Top 3 Hot/Cheap 2024 Crypto Altcoins – Price Crash then MOON!

Most people will ignore this video I Urge you not to this video could be the Difference between making $100,000 at The end of this year versus $1 million At the end of this year we follow the Cryptocurrency market every day here Watch this whole video and follow along With us top three hot cheap 2024 Altcoins and the one big crypto Catalyst That nobody is talking about stay tuned Let's talk about injective injective Versus salana objective in the greater Cryptocurrency ecosystem and something That I've been seeing a lot of people Fearful of 4.33% of injective tokens just went Through an unlock meaning 4.33% tokens which couldn't have been Sold before now could be sold presumably So it's good news with this upgrade and Then unsure news with the token unlock The the upgrade is injective launches Gas compression offering lower fees than Salana the cosmos based chain injective Now charges just 0.003 for each transaction this is Obviously really really good for Injective you could see that salana had The lowest fees previously but with this Gas compression upgrade it has lower Fees than salana pretty interesting so What's the story with this unlock could We see some initial selling yeah but the Market's kind of selling off anyway so

We could but I wouldn't be too worried About it because in the long run this Could be seen as is very bullish let me Tell you why I'm getting questions about The 4.33% token unlock of injective let Me explain why you don't have to worry In fact it's actually a catalyst this Unlock that we just had that's already Happened is the last unlock ever 333 Million are team tokens and 333,000 are Advisor tokens combined that's worth 143 Million at the current price let's Dissect this so the team just so you Know already had 16% of their tokens Unlocked so if we didn't have to worry About them or that didn't really affect Anything do we have to worry about the Advisory tokens well maybe that would be The only one let's dig into it advisory Tokens are worth about 13 million out of The 143 million now the daily trading Volume of injective is more than 200 Million so according to this analyst it Is a nothing Burger even if they all Sell maybe they won't but even if they Do kind of a nothing Burger when you Take to account 200 million in volume Gets traded daily markets are Forward-looking since this is the last Unlock it's actually super bullish right This is the last one once the daps go Live we can expect a much higher weekly Burn than usual the burn mechanism Injective just got its full token unlock

100% of the supply is now unlocked with The injective 2.0 burn mechanism in Place injective is going fully Deflationary injective already has 48 8 Million out of 80 million coins staked Which is 60% of the circulating Supply Staked so with 48 million tokens already Staked and more importantly many tokens Getting burned every week with the Injective 2.0 burn mechanism there's not Enough injective for everybody I want to Reiterate that we could see a selloff The whole Market is dipping this is not Financial advice and ultimately you do Need to have a plan that works best for You that only you can figure out I Wouldn't go through this whole ccle Without locking in profits particularly With altcoins but it is the burn Mechanism and the deflationary aspects Of injective and not to mention the fact It's being used why I still think Injective is one to watch this cycle I Mean obviously it is I'm just updating You with the good and the bad and the Data this is also why I still really Like ethereum this is the way I think About it the supply of ethereum Decreases every year the supply of Bitcoin increases every year even though Bitcoin is one of the most scarce Hardest Assets in the world ethereum is Deflationary it's totally different but It's like ethereum is having an infinite

Having and I don't think this is priced In yet not to mention with Bitcoin Ethereum cryptocurrency at large the Amount of userfriendly products we have In the market today I mean it has to be Acknowledged and this is really exciting I think the most popular ethereum wallet Possibly the most popular wallet in the Entire industry now lets you stake your Ethereum directly in the wallet so Ethereum users can now stake an entire Validator which this is how you stake With the 32 ethereum that's called the Validator directly from metamask metam Mask's new offering now eliminates the Need for pooling or complex Hardware to Run an ethereum validator node but it Also takes a 10% cut 10% is a lot it's Certainly not the worst percentage cut Ever something to note I think this is Really exciting I think metamask doing This being able to stake so easily in in The the most popular wallet I think this Is a really bullish thing for the Industry and this lets people get in in Much easier ways than they could have Last cycle now this has been causing Some people to be concerned over the Future of ethereum the fact that despite What the Bloomberg analysts are saying They think this will happen in May JP Morgan analysts are saying that the spot Ethereum ETF approval chance in May is Below 50% kind of signaling they're

