TOP 10 BEST Crypto Apps For 2024! You NEED These Now!

Crypto markets move fast and Opportunities come and go in an instant So you need to make sure you can act on These opportunities wherever you may be In this video we're going to take a look At 10 mobile apps that you need to have On your phone if you want to maximize Your crypto gains we'll not only review And compare them but we'll also give you A few hints and tips so that you can use Them to their full potential so stay Stay tuned because this is not a video You want to Miss now before we dive into the apps a Few quick things firstly nothing here is Financial investment or technological Advice it's just our view of useful Crypto apps you should consider and Secondly while we may have affiliate Partnerships with some of these apps This video like all our videos is Absolutely not sponsored in any way Finally this is a non-exhaustive list And I'm sure that there are many great Other apps out there and it's also worth Noting that these apps are presented in No particular order so with that out of The way let's jump right in our first Entry is an excellent app for Fiat on And off ramping now although we use a Variety of exchanges here at coin Bure The Kraken mobile app has just edged it As the people's favorite in case you Need a reminder Kraken is the OG crypto

Exchange it has an outstanding security Record and is one of the most popular Exchanges in the world if you want a Complete review of The Exchange itself Then we'll link to the one on Below now when it comes to the app Itself what we like most is that the User interface is intuitive and the Design is slick Kraken has two app Versions beginner and pro the basic Version allows you to buy sell and Convert your crypto the home screen will Give you the main information about the Crypto Market at the moment including The most popular cryptocurrencies the Biggest gainers and losers stable coins And new newly listed cryptos you can Also select your watch list there are Some additional features too like Setting recurring Buys so you can put in An order to say buy BTC every two weeks Or whatever your time frame of choice And Kraken will buy it out of your Remaining balance this effectively lets You dollar cost average your Investments Which is a highly recommended strategy If you're not an experienced investor in The basic version you can also set Custom orders meaning you can tell the App to buy buy or sell a certain coin or Token when it reaches a certain price Now if you're a bit more advanced then Kraken's pro version is also well worth Checking out it offers everything the

Basic version does but adds a range of Order types for Traders and more Experienced investors these include Market limit stop losses and take profit If you're a more active Trader then These tools are essential the app also Has trading charts to help you determine If it's the right time to buy or sell And also allows you to use leverage However we strongly recommend against Using High leverage unless you're a very Experienced Trader otherwise you're Likely to get wrecked now if you don't Have a kraken account set up and you Want to use the app then we'll leave Links below to help you get started now While Kraken Pro is a solid choice for Trading our trading app of choice is Bybit so bybit was established in 2018 And is another major crypto Exchange According to their website bybit has Over 20 million registered users and is Supported in 160 countries and according To the latest count it has a whopping 940 cryptocurrencies available to trade If you want the ins and outs about bybit Including its safety features fees Trades and more I'll leave a link to our Detailed review on in the Description below in this video however Will focus squarely on the mobile Version which is excellent bybit strikes A find balance between being Userfriendly and offering Advanced

Features making it a sound choice for Traders in the crypto Market at first Glance it might put off beginners but For anyone looking to trade it is a Solid Choice the app has everything you Would expect of a trading app it has a Range of trading charts like Candlestick Patterns and Fibonacci retracements Analytical tools and price alerts these Are extremely useful for staying on top Of your Investments and knowing when the Market changes the app also supports More sophisticated order types such as Trailing stop and stop loss orders plus Realtime sentiment analysis for that Extra Edge in your trading decisions the Market watch widget is another cool Feature too it gives you quick updates On Market movements and it's Customizable for your preferred crypto Pairs more impressively bybit offers AI Trading Bots using historical data the Bot helps to determine market tops and Bottoms and allows you to automate Buying and selling in what's also really Neat is bit's social trading feature Which not only tells you how more season Traders are investing but also allows You to copy their trades it's not only a Great way to maximize your returns but It also lets you learn from the best now If you don't already have a bybit Account set up then we have a completely Unique and limited time deal on offer

