Top 5 Crypto Coins Set to Explode in 2024! “Like Buying Cardano at 1¢!”

If you have high high conviction on Something's appreciation it makes a lot Of sense to double triple down on those Assets rather than spread yourself too Thin across a variety of things that you Don't have high conviction in today we Sit down with Kyle chass entrepreneur And investor in the crypto space to Answer the question what altcoins are Primed for the coming bull market and it Is coming we're on the verge of of of Something revolutionary we're on the Verge of Institutions being able to Finally invest in Bitcoin which is going To pump our entire market like crazy We're about to see a bull market that You and I have never seen before no One's ever seen before it's going to be Unlike 2017 unlike 2021 it'll be massive And you guys watching are going to get Carried away and everyone's going to be Drunk on being rich now Kyle not only Brings his opinions in this video he Brings research analysis and five Investment thesis he tells us exactly What he's doing one of the things about My channel is I I tell people literally What I'm doing and it's no just Very straightforward hey here's what I'm Doing in this video you get research you Get analysis you get price targets There's actually potential here for it To to massively outperform uh ethereum For example I'll talk about why it's one

Of the most interesting plays right now This bull run I think my price targets Around $200 $300 maybe even more if if This Market goes wild but I think that Ultimately it's going to be a trillion Dollar market cap it's sitting right now At 10 bucks so a easy 100x from here Like the video support the channel Curious to hear what you think of this List in the comments below without Further Ado let me intro this like Buying Bitcoin at $1 like buying cardano At 1 cent these five altcoins have the Potential to do really well in the Coming bull market save this video in Fact send this video to a friend Somebody needs to hear this especially Before the bull market really picks up Today early bitcoiner entrepreneur and Crypto investor Kyle chass is claiming That he has a list a portfolio five Altcoins that nobody else has he has Research on these projects that nobody Else is giving now he has his own YouTube channel linked below do you Follow Kyle I follow Kyle now if you do Maybe you've seen some of this Alpha That he's about to drop but I would bet That most people have yet to see what We're going to show you in this video I'm excited let's jump right into it Kyle chass how you doing today great Eron thanks for having me man uh really Really happy to be here excited great to

Have you now I have that right correct Early bitcoiner entrepreneur crypto Investor for those who don't know like Please I know there's more to it than That please uh you know talk about your History your experience in crypto and Feel free to brag a little bit sure yeah I mean uh so in 2012 is when I first got Into Bitcoin and uh I before I had a Company in longevity anti-aging regen of Medicine and uh by 2013 I was so Obsessed with the idea of Bitcoin and How it could change the world that I Decided to sell that company and buy Bitcoin with it so I uh so I bought Bitcoin and that was 2013 I started Building a Bitcoin Lottery called World Super Lotto so as you know a builder Very early on and so that's allowed me To kind of understand you know what kind Of what is involved in success or Failure of a crypto project um I've also Advised over hundred uh in the the Earlier days 2015 or so I started Investing using my Bitcoin because I I Went Allin Bitcoin in 2013 exited Fiat And started investing in a lot of the Infrastructure in crypto we called it it Was just called fintech then I guess and Uh so I have investments in coinbase Kraken uh Circle which is like usdc uh Abra securitize which is now like real World asset narrative is going to be Really huge uh bit finex and a lot of

Other ones too um my company is called Master Ventures you can master and see the whole portfolio And uh and yeah so I I've you know Master Ventures and myself we've we've Incubated a bunch of different projects Uh advised a lot of big ones and um and Build them too we launch paid Network in Uh 2021 it's a top three Launchpad That's coming again as well very excited For to relaunch that and let everyone Know what we've been up to and um and I Really try to work on the science of of How to make money and now I have my own YouTube channel where I educate people On what to look for how to do research And uh really try to be more data driven You know I think that a lot in 2017 a Lot of influencers and people who had YouTube channels were we're talking About a lot of hype and hype is cool um And it's important for a project it has To have awareness but um you know these Days I try to be very data driven and so Far being data driven has led um and you Have to have a lot of intuition as well And so I think that's what makes me Different than a lot of people is that I've been in the space for 12 years and I it's it's not always obvious the next Trend or narrative that's going to Evolve and I also have a big research Team that helps me find these things so Um so yeah like last year in 2022 um I

