Top 10 most influential moments of Crypto Twitter in 2023

Today we're going to look at the top 10 Most influential moments on crypto Twitter in 2023 and let me tell you it's One hell of a highlight Real good morning you're listening to The ryzen crypto podcast by coin Telegraph with me Robert bags steering You through the crypto Cosmos with daily Dispatches from the digital Frontier if you want to stay ahead of The curve in crypto make sure you click That follow button okay grab yourself a Coffee and let's get into It We're straddling no man's land between Christmas and New Year and things are a Little quiet so we're going to continue The wrap-ups this week so today we're Going to be looking at the top 10 most Influential moments on crypto Twitter This year the original article is by Daniel Ramirez escad is on cointelegraph I've linked it in the description give It a look it goes into a bit more detail On every story right let's do this so The year started as an extension of 2022 In many ways some good old Doom and Gloom and the face of that Doom and Gloom was o familiar it was Gary gendler In February Gary Gensler and the SEC Announced that they are suing the crypto Exchange Kraken the SEC was in the Middle of its anti-crypto Rampage and Kraken was in its SES for failing to

Register their crypto assets staking as A service program the outcome of this Was ultimately that Kraken agreed to pay A $30 million fine before consequently Being sued again which is still ongoing However the Twitter moment that has gone Down in the Hall of Fame at least the Crypto meme Hall of Fame was by Gary Gendler himself the text of the Tweet is Fine it's just an announcement of the Suit however with it is a video of Gendler looking like a sort of vague Caricature of himself and explaining That to steak doesn't have anything to Do with meat in an excruciating bit all Of the tweets I mentioned in this Episode are linked in the show notes so If you fancy watching a clip that could Have been lifted from a spin-off of the Office help Yourself in the middle of 2022 one of The major catalysts of crypto's deep Winter occurred the fall of Luna's Stablecoin Terra USD as it fell it tore Down with it the likes of three arrows Capital Voyager and Celsius and affected Many others the shock waves of which are Still very much present today naturally The Republic of Korea wanted Luna's Creator do Kuan to unpack what on Earth Was going on unfortunately for them and The US who were also motivated to have a Chat with Quan he was in the wind law Enforcement crypto sleuths and digital

Detectives all worked on tracing The Man Behind one of the most damaging Collapses in crypto's history but he was Slipping authorities from countries all Over the world not to mention interpo Quan was eventually caught for using Falsified travel documents in an Unlikely place Montenegro upon Quan's Arrest Philip adic a montenegrin Politician tweeted a short thread Starting with all caps that read one of The world's most wanted fugitives was Arrested in pod Garica later in the Thread he adds the former cryptocurrency King who is behind losses of more than $40 billion was detained at the podara Airport with falsified documents dwan is Still in a Cell in Montenegro as we Speak and is awaiting the possible Extradition to the US or South Korea the next billboard moment came Courtesy of Kobe someone Daniel calls a Prominent pseudonymous figure on crypto Twitter and he even made out coin Telegraph top 100 people in crypto last Year well earlier this year Kobe c o b i E caused a storm visible from space with A single tweet Kobe sometimes writes Something called a hash prediction where A message is locked in a sha 256 hash Until a further date it sounds confusing But essentially it's a string of numbers And letters that can't be decoded Without some information that only Kobe

Has so these hashes make for a great way To predict something and only show what Was written further down the line that Is unless someone in your trusted Circle Leaks the seed needed to crack it the Message Kobe sent was quickly decoded And it said interpole read notice for CZ The Tweet went viral within the Community the former Chief strategy Officer of binance tried to dce the Flames of fear but was using sort of Paint thinner instead of water and more Than $50 million in liquidity was lost Binance BNB token and Kobe Circle got a Little bit Smaller the SEC seemed hellbent on being A main character in The crypto world This year and on the 6th of June the SEC Charged coinbase with the same Allegation it made of Kraken and its Staking not stake the meat though thanks Gary so coinbase knew this suit was Coming down the pipeline and was well Prepared releasing a video that went Viral on Twitter as well as the Co-founder and CEO Brian Armstrong Letting loose a flurry of punches Armstrong tweeted remember number one The SE C reviewed our business and Allowed us to become a public company in 2021 number two there is no path to come In and register we tried repeatedly so We don't list Securities we reject the Vast majority of assets we review number

