently still the second largest Cryptocurrency in the world by total Market cap and it is essentially a Decentralized platform that enables the Creation and execution of a lot of those Smart contracts now ethereum has still Been developing in a very healthy manner Just because their market cap has been Expanding or seeing a lot of the other Nft projects taking off off a reliable Secure platform and we're seeing even

More better projects with utility being Built on that ethereum ecosystem even Recently we got data showing that the Staking rate of the ethereum proof of State contract formally called the Ethereum 2.0 upgrade has now surged up Recently showing a sign that there could Be even more bullish action happening For this crypto project now by the way Ethereum is also going to have a new Upgrade and this is called the ethereum Shanghai hard Fork which is slated to Occur in March of 2023 and this upgrade Is going to cap off the Network's move To proof of stake which was stated During the merge back on September 15 2022. now once Shanghai is implemented Previous locked ethereum will gradually Become liquid for the first time since December 2020. now according to on-chain Data that we got from etherscan we had Over 16 million dollars worth of Ethereum currently locked within the Proof of stake protocol but now as we Continue to move through these upgrades You'll notice that we are starting to to Achieve its original goal which was to Make ethereum Supply even more Deflationary now although ethereum is Going to have more liquidity I see this As another reason why more people would Invest into it knowing that it is a Viable way to continue earning interest While things in this economy still

Aren't looking good even most recently I Hopped into my coinbase account and I Was able to stake a hundred dollars Ethereum and they gave me a free 30 Worth of ethereum back as well so ladies And gents at the time of filming this Video ethereum was actually sitting at Seventeen hundred dollars which is Pretty amazing for the start of this Year I mean I remember when they were Still going back in November at around a Thousand dollars and right now it's Almost double that price point we're Approaching two thousand dollars from What I see at the three month history of This price now if ethereum ends up going Back to the previous all-time high we'll Be seeing over 200 percent in return on Investment if he did end up buying Now Now ladies and gents the last Cryptocurrency here on my list it should Not come to you at a surprise but this Is going to be Bitcoin this is just the Fact that Bitcoin is the safest Cryptocurrency see they've unlocked A Whole New World of something called Bitcoin nfts which is its new fad where In a possibility this could be bringing Even more additional value to the OG Cryptocurrency I need to also give you Guys a reminder that Bitcoin is still Officially labeled as a commodity by the SEC and the cftc and it's showing that There are still many institutions who if

They want to get into crypto they got to Go through Bitcoin first that right There is a huge bullish case for Bitcoin Because it shows the SEC is approving This and it's not interfering as much as It does with some of the other all coins Within the market I expect Bitcoin to be At one of the leading cryptocurrencies Where it's still popular all amongst the World and right now it's still doing its Thing it's holding value now Bitcoin Also still has a built-in deflationary System that I can't have you guys forget About this is the Bitcoin having meaning That the buying power increases over Time instead of decreasing like fiat Currency Bitcoin right now has a hard Cap of 21 million tokens which is Expected to be reached at the end of 2000 140 but until then the having Mechanism helps to keep Bitcoin a scarce Inflation resistant resource by making The mining process still less efficient Now Bitcoin actually is doing fairly Well today like I mentioned earlier in This video it's at about 24 to 25 000 at The previous bull cycle we saw it Approaching 68 to 69 000 and that would Still give you at least an Roi of 200 Now while Bitcoin is still the safer Alternative I do think it is still just One of the most viable if we ever saw a Huge huge huge market crash for whatever Reason happening again Bitcoin is often

The most liquid one just because of how Much market cap exists and how much Volume still runs and flows through so Ladies and gents like always if you guys Did enjoy this video be sure to drop a Like down below comment down below the Secret word and that is going to be Apple without also being said keep in Mind crypto is still risking volatile Game so please always make sure that you Do your own due diligence before buying Into any project determine your risk Tolerance and stick to a game plan Ladies and gents if you guys do want to Pick up any free crypto I will have Links Down Below in the description you Can also invest into crypto completely Tax-free with I trust capital and also Throw you some links to some free stocks As well if you guys just want free money If you don't like the exchange you can Always just pull it out sell those free Stocks or free crypto that you have as Well and just decide to pocket some free Cash that is all Available to You Down Below in the description so thank you All so much again for watching this Video have an amazing day and I'll see Y'all soon peace


Coinbase is a popular cryptocurrency exchange. It makes it easy to buy, sell, and exchange cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Coinbase also has a brokerage service that makes it easy to buy Bitcoin as easily as buying stocks through an online broker. However, Coinbase can be expensive due to the fees it charges and its poor customer service.

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