Top 5 Cryptos To Invest & HOLD in 2023

So over the past year we've gone through A very wild ride within the crypto Markets although the past one year Hasn't been the best for Price gains if You're following the simple principle of Buy Low and sell high this might Actually be one of the best times to Start building your positions to get in While prices are still heavily Discounted so just to simplify that a Bit further if you had invested a Thousand dollars over the past few Months that amount would be worth over Twelve hundred dollars or a two hundred Dollar gain not only that but let's not Forget that Bitcoin had hit an all-time High of 67 000 on November 8th of 2021 Which means if we ever get back to those Same levels again you would be 3xing Your investment at the current time of Filming this video so ladies and gents Here are the facts fundamentally nothing With crypto has changed more Partnerships have been made developments And teams are still building and most Importantly we're now on a clean slate Of sketchy exchanges and projects Finally getting wiped out and exposed so We can grow on real healthy money second On a price Action level Bitcoin is down Nearly 70 since the previous all-time High and during the last crypto winter Bitcoin had gone down 84 from the top to The bottom before it went parabolic once

Again I would also put it in the Layman's perspective of if you saw your Dream car or dream house for 70 off Would you not buy it last but not least It's safe to say the markets have been Rough we're going through a pretty bad Recession right now but something I've Mentioned on this channel from time and Time again is to not be a sheep meaning To Have Courage when everyone is being Fearful and fearful when others are Greedy now the crypto fear and greed Index is right now showing fear over the Last month and if you had bought you Would be up now so with all that being Said let's get started with my top five Cryptos for this year so the first Cryptocurrency on my list is going to be None other than Bitcoin by now you Should have a good idea of what Bitcoin Is and why now more than ever the use Case of Bitcoin is so relevant this is Because Bitcoin was initially created to Be an electronic peer-to-peer Cash System but it turns out that it also Attracted many investors as a store of Value currency in the past three to five Years we've seen Money Getting printed By the feds at an unbelievable amount Just a few years back for the year of 2021 it was actually 13 trillion dollars That was printed out of thin air and in The last two years the U.S federal Reserve has now printed 80 percent of

All US dollars in existence since then We've seen the effects of all the debt That is now circulating throughout the Country and it's even resulted in some Of the worst inflation that we're still Going through now guys even this year We're going through which I never would Have expected called the Great egg Crisis where even eggs now cost over 60 Percent since last December so when you Start to realize just how rigged the Whole system truly is and how flawed Central currency is the importance of Decentralized currencies such as Bitcoin Starts to make a bit more sense now Bitcoin also has something called The First Market mover Advantage because it Was literally the first cryptocurrency To ever come out as a result Bitcoin is Able to acquire a strong brand Recognition and loyalty from the crypto Industry and it's still the number one Crypto by market cap and that hasn't Changed since its release Bitcoin also Technically doesn't have an owner or a Governance team so will remain as one of The most trusted cryptocurrencies ever To be created because there's no Possibility of human error to ruin the Project or mess with the network in the Future and the code not only that but Bitcoin is still one of the Cryptocurrencies that is officially Labeled as a commodity by the SEC and

Cftc this distinction is important Because the sales of Securities are Heavily regulated by the Us and other National governments which makes it Subject to even more external Manipulation since Bitcoin though is not Considered to be a security it can be Freely traded on traditional asset Markets as well as the crypto exchanges And it doesn't run the risk of being Attacked by the SEC this also means that Bitcoin has a possibility of getting More institutional exposure it is Something that we're seeing a lot of old School traditional bangs and a lot of Those financial institutions coming in And investing some of their exposure to Don't even forget like microstrategy Tesla we had companies that were listed On the public Stock Exchange that were Going ahead and buying millions of Dollars worth of bitcoin on top of that There's just an increased demand Globally for Bitcoin as more countries And organizations continue to adopt it As their National currency even other Countries such as El Salvador as you Guys know have spent a lot of time in Order to make Bitcoin their legal tender As the demand increases over time for Bitcoin the supply is going to get more And more scarce due to the built-in Deflationary strategy also known as the Bitcoin housing halving having halving