Bearish but isn't that just par for the Course with JP Morgan or is it not is This just honestly what might happen Because I've thought this too the Bitcoin ETF spot just got denied and Denied and denied and although now that It's approved and we have so much Precedent to approve this it would not Surprise me at all in Gary gensler's Last year to try to stop this by the way Make sure you subscribe to our channel Daily videos just like this keeping you Informed Med on the entire Cryptocurrency Market if you're Interested in making money in Cryptocurrency subscribe to our channel Daily videos let's talk about salana a Lot of people have been asking me my Thoughts on salana salana has a big Upgrade coming up this year fired dancer Which is going to make the tech so much Better and something I noticed here that I want to point out to you according to The block ethereum ecosystem chains Showed that popular ethereum l2s have Processed far fewer transactions per Second than even that of ethereum and Much less than salana making salana the Most used Chain versus everything in Ethereum again important to note Ethereum has what some are calling its Last big upgrade coming up this year Which is going to make a lot more people Use ethereum and the l2s so this metric

Could change but it's impossible to Ignore what salana has built in Community and ecosystem so the salana Price is dipping we we warned you about This but here are three reasons why the Salana price could approach $200 per Coin by March salana ETF Buzz is very Real so the approval of the spot Bitcoin ETFs in January raised industry hopes That other cryptocurrencies including Salana could also get spot ETFs in the Future specifically Franklin Templeton a Trillion doll asset management firm is Fueling the salana ETF buzz and seems Like they really want to do it Franklin Templeton has been leading the charge For integrating digital assets into the Traditional Finance space for years and They're setting their eyes on salana Can't wait to see what the future holds Whether this gets approved this year or Not and actually I think there's a Strong chance this will get denied but Who's to say if and when the ethereum One gets approved salana ETF Buzz is Going to be buzzing very hard later this Year also Fed rate Cuts in general Bullish for the entire industry Especially Salon being integrated into Circles usdc stablecoin and partnering With Shopify this would be very good for Salana also the salana community is Excited about this salana is releasing a New phone and taking pre-orders and

Actually Solana's new phone pre-orders Crush saga's first year sales in a day So the community is very excited about This you know the first Year's sales has Already been crushed and these are just The pre-orders to come reported over 25,000 pre-orders immediately after the Announcement a lot of people are excited About this because in the first phone Everybody got air dropped free salana Ecosystem coins like Bonk and made a lot Of money on their phones my friends the Market is going through seemingly a bit Of a dip in consolidation period right Now do not be fooled this is part for The course Bitcoin was running up for Over a year including 13 weeks straight With no significant dips going into the ETF if something like this happened this Would be part for the course and if You're thinking this along the way That's also normal for human psychology Now perhaps one of the most bullish Catalysts and signals that nobody's Talking about I feel like a lot of People are not thinking about this is if And when coinbase wins their lawsuit With the SEC this will signal so much Bullishness for tokens and crypto Companies in America and what's Interesting to me is Bloomberg's legal Researcher and expert analyst Elliot Stein was always optimistic that Coinbase was win but actually now he's

More optimistic after seeing what's Going on says coinbase has a 70% chance Of a full dismissal in the SEC lawsuit And this would be big the full dismissal Again this is coming from Bloomberg Senior litigation expert analyst Elliot Stein Stein explained that before he Entered the courtroom because these Proceedings are going on now before he Entered he was confident that coinbase Could object successfully to certain SEC Claims but not those allegations Relating to its staking Rewards program And overall operational structure However his confidence actually shifted After just 5 hours in this hearing he Says I went into the SEC versus coinbase Hearing thinking that coinbase would on This motion win dismissal of the sec's Primary claims concerning trading but Maybe not staking and broker claims I Left thinking that coinbase would win Full dismissal if you're interested in Making money in crypto make sure you Give us a follow WE Post one video on YouTube Every Single Day keeping you Informed also very active on Twitter Join the altcoin daily Army 20124 is Going to be an epic year for crypto Holders


Coinbase is a popular cryptocurrency exchange. It makes it easy to buy, sell, and exchange cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Coinbase also has a brokerage service that makes it easy to buy Bitcoin as easily as buying stocks through an online broker. However, Coinbase can be expensive due to the fees it charges and its poor customer service.

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