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Gaming will happen right it's a question Of when not if today I sit down with one Of the sharpest Minds in crypto gaming As someone who studies and and interacts With teams across the space I can tell You to talk best crypto gaming coins in 2024 there are not one two a dozen there Are hundreds of games coming to Market Hundreds and his strategy my thesis has Always been front running and getting in Before that hit to find the best crypto Gaming project what are 5 to six gaming Coins you think are the strongest Heading into next year how crypto gaming Has evolved play to earn in a sense Failed back in 2021 what's changed in 2024 and even some projects with 100x Potential then those are your more 100 Maybe even thousand X opportunities Right we also get an update on Superverse and neotokyo watch the whole Video and let's start how strong will The gaming narrative be for 2024 crypto Gaming yeah so I made a a Bible for Crypto investing on my channel I highly Suggest you check it out I put a lot of Work and effort into it I did it about Two months ago and I essentially break Down gaming into several categories and Help people understand it but once again There has been no competition between Sectors that have been invested in in Crypto besides gaming outnumbers almost Every other sector besides like

Infrastructure uh so gaming will happen Right it's a question of when not if There will be hit game in cryptoland and That is an inflection point for the Whole industry so understanding that There will be a game that normies and Normal people play and enjoy and dare I Say love uh and that will happen and That will contain things like nfts and Coins that will bring people into this World and it will change and legitim Legitimize legitimize uh this whole Industry and so the real goal like I Said is to front run attention and Liquidity my whole thesis has been this Is an inevitability now do I know if That super hit game happens in 2024 I Don't know if it happens in 2024 or 2025 Or 2026 but I do think that you know in The next you know one to three years There are so many amazing games coming To Market it would be very hard for me To imagine that things aren't much more Interesting in crypto gaming than they Are today and so my thesis has always Been front running and getting in before That hit comes out and really takes hold Um and as someone who studies and and Interacts with teams across the space I Can tell you there are not one two a Dozen there are hundreds of games com to Market hundreds and of those hundreds There's bound to be some amazing ones I Mean there's AAA teams with 70 80 $90

Million in funding these are not like Your mom and pop you know little in in The garage games these are not Nintendo DS quality these are As Good As It Gets And so predicting hits in a hits driven Business like gaming is very difficult I Can tell you I know all the best VCS in The space they can't tell you which ones Are guaranteed to be a hit but I can Tell you on the whole the industry has a Lot to look forward to and that's what I'm excited about And I personally know of uh web 2 name Brand Mobile gaming regular gaming Companies that were about to deploy a Crypto game or a web through game back In 2021 but they backed off real quick When they saw the community was turning Play to earn in a sense failed back in 2021 what's changed in 2024 because I've Heard gaming will be big for a while yes So there's a lot more uh exploration I Had a good conversation with Robbie at a Mutable IM mutable X is essentially the The biggest token in the gaming space And uh and the biggest infrastructure Play so it's not just one game you're Betting on you're you're hoping that one Of their stable of hundreds of games Actually becomes a hit and so uh Robbie Had an interesting take that there's Four things missing from gaming to Really take hold at first it was the Tech that's been solved um then it's now

The uh the onboarding tools for gamers That's mostly been solved and put that As Tech um you also have the model right So what is the model here for uh for a Crypto game should it be play to earn Should it be uh free toplay with items That you just get for free should it be You know whatever it is we haven't found The model that scales with web 3 yet but There will be a game that comes out and It starts to work it has the fortnite Effect where all of a sudden people go Okay that's the way to run a gaming Business in this new world and people Will emulate that and they'll they'll Start following in those footsteps um so The model is something that we haven't Seen yet exactly what people like my Position is that there will probably be Several models that work whether and and Play to earn at scale very well might Work like think about world Warcraft if You could earn stuff in that game they Could there was so much passion and dare I say addiction to that game that people Would play and earn within that game There would be a way that they could get People playing for their World of Warcraft gold right that would work if The game was at scale uh and it wouldn't Have it wouldn't have collapsed in a Bear I don't think and so the question Is really model hits when are when are They coming and and then finally content