Y'all let me know in the comments which One you guys say I say halving anyways For those who don't know what Bitcoin Halving is these are Cycles where every Four years the amount of Bitcoin awarded To miners is reduced by half until all 21 million Bitcoins have been virtually Mined it's estimated that the year of 2140 is going to be when Bitcoin will All be mined but the halving mechanism Right now helps to make Bitcoin a scarce Inflation resistant resource now I'm Gonna give you guys a little secret Nugget here Mark the state in your Calendar because the next Bitcoin having Is set for March 24th 2024 and when this Happens it might be too late to buy at The prices that it is currently at now All in all if you want to have more Exposure within the crypto markets but You're more conservative you want to do It in the safest bet possible I think Bitcoin is truly the best way to go like I mentioned at the beginning of this Video with the current percentage change That we've seen from its all-time high Of more than 69 if it went back to that Returning number we would see a 225 Upside now the second cryptocurrency on My list for this year is going to be Ethereum so ethereum is currently the Second largest cryptocurrency in the World by total market cap only followed After Bitcoin while Bitcoin may be

Better known and have a larger market Share many people have argued that Ethereum still takes a prize for Popularity and also arguably might even Give a much higher return over time my Favorite analogy to all this is that Bitcoin is always going to be like gold It's going to be a store of value it's Going to be the old school Tech but Ethereum is seen as that new kid on the Block where it's almost like silver Where we see it used more commonly in Everyday items like kitchen utensils or Even compare ethereum to be more like Electricity where you have use case to It since ethereum is the foundation Network for so many crypto projects and For most nfts as well some people could Justify that ethereum is much more Popular than Bitcoin especially Considering that there were over 338 Percent more ethereum transactions over Bitcoin for the year of 2022. now is Also last year where ethereum Transactions amounted to 408 million Where Bitcoin only reached a 93.1 Million the use case and fundamentals of Ethereum have consistently been evolving For example ethereum underwent its Long-awaited merge event that Transitioned the network from a proof of Work consensus to the proof of stake Model now guys for the sake of this Video I'm not going to explain all the

Technicalities of that I've made Dedicated videos on ethereum before all You need to know the tdlr is that Ethereum is on track to diminishing its Carbon footprint on the world making it About 99.9 more energy efficient which Is one of the key arguments that many People have against crypto on top of That it's also in the process of Lowering the higher gas fee costs and Lastly it's also working towards Becoming quicker and more efficient at Processing transactions with these new Upgrades come increased earning Potential for ethereum owners as a new Version promises more passive income Under a system that prioritizes stakers Over miners ethereum also maintains its Position as one of the top all coins due To its unmatched utility of the network It should also be mentioned that there Is a collection of prominent crypto Tokens out there that are also Categorized as ethereum killers because They aim to do everything ethereum does But better while it's still debatable Whether or not some of these projects do Even come close to what ethereum Provides you have to realize that the Key word here is aim these projects are Aiming to contend against ethereum which Automatically puts ethereum as this high Standard Top Dog Contender where other Projects are trying to consistently

Match what they've done so ethereum Currently sits at the price of around Fifteen hundred dollars and it made an All-time high of around 4 867 before that means right now you're Gonna be getting a 67 discount from the Previous all-time high and if it does End up going to those levels you'd be Seeing returns of over 200 percent a Majority of my Holdings are still within Ethereum I'm still heavily involved Within the nft space I'm seeing a ton of Projects still getting built while Things seem rather quiet within the web 3 space but rest assured within the next Few years we're going to be seeing even More better developments popping up and While we're in this really bad bear Market and things seem rather quiet it's Times like this where you want to build That courage up and do what others are Not doing moving on the third crypto Currency on my list might be a bit more Controversial but I do need to give my Credit over to Ripple's xrp so xrp is Going to be the native cryptocurrency of The Ripple payment protocol which is a Real-time gross settlement system Currency exchange and remittance Network Now this was first proposed back in 2012 By a company named Ripple labs and the Token is best known for its ability to Facilitate fast and low cost across Border transactions what makes this

Network so unique is the use cases of The xrp Ledger which is an open source Permissionless and decentralized Technology that has a crazy low Transaction fee of .0002 cents per transaction combine that With their high speed processing of About three to five seconds per Transaction and its carbon neutral Energy efficient scalability measures of About 1500 transactions per second xrp Is still a rather strong Contender this Is because apart from the technology Ripple is also known for having a very Strong and passionate community that Stands proudly behind the project and Team what's Most Fascinating about this Project is actually the fact that their Biggest enemy is not the crypto token Holders it's not the developers or other Competing all coins it's actually the SEC if this is the first time you're Hearing about Ripple or its battle with The SEC all you need to know is that the SEC filed a lawsuit against Ripple Claiming that they sold unregistered Securities Ripple has denied these Allegations claiming that xrp is a Currency not a security and this legal Battle has been going on since the late 2020s although there's still no real Consensus on whether xrp is considered a Security there still has been some Pretty good news for the xrp community

