Top 10 Altcoins ready to EXPLODE (in 2023)! Best Crypto Investments!

So many people want to find the next 100x altcoin yet too many people buy Crypto when stuff like this is happening Our viewers who may not know anything About this what are cryptocurrencies They're a type of digital money but Instead of being controlled by a central Government they're decentralized using Blockchain technology prices have been Soaring for cryptos like Bitcoin Ethereum especially Dogecoin oh right Now what what is Dogecoin well it Actually started as a joke based on an Internet meme but now it's taken off in A very real way okay but what is those Coins it's an Unstoppable Financial Vehicle it's going to take over the World I get that but uh what is it man Now is a much better time to get Involved in cryptocurrency if you know Quality altcoins comment your top 10 List of quality altcoin projects below And I'm going to tell you mine in this Video like always guys this is not Financial advice make your own decisions And make sure you subscribe to altcoin Daily if you're interested in making Money in cryptocurrency following Altcoin daily is a great way to stay Informed coin number one is algorand Holding a special place in even the Chair of the SEC Gary gensler's heart Here he recognizes algorand as an MIT Award winner Sylvia mcauley's algorand

Who's a touring Award winner at MIT that I work with Sylvia's got a great Technology that has a performance you Could create Uber on top of it algorand Officially launched in 2019 seeks to Achieve accelerating transaction speeds On blockchain networks and reducing the Time it takes to be deemed Final on Blockchain networks algorand seeks to Achieve these attributes through Decisions that deviate from how Cryptocurrencies have been traditionally Designed so we talk about execution I Want to talk about what we are executing On every day and what our team goes to Battle with every single day to to Improve and it's uh these three things Up here this is our strategic priorities Core protocol properties programmability Interoperability if you were at the Cipher last year you would have seen the Exact same three strategic priorities Why is that because these are the brass Tacks this is what it takes to succeed If one of you comes up to me after this And says hey look I'm thinking about Starting a blockchain what do I need to Be thinking about I'm going to talk About these three things every single Day making them better they don't get Done you continue to improve them next Quality altcoin project that continues To get bigger and better is Avalanche a Blockchain platform that aims to address

The blockchain trial gamma of Scalability security and Decentralization thanks to its unique Proof-of-stake mechanism in brief Avalanche is an advanced blockchain Platform that promises extreme scaling Capabilities and fast confirmation times Developers are working on scaling Innovations such as subnets which allows Projects to connect to Avalanche without Taking up any space another reason I'm Bullish on Avalanche is because they Just launched a 290 million incentive Program for subnets this will focus on Bringing users and adoption to Avalanche Through gaming defy nfts and Enterprise The only other question then is what Exactly are Avalanche subnets and what Makes them so powerful for institutions Interested in embedding compliance on Chain well let's listen to the CEO of Avalanche explain this himself on NASDAQ Tell me about avalanche's breakthrough With the concept of subnets what is that And how are they made possible Absolutely subnets is is one of the Principal ways in which we scale there Is never going to be a single chain that Can conquer all of the load that is Incident on it from all of the different Kinds of assets with a subnet what one Can do is they can have an application Specific chain that application specific Chain can be compliant can be subject to

U.S rules can be subject to whatever Jurisdictional measures are necessary so This is the kind of thing that's Required when large asset holders want To digitize their assets so we provide Them with the full control they need but We also provide the users with a single Unified interface if you like cardano Let us know in the comments below Cardano makes our list making the world Work better for all cardano is a Blockchain platform for change makers Innovators Visionaries with the tools And Technologies required to create Possibility for the many as well as the Few and bring about positive Global Change let's get specific because Cardano did accomplish a lot over the Last year and has big plans for Innovation in the future so obviously 2022 was full of travel Innovation and Events but let's take a look at some of The numbers Tim Harrison VP of community And ecosystem at input output 2022 was a Landmark year for the cardano ecosystem And it was all because of you the Community a global movement of Developers entrepreneurs and even Artists built new Solutions businesses And experiences on Rock Solid Foundations from the earliest Beginnings In 2015 from Byron and Shelley to Gogan And Basho you the community ensured the Continued growth and success of cardano

