Top 10 Crypto Coins 2024 ☝️ Avalanche AVAX Ecosystem

One of the easiest ways to make money in Crypto is in these alternative Ecosystems in the salana ecosystem you Saw proof of that in the injective Ecosystem you saw proof of that you Subscribe to us to give you an edge in The cryptocurrency market if you're Interested in making money in crypto Subscribe to our Channel what are the Top projects in the Avalanche ecosystem I've been studying the Avalanche Ecosystem for years if we're talking Meme coins top five meme coins that I Like at least right now red Pepe no Chill avac Microq Bob's on avax tsuka I want to Talk to you about I want to show you Actual quality avax tokens I'm going to Show you quality avax tokens in just one Minute you comment below what are the Quality projects on avax but why did I Bring up meme coins why did I bring up Avac meme coins oh because the e Ecosystem and Foundation itself is Actually subsidizing their meme coin Space this is a bold move but perhaps a Perfect move with retail finally getting Back into crypto and now this is Happening the avac mcoin ecosystem is About to explode like the video If you Appreciate our daily content so for Those looking for more D gen plays here Are my top five favorite meme coins at Least right now these are all on avac

Red Pepe is for internet frog token Enjoyers we saw how big regular Pepe got Well this is red Pepe the avac version Of course not Financial advice the value Prop is pretty simple there is none it's A Red Frog do you like red frogs well You might like this market cap 382,000 Price 8 no chill is a meme coin that i' Would be watching with no intrinsic Value or expectation of financial return There is no formal team or Road map the Coin is completely useless and for Entertainment purposes only seems like They're meing some of crypto's most Infamous players a mem coin that will Appeal to crypto natives I bet market Cap 344,000 price 5 micro CQ micro Coq I'm a little bit undecided on this one Ultimately I included it in the list in The micro Coq Community every Coq no Matter how micro holds a crucial role in Shaping our Collective success whether Big or small each Coq contributes to Liquidity stability and the overall Strength of our ecosystem market cap 266,000 price just 8 C Bobs Bobs on avac Network Bobs is kind of something I Could see people getting behind in the Meme coin space Bobs is more than just a Mem coin on the aaac network it's a Digital Symphony of laughter and Camaraderie created to infuse joy into The crypto space Bobs stands as a Testament to the Whimsical Fusion of

Blockchain and meme culture market cap a Low 156,000 price 6 Tsuka tsuka 2024 is the year of the Dragon this is a dragon inspired meme Coin tsuka is a meme coin based on the Japanese legend of the tsuka Dragon Which is believed to bring Good Fortune To the one who holds it the project has A huge Community merch and platform Could say it represents a whole Ecosystem tsuka is also an OG token that Was originally launched in June of 2022 So it is 100% community and Retail owned With no developers or marketing wallets LP tokens have been burnt price 3 cents Market cap 30 million 100% of the total Supply is in circulation so this is Significant this is something that most People don't know about this is Something that's going to cause their Meme coin ecosystem to explode in a time When retail's coming into the market but To be honest with you I'm more Interested in tokens with actual utility Actual use case actual quality not meme Coins and to be honest Avalanche is Subsidizing those tokens too with Something called their Vista program Among others high yield is the first Avax ecosystem altcoin that I want to Name it actually does have something Going on they're currently working on Developing a platform that aims to

Integrate Global Capital markets so They're working in a vertical that I'm Really bullish on this cycle their Specific focus is on tokenizing the Multi-trillion dollar market of us Treasury bills so high yield brings two Things number one treasury bill backed Token investment opportunities held Securely by a tier one custody provider And two a lending pool for Passive Earning against treasury bills and the Reason I like them the vertical they fit Fit into is real world assets they aim To be the top real world asset platform On avac they've introduced onfi Infrastructure to address the Underutilization of Assets in the market High yields offering and lending Market Boosts liquidity and enhances investor Experience with real world asset Investments in onchain capital markets Structure Finance is another token that Should be on your radar yield for all Risk tances real world asset ready how They describe themselves structure Finance is a dii platform for tailored Structural Financial products linked to Digital assets their investment Instruments are derived from and linked To underlying onchain or realworld Assets so one of the reasons why I Really like them is because of the way That they generate yield I mean that's The main thing it's called their

Tranching mechanism using senior Tranches Junior trenches look into this Yourself the first in their product Lineup by the way it creates Diversified Investment opportunities across markets Using interest rate vaults and these Guys do have some runaway and some Quality strategic Partners in 2022 they Successfully raised 3.9 million in their Seed round get struck Finance on your Radar by the way make sure you subscribe To our channel daily videos just like This keeping you informed on the entire Cryptocurrency Market if you're Interested in making money in Cryptocurrency subscribe to our channel Daily videos pay pin is another Hidden Gem in the avac ecosystem that I think Has a bright future in this bull run Pengalin is a community-driven DEX it's A DEX like Unis swap it's known for its Fast transactions and low fees it allows Holders of its native token PNG to vote On protocol decisions Pengalin is Recognized for its work on reducing Impermanent loss and introducing Deflationary tokenomics in fact Pangolin Is the most popular deck in the Avalanche ecosystem it uses an automated Market maker amm to match orders between Buyers and sellers it offers options to Gain interest on your crypto assets by Providing liquidity on the platform you Can also find accurate charts for

Trading pairs within the ecosystem on Pangolin for avac the ease of use factor Is strong with Pangolin and the user Interface is inviting for newer Investors keep your eyes on PNG penlin Rocco is definitely making a name for Themselves in the gamei sector of the Avalanche ecosystem Rocco is a Decentralized gamei platform which Provides blockchain services to game Devs content creators and player Communities through the blockchain Network its token is a crypto asset Which offers an ecosystem of integrated Blockchain software products for games And when you take a look at what they Have to offer and what's on their Road Mapap they're certainly hard to ignore Nft ecosystem platform Market pools Launchpad they have a few different Products our Stakes also their games are What gets me most excited for this Project and certainly why I have them on My radar with IP like this Rocco what do You think the final token in the Avalanche ecosystem I think you need to Have on your radar I think it's kind of A big deal I think something like this Certainly has legs will it be this well You tell me guys make sure you subscribe We drop one video every day keeping you Informed if you're interested in making Money in crypto join the Channel smash The like button if you've made it this

Far the final pick I think you ought to Know about Spore the first nft Prediction Market on Avalanche guys Comment your thoughts below see you in The comments


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