Made a video talking about top five kind Of djen coins one of those was Colt Dow I talked about a 300,000 market cap uh Within like three weeks later it was 178 Million so those was you know multi Hundredx uh my my $40,000 investment Turned into 8 million and uh even in This bare Market um this last bare Market I've been making a lot of really Great calls as well this is exciting Kyle um I've seen a couple of these Tokens you're about to share with us on This list I know for a fact most of our Audience has not seen tokens on this List or at least has not like really Thought about it like this um and like You know I'm certainly familiar with Being on the other side of um you know On YouTube watching a video like this Guys I know you have your own list Comment your thoughts below what would You put in this portfolio but Kyle let's Jump Right In sure so I I wanted make Sure this is by no by all means not an Exhaustive list I and I wanted to come Here with uh with a range of of small Cap to midcap to to large cap and I Think it's important to have a diverse Portfolio in different risk managements I think that like blue caps um like for Example salana and chain link are two That I'll talk about and I'll give you Reasons why I'm sure most of your Audience has heard about these obviously

But there's very specific reasons of why I want to talk about them today and why I have high conviction and you know High Conviction is really important because If you have high high conviction on some Things appreciation uh it makes a lot of Sense to double triple down on those Assets and uh rather than spread Yourself too thin across a variety of Things that you don't have high Conviction in if you've got you know Your your money spent across 30 Different things and you don't really Have high conviction in any of them Chances are you're not going to do very Well but if you really understand Something uh let's talk about chain link For example at first I you know I it's Been is that your number one pick chain Link I think chain link is is chain link Is probably my number one pick yeah so I Made a video about five weeks ago um Talking about my million doll I Literally put a million dollars I I Researched it had a super high Conviction and what they're doing right Now is insane so I put a million dollars Into chain link about five weeks ago It's up over $500,000 in profit since I Made that bet and uh let everyone else Know about it too so one of the things About my channel is I I tell people Literally what I'm doing and it's no just very straightforward hey

Here's what I'm doing I don't tell Anyone to go buy anything I just let you Know my playbook day by day what I'm Doing so chain link is insane for it's It's literally the only thing I think It's going to be the Google of web 3 It's it has no Competitors super Huge Sergey has been building this thing Since uh since 2013 essentially IDE Ideating it in 2015 since building chain Link um and they have big Partnerships With dtcc which is the government Regulated clearing settlement house for The United States Securities industry They settle two almost two and a half Quadrillion dollars a year in value and They've been doing a partnership with Chain link right now where chain link Will help them uh in that settlement Process and chain link will generate Revenue off of all of the settlement Value so uh chain link will literally be Processing quadrillions of dollars in Value every year and they have a revenue Model and that Revenue model gets fed Back into the tokens the token economy And that it's fully decentralized where Chain link the company doesn't take any Profits it goes back into token Ecosystem so just think about that and I I hesitant to say something because People think I'll be ludicrous but you Know I wouldn't be surprised if chain

Link surpasses ethereum because of the The revenue it's generating and one of The things that I I want to talk about Um you know is is real Revenue Generating protocols and as we get into The more micro and small cap projects I'll talk about those in a minute um so Chain link would be number one by far The highest conviction and I I I do Think that chain link probably not in This bull run this bull run I think my Price targets are around $2 $300 uh for Chain link maybe 400 Bucks maybe even more if if this Market Goes wild but I think that ultimately It's going to be a trillion dollar Market cap at $ thousand dollar um per Per chain link so uh you know it's Sitting it's sitting right now at 10 Bucks um so you have a you have a easy 100x from here so that's that's my Number one and are you saying let me ask You something let me ask you something So you're saying that chain link um is It vastly different from how it was in 201 18 2019 when it did really well in That bar Market obviously we know it's Been know working with swift so much Stuff going for it but is it like the The tokenomics are vastly different or Just the Partnerships are vastly Different or it's just like a order of Magnitude higher than as good as it used To be it's it's uh it's magnitudes more

Impactful it just so you know folks are Really bullish on on xrp Ripple and um And I think it's got It's it's a Particular use case as well uh there's a Lot more like Ripple and things like Quant Network they're all I what I Consider like these Enterprise coins Right um Enterprise focus on government Adoption institutional adoption uh Whereas chain link just really started Rolling out what's called ccip it's this You know cross-chain uh interoperability Protocol and this is something that Allows you to transfer not only value But also messages to different Blockchains in a seamless way you know And people who know me know that once Upon a time is very bullish on polka dot Because they were trying to build this Narrative and the problem is that Ethereum has dominated The Narrative and And ethereum Layer Two and threes I Think Ma majority of development will Happen with ethereum as a settlement Layer and layer twos and layer 3es and Things like ZK ZK sync are building you Know hyper chains and you've got you Know optimism who are building these uh Different op the op op stack so you got Now coinbase is an OP stack B&B's layer 2 is now op stack so all all these People are building their different Blockchains and in the world in the Future we're going to have different app