In 2022 our academic Community had eight Cardano focused research papers accepted And presented at Major Global Conferences while iog researchers Presented 39 papers covering all aspects Of decentralized Technology over seven And a half thousand students Participated in the plutus Pioneers Program worldwide 2 000 students could Call themselves a tala pioneers and over Two and a half thousand signed up for Our Haskell boot camp to begin their Journey into functional programming on Top of this we launched a new Marlo Pioneer program to introduce the world To a powerful new way of launching smart Contracts cardana developers have always Been some of the most dedicated and Active 2022 was no different this Translates to over 56.5 000 commits Across 272 repos on GitHub during the Same time period we reached over 58 000 Wallets registered to vote in Project Catalyst to date Catalyst has allocated Over 38 million in funds to bootstrap And support projects building all over The world over 1100 projects have been Funded from 91 different countries Making catalysts a truly Global Decentralized Innovation fund the Network processed over 50 million Transactions between over three and a Half million wallets there are over 3 000 stake pools operating on six

Continents and over 71 percent of ADA in Circulation is staked while the network Grows so does the community of Developers currently there are 11 000 Developers on iog's technical Discord Server more than 4 700 smart contracts Have been deployed 1100 projects founded 7 million native tokens launched and Over 2 million nfts have been minted at The same time we continue to see Projects building in Africa project Catalyst has fully funded 47 pilot Projects throughout the continent and Ice Addis identified and incubated nine Entrepreneurs working in the African Marketplace in 2022 entrepreneurs and Developers from Tanzania Ethiopia Kenya Nigeria and more worked on creating Solutions for everything from Remittances and micro loans to education And Healthcare another reason to be Bullish on cardano or maybe bearish you Tell me some people love Charles some People dislike Charles but he is a Strong leader for the cardano project And he has no problem calling out BS in The space certainly a16z and others are Like air cardano but you know the Problem is that we didn't what do you Think that is because we didn't have any Pawns and omics for them I mean let's be Honest here the vast majority of VCS Let's just be honest the way they Approach it is liquidity so they say

When is the token coming out where's the Marketplace for the token going to be do I get an early distribution how do I Exit that early distribution when the Retail people come out and you've seen Numerous layer ones and daphs we won't Name names where they launched a market At a very hard time valuation The Insider is dumb they go down and they Walk away with a lot of money Cosmos Adam certainly one of the best altcoins In the space today heralded as an Intranet of blockchains by its founding Team Cosmos aims to create a network of Crypto networks United by open source Tools for streamlining transactions Between them it's this focus on Customizability and interoperability That sets Cosmos apart from other Projects rather than prioritizing its Own network its goal is to Foster an Ecosystem of networks that can share Data and tokens programmably with no Central party facilitating the activity Of course we've had experts on the show Talking about all all coins today Including Cosmos why coin Bureau is Bullish on Cosmos I think it's an Amazing project I love Cosmos I love the You know I love this idea of Interoperability I think the project is There's there's some really cool tech There there's a great team behind it and Also I must say a really good Community

Behind Cosmos as well so I would Certainly look to pick up some atom Start staking it straight away because There are some and you know there's some Amazing Returns on on staking atom at The moment and even more than that Vitalik buterin founder of ethereum has Recently put himself on record talking About why he respects Cosmos as a Project you know I think the cosmos Ecosystem for example uh yeah you know I Deeply respect it because it is one of The few that's actually trying a very Like different region of design space And you know they have this vision of uh You know a larger number of blockchains Each of those blockchains has a small Number of validators they used as their Protocols to talk to each other you know And they give up on shared security but They have give up on side coupling but They have modularity and you know here's Their arguments for why this might be a Good idea and like Aisha I really Respects the fact that you know they Have a technical Vision they push a Technical Vision first they in my view Have not been pumping down bit uh you Know they have not done any They have not bought any stadiums they Uh you know have not uh put the the face Of their founder up on cylinders all Over San Francisco uh so look that's Something I respect Finance is the next

