Top 5 Altcoins to Buy in 2023 Recession w/ Massive Potential | Coin Bureau Clips

I'll give you a fun question guy let's Say we're in the middle now of it's it's In the middle now of 2023 you know a Huge crash happens you're ready to take Out a position besides Bitcoin what are Five altcoins that you would look at to Take out positions in during a crash Good question okay Um well I'm not going to say ethereum Because I think that would be that would Be kind of obvious but um so what would My next five be I think I think atom Definitely I'd be I'd be very quick to Jump on that I think it's an amazing Project I love Cosmos I love the you Know I love this idea of Interoperability I think the project is There's there's some really cool tech There there's a great team behind it and Also I must say a really good Community Behind Cosmos as well So I would certainly look to pick up Some atom start staking it straight away Because there are some and you know There's some amazing Returns on on Staking atom at the moment obviously a Few sort of tokenomic concerns to uh to To bear in mind with it but um I must Say I was really impressed uh was it About two or three weeks ago I think the Uh the community took a vote on Cosmos 2.0 didn't it and um they actually they Actually as I recall they kind of turned It down uh which was a bit of a surprise

To me but I think that was a really Positive sign for me because it showed Just how engaged the cosmos Community is And I think that will result in the devs Coming up with a you know with a better Proposal for the project as a result so Um atom is is definitely one uh that I Would look to pick up I can see myself As well uh picking up some algo too Um I think algorand is a really Interesting potential play a for the Next bull market I think we could see a Lot of really cool really interesting Really successful projects uh developed In its ecosystem you know during that Time I think it has a good a good shot As one of these non-evm chains as well I Think that positions its really really Well and yeah they're just again there Seems to be a lot of developments a kind Of strong Community behind algo too so Uh that would be that would be another One Um what else would I pick up I think I'd Well I think I'd certainly go for our Weave now I I'm realizing that this is But coincidentally they're all beginning With a here that's that's in time I just I'm just starting at the top of the Alphabet Um no our weave is a project I I really Really like I think it's got an amazing Use case uh again amazing Tech and team Um so a lot of those fundamentals uh

Match up for me So um yeah our weave I think is Definitely one that I would go for too Uh what would be so how many have I said Is that three so three Three okay Um I think as well Um I said I would certainly be Interested in looking at more projects In the cosmos ecosystem because again I Think there's really uh there's there's Really cool stuff happening in that in That whole you know in that whole Project Um so I mean these would be these would Be very very speculative Um so I'd probably be looking at things Like osmosis and Juno and things like That I think those are cool projects They've got a lot of development Happening good um you know uh good Potential uh in that sector and you know I'm a big Cosmos fan as I said so I'd Certainly be looking you know looking at Those projects maybe not snapping them Up just yet but we'll see Um and I guess one more would be well a Again uh Ave uh because I think Um I think as it starts today Because it starts with two A's yeah you Know that's that that's double good Um I think uh no I think d5's uh time is Is Gonna Come Again I think D5 is going To be a big Narrative of the next bull

Market Ave is a really well established Project Um it's got you know again the Fundamentals are in place there and I Think it's one of these ones that's Definitely you know going to stick Around definitely going to be one of the Survivors of this bear Market Um and I've kind of resisted getting Into RV before so I think this would be You know if we if we certainly if we Crash further from here then I think That would be my time to to pick that up Too I'm with you with algo with uh Adam I I Wondered about cardano because cardano Big community on YouTube perhaps because Charles hoskinson is streaming so often What do you think about cardano I like Cardona I I sort of have this weird thing with Cardano it's like one day I've I'm Really really bullish on it and the next Day I kind of start questioning it and All that sort of stuff and I guess that Comes as a result partly of that of that Community because yeah you're absolutely Right the cardano community is one of The one of the biggest one the most Active one of the most supportive Um and Charles is this really kind of Inspirational figure Um yeah I think I I I would definitely Look to pick up so I sold out of ADA

Recently Um to hold in stable but I think yeah Definitely be definitely be uh Considering going back into it as well Again this there's interesting stuff Happening I'm I was a little bit Disappointed to see that you know I Don't think there's been a huge amount Of cooperation between projects on Cardano I think you know it's still and I still keep hearing this stuff about it So how it's quite a difficult ecosystem To build in Um but that said you know I think there Are really cool projects building there And that Community is is seems to be you Know enough to sustain it through it's Through tough times at least so yeah I Would definitely be considering Ada as Well and obviously because it begins With a so it's a no-brainer Next question kind of personal feel free To you don't have to answer if you don't Want to but right now besides Bitcoin And eth what's your next biggest holding To watch the full conversation there's a Link Down Below in the video description And if you're interested in learning More about cryptocurrency click Subscribe right now we drop a video Every single day you do not want to miss One see you tomorrow


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