Top 10 Altcoins I Would Buy on a Bitcoin DIP! (BIG REVEAL!)

Top 10 altcoins I would buy on this Bitcoin dip Bitcoin has just taken a Massive dip this is leaving many in the Cryptocurrency markets asking this Question is now the time to buy or is Now the time to sell do lower lows await Or are higher highs programmed how about Some of the OG crypto natives help the Newer crypto traders in the comments Section below comment your answer to This and it'll be interesting to see What you say I say with 11 spot Bitcoin ETFs waiting approval in January Including Black Rock 90% chance this Will happen with Bitcoins having coming Up April 2024 by the way Bitcoin hits New all-time highs after every single Having historically with it being a near 100% chance the FED Cuts interest rates By Q2 2024 with a record 5.7 trillion Cash in Money Market funds some of which Will flow into Bitcoin of course with Bloomberg predicting a bitcoin price of $500,000 plus with altcoins gaining real Users real adoption real attention from Legacy Giants for the first time in Cryptocurrencies history like we've Never seen something like this before With Bitcoin having such strong bullish Momentum I mean Bitcoin is still up 150% Year-to date plus with the black rock Ethereum ETF hype about to hit the Mainstream how can you not be bullish You can make tons of money trading

Altcoins this is a fact so here's my List of top 10 altcoins I would buy on This Bitcoin dip I'm an early investor In this protocol but from the looks of The chart this protocol is still prepump So it's called bonsy seed and this is Basically TurnKey token creation create A blockchain create a token without Having to write a single line of code so Imagine what WordPress did for web 2 and Envision that this is what bonsai could Do for web 3 we're unlocking the next Way W of blockchain innovation all Without writing a single line of code Dow owned and Community Driven salana Just hit a new alltime high not in price But in terms of consecutive days live The fact is salana today is so different From salana in the beginning with salana P integrating with e-commerce giant Shopify they do 10% of global e-commerce With usdc stable coin now enabling Salana rails with a big upgrade called Fire dancer on The Horizon for the Salana protocol not to mention that I Think there is still upside total value Locked is not near back to alltime Highs But it is climbing the fact is salana is Shining bright as one of the best Alternative l1s to ethereum many people Comparing salana to ethereum saying Salana is Superior in some ways of Course there's tradeoffs now the Co-founder himself Compares it salana is

The Windows 2000 to ethereum's 95 I'm Bullish on salana either way but see if You agree with this reasoning salana is Really a multi- application operating System uh I think of the the difference Between salana and ethereum is much like The difference between you know like Windows 2000 and Windows 95 if people Remember what that what that was you Have like a I was I was like you know an Adult at that time and I barely remember Please enlighten us Windows 95 a Windows operating system that was In those early days could only run one Application at a time so you would run The the window that was facing you it Would run that app it couldn't really Run more than one so it was a single Thread OS built for CPUs like processors That only had one core and when Hardware Vendors realized that they cannot make a Single processor any faster they started Adding cores the problem was that Operating systems just couldn't deal With that they couldn't really actually Manage to run more than one application At a time so it took a big pile of work To rewrite all of this and like Microsoft spent you know like in ungodly Amounts of money tens of thousands Engineers boing over all the stuff to Windows 2000 which is a proper operating System that can run multiple Applications on different cores and

Stuff and that's a hard engineering Problem so salana is just that like that Transition so salon's had its Windows 2000 Moment well we we're the trying to build Windows 2000 while everyone else is Still stuck in Windows 95 this next Token Joe Rogan is bullish on now this Token this project is associated with a Company that has you know little to do With crypto it's like a UFC it's a type Of fighting competition it's called Karate combat and they're getting into Web 3 in a big way and this token Rewards both Fighters and fans alike and That's why Joe Rogan is even excited About this listen that's great that's Great so they listen to the fans they Get 10% of the fighters and if a lot of People are betting that could be really Good for the fighters as well to get a Little bit of extra D I really like the Idea of a token that's attached to an Organization that makes me excited about Crypto tokens because look at this okay All neww karate Combat app is now live So that's a great idea it's a great idea Also that it goes to the fighters as Well 10% if if the UFC implemented Something like that I think that would Be very successful I think it's a very Very good idea probably one of the most Unique ideas that I've heard in a long Time and an implementation of crypto