Chains and so every bank that wants to Customize their own chain will have Their own app chain every big uh you Know Enterprise Tinder will have their Own app chain these guys will have their Own blockchains that need to be able to Communicate with one another and not do It through these these bridges that have Been you know plaguing our industry most Of the value lost has been through Bridge attacks because bridges are Centralized and they're not trustworthy So chain link is building something that Has you know removes the need for Bridges uh and allows These Chains to Natively communicate with each other Which is what the internet of Blockchains is supposed to be this is Literally the solution that brings Native communication between blockchains Which is mind-blowing and nobody else it Has a complete Monopoly where lay all Layer ones layer twos Bridges dexes they All have competition chain link is no Competition I love it uh guys if you're Getting value like this video and Obviously there's you know more to the Story as we're talking about just five Altcoins on this video guys subscribe to Linked below but let's jump into number Two Kyle what do you got yeah so uh the Again uh your audience has probably Heard about this salana obviously it's Had a meteoric run on here uh I also

Made a video on it a while back it's up Over 100% since I talked about it um Telling people that I'm going into it Heavily why well I used to be a big Critic of salana especially back last Year when it kept going down all the Time um but one of the most important Things in our industry is is community And salana has proven that has a a very Very strong Community they've done a Phenomenal job at capturing that they Were early enough with that narrative as As an ethereum killer to where it just Stuck and I'm I'm very very doubtful on Comp competing layer ones now I I I Think Aptos and SOI incredible Technology but are they getting adoption Not really right so salana is is really The only alternative layer one to Ethereum that I think has a really good Chance at being a massive layer one and They just had soana breakpoint where They announced uh with fire dancer which Is uh a new it's a it's a new protocol Essentially that allows the um the Validators to to compute in a different Way essentially and in testnet right now They're getting 600,000 to a million Transactions per seconds so that's Enough to do all of Twitter all of Visa All of MasterCard all the Payment Solutions all at one time uh without Going down this is a huge leap in Innovation for blockchain technology and

It's scaling on the layer one level Which is ethereum hasn't been able to do So like there's actually potential here For it to to massively outperform uh Ethereum for example so where I before Was a was a a big salana critic I'm now A big salana bull and it's because it's Data driven I'm seeing actual you know Movement forward in in uh Innovation and Technology where um I'm impressed they They've been able to flip me into a Believer now and so uh so I also have Really high convictions salana And uh yeah they they're delivering on The tech and the community is super Strong so the reason that salana is just Leagues above a cardano and aland DOI Whatever it is is because of the tech Tech and Community like Community is Huge there's it's and one of the things That gives us really good signals here Of of of life back into something I was Waiting to see you know I I wasn't sure If you know in crypto people are always Like fascinated by the new shiny thing Oh look it over here look it over there You know and they they just jump around And the second that we started to see The market wake up again right like a Week two weeks ago Whatever the community came back Thriving and still on a pump like crazy And this is how we know that the Community is not dead it's very much

Alive and there's tons of transactions Happening so it's it's Tech F very Fascinating and Community is very Impressive you're bringing the alpha Kyle I love it but you know my audience We're familiar with salana we're Familiar with chain link let's get into Some of these lower Caps or maybe Unknown known Projects all right so uh so one of the Interesting things that's going on right Now is uh is gambling or gamey right and One of the projects that has been able To completely defy define gravity in the Bare Market has been rollbit I'm not Sure if your audience knows too much About rollbit um but I'll talk about why It's one of the most interesting plays Right now it has done something like 10,000% gains More robit is like AIT is is a so they Have so they have some different revenue Streams um and I'll show you here let me See if I can just quickly share my Screen it's I'm in Dubai right now so I Couldn't uh I wasn't able To uh load up the actual dashboard but I Took a screenshot here and uh let me Just share it with you so so robit one Of the things again I'm data driven here In a lot of things so you can see this Right yeah so what they what so they Have three different revenue streams They they have a a casino they have a

