Crypto gaming is going to be huge blockchain 
based games are the next big thing just like   D5 tokens 100x in 2020 just like nfts 100x in 
2021 AI tokens in 2023 obviously you have to   Watch the market closely obviously you have to 
follow the narratives we follow the narratives   And if the blockchain gaming narrative really 
takes off like I think it will these tokens   In this video or tokens like these will be seeing 
10x 30X 50x maybe even 100x returns in the future   That's what we saw with defy that's what we saw 
with nfts 1000 nft apparently cryptocurrency the   Risk is there make no bones about it the risk is 
there but the opportunity is there too so let's   Go for it like this video If you appreciate 
the content comment your favorite blockchain   Based games or tokens below I'll be reading your 
comments we'll be responding to your comments   Here's my list of top gaming tokens God's 
Unchained the trading card game that pays you   To play it this is on the ethereum blockchain 
actually eat layer 2 immutable X if you can't   Sell your items you don't own them and players 
deserve better so God's Unchained like many on   This list offers true ownership for players and 
a fun game unlike other free to play games God's   Unchained gives you complete ownership over your 
in-game items collect rare cards build your deck   And sell cards to other players you work your way 
through the ranks earn cards and trade with other   Players to find the perfect deck that best suits 
your play style you play you collect you trade   You master this is not just another glorified rock 
paper scissors Trading Card Game you need to rise   Through the ranks you need to tactically outsmart 
your opponent at every turn I hate pay to win   Games and this isn't that this is free to play but 
it's not paid to win designed with a focus on Fair   Competitive play where you unlock cards simply by 
playing the game written up in Fortune PC World   MIT Venture bead Forbes Vice quote I sold a card 
that I earned for free just by playing the game   For a little over thirty dollars that was the 
moment played to earn became real for me God's   Token is the native token of God's Unchained it's 
an erc20 token mortals can use Gods to craft nfts   Purchase packs from the gods and chain Marketplace 
and earn even more rewards by holding the token   In immutable X God's token also represents 
voting power enabling players to participate   In governance proposals that influence games 
Destiny next cryptocurrency game company project   Token you need to have your Ion is Gala games 
Gala games is a blockchain gaming platform that   Aims to provide web 3 Technologies and services 
to Gamers and devs the company was founded back   In 2019 by Eric Wright and Michael both Eric and 
Michael co-founded and worked for zanga a 7 0.89   Billion dollar company they are the mobile game 
devs who are the brains behind Farmville gala's   Ecosystem is built both on ethereum polygon 
and binance smart chain however there are talks   For them to make a switch to their own native 
blockchain in the future pretty cool again Gala   Games is a blockchain based play to earn gaming 
platform that rewards players with digital assets   For their in-game accomplishments what games 
do they have the gala games platform includes  

