Top 5 Altcoins for MASSIVE GAINS (& 1 low cap moonshot)

What do you think the best altcoin on The market is today does it have real Users does it have a real Community does The token have real Network effects and Is the protocol actually generating Money I think you've learned more in Terms of how we think as opposed to Which specific tokens we're buying that Changes every day but how we think Doesn't change I'll tell you one which I Really really love that's one of to be Honest one of our biggest Holdings you Know what I think the best altcoin in The market is today from a risk return Perspective What verticals in the altcoin space Interest you the most if I look at Crypto the essence of crypto is Transferring value from one place to Another that is what crypto is If you break down crypto and you say Well internet was the moving of data From one place to another Crypto is the transfer of money not Money but value from one place to Another over the internet Over data And in that kind of Market you have to Take a bet on three things Or four things the first thing is you Have to take a bet on the base layer Which is the blockchains the ethereums The Bitcoins the next ethereum or Bitcoin be it Solana for me I think it

Might be Solana but it may be something Completely different you have to take a Bet on the base protocol The next level is the infrastructure Protocol which is you know what allows Us to interact with the wallets Etc The third thing is exchanges now why do I say exchanges because We know that regardless of which Projects work and which projects don't Work everyone's going to try and trade The value in and out when people think That the verticals are going to work They're going to want to trade into the Value and when they think it's not going To work they want to get trade out of The value And so for me the the most important Layer the lowest risk layer is to just Invest in exchanges what have we learned In all the crypto bull markets and bear Markets we've learned that the exchanges Make money in the bull and the exchanges Make money in the bear and the exchanges Lost multiple Cycles whereas the Projects last singular Cycles or most Projects die in singular Cycles so for Me the best bit is to bet on exchanges And specifically decentralized exchanges Why because You know decent plastic changes probably Aren't going to get the rest of the SEC And The Regulators as much as the Centralized exchanges who all have

Skeletons in their closet from 2017 and 18 and 19 and and whatever so the Exchanges is the next level And then the level above that which is Which I'm very bullish on is what I call The casinos okay now the casinos I don't Mean literal casinos I mean an extension Of an exchange which allows people to Trade on Leverage which is you know an Exchange allows me to buy one eth or one Bitcoin from from you But a leverage exchange allows me to Gamble or speculate on the price of that Asset without actually holding the Underlying asset now for me In a market that is geared to move value I want to talk to the innate human Nature which is humans are gamblers Humans are speculative specifically if They're here so that's that if right now We are focusing a lot of my betses the Base layer which is you know ethereum The layer twos what I think is going to Be the next ethereum And then the next level is the exchanges And the next one is the gambling now Let me throw something at you which Which I I've said before and it's not Very exciting for crypto users because They're watching your channel called Altcoin daily they're watching your Channel because they want to invest in Altcoins You know what I think the best altcoin

In the market is today from a risk Return perspective what do you think the Best altcoin on the market is today the Highest potential reward with the least Potential risk uh ethereum I think coinbase Tell you why I think coinbase All the other exchanges in in the United You think about crypto as a transfer of Money or transfer of value from people From from one place to another we need a Place to exchange it All the American exchanges that I know Have got huge skeletons in their closet And we're seeing the SEC coming after Them Finance they close down bittrex They went or going for crack I don't Know I mean you can see what's going on The wine exchange that has money to Fight the SEC has five billion dollars On their balance sheet and We can probably assume that it operated The most legally Is coinbase and now the reason why I say It's such a good altcoin is because Regardless of which Tokens are deemed to be Securities which Ones survive which ones felt doesn't Matter The Exchange is going to always Operate and be able to trade the tokens So like I don't know what's going to Happen with crypto regulation I don't Know if Cardenas Lana are eventually Going to actually beat declared

Securities I don't know if xrp is going To win or Ripple's going to win the Court case about xrp what I do know is That coinbase has the highest chance of Succeeding and at the same time BlackRock and and all the ETFs all Listed coinbase as their partner Okay so sounds to me like that's quite a Good bit if you want to take a leveraged Bet on crypto now I know it's not Exciting for people to log into altcoin Daily but I'm saying like if we put on Our big boy pants and we and we say like Let's talk like adults not like people Who are trading thousand X Pepe or Whatever then that's for me is probably A great investment to like a great risk Return investment I appreciate that you give such Thoughtful answers and then I try and Just like get very narrow with you if You were to you know give us your your Top five high to Mid caps now judging by What you just said here I would think You'd say things like ethereum Solana Maybe uniswap I don't know if you're More interested in the equity or the Coin and maybe like things like Injective or GMX but but give us your Top five alt coins ran let me show you I Want to actually if you don't mind I Want to try and actually show you Something I wonder if okay here we go so As you say I'm quite analytical so

