Top 5 AI Crypto Altcoins Set to Explode in 2024! “Like Buying Nvidia at $1!”

Ai and deepin are so nent especially AI Like we're in the very very early stages Of AI today I sit down with crypto Analysts miles deutser to talk best AI Alt coins with biggest potential as I Said most of it is is trash most of the AI coins aren't even Ai and find the True hidden gems and these are all Riskier by the way like obviously if if You want to stay safe you go with the Top ones as well as undervalued gaming Old coins you're going to have to be Patient with gaming but what I can tell You is that there are a couple major Catalyst and just how long until this Bitcoin bull market ends we've never Seen this uh with Bitcoin peing preh Haring we've never seen the effect of The inflows of a spot ETF investing in Crypto is risky never invest any money You are not willing to watch go to zero Miles for those who don't know you What's your background what's your core Competency yeah so I'm a crypto analyst And Trader some of you may be familiar With my content I was over on Crypt Banter for a couple years now on my own Channel um being in crypto for the last 5 years started as a bit of a defi Deen Got my hands dirty and wet in the crypto Space during that ethereum /dy wave in 2020 uh was a was a survivor of that Kind of 2019 brutal bare marker period And then obviously you know reaped the

Fruit of the 2021 bull market probably Didn't maximize it fully uh as I don't Think any of us fully nailed but Obviously learned a lot through that Period and um this cycle has has been a Great chance to you know home my skills And and continue to for a into a variety Of of niches in the space some of which We'll talk about today um like dpin AI Gaming but I pride myself on my Fundamental um analysis my my Twitter Threads I put together research reports And and also um I have some expertise on The technical side as well to underpin My fundamental thesis let's start with AI although we will get to all of them How does crypto benefit AI on a high Level you know it's kind of funny Because the current crop of AI protocols That we we currently have in the market I mean you could kind of assert they're Not really even AI um they're kind of AI Proxy bets that trade off this retail News hype and attention flow that comes From uh the real world and the Traditional AI sector so the current AI Coins we have I don't know if they're Endgame AI but I certainly look you know Further down the track two three four Years and I see massive intersections Whether that be ZK ml machine learning Networks to enable these you know big Companies like Amazon and Google to to Tap into democratized uh access to to

Machine learning infrastructure I see You know use cases in in identity and Fraud proofs you know with deep fakes And stuff coming in we need some sort of Um identification proof so look there's Huge upside I think for the AI sector in General I think it's important to Differentiate between what's truly AI Right now and what's uh you know a pure AI proxy trade uh but I definitely see You know massive synergies in in the Future and that's why it's a sector that I'm looking to actively position myself In um and yeah I think in the next five To 10 years we could see it emerge as I It's ranked 20 now but what I think Could be you know a top 10 crypto sector That could capitalize around around a Trillion dollars if we see a a broader Bull Run and you've been talking about AI crypto early you know your videos on Your channel prove it today what are a Few AI altcoins that are quality like Legit quality in your mind yeah so when I approached the AI Market I kind of Differentiate between the the proxy AI Trades because there are great ones like Fair adx ocean which are great for these You know shorter term trades when we get AI news and between you know the peak And shovel infrastructure plays which Actually power AI so when I look at pick And shovel infrastructure the number one Sector that stands out to me is deep in

Decentralized uh private infrastructure Networks there's a few that I like Obviously you've got render as a more Higher capitalized Network you've got a Cash you've got some upcoming ones that Are super interesting like AA in the Deep In Space you also have a network uh Which I think has a lot of upside Alongside aor that's another deepin Privacy Network so for me deepin is kind Of my pick and shovel infrastructure Exposure to AI why is that the case Because in order to power AI you need Compute AI is a very compute in Intensive sector right it Demands a lot Of computing power and with the Computing shortage that we've seen Globally uh you know with Nvidia being Being the front runner it's very Expensive to run AI applications so what These deepen networks do is they Democratize access to GPU power allowing AI networks to tap in and get the power That they need to function even networks Like to by the way bit tense is the Largest ai ai protocol you know it needs Compute power in order to operate as an Effective machine Learning Network that Can scale so in terms of positioning um You'll notice a lot of my AI portfolio Is actually in deep in and you know if I Want to take those shorter term trades I Will look at the more speculative AI Proxies if you do want some lower