Right when are we going to get our hit Game and so model and content are the Things that we're seeing as the next Final front Frontiers here for gaming And once we see you know I don't think Play to earn just because ax failed is Necessarily dead like I said there will Be iterations on this and changes that Will make it hopefully more sustainable Um but we're going to see a lot of Different types of models you know some With play to earn some without play to Earn some with play to own some with no Real meaningful ownership but some you Know blockchain Integrations there's Going to be a lot of different um sort Of you know fiddling and we'll Eventually figure out where we land what Are five to six gaming coins that you Think are the strongest heading into Next year being infrastructure or being Legit fun Games yeah I I would I I want you guys To actually go because I put so much Effort into my gaming content on my Channel and it's really deep and I want You to have a rounded uh sort of Understanding here um but fundamentally I just want to break down their Infrastructure plays where it's actually Technology that games are built upon There are game Publishers that are Putting out multiple games and those are Your distributed bets where you get

Multiple sort of opport you know Multiple bites at the Cherry and and You're not actually letting it all ride On one single title then you also have Game studios which are mostly making one Game um sometimes multiple but in the End probably one game and those game Studios are your more moonshots right They could go to zero if the game Doesn't work or they could go to a Bazillion and those are your more Hundred maybe even thousand X Opportunities right AI did like 300X Last cycle and then you have your sort Of launch pads which is where you get Access to early deal flow things uh I'm Not going to name them but those are the Ways that you can kind of once again Distributed early uh ways to get access To multiple projects so those are the Ways that you can kind of see the Landscape there's more niches there's More sort of subdivisions if you want to Go there but very simply infrastructure Publishers Studios and launchpads and You can kind of understand the Difference of you know risk and reward Across them but what most people want is A way to just get involved generally With crypto gaming and so looking at the Top infrastructure plays is probably the Easiest way for a lot of people uh to Get involved with the industry and and I Like like I said check out check out my

Crypto gaming sort of investment thesis I make it very clear I go into a bunch Of them obviously the market has moved a Lot on those but in the end I think this Stuff still holds true throughout the Cycle a link that down below but just as As an example like IMX is that Infrastructure or give me one or two Examples Bo you're talking about but Full video for you link down below Immutable X beam you have uh Ronin Gala And then there's a new token coming out Called Ready games which has a bunch of Games there's a lot of these um but Those are sort of five off the top of my Head I would love for you to actually go Do deeper research on them immutable X Is in my opinion going to be the first It's not in my opinion it's obvious They're going to be the first top 20 Gaming coin and if they make it to the Top 10 which I think is a possibility That there will be a top 10 gaming coin And it looks like it'll probably be IM X Um the next in line would be beam um Those coins and I'm an investor sorry I'm an investor in all these coins I Just said I'm I'm a holder I'm actually A seed investor in a mutable X full Disclosure I make that very clear on my Channel over and over again but I want To make it clear here um so I am biased Right I'm rooting for these but they are The biggest in the market um immutable X

If it makes it to a top 10 would Effectively create a new ceiling and Things are again value is relative in Crypto so if a mutable X makes it to a Top 10 then the next up gaming coins Would reprice up below them right and so That's the kind of effect that I think Will happen here as you start to see Hits in gaming they'll maybe the hit is On IM mutable X and that game rockets And then immutable X rockets and then All of a sudden the whole category will Reprice that's how this thing can kind Of have these Dynamic growth moments as Bitcoin grows as the market continues And so those are the types of things That I think uh could lead to dramatic Different valuations in the space and That's what I'm looking forward to I see One of the biggest communities in gaming Is Gala games I'm not invested but what Are your thoughts on Gala into 2024 yeah like I said there's several Different subcategories and Galla would Be in the infrastructure category and One of the bigger infrastructure plays So in in ether one PE one of the things That I think I want to correct here and One of the things I actually fully Understand now is that games are Actually not competitive with each other Not right now in crypto actually they Are collaborators the more success that Immutable has the higher G Gala will

