This New Crypto Coin Is About To Save Earth (100x Potential)

Would you rather earn cryptocurrency for Free just by doing your daily online Shopping or would you rather save the Planet why not both earn carbon credits And offset your carbon footprint while Shopping for all things you love today I Want to share with you impt the planet's Loyalty program and how you whether You're shopping for Nike whether you're Shopping on whether you're Shopping on Amazon eBay Alibaba or the Thousands of other online Brands you can Shop and Save the Planet with impt you Can score amazing deals and earn rewards For carbon credits so how does this work And by the way we have partnered today With impt so I can bring you the most Accurate information possible our goal Is to give everyone the opportunity to Help support hundreds of environmental Projects around the world in a simple Way that doesn't require you to change Your daily life you're shopping online Anyway might as well start earning Tokenized carbon credits by shopping Online through our platform you can earn Impt tokens from thousands of the World's leading Brands and in 60 seconds Or less what are carbon credits and why Do they need to be put on the blockchain Carbon credits are a way of offsetting The negative effects of greenhouse gas Emissions they represent and reducing or Removing carbon dioxide and other

Greenhouse gases from the atmosphere These credits can be bought and sold on Global markets allowing companies and Individuals to offset their emissions And help mitigate the impact of climate Change now imagine a world where carbon Credits are tracked on the blockchain a Decentralized transparent and immutable Ledger that records every transaction With the use of blockchain carbon Credits can be accurately tracked and Verified preventing fraud and double Counting this can ensure that every Credit is legitimate and has a tangible Impact on the environment so obviously Carbon credits are not new but the Current system as is needs so much more Transparency listen to the CEO of impt At the recent eth CC ethereum major Conference explain the need for Transparency so what are the challenges At the moment in the carbon credit Markets it's very centralized is very Fragmented and as a result of that it Causes a lot of uncertainty about is it Real at the moment it's exceptionally Hired to access for individuals and There's a lot of apathy as to whether It's real or not and there's been too Many cases of double accounting too many Cases of scams too many cases of carbon Credit has been sold up to 10 times over Um so basically there's no credibility There's no transparency so that's a

Challenge when you're trying to get the Day-to-day individual involves in Actually wanting to make a difference Climate change so there's so much fraud Or at least lack of credibility in the Traditional carbon credit system adding Verifiable transparency could really Help Vera has come up a number of times As one of the largest credit certifiers But their CEO recently had to resign Because they were exposed in an Investigation where ninety percent of Their rainforest carbon offices were Worthless a number of large International Brands when you go online Shopping and you're checking out and you Were told that's you know you have Helped contribute to x amount of offsets Was full was found not to be true so Again The damage that something like that can Do it gives a lot of uh Ammunition to the nearsayers about Carbon emissions and carbon credits Because there are plenty out there that Don't believe this is an issue by the Way and by the way whether you believe In this solution or not the trend is Showing that this space is only getting Bigger it is estimated that the demand For carbon credits could increase by a Factor of 15 or more by 2030 and by a Factor of up to a hundred by Twenty Fifty and that would be an over 100 x

Demand for carbon credits good clean Legit carbon credits compared to where We were in 2020 and that brings us to Today how does impt come in I think There's something that we can do about It and this is what what imppt's utility Has been about to try and make a change And make it simple because you have to Make it simple otherwise people won't Change our project is over four years Old but we only launched last October Three weeks before FTX crashed for Picking the time I did there right Um but we initially started out as a web 2 project and the whole principle behind What we're doing is that as part of your Day-to-day shopping if you can earn free Carbon credits and it's not asking you To do an awful lot but the planet is Benefiting your benefiting each and Every one of us are benefiting February Of this year we launched our platform we Gave you the ability as a consumer just To buy carving credits and a month later We our platform shopping platform was Was released and then in April of this Year we launched our two apps IOS and Android what we've done is we've linked Um to thousands and thousands of Affiliate Brands who in turn have Millions of Brands so for instance if You look at the like of Amazon I think They have eight million Brands alone AliExpress I think of a Circa 100

Million well as part of your online Shopping if you lose our platform you're Still going on to Amazon you're still Getting whatever pair of Nike runners or Whatever you wanted but in return you're Getting back some impte points which are Converted to imppt tokens and those Tokens can solely be used To get your free carbon credits and Those three carbon credits then you have An option do you want to retire them Which is what we're recommending people Do do you want to hold them and see will They increase in value in the future or Do you want to sell them on the open Market and understanding that whether It's your Nike runners or BMW have done A deal with us so if you pay 150 000 for A BMW You get back X percent in carbon credit Tokens so there is a link down below if You want to check it out if you have an Android or an apple download the app Again link down below another big aspect Of this is their loyalty and staking Aspects become an impt loyalty member Either platinum gold or silver and just Looking at the Gold membership for Example that's where you would stake at Least 150 000 impt tokens for up to 12 Months this is limited to only 2 000 People and then of course you would get A free Carbon credit every four months On top of the apy and then obviously

Platinum gives you more while silver is More affordable and by the way this Global rollout also has a very unique Structure the structure is split into Country Partners leadership partners and Area Partners so this is global thus Country Partners buy the rights to Represent the planet's loyalty program In that country allowing them to build Out the Loyalty program there and Recently a couple of weeks ago we Launched our SAS product and our SAS Product basically allows people to buy Their rights to a country for impt so You can go in you can pick any country You can pick any region And if it's green it's available so That'll show you that Ireland Portugal And when you have just been bought we Literally launched it last week and the Idea is then if you want to go into a Particular country so say we're in France let's pick France you can go in And you can look at all the areas and You can decide to buy the rights to impc In that area So what that means you can go to your Local shop that doesn't actually even Have a loyalty program a coffee shop And using our app will give you the Ability to actually give back a small Discount of the purchase price to the Consumer and that then is converted into Free carbon credits for you as part of

Your day-to-day purchasing if you want To learn more about these different Partner options I will link this down Below check it out but all in all with Impt anyone can buy carbon credits not Just large organizations buying carbon Credits is one of the most effective Ways to fight climate change and with Demand set to 100x just for carbon Credits in general by 2050 might as well Earn a little by just doing the shopping Online that you're going to do anyway This is just doing your day-to-day Shopping So why wouldn't you want to get free Carbon credits


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