Whenever I make an investment I have a Spreadsheet that's the spreadsheet that I use I ask one two three four five six Questions and a bonus question first Thing is does the token have real Network effect does it have a real Network effect Does it have a real Community when I say A real community Does it have a real Community or does it Have a bunch of crypto Twitter schillers And YouTube shillers that are paid for Six months to shill it Does it have real users using the Protocol for what the protocol is Designed to actually do okay so like not People on Solana actually trading Solana Between one another that's not what why The protocol was designed the protocol Was designed to have use cases like in This case nfts for example right Is the project really decentralized or Does it have a plan to become Decentralized okay like a real plan Because if it's centralized the SEC is Going to take it down at some point if It's decentralized it's got a chance of Survival Will it survive a regulatory attack In the next two to three years and is The protocol actually generating money Like is it ethereum generates fees Bitcoin generates fees GMX generates Fees uni swap generates these

Is it making money now Sometimes the answer to all of these is No but it's a completely New Concept in Other words hell There's A New Concept Completely new it hasn't yet got Network Effect doesn't have Community it doesn't Have real users not decentralized okay In which case that one you can say okay I'm making an exception I'm taking Gamble On A New Concept that's how I Evaluate all projects now to say which Ones are my favorite quite difficult to Say so I'll give you a few ideas Um I look at the usage stats on Blockchains and I look at Solana and I See Solana has very high usage stats It's been hit very very very hard from Fud it's got a big overhang of say a Billion dollars worth of tokens that are Owned by the FTX Liquidator and so the Market has been very very scared of Solana and so for me I'm looking at the Fundamentals and I'm looking at the Price and the two don't mix in the short Term now I know there's going to be Problems in the in the short term But long term I think those problems are Going to go away and so for me like okay I've taken a bet on bitcoin I've taken a Bit on eth I've taken a bit on Solana Becoming the next the next thing uh I've Taken a bet on GMX because I think People love casinos I've taken a bit on Gns which is a competitor because again

People love casinos I'm Looking for a bit on an nft exchange now I want to get into blur The problem is that blur seems a bit Expensive at a billion dollar valuation That said if there is an opportunity to Get into a a uh into it slightly cheaper You've got to keep you don't have to Enter everything today you can have a Wish list or a watch list Um so that's how I'm and I'm like I've I Can carry on going down but that's how I Analyze tokens I'll give another Narrative is uh you can crush your old Coins you like Stargate Stargate is a cross chain multi-chain Um decks and it uses a protocol called Layer zero and it's very technical but Most cross-chain protocols use Bridges Bridges can be hacked uh uh layer zero Doesn't use Bridges and Stargate is the Ultimate decks on uh on layer zero so to Me that's that's another one which which I'm uh which I'm which I'm buying or Adding let me just quickly going to look At the banter Bubbles and I'll tell you If any other Any other ones that Tickle My Fancy Today yes please please I mean we have Been buying injective protocol because We believe in Cosmos and because we Believe in in that ecosystem but I do

Think that the prices run quite a bit so That's one that we haven't used I mean I'll show you I don't know if you'll Allow me to do a little bit of a shill Here but please I'm asking I'm begging You to chill here Ryan yeah so this is This is what we call the banter Bible so I'm looking at our banter bubbles it's a Bunch of bubbles I wake up every morning And I look to see which bubbles are Working or pumping and which ones aren't And then when we double click you can Kind of see you can have a chat and Inside the chat you can see why the Bible is pumping or damping so yeah I'm Just quickly looking through here to see If there's any oh I'll tell you one Which I really really love is our weave So our weave is a file storage protocol Where you pay once and the blockchain Stores your data forever so unlike like Like normal file storage protocols and Traditional centralized file storage Protocols You pay per Meg per month per gig per Month whatever it is oh if you pay once And it's stored forever and it's a very Smart design I'm not going to go into The design here because it's quite Technical but if you think about the use Cases for storing data forever in a way That can never ever be removed from the Blockchain it's a very very smart file Storage protocols that's what that's one

