TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook can’t stop copying each other | TechCrunch Minute

News broke this week that Tik Tok is Gearing up to take on Instagram which Kind of makes me wonder why all Social Services wind up looking exactly the Same so recently Tik Tok users have been Getting a pop-up notification about a New Tik Tok Notes app to share photos so Now we know the name of Tik tok's Instagram copy I mean competitor Although it is worth noting that the Company has been tinkering with images For some time what this all tells us is That tick talk is serious about going After Instagram's market share and it's Considering putting real effort into an Entirely new application to do that so Tik Tok has already made moves to expand Past its short form social video routes You may have seen them getting into Longer videos that can go as long as 30 Minutes and text based posts but this is More of that put another way we know That Tik Tok is not content to just be The leading player in short videos it Wants more of your time and is willing To try more formats and apps to snag Even more of your minutes but don't Think that we're just trying to single Out Tik Tok here as a copycat every app In the social media World takes Inspiration from one another my favorite Example of this was when the entire Internet went Hog Wild to try and Replicate snaps stories feature this led

To line trying the idea Brands getting Into the mix Spotify took a shot at it And of course Instagram did as well I Mean hell even LinkedIn got in on that Fun this feature copying happens just All the time Facebook is perhaps the Most famous for replicating popular Social trends to see if they will stick On its social service but we're also Seeing YouTube and Instagram trying to Break into short form vertical video at The same time that Tik Tok is trying to Get into longer videos and images so why Do all social apps converge into a Single blob that always seems to taste The same I think I know why and it's not That complicated social apps tend to Start start their life with a neat idea A unique format a style that helps them Build an audience an angle on the market If you will that people really resonate With at the time they are new and fresh And interesting then in time their Growth curve slows as that initial Starting point Finds Its natural Audience Peak so the service tries Something else what else out there is Doing well or might be considered a Simple change to its original winning Formula that might expand its reach in That case for example longer videos on Tik Tok or shorter videos on YouTube That sort of thing in the end social Media Services often have a Core theme

Or thrust but the never- ending need for Growth means that in time they all wind Up doing kind of the same stuff and you Want to do that expanding by the way When you still have a big engaged Audience that's why Tik Tok is making so Many moves now I think it's hot and it Wants to turn that market enthusiasm Into even more user penetration and Money so I suppose now we just count Down until LinkedIn copies Tik Tok which Is is copying Instagram which is in turn Copying you get the idea I'll see you Tomorrow


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