Move the more success that Gala has the Higher IM mutable will move there is no Competition here because they're not Actually pulling from each other they're Pulling from the world as a whole and The more gaming succeeds as a niche in Crypto the more every project within it Will reprice up and so there's no Competition between these infrastructure Providers there's no competition between Gamers or between actual games actually What you want to see is any of these Things succeed and so I'm taking a very Market neutral uh approach roach to this Sector because I care so much about it But I also understand it's a positive Sum game not a negative or zero sum game Meaning that as things grow everyone Will grow a rising tide will truly lift All Ships here and so whether Gala has Hit games or immutable or beam or uh Whoever it might be or Ronin the AI Infinity uh uh crew all of these things Are good for every single other project In the space and that's what makes it Such a special moment in crypto gaming Is that there's actually a unity and my Goal with my content and with my Messaging is to help people understand That that it's not about beard stroking And say well this genre is on Decline And only has this many active users and That genre is this and well their you Know their team didn't do this yet like

People find a lot of reasons not to Support crypto gaming teams and there's A lot of reasons why you could logic Around it but once you understand the Actual dynamics of this Market you Realize that it's one big Market it's One big group of developers all pushing Relentlessly for the dream of bringing Millions or billions of people on the Blockchain and it's a beautiful thing by The way that's how I feel about crypto YouTubers the quality ones I want others To succeed because that brings up the Space Elliot complely what's next for Super Farm I'm a superverse I'm an Investor I know since you're the founder You can't talk or you you know you have To be more careful being a founder of a Project talking about it but what is Next so uh the the new version or the New Vision I should say for super is Going to be revealed uh early in 2024 There's a lot of pieces and a lot of Hints that of what's about to happen um If you sort of rewind and understand my My view on what crypto gaming uh is Today and how it works uh you'll be able To piece together a lot of what might be Coming but in the end you know my goal Is to have super be as helpful to the Gaming movement as I can to be as Helpful uh to uh affecting the change to Bringing people on the blockchain as I Can I think that that's the biggest

Service that I can do as a content Creator like you said um the way that we Make content through the beer the way That we commun uh build community um I Think that that's the biggest service I Can do for crypto and I think that you Know super the way that uh it will be Sort of unve you know shedding its skin For a new version here in 2024 that will Actually reveal something that is in Service of the larger movement more than It's ever been and I'm really excited For that um I can't say more obviously Uh the the foundation has been hard at Work uh preparing for this and I just Think that you know the community who's Been rocking with this project uh Deserves what's about to happen I did See that one of the major uh games for The superverse um Impostors made a major Hire a very legit guy from the Web Two Worlds you guys made that public um is The success of imposters does that go Along with the success of superverse Yeah of course um so super uh superverse The the game of the superverse is imp Imposters imposters just brought on a Legendary game designer a studio head Named Rick Ellis Rick actually Prototyped and originally pitched the The version one of steam to Gabe over at Valve and he was hired to come on and Build this out uh helped uh effectively Revolutionize the game distribution

Industry he also was a lead on halflife Uh worked on Counter Strike and then has You know come in turned around and Shipped nine figure games uh he's very Very accomplished person and you know Imposters is very lucky to have him on Board he's now running the show there And so the decisions made from here on Out are are under his uh under his you Know remit and I think that's the way it Should be and uh and it's an it's it's Just exciting to see the ecosystem uh Blossom develop and mature so yeah we're Excited for what Rick's bringing Elliot What is neotokyo and I have a friend who Is a holder who's a citizen and he Described it to me as Uh this is his perspective is it's like The Soho house for the Illuminati of Crypto Gaming yeah so so neotokyo uh is a uh I Guess a brainchild of Alex Becker and I And in 2021 we both were very passionate About crypto gaming as you guys know I've been passionate about crypto gaming Since I met you guys in 2019 uh in San Francisco and uh and much before then And when I explained the vision for uh Crypto gaming to Alex we both got very Excited and and he you know saw what was About to happen very clearly and then Things exploded with metaverse Mania in 2021 and we looked at each other we said How can anyone keep track of this we