And that's because there have been some Secret documents that would help Ripple Win its case the only issue with all That is the fact that those documents That they need they have been in the Possession of the SEC and these Documents are from a former SEC director Of 2018 where he stated and explained Why ethereum is not considered to be a Security either now Ripple believes that Having access to these documents will Help them bring this court case to an End just just because of how closely Related xrp has been to ethereum but the SEC has been doing everything within Their power to keep these documents out Of court the SEC even went as far as Defiling a motion to seal the documents Forever claiming that they weren't Relevant to the Court's summary decision While the documents have been sealed all Hope is not lost because if they do get Released we could expect to see a Possible major win for the Ripple Community and a huge setback for Gary Genzer and the SEC now even with the Whole FTX debacle we've been actually Seeing how much involvement the SEC has Had and it looks like they aren't this Really good justice-focused government Entity we're now even getting more Evidence just how flawed the SEC has Been and I believe if we continue to get More setbacks from reasons that the SEC

Has acted not in the favor of the people But for themselves that this could turn Out to be in the favor of the crypto Project and then we could possibly see Xrp doing much better than before so Right now xrp is trading at around 39 Cents down about 88 from his previous Biggest all-time high of three dollars And 30 cents if this lawsuit ends in Ripple's favor I would not be surprised If xrp skyrockets past one dollar or More within that first 24 to 48 hours if You do end up picking up some xrp at the Time of filming this video and it does Make it back to its previous all-time High that would be an Roi of around 750 Percent keep in mind too that even Though xrp is down a good amount it's Still considered a risky investment Because of the current lawsuit and Because of the nature of it being a Cryptocurrency and you know if they do Lose a legal battle we don't know how Much lower it could sink so the whole Point I want to make there is to do your Own due diligence that make the trades That fit your strategy and financial Plan but here is the info and the Current predicament with this project Now the fourth cryptocurrency on my list I had to think long and hard about it But I made the clear decision to go with Avalanche also known as avax avax is Going to be a layer one blockchain that

Functions as a platform for Decentralized applications and Custom Blockchain networks it is by far one of The most popular and favorite ethereum Killer something we talked about earlier In this video where it's directly Competing with several other competitors To try and overtake ethereum as that Number one altcoin what makes avax one Of the top crypto projects is that it Has a unique solution to what we call The blockchain trilemma pretty much the Perfect blockchain is going to have Three main pillars security Decentralization and scalability now the Issue within the trelemma is finding a Balance between the three that's because Oftentimes a project will be really good At two things like if they're good at Scalability and decentralization they're Often held back by security so crypto Projects can either choose to focus on Two out of the three or find a solution To tackle the entire trilemma together Now what makes Avalanche unique is that They went ahead and decided to tackle All three their proposed solution to This is to create three different Blockchains which is called x-chain C Chain and P chain x-chain also known as Exchange chain is used to Center see Funds on the Avalanche Network we have Pchain which is the platform chain which Is used for staking avacs and

Facilitating the litidator activities Following that we have C chain also Known as contract chain which is used as Avalanche's chain for D5 apps and smart Contracts now they all have their Distinct purpose and function but they Pretty much work together by dividing Different Computing tasks which results In insanely quick and efficient output As well as low cost for gas fees this is What allows Avalanche to have one of the Highest transaction outputs of around 6 500 transactions per second while not Compromising on any of those scalability Issues in comparison at the time of Filming this video ethereum can still Only process between 15 to 30 Transactions per second and ethereum Still hasn't fully tackled the gas fee Situation that is coming on next in Their timeline of upgrades so it's still Within this time where other Alternatives ethereum are going to cost You less money to use so I think safe to Say that avax has their head on straight They're trying to take this in the right Direction but one of the reasons why I Am more bullish on them is because of Their most recent Partnerships with Amazon web services Ava Labs the Developer of the Avalanche Network have Partnered with Amazon earlier this month To implement new features that would Bring scalable blockchain solutions to

