Top 10 Crypto Coins Under $1 (These will EXPLODE!)

Bitcoin is about to hit $30,000 and with This many of you are asking me about Altcoins again here's my list top 10 Altcoins under a dollar it's important To note that this video is not Financial Advice just info and opinion always make Your own decisions only you truly Understand your own risk profile plus Anything can happen that being said Altcoin season is coming baby be ready For it here's here's my list top 10 Altcoins under a dollar I'm curious to See if you agree or disagree with the Coins on this list let me know in the Comments and make sure you like the Video if you want to support us liking The video It's a small thing you can do But it truly helps this channel grow Let's get into it xrp makes our list Today after a major win for the xrp Army The SE versus Ripple lawsuit has just Been dropped in a landmark sec surrender Ripple's CEO Brad garlinghouse and Executive chairman Chris Larsson are Cleared of all baseless allegations this Is the official document so subscribers Of altcoin daily will recall that the Sec's actions on Ripple began in December of 2020 when the commission Filed a lawsuit against garlinghouse Larson and the company largely over the Sale of its xrp tokens which the Commission also claimed were Securities As you recall in July a federal judge

Ruled that xrp was not a security when Sold to retail investors so at this Point it's Ripple 3 SEC 0 and in a Response to this most recent filing the Ripple Chief legal officer called the Move by the SEC to drop the charges a Surrender by the SEC rather than a Settlement the crypto firm released a Statement referring to the sec's Decision as stunning capitulation Ripple CEO Brad garlinghouse says Chris and I Were targeted by the SE EC in a ruthless Attempt to personally ruin us and the Company so many have worked hard to Build over a decade although it's Unclear why the SEC chose to drop the Charges after almost 3 years with a Trial on the horizon what is clear is That this is a major win for xrp next Altcoin making our list is flaky because Of this news I don't think a lot of People realize this I think this news is Going under the radar flaky developers Propose staking and utility token plans The move could help amp up investor Interest in flaky tokens which form part Of the flaky Dow ecosystem flaky Developers plan to introduce a new Staking feature in return for a new Utility token the staking feature and The new token will increase investor Interest in the flaky ecosystem the main Way to earn the new yet unnamed token Will be by staking flaky tokens there

Won't be any pre-sale or fund raising For these tokens and most of the supply Can only be earned by staking flaky so It seems like the way you get the new Token is by staking the flaky token Either way makes our list today but you Tell me what you think in the comments Below also we got to put Dogecoin on This list Elon Musk is dogecoins secret Weapon now it's clear that still today Elon Musk supports Bitcoin supports Cryptocurrency supports Dogecoin yes Elon Musk is involved in a Dogecoin Lawsuit right now I think it's frivolous There's no way he's going to have to pay $258 billion as soon as this gets Dropped I suspect that Elon musk's Support of Dogecoin will be glorious Dogecoin makes our list today next coin Making our list is ethereum layer 2 Arbitrum whether we're talking about Their growing gaming ecosystem their Growing defi ecosystem their derivatives Products ecosystem or any of the Newcomers that continue to on board and Bridge to arbitrum arbitrum it has Become clear is one of the leaders in The ethereum layer 2 space they make our List today because arbitrum last month Just got $59 million richer they can do A lot with $59 million and this is Because users who could have claimed the Arbitrum airdrop didn't so this goes Back to the treasury do not sleep on

Arbitrum $59 million is a lot of money Arbitra makes our list by the way make Sure you subscribe to our channel daily Video Just like this keeping you informed on The entire cryptocurrency Market if You're interested in making money in Cryptocurrency subscribe to our channel Daily videos hey guys let's take a Minute to thank shibba Saga today's Video has been made possible thanks to Shibba saga's support now they have a Lot going on recently featured in Yahoo Finance Bazinga just to name a few Shibba Saga revolutionizing the gaming Industry and sustainability in the world Of blockchain gaming led by founder of G Two Esports Carlos Rodriguez shibba Saga A trailblazing force in the blockchain Gaming and D5 space is making headlines Once again with its groundbreaking Developments and strategic Partnerships Shibas Saga is currently having a buy Competition featuring some Choice prizes Join The shibba Saga byy Bonanza the More you buy the higher the pool you Qualify for and the more entries you get In all pools there's different tiers as You can see here the whale tier the Sardine tier the Krill tier the Krill Tier is free which is pretty cool all You need to do is tweet a video or a Screen capture but this competition in General will run for 6 weeks and buys