Should build a community that's designed To sort of uh track and uh synthesize Understand and help build and push Forward uh this crypto gaming thing and So we built a freemint project that Actually ended up attracting the Craziest community of all time because It was extremely hard to get into and It's evolved into being essentially the Place where the power Brokers the the VCS the developers uh every major game Studio uh in web 3 has joined neotokyo There's incredible networking there's Behind the scenes Founders uh Discussions um and there's over 100 Projects that have been built by Neotokyo citizens serving uh in many Ways the actual citizens with different Utilities and different um opportunities And so neotokyo is in my opinion the Most interesting experiment uh in I call It an experiment because it is still Very experimental it's been an Incredibly successful experiment but it But it's been an absolute pleasure to See this uh it's truly decentralized in The way that it evolves and the way that It functions and it embodies the web Through ethos in almost every single way In in that uh in that sense um but it Really is the place if you are like a Hardcore investor hardcore um you know Power broker you want to build something In crypto gaming you come to neot Tokyo

And the community is you know you'll Find uh people to help you build your Project uh you'll find people to bounce Off of for ideas uh whether it's you Know whatever you want to do in the Markets you'll find a community there uh And you'll find support to help sort of Catalyze whatever ideas or Ventures you You want to you want to create so it Really is a community of Builders a Community of sort of investors power Brokers developers it's a beautiful Thing and and so I think the crypto Gaming Illuminati Soho House label is Definitely fitting um though it's on the Way up and so house is kind of dwindling It's true is there anything new for Neotokyo in 2024 I know you it's largely Like the community members do their own Stuff so it is decentralized in that way But from the top is there anything Coming yes so I mean a lot of games Almost all of them have reached out and Are doing uh trying to involve neotokyo Nfts in some way uh in their games and So you'll see a lot of announcements of Stuff like that uh there's a ton of Citizen projects uh one of the one of The citizens uh groups have built Effectively like a Launchpad where they Go out and Market to uh games to get Early access to uh to project launches Um and then they have their own way of Letting citizens into those projects

Again that's totally separate um Alex And I don't have any we don't run that Or have any connection to that um but This there's there's a ton of these uh Projects that citizens have created and So it really is uh it feels like a Movement um neotokyo when you when you Are in the Discord it really is a a Genuine movement around crypto gaming And the future of the metaverse and Throughout the bare Market uh we stayed You know as a community very Mission Driven very Mission focused and the People who you know weren't Mission Driven weren't Mission focused kind of Turned out and the people who remained Are are very very steadfast in Accomplishing these goals and so you see A a sort of forged in the fires of the Bearer community that is that's very Very uh ideological and it's just a Really cool place to be I don't know Obviously I wish I could share it with Everybody um but sort of by Nature it's A fairly exclusive place it wouldn't be Cool if everybody was in yeah gu Elliot You are one of the in my opinion Brightest Minds in for crypto gaming in In general I know you're one of the Busiest guys in crypto so thank you for Sharing your time um I encourage the Audience to check out your channel um But final thoughts on crypto gaming for The altcoin community yeah I mean it's

Something that I've been working on now For about six plus years I I won't stop Until the job's done and uh I'm very Excited about what this cycle will bring You know nobody can predict uh predict The future exactly Uh but the way I see the lay of the land Is that there will be a Non-Stop flood Of new announcements new reasons to be Excited about crypto gaming for the next Two to three years and and ongoing and That to me uh is a reason to be excited About attention and liquidity flooding Into the Space


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