Of to be honest one of our biggest Holdings yeah but I think that's that's Pretty much our thesis that's I think You've learned more in terms of how we Think as opposed to which specific Tokens we're buying that changes every Day but how we think doesn't change we We evaluate on six axes and that's how We make our investment decisions Appreciate that I know you have to get Going have to play with your kids or do Some business or something so in the Final stretch feel free to say as little As you like first of all is there a just One low-cap scammy moonshot you like or No First get to say I'm so scared to say These things I'm so scared to say this You know like because I'm just so scared People will ape Um all right you know what if you wanna If you want to know what I'm gonna I'm Not telling you to do this just full Disclaimer I'm really not telling Anybody to do what I did But I'm gonna show you What I did I don't know if I should do This okay I'll do it anyway uh I did Take Robert Why did I take Robert because it's it's All the narratives that I like rolled up Into wine it's casinos it's a Speculation it's nfts it's derivatives All in one now look I'm not telling

Anyone to do it and as you can see the Price has moved up a lot so I'm not Telling anyone to follow my stupidity And and do it but you're asking me for a Flyer you're asking me for like a crazy Flyer high risk could go down again I Took a little I took a little nibble Today so I feel bad hunting these things but That's what I did I asked you I asked You appreciate that guys and let me just Say guys you know I follow ran I I do Think he crypto banters his YouTube Channel some of the best perspective in The space he's linked below give him a Follow and uh tell him altcoin daily Essential when you comment on his Channel and my final question for Iran Is finish this sentence I became wealthy When And became wealthy before crypto Ironically uh I I sold the business in Africa for 150 million dollars it was a Marketing business uh and then I took The proceeds of that and I put it into Crypto and then I multiplied I Multiplied the money because crypto was Just so easy to make money in the days When I when I got into it Um but I became really wealthy when I Stopped caring about the money and Started having fun doing what I'm doing And I love doing what I'm doing and I Think this is probably a good time to

Say that um You guys have really inspired me you and Your brother really inspired me I Started my channel way way after you Guys I started I really started pushing My channel in 2020 or 2021 that's when I started Pushing my channel and you guys were Very big and you guys were a big big Inspiration for me you guys were the Biggest you had the most subscribers you Were con you you know you're always Consistent you're there every single day Bull market bear Market you guys were There every single day your videos were Concise they were of the right length And you guys actually you guys Ivan on Tech and one or two others really Inspired me to build banter so I want You to know there's a real mutual Respect there between the two channels I Know we've tried to get each other onto Each other's channels for years now and We just there's different time zones and And different things that we have to Deal with but I do want you to know that When I wake up in the morning uh it's You guys have usually dropped the video Your evening and so for me it's my Morning it's the first video that I Listened to so it's because you got you Between you guys and maybe cryptos are Us you guys are the First videos that I Listened to and a big fan of what you

Guys do so just keep keep doing what You're doing that means a lot man thank You so much and again the respect is Mutual Um so much respect for for your channel And it makes me feel really good because You're one of the biggest in the game And to see you boom and to nominate a Little bit of an inspiration that does Make me feel good because if one of us Succeeds I think you know that gives More of us a chance to succeed but um Anyways ran thank you so much for coming On today any final thoughts for the Altcoin daily audience Yeah I think uh altcoin daily audience I Wanted to say that I had I had the Pleasure of working with the brothers in In Los Angeles last week we filmed the We filmed the the first season of killer Whales uh we spent uh three or three or Four days together doing that it's gonna Be an incredible show the production Quality was you know I was invited to do The show and you know you always think When you're invited to a TV show that's Going to be like a low budget production And it's just a bunch of crypto people When I arrived there I was like holy look at this production quality uh And the caliber of the project and I Think it's going to be an unbelievable Series and again I I think it was a Great honor to work alongside you and

Your brother and I think and and all the Other judges so it's just it's just so Much fun and I just can't wait for it to Come up to altcoin daily fam when it Comes out I think you guys are gonna Love it Totally agree we could spend another Half hour talking about just what's to Come with killer whales but thank you so Much Fran Cool thank you so so much my friend


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