Allcoin picks I'll scroll down the list I've been trading Golem recently and These are all riskier by the way like Obviously if if you want to stay safe You go with the top ones you know your Renders your a Cashers soon a year I Think is going to enter R weave they're Building their you know decentralized um Storage network but you know going down The list you've got Golem rss3 which is An AI indexing layer to which I've Recently been building a position in not Strictly AI but as I mentioned you've Got Ator I'm not in these but pal and Zxo I know Becker and a lot of these Other creators have been talking about Them so you can't really fade you know Retail mind share um those are just some That come to mind but we you know we can Dig a little bit deeper maybe in a in a Future video and I do do speak about These on my channel as well uh you know When I come across these new alt coins And May so you named aash render ather Potentially that's a newer one but those Would be the high caps and you just Nam The low caps generally speaking like What is your profit taking strategy and Maybe this doesn't have to be Dain Specific or AI specific but generally Speaking yeah I think I think I'll touch On that my AI specific strategy and then And then I'll touch on my profit taking Strategy in general I think for AI it's

One of these really interesting sectors If You observe the price action of AI so Far this year it's had three waves it Had that initial wave in January it led For three weeks it had another wave in February it lulled and then post a video Conference with senena Resurgence so It's one of these very unique narratives Uh that that because it relies on um Attention flow from the traditional World where there's an abundance of AI News it can have you know multiple Rallies so the problem with being too Aggressive with AI trading like getting In getting out is that you don't know When that next wave is going to come I Don't know when open AI is going to Announce the next Sora type AI Development that's going to send you Know another wave through the AI space I Don't know if nvidia's earnings are Going to come in August which is their Next earnings report that's going to Blow us out of the water and then we'll See another trade so for me it's just Easier to gradually scale in over time And scale out over time so taking that DCA approach to both entering and taking Profits my general taking profit Strategy is accumulate on Extreme red Days and take profits into extreme green Days I tweet about this a lot on my Twitter um basically you should be Getting into the the plays during these

Extreme red days where these coins have Have exemplified strength on previous Dips that way you're getting into the Coins that are likely to rebound the Strongest and then uh conversely when You do see the these these massive pumps Use that as a CH chance to position Yourself out of weakness and into Strength you know via funneling some Profits off into into stable coins and That gives you the dry powder necessary To take advantage of these dips because We get these dips in the early stages or Even middle stages you could kind of Argue we're in now of a ball Market Especially around the harving there is Going to be dips the it's going to try And Shake you out um and that's why you Do need to take you know profits on on On these green periods in order to Ensure you know you've got the right Capital to take advantage that's exactly What I tell like new investors if they Askk a piece of advice for the next Cycle take a motion out of it and if you Have a plan stick to the plan and then Accumulate the dips and then drisk take Profits on the way up so we went over Deepin we went over AI was that the full Deepin list can we go right to gaming or Any final words on those two Mega uh Trends look on on deep in there's a lot Coming and this is I think what you're Going to see across AI as well Ai and

Deepin are so nent especially AI like We're in the very very very early stages Of AI as I said most of it is is trash Most of the AI coins aren't even AI There are some genuine and I work behind The scenes you know working and talking You know with a lot of projects on a Day-to-day basis there are some amazing Projects backed by the top VCS Paradigm Panda hash key these a dely these AI Networks which haven't even launched yet And these are going to give bit tensor a Run for their money so if if if if I was The audience watching right now I I Would definitely keep an eye out for These newer protocols that are coming Out some of some of which that I'm Looking at are are networks like Aur I'm An investor in some of these by the way For full disclosure including AA so um Allora I'm looking at spectral I'm Looking at that's an AI protocol that Enables you to deploy smart contracts Using AI allur is more of your you know Tow type decentralized Network which Which could genuinely compete recently We saw game and launch um that's in the AI compute space so there's lots of These new ones coming out all the time So that's another strategy that that I Would take into the into the deep in and Realm because they're such n Sectors gaming if there's one easy Connection I see in crypto it's gaming

