Top 5 AI Crypto Altcoins For 2024

AI altcoins are about to go insane this Cycle with new developments in AI Happening every week it's from a new Tool just announced a few hours ago by Open AI called sora and an industry Expected to grow into the trillions this Decade here are the top five AI crypto Altcoins for 2024 keep in mind I cannot See the future I'm not a financial Adviser and any of these Investments can Theoretically go to zero at any time so Never invest more than you're willing to Lose but coin number five is singularity Net Singularity net we started in 2017 With the goal of making a decentralized Platform for AI it's an OG in the space Has a very respected founder and as they Describe themselves Singularity net is The world's leading decentralized AI Marketplace running on blockchain our Mission is the development of AGI and They've been in the AI space actually Before the hype was here before AI was Cool in fact here's their founder on The Joe Rogan Experience over half a decade Ago explaining the definition of Singularity generally speaking the basic Concept of the technological singularity Is a point in time when technological Advance occurs so rapidly that to the Human mind it appears almost Instantaneous like like imagine 10 new Nobel prize winning discoveries every Second Singularity net lets anyone

Create share and monetize AI services at Scale okay let's create a Blockchainbased platform so that anyone Who creates an AI can put that AI online And then they can put it on their Machine they can put it online anywhere They connect it to the singularity net Network of of other AIS out there and All these AIS can Outsource work to each Other they can talk to each other they Can collaborate solving customer Problems and the the intelligence of the Whole can be greater than the Intelligence of the of of the part and No matter which specific AI dap that is Leveraged ing the large language models Make it in the end Singularity is aiming To be that Marketplace for all it seems Like a lot of the progress in AI is Going to be little apps that leverage Large language models and the successors To large language models to do to do Things rather than small Standalone AI Agents and next coin on our list much More of a sleeper in the AI space lime Wire I don't know if you call it Streaming service at the time but it was That at the time and now it's back but This time AI is essentially making the Music so while 20 years ago they were a Software used to steal music illegally From artists now they're the future of AI content creation and they're now Using the blockchain to allow artists to

Keep to maintain the monetization and Rights of their music Marcus the lme Wire Chief Operating Officer very good To have you and by the way they're not Competing with Spotify or apple music or Any streaming platform uh we don't Really see ourselves as a distribution Model for for existing creators it's Much more getting users to generate Their own content so we have hundreds of Thousands of users which are creating Content on a daily basis um and they can Now within the AI Studio do it within a Matter of a couple of minutes to get the Content that they really enjoy and again Unlike 25 years ago they're using Ai and Blockchain today to make sure everything Is legal all the training data that we Use is completely licensed so also the Uh music results that users get from the AI studio is licensed content our paid Users can also use that content and use It commercially on other platforms uh Which has been one of the big parts that We put a lot of focus on in the in the Development phase and here's the Platform publish your Creations on Lime Wire and receive up to 90% of all ad Revenue and next crypto project on our List is bit tenser the highest cap AI Cryptocoin in existence while Singularity net is an OG they've been in The space a while bit tens in many ways Because of the tech is the new hotness

I'm a engineer at on the cortex team at Open tensor and we develop a uh the Protocol called bit tensor it's a Peer-to-peer decentralized protocol that Enables artificial intelligence to learn From each other so bit tensor is Revolutionizing the development of Machine learning platforms by Decentralizing the process and creating A peer-to-peer market for machine Intelligence we leverage two types of Technologies it's called mixtures of Experts and distillation and essentially They enable the collective intelligence Of all AI models to come together Forming a digital decentralized hive Mind with distillation uh raise your Hand uh has anyone played with mid Journey V5 yeah yeah pretty good right pretty Good so what's really cool about Distillation is that what they had to do In order to create mid Journey V5 was They had 4K Hollywood movies that they Trained on with the subtitles from those Movies collected you know incredible Amount of data there but with Distillation I can go get a thousand Text image pairs from mid Journey V5 Take a standard you know uh stable Diffusion model and then fine-tune it on That and boom now I have mid Journey V5 This is one of the technologies that bit Tensor heavily leverages um with

Distillation um through the network Through the prompting Network you can You can create these data sets very Easily and we also leverage mixtures of Experts by instead of having one large Model um we have a bunch of different Specialized models um wired up kind of Like a series in a battery you know Wired it up to where the voltage is so Any AI project can register a subnet on Bit tensor plug into the hive mind and Grow together Vanek has recently called Bit tensor the Bitcoin for machine Intelligence bit tenser is definitely a Project with the potential to be massive The only negative would be that's Already a top 25 coin so it's some would Say overvalued in crypto now it is Heavily undervalued compared to AI in General and where AI could be but today It's a $4 billion doll market cap so Just something to note but bit tenser Definitely makes today's list and next Coin on our list is the world's first AI Data infrastructure so it's combining The data that AI needs with artificial Intelligence AI at its heart it's Machine learning right it's trained on Data so right away you know how Important the world of big data is to AI So AI protocol is aiming to be that Cross-section between the massive data Industry and artificial intelligence This platform is revolutionizing a $300

Billion doll industry big data and it's Sitting right in between Ai and this big Data industry and full disclosure our Audience knows that I am an investor in AIT protocol as well as lime wire but AIT is providing web 3 AI solution and Creating millions of jobs with its train To earn model so emphasizing web 3 data Infrastructure they're taking what was Once a centralized approach and making a Decentralized approach to data Collection data annotation everything to Do with this data which is so imperative When you're training AI models and Something to note AIT was the first Crypto product project to register as a Subnet for bit tensor it's time to ramp Up our decentralization efforts AIT is Joining the bit tensor neural network to Build a Marketplace for machine learning That specializes in mathematics logical Reasoning and data analytics a Marketplace truly open and accessible to Everyone and of course what this means To you is by being a part of the AIT Community you're also becoming an early Contributor to the future of toao with Bit tenser and with more and more growth Milestones happening every day for Example in less than 2 months since Launch they've achieved a significant Milestone as they celebrate 5,000 Hodlers this of course is a couple weeks Old they're now up to 8.6 th000 holders

If you believe that the future is Revolutionizing AI through big data Processing then AIT definitely a Protocol to watch and while many other Notable AI coins could have made today's List for example what comes to mind pal AI fetch or cash Network or even chain GPT or others final coin on today's list Again an infrastructure play is the Graph the graph is a web three protocol For organizing and accessing blockchain Data so think of them as the Google of Blockchains or at least the Decentralized version of Google's big Quy so just understanding that there's a Massive amount of data that Google has To evaluate to help with their business Searches developer use consumer use Etc Google's a centralized company that has Access that has control of all that the Graph is doing the same thing in a Decentralized way look at uh cury volume So cury volume Drew 65% quarter over Quarter and 71% year-over-year they Already have 200 plus indexer nodes over 1.2 trillion Cory served and over 60,000 Projects on the graph Network so again For me this is more of an infrastructure Play Understanding that AI is going to need a Fast easy way to Quarry all the data Heavy blockchains I want that to be as Decentralized as possible if I missed a Coin comment down below along with a

Sentence on why you think that coin has Potential and of course click subscribe For daily videos keeping you informed About crypto see you tomorrow


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