Token that I think is fantastic I've Given you my thesis on injective Protocol on this channel before as you Know I'm an investor in injective and The growth of the injective ecosystem is Nothing short of awe inspiring with each Update integration and Milestone it's Clear that injective is charting a path Towards a more inclusive and Decentralized financial future injective Makes our list now injective was built In the cosmos ecosystem and that Ecosystem in general it's one of the Dark horses as far as L1 ecosystems in The space and not a lot of people talk About their token atom and adom is the Most decentralized governance token in Crypto at least that's what this bull And analyst says either way Cosmos Adam Makes our list I do think that Adam does Have a Unique value proposition in the crypto Ecosystem as a whole and what that is is I would say it is probably the most Decentralized governance token in all of Crypto still very bullish on chain link Especially when you see what's coming I Mean the revenue they generate is Unquestionable the Partnerships they Have unquestionable for my complete Thesis check out this video from a month Ago on a dip I'm a buyer of chain link For sure real quick altcoin daily once Again has received a great honor we're

Nominated for a web 3 influencer award We've participated in this in past years And actually been winners in past years This is such a big deal for us but we Need your help my friends please I'm Going to leave a link below head on over And vote for your favorite influencers In general but specifically altcoin Daily for best current events coverage We've been with you every step of the Bare Market it literally takes 60 Seconds to cast a vote for altcoin daily I'll leave the link below please click Through and vote for altcoin daily and Vote for your favorite influencers and Let me know in the comments if you did Appreciate you guys I am Max a mutable X Gaining a lot of momentum both in Technology and development and what They're building plus it being Recognized by the likes of vanc vanek's New prediction saying immutable is going To be a top 25 project and has multiple AAA games building on them IMX is most Likely to become a top 25 coin by market Cap currently at 42 with the release of These games and other high budget games In 2024 and a well-designed token that Aligns interests better than most now Immutable X and all of these games on IMX is is off of actually polygon's ZK Evm so two different tokens IMX and also Polygon making our list they are Separate tokens FIFA is now releasing an

Nft collection on the polygon Network Offering the opportunity to win tickets For the FIFA World Cup finals so polygon King of Partnerships and integration Continuing to go hard this cycle I'm Bullish on another layer to called meus Vitalic Mom is actually attached to this Project but they're just about to launch A decentralized sequencer pool they have A big upgrade coming up now this is the Bull case for midus and the upgrade Logically so it's called the sequencer Pool this will launch alongside very Enticing ecosystem initiatives that will Make transaction counts blow up I mean There's a whole write up here but to cut To the chase the meus value proposition Is simple one gas token for meus Network The higher the demand for making Transactions or using the daps the Higher the demand for the native gas Token Revenue acral this is key the more Transactions take place the more revenue Is generated by stakers with the Upcoming initiatives implementations Developments and liquidity mining Campaigns Mish should be at the top of Your list for chains to bridge to and Tokens to do your own research on tldr Meus generates Revenue based on Transaction count all stakers will earn A portion of the fees so what's the best Way to think about ethereum vers is Ethereum l2s well one framing is to

Think of ethereum as an index fund with New l2s rotating in similar to how new Fortune 500 companies rotate into the S&P 500 Index ultimately driving value To the index I love how these token Terminal guys articulate this listen to This theum sort of plays the role as Almost like an index fond where you have New l2s coming in and building on top Just like you have new companies Rotating into the S&P 500 and they're Driving value to that you know if you if You invest in the S&P 500 deck I sort of See ethereum as that index fund and then There's obviously more risk because you Have to pick the correct L2 if you're Going to make those in Investments maybe Maybe you invest in a basket of them but That's kind of how I'm thinking about Sort of this this value of cruel to to Tex Tech hey let me know in the comments Which altcoins you're buying on the dip Or which altcoins you think should be Included on this list guys if you're new To the channel or just coming back into Crypto check out any of our videos from The last 6 months there's a lot of value In our videos from the last 6 months do Not ignore these just cuz they're a Month old or or two months old some of These videos just have so much value and Are still very much relevant or you know Talk about different crypto coins that Are still very much in the conversation

That if you know you have different ways You want to do things 10 coins under a Dollar whatever you want to do we have a Video for that so again watch our videos From the last six months there's a lot Of value in these see you tomorrow


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