This Solana Cat Meme Coin Will DESTROY All Dog Meme Coins! MEW

Mew is a cat themed meme coin on salana Aiming to challenge the dominance of the Hundreds of thousands of dog themed meme Coins in the crypto space it's Disgusting how many dog themed meme Coins there are in crypto I'm sick of it We got Doge we got shib we got flaky Those are the big three now what makes This meme coin special besides the fact That we've partnered with them today to Make this video possible number number One it's a cat number two it's on salana And number three they've partnered with An IP giant also the memes are kind of Fresh they not like us not like us not Like us not like us not like us not like Us so to fall in love with Mew is to Fall in love with the character the Character of Mew itself the side Characters the story the world here's a Better shot of them right here this is Mew this is mw's little rat friend and As you can see it's looking out into a Sea of meme Corin A lot of dogs a lot of frogs and Mew is Trying to make a name for itself a cat In a dog's World Mew for too long dogs Have ruled the world and now through the Help of salana rails Mew is really Jumping in the crypto space and making a Name for itself and the story itself is Going to be bigger than crypto we'll get To this in just a second and again the Story the IP the art the character

That's what's interesting to me it's a Dawn of a new era total Supply 88 Billion 888 million 888,246 Million liquidity almost 400 million Market cap 24-hour volume of 7 million 100% of the circulating Supply is out There and then down here the Dex score This is really what I look for it to Give me a greater sense of what's Underneath the cute meme so this is by No means 100% of the due diligence one Would need to do to take a look at What's going on underneath the hood but It does give us a better sense of what's Going on underneath the hood so a DEX Score of 99 out of 99 that's good that's Basically a project reliability score we Can see information 99 transactions 99 Holders 99 you know based on a score of 99 out of 99 audits 99 and then the pool 99 the liquidity pool contract is Verified not flagged as a Honeypot so Let's get to it let me share with you Really the secret sauce why I'm looking Forward to seeing what this project does In the future and it's all about their Partnership with Locust Studios so I'm Going to read this to you I think it's Worth sharing and this really gives you A sense of where they're going Mew Partners with Locust Animation Studios To create new 3D animated series we are Delighted to announce our partnership

With Locust Studios to bring Muse world To life and share it with the rest of The world Muse story is one that anyone Can relate to a cat named Mew who is Alone in an unfamiliar world ruled by Dogs Locus has produced globally Renowned IP like red shoes and jumi Cells both both popular in Korea look These up their cinematic releases in Total have reached 128 countries worldwide working with Mew Is an extension of locus's expertise in Creating beloved icons with cultural Relevance our new partnership brings mu IP to the masses by combining Best-in-class animation with a Grassroots salana powered mcoin Community immersive art and epic Storytelling can Bridge the worlds of Crypto and popular culture this is the First of many steps Mew will take Towards becoming a worldwide Entertainment and retail brand Our Story Begins with a cat named Mew who lives Among rats in a world that is ruled by Dogs and their evil Corporation shc to Save this world me must defeat the dog Named shaton and his henchmen to finally Overthrow shck with your help a play you Just about 30 seconds of this trailer I'll get claimed if I play too much of It because the music underneath but this Is kind of a little cool you can see how Mew is joining the IP that is Locust

Studios So I was impressed by how many Centralized exchanges and decentralized Exchanges cat in a dog's World Mew has Been listed on of course maybe the Easiest one is Jupiter which is just Listed on their site Dex for salana or Maybe the okx Dex and of course the Wallet is the Phantom wallet that's my Favorite in the salana ecosystem or Actually bit them this is big in the Korea Market this is recent news bit Thumb usually doesn't list meme coins They just listed me very nice so you Have to ask yourself does this meme have Legs again it's nice that it's a cat It's nice that it's on salana I'm Looking forward to this 3D animated Series I like mew I'm going to keep Mew On my radar I'm going to leave links to Everything Mew related down below so you Can check this project out for yourself Like I said at the very least at the Very least and obviously there's more Than this this project I think has Pretty decent memes see you tomorrow Everybody they not like us not like us They not like us they not like us they Not like us they not like us


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