Enterprises and governments pretty much Amazon's going to implement new features That makes it easier for developers to Run an avalanche node through that AWS Marketplace to me I like to be on the Lookout for any Partnerships and Whenever I see something like this Happening I always consider it to be Good news and the start of something big At the time of writing this video the Current price of avax is at 17.50 it's Currently ranked number 17 on market cap For coin at and Considering that the all-time high for Avax was still at over 150 dollars I Think it's safe to say that this crypto Is on a massive sale if you do happen to Add some avax to your portfolio at Around current prices if it does return Back to the all-time high that we've Seen before this partnership you would Be getting an Roi of over 750 so the Fifth and final crypto on my list ladies And gents this is gonna be boom boom Cosmos also known as Adam so Adam is Going to be the native utility and Governance token of the cosmos Hub now To give you a little bit of info on this Project Adam has a unique and Innovative Blockchain that focuses on solving some Of the most challenging issues within The crypto industry such as slow speeds High costs scalability setbacks energy Inefficiencies and even fragmentation

Apart from this Adam also aims towards Making blockchain technology less Complex and difficult for decentralized Application engineers and developers Through something called The Tender mint Engine without getting too technical Here the tenderman engine is the part of The network that allows developers to Build blockchains without having to code Them from scratch think of having to Develop a website all from code that you Don't know or using a company like Squarespace or Shopify where you can Drag and drop applications the software That Adam uses focuses on modularity and It essentially allows a network to be Easily built using chunks of code that Already exists the end goal for the long Term is that complex applications will Be straightforward to construct because Of how the blockchain infrastructure was Created now my opinion the coolest and Most important feature about Adam is Going to be the cosmos Hub where this Hub allows for blockchain networks to Communicate with each other also known As interoperability while all the things That I mentioned about Adam are great if You didn't know one of their most Bullish reasons and their little special Dinga to do is the fact that they're Best known for their interoperability Solutions in connecting multiple layer One blockchains as said in the white

Paper they quote Cosmos permits Blockchains to run concurrently with one Another while retaining interoperability The cosmos Hub essentially manages a Number of other independent blockchains And acts as the central Ledger for the Entire system and allows anything that You can think of happening on one Blockchain to happen on another one so With all that said Adam has the Potential to become an important Infrastructure layer within the overall Crypto industry to help facilitate the Exchange of value and information Between several different blockchains Now the reason why this is on my list is Because I believe if not two to three Years from now it'll definitely happen Seven to ten years from now where Cryptocurrencies will learn to co-exist More naturally where it won't just be One cryptocurrency to rule it all but it Will be a lot of them or at least the Top 10 or 20 working in congruency or Through the idea of interoperability Where they are all linked together Almost like a spider web and they work In unity this is exactly what Adam or Cosmos is all about and if you believe In that feature too which I think is Much more probable than just one Cryptocurrency ruling it all an atom Might be a project worth checking out at The time of filming this video their

Current price is at 12.50 it's currently Ranked number 20 with a total Mark cap Of 3.5 billion dollars if you happen to Invest in Adam now and returns to its All-time high 46.68 you would have an Roi of over 270 Percent so ladies and gents this is Going to be my list of the top five Cryptocurrencies to invest and hold for The year of 2023. now if you're trying To get started I know there's a lot of Exchanges that gone under that we Thought we could trust for me I'm using Just a handful of them now I've reduced Them significantly after doing my own Due diligence so right now I'm using Binance and I'm using coinbase if you Guys want to pick up some free crypto Item linked down below but before you Ever use just a regular exchange make Sure that you take advantage of Investing into crypto completely Tax-free and that's by using your Roth IRA or your 401k account which is Something that I trust Capital allows You to do this is where you can buy and Sell crypto anytime anywhere no monthly Fees and by using my link down below You'll also get a hundred dollars for Free after funding your account this is Incredible this is something I highly Recommend so you can save money on those Taxes speaking of taxes that season is Going to come up before we know it time

Is already flying and I've partnered up With coinly which is the number one Crypto tax software in the US if you're Trading crypto these are the two Essential platforms that you need I got You guys hooked up with either free Crypto free money or a discount link Down Below in the description if you Guys did enjoy this video be sure to Drop a like down below comment down Below the secret phrase word for for This video and that is going to be hope Like always follow me on Twitter and on Instagram if you haven't done so already And in addition to that check out some Of our other videos on this channel And Subscribe if you want to learn more About crypto made easy for beginners Thank you all so much again for watching This video and until next time peace out


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