Altcoin making our list today of course Finance the altcoin largely dependent on The success of binance the exchange or Binance's leadership but with so many Centralized entities blowing up or going Under over the past year CZ and binance Thus far Anything could happen but thus Far they're certainly making a name for Themselves and pulling away from the Pack here is CZ doing a little AMA with His community wrapping up the year here He talks about the ethos and goals Binance over the past year but also These ethos and goals applying to Finance going forward in the future you Tell me what you think Yeah there's a lot of Firsts I think the First touch jumps to mind is a number of Countries 33 new countries this year and Also met a few head of States many Regulators for the first time many users Communities for the first time the Industry that dealt with a few first Problems we face this year so that's Quite a lot of Firsts if all Finance Users want to withdraw their funds at The same time well buyers go bankrupt uh Short answers no it would be completely Fine we have more than 100 reserves on Every single coin that we hold on behalf Of our users so feel free to restraw at Any time if you have any concerns I will Be good Thank you Renato yeah so there I would

Say this two or three three things That's very valuable and the number one Is always be ethical so never touch Ethical boundaries uh never move user Funds uh never go on that don't do Things that hurt your users always do The right thing even though we're Managing a very large number of user Assets we sleep very suddenly we know We're doing the right thing I think Number two is build a strong teams um I Think at bonus would have been very Lucky that we have a very strong team Number three I would say is to be in Touch with the people the community it Includes the users Um the Angels the kols The Regulators Even the traditional Financial players So I think those are the three things I've learned that helped minus become Very successful Mina is the next altcoin Making our list today of course Mina Differentiating themselves from all Other protocols the lightest blockchain At only 22 kilobytes versus 300 Gigabytes plus of other blockchains Another differentiator from Mina is it's ZK Tech technology on the base layer but Let's just keep things simple here's one Of the founders of mina protocol Evan Shapiro talking about why light Blockchains matter and why Mina is one To watch what's the advantage of a 22 Kilobyte blockchain because I know that

That is obviously one of the things that So many people point to when they get Excited about this project what do you Think the Practical advantage and Excitement around that is for all for You all I think it's a short term and a Long-term one the short-term one is that When you're as a user are using an Application like the one I just Mentioned you can get full access to Mina's blockchain and submit this proof And fully trust this way without having To in the process basically reveal all This to like an inferior or some other Middleman this really gives you that Full end to end from the user of privacy And trustlessness you would want for That kind of application in the longer Term though I I'm more excited about Just what this could mean for the Centralized future for cryptocurrency I Imagine this technology Could be used to help Mina always stay Extremely accessible to everyone and in Five years from now when these Blockchains are five times as big as They are now when they're much harder to Access Mina will still be really small And accessible permissionlessly and I Think that's something that's an asset Today when we think about how hard it is To sync to chains even now but it'll be Increasingly so as these genes get Larger and we need some way to to get

Decentralized access to these ecosystems Something else I like about Mina Protocol is its interoperability that's Also something I like about polygon and Leads us to our next pick today polygon Mina protocol is coming to polygon Mina And polygon are working towards building A bridge that will enable devs building Applications on polygon to leverage Privacy and verifiability Via Mina's ZK Snark based protocol let's review the Year of polygon they've made so much News over this past year with mainstream Adoption their Disney accelerator Partnering with Facebook partnering with Starbucks now 90 million plus successful Transactions magic Eden which is the Solana Marketplace uniswap so many Different smart contracts deployed Robinhood of course digital ownership to Gaming hundreds of thousands of content Creators onboarding the next class of Developers 200 million total unique Addresses such a good scaling solution For ethereum and for crypto so a lot Going on and this is the momentum They're bringing into 2023. Monero Private decentralized crypto that keeps Your finances confidential and secure Out of all the Privacy coins Monero has Some of the strongest Real World Adoption what's the significance for you That Monero is dominated or at least Trending to domination on the doc nets