For you folks sign up with the link Below and you'll not only get no maker Fees for the first 30 days but there's Also up to $40,000 in signup bonuses Ready to claim this is exclusively for The viewers of this channel so if you Want to make the most of it be sure to Use that link Below and while we're on the subject of Trading you're probably also going to Want a charting app and that's where Trading view comes in if you're Unfamiliar trading view is a Comprehensive and pretty great charting Platform with over 30 million users Trading view gives you realtime price Check charts for pretty much everything You can think of not just crypto but Also stocks Commodities and much more Besides trading view is packed with all Sorts of tools for analysis whether You're into drawing your own lines or You prefer using ready-made tools like Binger Bands then trading view has got You covered but trading view isn't just About charts it's also got watch lists Price alerts news updates and even a Calendar to keep track of important Economic indicators These features are super helpful for Getting a full picture of what's Happening not just the technical side of Things now if you're thinking about Stepping up your game you could consider

The paid version they even offer a 30-day free trial so you can try before You buy to be honest though if you're Just starting out then the free plan is Really all you need at this stage but Remember tools are great but they need To be used correctly to really make the Most of all the features tra trading View and others offer you need to have a Solid grip on technical analysis and to Learn all about ta you know we've got You covered again the links are in the Description below right next up we have A mobile wallet trust wallet is Non-custodial which means you are in Control of your keys remember Non-custodial is the way to go when it Comes to wallets with hackers scammers And Bad actors all looking to swipe your Crypto it's just too risky to trust your Coins and tokens with a third party so Don't do it now when it comes to Security trust wallet ticks all the Boxes the code is open source which is Always a good sign it means that anyone Not just the devs and a few others can Review the code for potential security Vulnerabilities I should also add that Trust wallet security was deemed so good That binance chose it as its official Mobile wallet so if it's good enough for The world's biggest exchange it's Probably good enough for you and one of The best things about about trust wallet

Is that it supports over 1 million Crypto assets Yes you heard that right 1 Million this is because it not only Includes pretty much every Cryptocurrency you'll want to store but It also has nft based assets that are Minted using the ERC 721 and ERC 1155 Standards so chances are that you'll be Able to store any cryptocurrency Andor Nft you want here as well as that trust Wallet allows you to stake 23 three Major cryptocurrencies these include BNB Cosmos polka dot salana and so on you Can see the full list here as you can Also see the apy varies massively as we Film this you can get anything from 4% With cardano to up to 38% with OS there Are some pretty good rates on some of The bigger tokens too like dot with Around 15% and atom with 14% of course As it is with crypto and defi it's risk Versus reward so while staking is low Risk it's not without risk never forget That trust wallet also comes with a web 3 browser too this feature allows users To interact with decentralized Applications or daps and manage their Digital assets across more than 100 Blockchain networks so if you like to do Defi or play blockchain games then this Feature is going to be the one for you And as it happens the app is completely Free and you can get it on the Apple App Store Android and Google Play stores too

Those will be linked to Below all right now we can't talk about Exchanges and wallets without doubling Down on security so for this we highly Recommend you download an authenticator App like Google Authenticator ory Microsoft authenticator etc etc for the Purposes of this video we'll focus on Google Authenticator now this app which You install on your smartphone generates A six to8 digigit code every 30 seconds Now this code can be used for everything From signing into an exchange to trading Withdrawing and depositing funds what's Important to note is that authenticator Apps are not tied to your sim card or Phone number this is extremely important Because of the prevalence of sim swap Attacks you might remember that Ethereum's falet pan was a victim of a Sim swap not too long ago and if he can Fall prey to such an attack well pretty Much anyone can and one decision you Have to make is whether to back up your Two Factor authentication codes to the Cloud now this is convenient as it Allows you to access the codes from Other devices which can be very useful If you lose your phone however it means That if someone gains access to your Google account they can gain access to Your codes and therefore Associated Accounts so our recommendation is not to Sync those codes to the cloud but like

