Token Unlocks This Week!

We have five notable token unlocks for This week on the 11th of October Moonbeam tier glmr it's a pocket up Parach Ching project getting unlock for About $2 million us worth of tokens so That's 1.29% Supply 12s of October we Have optos a tier this one is the Biggest unlock for this week worth 23.7 Million us or so 1.9% of the entire Circulation and but up it's a new Generation L1 project but this is not The first time it's getting unlocked for Such a high amount the last time it Happened was last month September 12th Similar amount the price of the token Did not drop though given the big amount Of unlocks so it's very special to pay Attention to this on the 13th of October Sweat economy it's a fitness mobile app It's getting unlock for $2.29 Million Worth of tokens the 13th


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