Futures market and then they have a Sports betting book and so you can see That and and there I do have one bit of Criticism that I I would or suggestion For roll bits I would say that you can See these numbers here 10% 30% and 20% This is how much of their revenue they Buy back and burn of the token and you Can see that it's impressive since they Started doing the the buyback and burns It's only been a few months I believe uh They've already burnt 37 almost 38% of The supply insane they're burning over a Million tokens a day and one of the Things that I like to look at you can See this Revenue look at this 30-day Revenue here you've got almost $30 Million from the casino almost $9 Million from their Futures platform and Almost $6 million from Sports bets uh Sports bet Sportsbook betting so so is That your pick is roll is roll bit your Pick number yeah number three on for Today is is roll bit why so so we're Going to have to start valuing projects In crypto in a more realistic way right Eventually we're going to get away from Massive speculation and things being Massively overvalued to where we have Massive Corrections because people just Are buying too high one of the things That people use in traditional world to Value companies is something called Price to earnings ratio and the closer

You can get to one or less than one the The more Undervalued uh a a company is so right Now r is on track to generate over $600 Million in Revenue this year insane and Their market cap right now is about 6 And what is it 672 million so their Price to earning ratio is just is just Over one to give you some context Mo Most things like Google and things Trading on the the stock market have a Price earnings ratio of about 25 that's What the what most smart Traders on Wall Street will be valuing companies at so This is a 25 times better better deal Than something that's traded uh that's Considered a a fair price on the stock Market uh you will not find many Projects generating this much revenue Valu at this much I I believe that rbit Will be at least a 10 to 20 billion Dollar token in the bull run at least um And that would just put it on the low End of fair value it should be valued Right now closer to to a a 15 to20 Billion market cap project and if it had That market if it had that market cap About what price would it be so that Would be about that's 25x from Here so right now you have it at uh Let's see right now it's at 20 cents so Yeah that put it at what like five Bucks altcoin daily Army what do you Think about this I'm writing stuff down

This is good stuff I Think yeah so then we'll get into uh so Back to datadriven revenue so um so Another one is that's I don't know if You guys have covered uh unibot before But unibot you know had this uh it's It's interesting technology built into Telegram it allows the users to snipe uh Opportuni so people were using this a Lot for you know aping into uh and and People have been using this like crazy To to buy up when a when a new token Launches they'll snipe up a big Percentage of supply and then when it Pumps they'll sell it you know and um And there was a this is a for what Platform for telegram so it integrates Directly into Telegram and you can just Do really easy things you can set buy Orders you could say that you know you Can set it and forget it and say that I Want to buy this coin that's not on a Centralized exchange maybe it's a new Meme coin or something you can say hey Buy it at this price or uh or when a new Token launches you can you can get in There and it's able to directly go to The miners and bypass a lot of the the Front the front end user face which Slows things down so you can get in Quicker than anybody else and people are Making tons Of uh on all kinds of dexes so it it's Integrated a bunch of different dexes

And um so to give you an example there Was uh there was and so unot isn't the One that I'm going to tell you about Unibot is the first one that generated a Lot of a lot of attention it went up to A $211 $211 million market cap about two Months ago and uh and the original Telegram bot was called Maestro and it Still is the OG but about five or six Weeks ago I I told my audience about Something called banana gun now it Sounds silly it sounds like a mem coin Right it's hard for me to take it Seriously because of the name it looks Like a meme um but it's literally the Best sniping bot Technology in there and so what people Do with it is they're able to mine to Bribe miners now this sounds crazy but Uh miners they're the ones who validate Blocks in ethereum and so literally by Paying a high high high fee you can Bribe a minor and get your transaction In the front of all the transactions so You can front run everyone on everything And give you an example of how this Works there was a really hyped project Called wct that I talked about re KT Arthur Hayes was talking about it Everything and these guys to to to show You that banana gun what I'm talking About was the best technology these guys Used banana gun to snipe the launch of Wct they were able to they they had to

Pay 72 eth I think bribe so they spent a Lot of money to bribe them or maybe it's 45 E I don't remember but it just shows You it's the fastest bot out there they Were able to to buy up 10% of the supply At the launch because they got it at Super cheap and then they were able to Sell that when it pumped to 25x or $25 Million and they they made they made Profit almost a half a million dollars In like two hours by using this Technology so Banana gun is by far the Best and they're and they're generating They're they're they're surpassing Unibot because it's the best technology And they're innovating making better User interface so everyone can use this Stuff and when it comes back to revenue Generation they're they're surpassing Unibot they're surpassing everybody from A revenue perspective and they're Sharing Revenue with the token holders And so they also have some burning Mechanisms built in and so I think that Banana bot banana gun is going to be a Huge performer in the upcoming and it's It's low market cap right now I think It's uh it's at 18 million right now so We're getting into the kind of more more Dgen lower market cap kind of projects Excellent dude I love it yeah I was not Familiar with banan again uh so this is Awesome um and for the sake of our Audience's time let's jump to number