The C feed phrases for your crypto Wallets store them somewhere safe and Offline and if you forget to do this Don't worry you should be able to Contact customer support at your crypto Exchange and prove your identity to Regain access but it's a major pain and Can cause long delays let's just say It's not something you want to be Dealing with when prices are pumping so Just play it Safe all righty we're on to number five Which is crypto news Now this is an app I've used for a while Now and it just might be my favorite News aggregator the app has a whole host Of different news tabs they have top News all news and everything from BTC News altcoins nft legal and so on now I Tend to use top news but if you're Focused on a particular niche in crypto Then the other options are very useful You can also curate your list with Dozens of crypto websites including all The main ones so coindesk coin Telegraph Decrypt and so on one downside though is That it is missing a few key news Sources including Bloomberg DL News and A few others another is that we've had Issues with the Twitter SLX tab in the Past and frankly don't really use it but Still if you stick to the top news or a Curated list you can be pretty sure You'll receive all the main crypto

Headlines also crypto news is not just a News aggregator it has a tab where you Can monitor market prices and another Called hodle folio here you can add your Coins and tokens and monitor their Performance in real time so if you want A One-Stop shop for everything crypto This is a great shout the free version Is very useful and as you can see the App is very popular in the App Store too It has good reviews on the Play Store 4.7 stars with over 1 million downloads However I should say that a few people Have noted the increase in ads recently So if this is an issue for you you can Reduce the number of ads by 50% by Registering and completely remove them By getting the pro version that is up to You right our next two entries are price Trackers and I'll combine them as one Entry for Simplicity sake the first is Coin market cap which is one of the best Known websites in crypto it's been Around since 2013 and was acquired by Binance in 2020 now coin market cap is Best known for tracking the prices and Market caps of thousands of coins and Tokens but it also has a whole range of Other features including tools for Developers onchain analysis a community Tab a learning portal and much more now The mobile app is excellent it has all The features you'd expect from the Website everything from prices watch

Lists news and so on since you're Getting prices from CMC data you know It's among the most reliable in the Business however the portfolio section Is perhaps the most useful aspect of the App coin market cap gives you the Ability to create an account and track Your portfolio in real time it allows You to see your top Holdings in Percentage terms as well as dollar Amounts you can also see stats on the Best and worst performers across your Portfolio but here's a word to the wise Try not to monitor this obsessively or You'll turn into an Almighty ball of Stress but if you've got the Self-control of David loin and can limit Yourself to checking it occasionally Like say between sets of 100 pull-ups or A 50m mountain climb then why not give It a go coin market cap also has a news Tab which Aggregates news from a number Of different sources as well as various Videos and articles from CMC themselves It's not as good as crypto news but it's A pretty Solid Source nonetheless okay So that is CMC the other price tracker Your probably familiar with is coin Gecko now like CMC coin gecko is an Authority in the space for tracking coin And token prices as well as trading Volume you'll also note that both Platforms have similar tools and Functionality the portfolio feature on

Coin gecko works very much the same way As that of CMC you can also check out the top Gainers and losers as well as the pie Chart overview of the broader portfolio And like on CMC you can also add Multiple portfolios as needed and just Like CMC coin gecko has an explore Feature where you can access a trove of Crypto content we're talking news In-depth articles podcasts blog posts Newsletters and more and definitely Check out their newsletters they're Consistently excellent so if you're Still undecided about coin market cap or Coin gecko we have a handy head-to-head Comparison video which I'll link to Below although the team here at coin Bureau is divided on which is is better I personally have a slight preference For coin gecko why well they just seem To offer more detailed info about each Cryptocurrency plus their exchange Ranking system feels more intuitive and User friendly but hey that's just me all Right next up we have the messaging app Telegram if you're working in crypto or Go to events it's a musthave it's Probably fair to say that most crypto Communication happens on telegram unless You're a strong privacy advocate in Which casee signal is probably your Com's app of choice now telegram Essentially does everything WhatsApp

Does but also allows you to register an Account without providing your phone Number and enables group chats of up to 200,000 people it's in the group chats Where the real value of the platform Lies as well every crypto project worth Its salt will have a curated group That's where you can find answers to all Your burning questions about Developments road maps Partnerships and More just know note that typically price Speculation is off the table in these Official groups there are also channels For local meetups or events particularly In major crypto hubs there are sector Specific channels ones for devs ones for Security Auditors essentially anything You can think of and if you want a list Of the best crypto telegram channels Then we have a video on that which you Can watch in the top right here but if You really want an edge of course you Have to check out the coin Bureau Insider telegram Channel Yes that's our official Channel and even If I say so myself a fantastic resource For keeping up toate on the top news we Also have the latest Market insights Token rallies and a whole lot more so do Check it out I'll leave a link in the Description below right next up we have Our Top Choice for Community engagement And project updates Discord was launched Back in 2015 as a messaging service for