Because investors are already in an Online world people are already in an Online world and buying us things that They don't even own in-game assets so Gaming wise what's your take this next Cycle gaming is a funny one cuz it's Been slow I think a lot of people Expected that big pump and and we Haven't really seen the season yet You're going to have to be patient with Gaming but what I can tell you is that There are a couple major catalysts you Have the launch of Off the Grid gonzilla Um coming and that's one of the first AAA titles in my opinion it's got the PlayStation and Xbox launch uh you've Got chrona Forge which is launching soon I'm an investor in that that that looks Like an amazing game they have big Partnerships so a lot of these newer Games that are coming out I think could Act as ecosystem Catalyst for a broader Wealth effect into game into other Gaming coins think about what happened Last py with axi like axi exploded a lot Of the other like it's a rising tide Lift All Ships effect that resulted in And a lot of these other um gaming coins You know Rising significantly in value Even though they weren't the ones Gaining the users so I think what gaming Needs is these true AAA titles that that Come to the market like Off the Grid Could potentially be and you know offer

The necessary hype to show people that Look crypto games can succeed they can Have successful economies because I Don't think anyone's quite nailed it yet And they can get traditional user bases But that takes time like the AI funding Actually peaked in 2022 so the games the Studios that were building these games They received capital from VCS to build Those games in 2022 do you think they Could have built Grand Theft Auto or Red Dead Redemption or any of these like AAA Titles in two years no the only Companies that is into traditional gam Gaming world that can turn out a game a Year is FIFA and there's pretty or like Call of Duty and there's like barely any Change between game to game so you got To be patient uh I mean even like I Think given the fact most games were Funded in 2022 2025 2026 theoretically Should be more of an inflection point Even than 2024 but that is that's not Bearish that's exciting that means we're We're truly early to you know the the Full growth of of the gaming sector and I think that's why now um it's a very Interesting time to position especially On these major red days because gaming Isn't so hot right now a lot of these Tokens are taking a beating even Marvia That pumped to $10 we we saw at har Again you know giving investors an Opportunity I wasn't in the pre-sale but

Now I get an opportunity to you know Accumulate spot like everyone else Echelon Prime which I spoke about at $3 That's at 21 but you know these gaming Studios they're still in their Relatively uh nent stages in terms of Actually shipping you know products that People are using so I'm I'm pretty Bullish on gaming uh I'll give you a few Picks I know you're going to ask me that Anyway so I'm I'm going to front run you Actually keep talking and give you a few Picks okay the way I view gaming is like A pyramid so at the bottom is the base Of the pyram pyramid and this is where You take on the least risk so this is Where I invest the the the larger Percentage of my Capital into Infrastructure plays like a mutable like Beam like superverse these are plays That that are essentially encompassing a Variety of games or facilitate the Deployment and operation of games that That's at the base then going up the Risk curve the middle of the pyramid This is where you're you're maybe Putting less capital in but you're Taking on more risk this these are your Gaming Studios so so these are things Like Echelon Prime Vulcan forged Aether Games like these kind of you know Studios that have exposure to multiple Games so aren't as risky because they're Slightly more Diversified but they've

Got more risk than something like like a Beam or an immutable which is a Infrastructure Network and then at the Top of the pyramid this is where you get The most gains where you put slightly Less capital and these are your Individual games now it's hard to pick a Winning game but if you do hit one That's where you're going to hit you Know potentially your 50 100 x's and in Terms of individual games there are a Few ones I'm looking at alium I think The graphics are incredible shrapnel I Think is is um looking like a super Strong Contender to be a top game this Year you've got as I said some of the Upcoming ones like chrona Forge uh Gonzilla you could almost put closer to The base of that pyramid just because um Gonzilla is actually a development Company Off the Grid is one of their Games they may have more games in the Future uh and then I'll just scroll down My list here and I'll see if anything Else comes to mind some of the games Launching on Merit Circle beam a super Interesting uh you know forgotten Playland recently launched that was one That I invested in and and I just think Like obviously as you scroll down the List you start going down the risk curve A little bit um but that's where that's Where you get some some you know Opportunities to hit those higher

Multiples so that's why I structure it Like that so kind of like you know the More risk you're taking on the less Capital your you're deploying so you Always have a risk adjusted waiting that You're comfortable with in terms of your Overall portfolio but Gaming's one we're Going to have to be patient with but Once it finally Pops I think it'll I Think it'll surprise a lot of people Actually and that's why it's it's in my Top three sectors for for this board Miles you listed a lot of quality games Mo many I've heard of some I haven't Heard of so I'm glad I brought you on Today generally speaking what is your How long will this cycle last because as You as you name these quality projects Obviously hopefully they'll be here Multiple Cycles from now but where do You see Bitcoin topping and when yeah It's a super difficult question to Answer because I think there are so many Variables right now we we've never seen This uh with Bitcoin peaking preh Harving we've never seen the effect of The inflow inflows of a spot ETF so We're kind of in a new paradigm for Crypto where it's looking like a left Leaning cycle um having that that preh Haring Bitcoin alltime High because it's so different from Previous Cycles there's two camps you can be in