Three the SEC and cftc have made Conflicting statements and don't even Agree on what is a security and what is A commodity number four this is why the US Congress is introducing new Legislation to fix the situation and the Rest of the world is moving to put clear Rules in place to support thisch Technology the video that coinbase Tweeted is along the same lines as this And it's brilliant so give it a watch as I say it's in the show notes Below so this summer we saw the start of The great crypto defrost after a brutal Winter and it can arguably be accredited To one moment Black Rock filing their Forms1 for a spot Bitcoin ETF Eric Balonus Bloomberg senior ETF analyst Tweeted announcing the news and then put It into perspective with this gem he Wrote fun fact black Rock's record of Getting ETFs approved by the SEC is 575 To1 to be clear that's 575 approvals to One rejection that's another reason this Is so big they don't play around what Made everything a little bit more Bizarre is that it was coinbase that was Accepted to be the custodian of this ETF Just N9 days apart from the SEC suit Against them the rise of the spot Bitcoin ETF caused quite the stir and The middle of June marked the moment That brought about Change the SEC yeah I know I did tell

You they wanted to be a main character This year had been locked onto to Ripple Since 2020 with an enormous case against The co-founder Chris Larson and CEO Brad Garlinghouse well in October the SEC Bowed out of their own case offering a Voluntary dismissal Stuart Otti Chief Legal officer of Ripple and likely one Of the busiest humans in crypto in the Last 3 Years celebrated with the Following tweet the SEC made a serious Mistake going after Brad and Chris Personally and now they've capitulated Dismissing all charges against our Executives this is not a settlement this Is a Surrender by the CC I love that Tweet for a short written paragraph with No pejorative language it couldn't sound More Victorious and Vindicated if it was Screamed over a slumped opponent in a Coliseum on the 3rd of November crypto Twitter reacted to one of the few events That was fully scheduled the sentencing Of Sam bankman freed s spf's trial went About as poorly as it could have for the FTX founder with his associates and Fellow execs pointing the finger at him While he went off book with his answers To cross-examination much to the Frustration of his council at the start Of last month Mark Cohen said Council Forf released the statement on Twitter Saying we respect the jury's decision But we are very disappointed with the

Result Mr bankman freed maintains his Innocence and will continue to Vigorously fight the charges against him Despite words like vigorously is a tepid Response to SF sentencing which sent Crypto Twitter into a frenzy 110 years In jail for one of the most influential People in the space endearing himself to Everyone from Vogue to the Senate before Becoming a cosmic Implosion black Black Rock has Unquestionably been one of the main Characters in crypto this year too and On the 9th of November Bloomberg's James Safe art set off another memorable Moment as he confirmed the news that Black rock had submitted a 19 B4 filing With NASDAQ for a spot ethereum ETF van E Arc 21 shares Invesco grayscale and Hash deex are the other five applicants For an ethereum ETF but as we cover with The spot Bitcoin application earlier Black Rock has a nearly 99.9% success rate at getting ETFs Approved crypto Twitter and ethereum Reacted Accordingly November was a busy month This year and contained arguably the Biggest moment for crypto Twitter you Know what not even arguably it just Isn't close Shang Pang Zhao CZ announced In a tweet that he is stepping down as CEO of binance following the $4 billion Settlement with the US justice

Department he wrote today I steep down As CEO of binance admittedly it was not Easy to let go emotionally but I know it Is the right thing to do I made mistakes I must take respons responsibility this Is best for our community for binance And for myself this story has continued To unfold since then with CZ trying to Return home to the UAE but as there's a Lack of an extradition agreement he was Blocked by the us until sentencing in February 2024 where he may well be put Behind Bars last but not least in fact this is One of my favorites of the year it's Naib buelli president of El Salvador Jumping on Twitter to announce that Their Bitcoin Holdings are back in the Black in June 2021 buelli made a bold Decision that rendered him a hero to Many in crypto but put a Target on his Back to much of the media he made Bitcoin legal tender in El Salvador and Then used public funds to continuously Buy Bitcoin of course then the crypto Winter happened and it wiped out large SES of profit but undeterred buelli kept Buying and weathering the Deluge of bad Press and in November 2022 he even vowed To buy a Bitcoin per day one of the top Comments on that tweet is how much has El Salvador lost so far on bitcoin with A clown emoji but worse than that was What the media was throwing at him and

Buchelli may have assumed the face of Officer class while Under Fire but when The country's BTC returned to profit he Let loose with the following tweet El Salvador's Bitcoin Investments are in The black after literally thousands of Articles and hit pieces that ridiculed Our supposed losses all of which were Calculated based on bitcoin's market Price at the time with the current Bitcoin market price if we were to sell All of our Bitcoin we would not only Recover 100% of our investment but we Would also make a profit of 3 million 62,200 incurring losses if they consider Themselves true journalists they should Report this new reality with the same Intensity as they reported the previous One we'll see stay Tuned guys easy to forget how crazy this Year was but that is the top 10 most Influential moments on crypto Twitter of 2023 consider yourself informed thank You for listening to the ryzen crypto Podcast by coin Telegraph if you're Enjoying these daily updates please make Sure you let us know by following Subscribing or leaving a review have a Great day let's do this again [Music] Tomorrow


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