Gamers but in recent years it's evolved Far beyond this now all sorts of Communities are being built on Discord And in crypto Discord use is growing Fast popular channels boast tens or even Hundreds of thousands of followers and What's great about Discord is its Versatility and how it facilitates Community building and engagement it's Not only great for information and Education but can be great for building Your network in the space as well you Have Discord groups for pretty much Everything you can think of trading news Analysis defi you name it you have Groups like nfts World which is a go-to For all things nft and has hundreds of Thousands of members meanwhile r/ Cryptocurrency is the Discord group for The largest crypto subreddit of the same Name the group on Discord has channels And subchannels for a whole range of Crypto topics it also has dedicated Channels for beginners so it's a great Place to start but if you really want Alpha and the best community around you Know where to go that's right coin coin Buau now has a Discord group too over Here you won't only get the chance to Interact with other coin buau fans and The team members but you'll also get Unique insights not offered anywhere Else me and the team are also holding ad Hoc amas over there as well so if you

Want to hop into that then it will be Linked to in the description now while Discord is of course a great app to have On your phone I will say that its latest Update leaves much to be desired from a UI perspective it's more clunky than the Likes of WhatsApp or telegram or even Previous Discord app versions and it Appears as if I'm not the only one here Numerous complaints abound on both ITunes as well as the Google Play Store So that's something that needs to be Worked on be that as it may though Discord is still an essential app to Have on your phone for the next Bull Run Now our last entry is of course Twitter Or X now yes Twitter can be a bizarre And frustrating place at times but when It comes to crypto Twitter more Specifically it's perhaps one of the Go-to places for broader crypto Alpha of Course the strength of that Alpha Depends on the types of accounts that You follow and we have a complete video That looks at 10 of the best ones and That'll be linked to below for you to Watch at your leisure but at a high Level there are accounts out there that Are able to get breaking news both Crypto and macro quicker than you can Get on any mainstream news Outlet these Are the kind of accounts that you want To turn notifications on for because on Many occasions they can move the market

Then there are the unique creators who Sometimes develop the most insane Alpha Threads and Analysis these threads have Become way more prevalent and in depth Since the Takeover of Twitter by Elon Musk something else that has Proliferated since the Takeover is of Course spaces this unique voice-based Communication feature has given crypto Educators a whole new way of reaching Their audience in a more engaging manner As with Twitter account selection spaces Can be hit or miss though sometimes They're a bit messy and can be aimless However if you find the right space they Can provide you with unique insights Which can be listened to like a podcast Team coin Bureau has run a few spaces Recently as well and some of these have Included some well-known guests like Charles hoskinson I'll leave links to Those as well as the coin Bureau Twitter Below for you to check out now when it Comes to broader content on Twitter or X As should probably call it it can also Be hit or miss the for you page Sometimes throws up some pretty Questionable stuff so I personally just Choose to look at the following tab for That carefully curated list of accounts Mentioned earlier the app does face its Challenges though we all know about the Battle that Elon has had with Advertisers who threatened to boycott

The platform so whether he can find a Way to rely on monetization without These advertisers remains to be seen There are are also persistent rumors That a crypto payment integration of Some sort will be introduced but I take Those with a big pinch of salt either Way it's still one of the go-to places For crypto news analysis and Views so be Sure to download it today and give us a Follow okay that just about wraps up my Roundup of the top crypto apps but what Do you folks think did I miss any apps That you believe should be on this list And which crypto apps do you have on Your phone Drop your thoughts in the comments Section below if you enjoyed this video Don't forget to hit that like button as Well and if you really loved it go ahead And smash that subscribe button too also Head on over to the coin Bureau deals Page where you can find the best Discounts on trading fees of up to 60% As well as up to $40,000 in signup Bonuses these are limited time offers Though so be sure to check that page out Before it's too late okay that's it for Me today thank you for watching and I'll See you again [Music] Soon


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