If the majority of crypto funds and crypto wealth 
reside with intermediaries a we will never escape   The regulation that the stuff is meant to 
escape and B we will never escape the need   To trust humans and like if we look back at even 
the Bitcoin white paper and satoshi's writings   Now not that he's a God or anything but 
he made a very important point which is   That the the problem with traditional finances 
all the trust that's required to make it work   Um Bitcoin removed trust from money itself 
and that principle is is so core is so   So relevant that for all the technology that 
we're building for every every blockchain and   That message above all needs to continue to 
be repeated altcoins are exploding ethereum is   Leading this rally with a major ethereum upgrade 
coming up q1 2023 subscribe to our channel for   Daily content just like this we keep you updated 
on a daily basis we cover the whole cryptocurrency   Market ethereum cardano Bitcoin FTX news let's 
get started right here hit that like button if you   Appreciate the daily content and let me know if 
you hold any of these altcoins top 10 performing   Altcoins over the past seven days Gala 150 Lido 
50 Zill sole fifty percent kava apt bit 30 plus   Percent Mana which is decentraland 30 op and 
ethereum L2 30 sand 28 seems like it is ethereum   And it's Shanghai upgrade and the anticipation 
for for this that's really leading this rally   With staking tokens rallying some of the hardest 
I'll tell you which staking tokens in just a   Second ethereum's upcoming Shanghai upgrade which 
lets users unstake their eth is likely fueling   Investors interest in liquid staking projects if 
you're unfamiliar ethereum staking withdrawals are   Set to go live with the Shanghai upgrade in q1 
of 2023 with this comes increased staking from   Institutions and Dows shifts in staking yield 
sources and improved economics of liquid staking   Protocols how will this impact Lido finance and 
Rocket pool valuations how will this impact any   Of these coins with the arrival of ethereum 
Shanghai upgrade the prices of these seven   Liquid staking derivative tokens have increased 
by an average of 40 percent in the last seven days   Lido frax rocketpool anchor staphy P stake stake 
wise the Shanghai AI upgrade is tentatively set   For March 2023 and the ethereum devs are scaling 
back and targeting early February to launch its   Public test net the high profile upgrade seeks to 
enable validator staking withdrawals this feature   Is currently lacking in the ethereum network 
and the devs deem it the highest priority for   The first quarter 2023. some people speculate that 
because this upgrade allows eth stakers to unstake   Their Ethan anybody from now on to unstake their 
eats some people speculate this will cause a dip   In price as stakers sell however thinking more 
long term some people speculate that this will   Cause people to buy ethereum because finally you 
can stake and unstake taking a look at each price   Chart on the weekly time scale eth weekly looks 
great great cycle timing with Bitcoin Cycles   Great relative strength to bitcoin back above the 
10 weekly moving average and big volume sell-off   In November held its summer lows staking King 
withdrawals announcement is bullish too plus nfts  

Are moving again my friends we don't have time to 
go over everything in today's video subscribe to   The channel we keep you updated on a daily basis 
everything you need to know in crypto cardano   Seeing a very nice rally in 24 hours coming off 
its lows of 25 cents rallying up to above 32 cents   What's causing this pump Charles hoskinson's new 
hospital will accept cardano for payments cardano   Founder Charles hoskinson has announced the launch 
of his new hospital called hoskinson health and   Wellness clinic which will allow customers to 
pay for medical services using Ada the native   Token of the cardano ecosystem announcing the 
development a few days ago hoskinson said the   Hospital would be open for business by February 
2023. side note seems like hoskinson has his own   Competing news when ethereum has this bullish 
news going on cardano seems to have bullish   News going on if Charles has anything to do with 
it maybe a coincidence who knows either way Del   Cardano founder did not reveal whether his new 
medical center will accept other major crypto   Assets such as Bitcoin or ethereum but cardano 
definitely accepted take a look at this picture   According to the hospital's website hoskinson 
health and wellness clinic is based in Wyoming   United States the hospital offers its clients a 
wide range of medical services including Primary   Care Mental Health Care Women's Health proactive 
Health screenings cancer screenings diet nutrition   Medicine and cardiovascular care the medical 
facility also focuses on Life Extensions for   Aging patients biological food supplements diets 
exercise and Medical Treatments the clinic is   Partly open and will be fully operational next 
month according to the company's LinkedIn page   The hospital currently has around 10 staff 
members and is looking to increase its head   Count let me know cardano holders and crypto 
enthusia easiest what do you think of Charles   Hoskinson's new hospital and will this have any 
effect on cardano it is adoption Sam bankman   Freed FTX news the doj has seized another 490 
million from SPF bankman Freed's Robin Hood   Shares constitute property involved in money 
laundering and wire fraud says the doj two   Months after ftx's collapse authorities are still 
busy seizing assets related in one way or another   To the defunct crypto exchange according to the 
court filings dated January 6th the Department of   Justice has seized 55 plus million shares of Robin 
Hood stock belonging to FTX founder SPF through a   Holding company emergent Fidelity Technologies at 
the time of writing the shares are worth more than   469 million the doj said that the assets had been 
seized because they had been bought by bankman   Freed with misappropriated funds so Sam bankman 
freed seems like he's in need of some liquidity   Need of some Capital he's in need of some money in 
unrelated news FTX attempting to recover Millions   That they donated to Charities some Charities have 
voluntarily agreed to return the funds some have   Already spent the money while others are waiting 
legal Clarity do they have to return the money   Ftx's charitable division future fund had doled 
out over 160 million to more than 110 non-profits   As of September 22nd a lot of pandemic vaccine 
type stuff according to a prior version of the  

Now defunct website a future fund the donations 
were granted to biotech startups and University   Researchers working on c19 vaccines and pandemic 
preparedness programs providing online resources   And mentoring to stem students in rural India 
and China and non-profit developing solar panels   Should the Charities have to get give the money 
back Bitcoin sometimes can be easy to forget   About since it is so stable and steady compared 
to the rest of crypto however I'm bullish data   Shows Bitcoin is increasingly held by users with a 
long-term view headlines mostly talk about Traders   And speculators but the majority of Bitcoin is 
owned by people that will never sell or at least   Don't have a history of selling right this is what 
the data is showing with Bitcoin specifically one   Of the simplest Bitcoin Futures it's very hard 
for pre-coiners to fully grasp it's the four-year   Having Cycles the fact that every four years 
Bitcoin Cuts its Supply flow in half every four   Years the reward per block is cut in half there 
will only ever be 21 million Bitcoin and over   90 percent have already been mined and the other 
10-ish percent will be mined in the next 100 years   Most are not prepared for this get your tickets 
to [ __ ] Bitcoin 2023 Miami May 18th through   20th Miami Beach this year use code altcoin daily 
10 off this is the biggest Bitcoin Conference of   The Year ticket prices continue to increase as we 
get closer to the event use code altcoin daily 10   Off get your tickets now this is Aaron at altcoin 
Daily we have some amazing interviews and videos   Dropping over the next two weeks subscribe to 
the channel to stay informed on everything crypto


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