Over the full period will be counted so If you buy in week one the buy will be An entry for every next week until you Sell during and after the big win Bonanza many unannounced BuyBacks will Take place stay on your toes people Things are about to get interesting so What you need to know is this the Minimum buy is 0.1 e to qualify if you Qualify for a higher pool you Automatically also qualify for lower Pools you get more entries the more you Buy for example if you buy two eth worth Of Shia during the promotional period You get two entries in the whale tier And 20 entries in the Sardine tier you Must hold purchase tokens until the Winners are announced buys from the Previous competition weeks will count as Entries for the entire six weeks as long As they are not sold this means buying In the first week gets you multiple Entries for the same money check out Their telegram for full information I'm Going to link Sheba Saga down below next Crypto coin under a dollar that's making Our list is Theta Network Theta is the Leading purpose-built blockchain for Video media and entertainment a lot of People don't know the value prop of Theta and what they've been building and What they have to offer hate to play a Promotional video like this but they Really do a good job summing up the

Value prop of theta and what it is in This video watch today just about Everyone has a PC Mobile phone or smart TV what if you could use these devices To earn Theta Fuel and other tokens While you sleep the Theta Edge node does Exactly that download and watch it go to Work deliver video store files train AI Models and much much more launched in 2019 Theta is the leading purpose built Blockchain for video media and Entertainment used by over 3 million Users across 149 countries and trusted By Global Partners like Samsung Sony Google and CAA continually innovating With more than a dozen patents Theta Powers Next Generation media dabs web 3 Games nft marketplaces and a robust Video API for developers download The Edge node now and join the network start Earning Theta token rewards today next Coin making our list is Tron Tron makes Our list today for two big reasons Number one Tron just surpassed binance Smart chain year to date it is number One as far as top 10 blockchain Platforms with highest total value Locked so alongside ethereum Tron is Number one did you realize in addition And again I wonder if people realize More stable coin activity occurs on Tron Than any other blockchain year-to dat Transactions on the Tron blockchain Account for 49% of weekly active

Addresses 37% of transactions and 35% of Volume Tron shines as the ultimate Destination for stable coin trans Actions offering cost Effectiveness Lightning fast speed and unparalleled Reliability Tron makes our list is Cardano still a leader in the Cryptocurrency space I'm curious to hear Your thoughts on this because I say yes I think a defi summer of sorts for Cardano or nft enthusiasm type thing for Cardano is still on the horizon here are Current key highlights what cardano is Currently working on along with current Statistics to date 147 projects s Launched 1,290 projects building 8.97 Million native tokens 880,000 token Policies 76 million transactions cardano Makes our list for this reason next coin Under a dollar making our list is Polygon and ethereum layer 2 polygon Makes our list for two big reasons first Of all polygon is the king of Partnerships like Starbucks eBay Nike Adidas Reddit Disney Adobe for some Reason polygon bigger and better than Everybody at Partnerships I expect this To continue number two polygon 2.0 is on The way and I suspect as this launches We're going to see news continue to hit The mainstream and just really Galvanize Everybody to keep their eyes on polygon So yes on the road to polygon 2.0 I'm I'm pretty bullish on the token now you

Watched our video yesterday and you Remember that polygon Labs just proposed A council for decentralized governance Naming 13 te members this was a big deal Well this is something like what hyera Harar has been doing forever hadera is Becoming the example for DLT projects on How to build govern and run a network Many more governing Council proposals to Come so hyera harar makes our list today For altcoins under a dollar with hia you Are invested in a technology that is Trusted by some of the biggest Institutions worldwide according to this Enthusiast these organizations wouldn't Just waste their time and effort on Something with no future harar will soon Be adopted by every sector all across The world hey guys make sure you Subscribe to our channel altcoin daily We keep you updated on a daily basis Showing you things in cryptocurrency the Mainstream media just does not show you For our final pick today the 10th coin We're going with under a dollar that I Think has a lot of room to grow that's On my radar is going to Be radics


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