Top 10 Crypto Tools for Newbies

Are you a crypto newbie then here are 10 Tools you need to know About for charts technical analysis Price trackers dexes and dabs these are The tools that will help you not only Survive but Thrive as you begin your Crypto Journey if you want to track your crypto You need coin market cap of course we're Biased but it's the home of crypto Tracking over 2 million crypto assets CMC is the most trusted source of Information for crypto users Institutions and media all over the World with its easy to use website and Mobile app CMC puts the power of the World's most valuable data news and Crypto Community chats at your finger Tips trading view offers charting tools And technical analysis and has long been A popular platform for stock Traders Then in 2022 they open the door to Crypto Trading view puts the world in chart Form and allows traders to act quickly On Market opportunities or in their Words look first then Leave Finance Academy is a great source For you to learn everything about crypto It offers blockchain 101 courses that Take you through the Basics finance's research team also Publishes reports on the Market's Trending narratives whether it's a new

Project or fresh market analysis you'll Likely find inspiration and new Discoveries every time you check In D radar is the world's biggest dap Store daps are the decentralized Applications and programs that run on The blockchain think of it is an app Store for daps need to discover track And analyze daps nfts and blockchain Games then dap radar could be the place For You deck screener is a price analysis Platform allowing users and Traders to Get their hands on realtime data from Lots of decentralized exchanges or dexes Dex screener provides realterm price Charts and trading history on dexes Across chains including ethereum BMB Polygon Avalanche arbitrum and Optimism to understand Ico drops you Need to know that an Ico is an initial Coin offering it's basically a way for Companies to raise Capital through Cryptocurrency they create a digital Token and sell it to investors for cash Ico drops is an Ico calendar it tells You which icos are active upcoming or Ended with a rating system to help you Understand why some token sales are more Noteworthy than Others if nfts are your thing and you Want to know more about nft marketplaces Or what's been traded and lended across Multiple blockchains then n nft scan

Allows you to track the data nft scan is A multi-chain nft Explorer offering Streamlined nft data Indexing for news about cryptocurrencies The mainstream media look here the Crypto media platform coindesk we've got Some breaking news a new report from Coindesk coindesk continues to shape the Global crypto and blockchain Ecosystem coindesk is the world's Biggest and most popular crypto news Site if you don't have time to live your Life on X coindesk is where you can hear About the news deals Innovations and Individuals who are shaping the crypto World let's be honest calculating crypto Tax can feel complicated but help is it Hand coin tracking could be a good One-Stop solution for tax reporting and Portfolio management it allows you to Import crypto trades from different Exchanges calculate your gains and Generate tax reports In theory blockchain data is accessible But here's the problem we're not all Data nerds ether scan makes complex data Readable letting normal people lick Under the hood of the ethereum network Ether scan is a free Explorer and helps You hunt through information about any Onchain data you want wallets addresses Blocks or smart Contracts to find out more about these Leading crypto tools head over to


Coinbase is a popular cryptocurrency exchange. It makes it easy to buy, sell, and exchange cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Coinbase also has a brokerage service that makes it easy to buy Bitcoin as easily as buying stocks through an online broker. However, Coinbase can be expensive due to the fees it charges and its poor customer service.

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