For me there's there's really two main Things to grab from that I mean one is That people who understand the need for Privacy and who are generally not tech Savvy are adopting Monero the second big Piece that comes with that is that we do Get this like thorough testing of Monero Because of its use it's growing use the Darknet markets and it's growing Attention from governments law Enforcement Etc I think it continues to Prove that Monero works and works very Well today filecoin makes our list Filecoin seeks to enable open services For data so here are three of the main Off-chain capabilities and two critical On-chain protocol upgrades that anchored This Pursuit for filecoin falcoin Actually if you kind of use that lens to Understand falcoin it seeks to enable Open services for data and this this Diagram here is something that we found Ourselves you know particularly useful To Anchor the mental model so if you Look at the top part here you have three Main off-chain capabilities and you know These are the what we call as like open Services we have made a lot of progress On the storage markets which is Something that you know everyone is very Familiar with and then probably you know Most of you guys in the community are Also found familiar that we have been Making you know tremendous r d effort

And progress in retrieval markets Basically being able to enable hot Storage and also CDN quality Um kind of like retrieval that's really Important to unlock you know a lot more Use cases and and lastly of course the Large-scale compute over data as like a Very important capability and and third Pillar here and then if we look at this Lower section here Um there are two very critical on-ching Protocol upgrades that enable and really Uplift and enhance you know like the the Capabilities that I've mentioned above And the first one that you know you are Very familiar with and it's like Imminently on the horizon is the launch Of the Falcon Virtual Machine basically Introducing programmability to the Protocol and then there's another piece Around what we call interplanetary Consensus again there are several Working groups you know working on this Right now and a strong r d effort and This is this effort is around like how We can scale Um so that you know we can go on to you Know like being able to support uh the Skill that is required to build even web 2 applications in a wet three way any Chain link fans do you like chain link Would you describe it as the AWS of Blockchain I like chain link I like Sergey Nazareth the co-founder listen to

Sergey describe chain link exactly the Value proposition it brings to the table What chain link does in this very early Stage of our industry that I do Sincerely believe will secure hundreds Of trillions of dollars over over the Coming years Is provide infrastructure so we don't Make any end user applications and we Don't make any blockchains we don't make A blockchain we provide all of the Decentralized services So the centralized services are akin to Apis so in the web economy you have Applications and used by users that's What D5 is you have the core code of an Application that's the code written by Its developers and that's what a smart Contract or a set of smart contracts on A blockchain are and then you have Services twilio Um stripe Google Maps GPS location data A number of other examples those three Examples together with core code make Something like uber right so unless you Have twilio to send text messages to Drivers and writers unless you have Stripe to pay the drivers and unless you Have the Google Maps location API to get Access to the location of a rider even If you write all the best core code in The world you won't build Uber right you Need the location of the user you need To communicate with the user you need to

Pay the driver and that is really what Um we do on the web three decentralized Services level so all of the Web 2.0 Services AWS Services twilio stripe all Of these Services we uh either repackage Them or rein invent them for the Purposes of smart contracts being able To use them because smart contracts Cannot use them smart contracts cannot Access any external payment system they Cannot access any data they cannot Access anything like twilio they require Essentially a secure middleware with Consensus Now right now we have over 800 Oracle Networks we're going to be approaching Over a thousand Oracle networks and We're going to have thousands of Oracle Networks sometime soon I think and that Basically means that the Universe of Services that can be combined with core Code by developers will continue to Massively expand and when that expansion Happened in the Web 2.0 world you had a Massive Explosion of innovative new applications Such as Uber so our goal is not to build End applications our goal is not to Build the platforms on which the core Code runs there's a lot of those Platforms our goal is to create all of The decentralized services I'd like to Give polka dot honorable mentions here's Gavin wood a co-founder of ethereum

Talking about his project now polka dot In recent years I have co-founded Ethereum project founded the polka dot Protocol when we were doing ethereum There was a distinct desire to get Something out sooner rather than later So we knew what we were doing it wasn't The final solution and I definitely Worked with the idea that this is like a Tech demo more than anything else Question was was very simple how you can Upgrade ethereum and it was like well You know people will just run a new Version of ethereum of course most of my Portfolio is Bitcoin and ethereum Ultra Interesting but a lot more speculative Subscribe to the channel we put out one Video every day keeping you informed on The entire cryptocurrency Market Subscribe to stay ahead of everything


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