Five yeah so so the last one I'll tell You about um actually one one will be I'll give you a bonus but it's kind of The same narrative so H low h l o is Really interesting so I've read a bunch Of research um like panta you know one Of the best investment firms in crypto Um binance they've all done research About predictive markets predictive Markets are really interesting they People are Deens right like like Everyone like they like to bet on things And so high low allows you to bet on you Know uh if a if an asset is going to be You know more expensive or cheaper in The future very simple but people love This kind of stuff and they're Generating a lot of real world revenue And uh and reminds me of the early days Of rollbit where it just it's it's a Very catchy narrative and I think right Now uh higho is trading only at um it's Like $18 million or something like that Right now so it's it's a quite a low Market cap but they're Genera real Revenue and they can you can also do Predictive markets on real world Outcomes so right now on the platform They say like is batement free going to Get 115 years in jail um you know will Bitcoin ETF get approved in 2023 and People can bet on these different Outcomes so it's very simple but it's Something that people really love for

Dopamine hits for betting generating Real revenue and then I'll give you one More as a bonus it's very very djem but It's crazy and I think this narrative is Going to go because on social media Users are keep posting screenshots of Their gains so it allows you to do Leverage trading on super dgen brand new Coins and so I've seen people post Screenshots of their gains are betting You know $5 like like huge leverage on Some brand new crap coin that comes out And they're doing like 20,000% gains Turning $5,000 into $20,000 something so Um it's it's really in you have an Exchange and it's trading right now I Forget like it's I don't know it's like Four million3 million doll right now so This is I think very very Innovative it Allows people to do really high-risk Things but bet low amounts of money and People are are it's it's it's also fun And they're generating again real Revenue so I I love these real Revenue Generating Revenue sharing burning Protocols because even in a even in a Sell pressure they're buying back their Own tokens on the market and burning Them or redistributing them which Creates constant daily buy pressure from The protocol Itself guys Kyle wanted to do five more Than this but I told him stick to five Got the bonus point in um so if you want

To see his continued list make sure you Subscribe to his channel it's amazing to Me that despite desite all this Alpha You still at this point have less than 50,000 Subs so let's get them up there Kyle my final question for you is now That we have your picks and thank you so Much like just general advice for Somebody who's you know going to be Getting into trading and buying and Investing in Crypto yeah I think it's you know it's Really important to understand Market Cycles and how things work you know one Of the things that we're we're all Excited for here and I think that you Probably share the same sentiment so Does scripto Twitter you know we're on The verge of of of something Revolutionary we're on the verge of Institutions being able to finally Invest in Bitcoin which is going to pump Our entire market like crazy we're about To see a bull market that you and I have Never seen before no one's ever seen Before it's going to be unlike 2017 Unlike 2021 it'll be massive and you Guys watching are going to get carried Away and everyone's going to be drunk on Being rich right and and we're all GNA Forget core principles and we're all Gonna ape into everything and we're Gonna be so enthralled with how much Money we're making we're going to forget

Core principles and so on my channel uh You know we're going to talk about Making sure that you take profits making Sure to remind you along the way and you Need people to remind you I have it Plastered all over my office like take Profits you know sell up this thing and Strategize to make sure that when the Market does eventually come crumbling Down because I do think in 2026 maybe Late 2025 we're going to see a great Financial crisis and I think that even This beloved crypto Market is going to Come back down crash hard and you want To make sure that you're in a position Of strength your position of of what to Do so we're going to I have a whole team Of researchers guys from mizari Traditional finance that are helping me Along the way we run a crypto LP fund as Well and so I share all this knowledge I'm paying a lot of money every month to Have all these researchers bring me Information and I'm bringing it to my Viewers as well so let's do this Together guys um it's it's a really good Time to be excited we have to be Cautious and let's let's change lives I Love it guys give them a follow why not Kyle thank you so much for coming on Today this is an awesome uh video I Think our audience is going to get a lot Of value and you at home watching Comment your picks you know there's

People who are going to love your picks Not like your piics I'm I'm curious to Know what the people at home think about This share it in uh on social media on Telegram see what your friends think but Kyle CH thank you so much man thanks Aaron appreciate it


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