The first Camp you can be in is okay the Peak's going to happen earlier and the Bull Market's actually going to end Earlier and then there's another C that You can be in which is no this is Actually Bitcoin now starting to divert A little bit from this fouryear cycle And we may actually see and I hate the Word super cycle but some sort of Extended cycle where maybe things maybe It lasts a little bit longer but we see Like sector by sector out performance Generally speaking that's what we're Seeing at the moment by the way a lot of The majors like if if you know you're a Viewer watching right now you might you Might notice your portfolio is not Actually up as much as the indicators Are suggesting and this is because a lot Of the majors these major coins xrp Kadano a lot of the layer ones they're Actually not really outperforming it's The memes that are really d ding the Market right now it's AI That's driving The market so it's a very interesting Space where we haven't even really seen An allcoin season yet so in terms of Like assigning a timeline to that it Becomes difficult because of the factors That I mentioned but you know if I had To guess if you put a gun to my head I Would probably say uh some sort of peak Q4 to q1 is indicative of of the current Timelines we're seeing right now but

Something like AI something like gaming I could definitely see a peak happening Many years from now because um I don't Maybe we don't have time to get into it Too much but like it's called the deep In flywheel actually the longer these Networks are established the more users They get the the more their token price Increases because it's it's their Reflexive networks essentially so we Haven't actually seen that kick into Gear yet we haven't had a cycle to test That theory yet so it very M it very Well may extend into the latter years of This decade but in terms of Bitcoin and Crypto in general I'd say Q4 but I mean We're trading on new territory so let's See just keep your ears open it's pretty It's actually not that difficult to Navigate because what you need is exit Triggers so an exit trigger that I like Is the 200 ma if Bitcoin starts breaking Down on the weekly below the 200 ma Which I think's around 50k right now That's a sign where leaving a bull Market and starting to enter a bare Market so as you start to see that Reversal on bitcoin that could be an Indicator for you to you know start Scaling out of D risking a little bit so When we see the signs of the trend Reversing I'm happy to submit to the Fact that the trends reversed and we Should drisk but this is a market where

The trend is your friend until the end Of the trend so in a bull market you you Got to dance while the music's playing If you're not dancing you know you're Not maximizing the opportunity in front Of you so until the Music Stops we'll Keep playing the game and if we get the Signs of a reversal we'll we will Quickly um change our thesis and I think That's a big lesson that I learned from 2021 as I mentioned at the start of the Show here in 20121 I think me and a lot Of others weren't quick enough we didn't Have our finger on the pulse when when That major reversal happened maybe we Didn't D risk like we should have that's A major lesson I'll take away into this Cycle when we do see a top um I'll be Much more uh you know prone to to Drisking and and taking those moves to Position myself Accordingly miles man I I love this Perspective links for your channel your Twitter everything down below I Encourage my audience to check it out I Want to have you back in two three Months we'll revisit some of these coins Some of these Trends but final thoughts For the altcoin daily Army final Thoughts for the altcoin daily Army I Would say we're entering a an Interesting time obviously we've got the Bitcoin harving um it's kind of a weird Choppy period we are seeing as I said

Sector out performance so what I would Say my advice would be be steadfast in Your opinions build your conviction in One to two narratives the biggest Mistake I see a lot of people making in This market is they spread too thin and I know I'm contradicting myself slightly Because I just listed like 20 old coins But they're very concentrated in two to Three sectors so if you're new to the Market try at least and become an expert In one or two niches it doesn't mean you Can't own ler 2s and l1s and D protocols But try and build conviction in certain Narratives and certain sectors because What I see all too often is people Hopping and rotating bags they'll get Into one narrative they'll rotate into Another they rotate into another and Then they'll find by the time that the Original narrative that they held Actually performs like gaming which has Been slow for six months you know They've already rotated out into Ai and That now they're going to miss the Gaming run so build your conviction Build positions on red days take profits When the Market's green and don't hop From narrative to narrative that would Be like my my my final advice and I Think that's important for you know Viewers watching that do feel tempted to Rejig their portfolio every time there's A Green Day in a certain



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