Real-time strategy multiplayer online battle arena 
role-playing game titles and more while gameplay   Differs considerably between titles each rewards 
players with digital assets including the gala   Token and non-fungible nfts take a look at their 
most popular games currently town star Miranda's   Spider tanks I've played this one Superior Legacy 
Echoes of Empires just to name a few so how does   Gala games work unlike most video games which 
are based around a central server ownership of   Gala games is shared by users and owners of the 
gala token owners who have enough Gala tokens in   Their possession can provide Computing and coding 
Resources by creating a node node operators put   Their Gala Holdings in exchange for the power to 
validate transactions and generate user activity   In exchange node operators have the power to vote 
on community proposals in accordance with their   Node history and the total number of Gala tokens 
they have this decentralized blockchain-based   Approach comes with a number of benefits for 
both users and node operators including increased   Anonymity and a decreased chance of hacking or 
improper use of customer payment data Next Up   The Sandbox a blue chip from last cycle that 
got a little bit overvalued last cycle in this   Bear Market they've continued to build and prove 
themselves in my opinion I think they have a lot   Going for them the sandbox is a decentralized 
platform where players create their own 3D game   Worlds using visual scripting tools which which 
means no coding knowledge is required players   Make games and store assets on land the sandbox's 
digital real estate sand tokens power the whole   Ecosystem players use these tokens for in-game 
transactions such as buying equipment and land   There are a limited number of land plots available 
only 166 000 will exist sand is a utility token   Use sand to buy land assets or to invest in 
staking pools sandbox is well connected it's   Working with the gaming company Atari to create 
virtual theme parks several celebrities including   Snoop Dogg and Deadmau5 have also gotten involved 
with the sandbox and set up their own virtual real   Estates how much is my sandbox worth right now 
you can start building or playing or developing   Whatever you want in the sandbox today or you 
can participate in games and worlds that they   Already have going on like Paris Island join the 
festivities you can win prizes for all of these   Festival Avatar and land pass boys Planet Lunar 
New Year Mystery Box Lunar New Year take a look   For yourself it's really whatever you're looking 
for they might have it Paris Island join Paris   Hilton on a tropical island as she helps you 
find romance flirt decorate and dance as you   Get to know potential Partners find and marry your 
soulmate in a beautiful scenery next blockchain   Based game to get on your radar imposters I 
actually own a couple of the imposters nfts   It's a play to earn social deduction game that's 
what really differentiates this game from a lot   Of the others it's a social deduction game like 
Among Us same type of game so what is imposters   Well metaverses are boring without games and 
competitive games lack social connection there   Needs to be a middle ground social gaming Bridges 
the gap between today's twitch culture and the  

Future of immersive metaverses imposters is AAA 
social gaming metaverse that is truly player-owned   Empowered impostor's first game mode will be 
a social deduction game The imposter's Genesis   Drop the nfts will give holders access to all 
Genesis season events each event provides access   To a different part of the Imposter verse I'm 
friendly with the creator of this game Elliot from   Elio trades they have the blood token which is a 
utility token they're connected to superverse Dao   And the super token they've been having tons of 
beta tests I expect big things from this game it   Is fun to play and social Games Social deduction 
games are just getting started as the world   Trends more digital nobody's AFK so oh come on oh 
what the [ __ ] who was it all gone daily was it Next blockchain based game that I think is it's 
pretty big now it's going to get bigger I think   Because Fantasy Football Fantasy Basketball 
is pretty big if you're a guy maybe you're   Into fantasy sports you probably have friends 
or know people who are into fantasy sports and   That's why I think so rare can be really big 
so what is so rare so rare is a blockchain   Based fantasy Soccer game adored by many soccer 
fans worldwide it's not just soccer football NBA   MLB the founders of this platform want to give 
fans the opportunity to develop and play the   Game even when they can't play it on the field 
users can buy trade sell and manage a virtual   Team with digital player cards by competing 
against other users of this fantasy football   Game you can earn points it's more than simply 
playing virtual tournaments because you need   To build strategies create lineups just like 
fantasy football the more you know about the   Real life performances of your players the more 
points you can earn if you like the popular game   Animal Crossing you might love this next pick 
they're currently in Alpha season two going to get   Into beta later this year it's my neighbor Alice 
my neighbor Alice is an up-and-coming multiplayer   Farm and Builder game players can buy land spread 
around six islands Farm it buy animals from the   Marketplace it has a light-hearted design that 
will remind many gamers of the animal crossing   Series very popular the character Alice serves 
as an in-game friend which could make this more   Beginner friendly than most blockchain games Alice 
tokens serve as in-game currency they're used for   Marketplace purchases and players can earn Alice 
tokens by competing quests token holders can also   Stake crypto and earn rewards get your tickets 
to bitcoin 2023 Miami May 18th through 20th Miami   Beach this year use code altcoin daily 10 off 
this is the biggest Bitcoin Conference of the   Year ticket prices continue to increase as we get 
closer to the event use code altcoin daily 10 off   Get your tickets now honorable mentions go to 
apecoin eucalabs decentraland axi Infinity kind   Of started it all last cycle and engine there are 
a lot of gaming coins it's really the ones that   Attract users that are the ones that are truly 
going to have sustained long-term growth so tell   Me in the comments which gaming coins do you like 
which gaming coins deserve to be on today's list


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