This NEW AI Crypto can MAKE YOU MONEY! (Get Ready)

You understand that the world is only Trending more digital you understand That the future is tokenization of Assets Larry Frink CEO of Black Rock Recognizes this and you should too I Believe the Next Generation for markets The Next Generation for Securities will Be will be tokenization of Securities so Tokenization cryptocurrency is going to Disrupt and revolutionize a lot of Different Industries money gaming Gambling file storage and I'd like to Add one more to the list tokenizing Workforce Talent Avatar does this Avatar Partnered with us today to make this Video possible so what is Avatar what is This they tokenize Talent they digitized Recruitment listen there's one thing Guaranteed in this world you will always Need a job you always want a better job And people are always going to be Looking for good jobs and good jobs are Always going to be looking for quality People understand there is an immense Need in the world for companies to find Quality employees and for potential Employees to find the best job they can So what if we could tokenize this Process what if we could tokenize this Process and even allow others to bet on Our success kind of like what friend Tech did for influencers Avatar is doing For the workforce and it's it's bigger Than just that but like this video If if

You recognize that something like this Is the future and let's talk about what The product actually is so it's called Avatar you as an employee or even an Employer would create an avatar it's a Digital representation of your measured Performance in a tokenized form that Allows for rewards to be generated for You and your community I.E the people Who hold your nfts alike so you create An avatar you create a fractional ized Nft nft values as I'm sure you know if You're in crypto are dynamic in nature And for this platform are driven by the Performance of your avatar the better Your performance the better the rewards For you and for the people who hold your Fractionalized nft this will radically Change the way that money flows in an Employment space with the workplace Community being the most generously Rewarded not traditional third parties Like agencies job boards and advertisers Or Head Hunters Avatar cuts out the Middleman so more money and value can Actually flow to the people who are Doing the work and so you fully Understand this to give you a big Picture outlook on exactly the value Prop watch this 60-second whiteboard Explanation this is a great explainer Video The Avatar Solution the employment Market is Massive worth approximately $100

Trillion with a 3.3 billion strong Workforce and service by a recruitment Industry worth about $700 billion in Growing in the traditional system the Middlemen are made up of recruitment Agencies head hunters and various job Boards and Advertisers this creates a lot of Dislocation operational friction and Inefficiency the best result in the System is the eventuality of a candidate And employer being paired in a One-dimensional loop of trading time for Money Avatar is a revolutionary web 3.0 P2P AI recruitment system that not only Presents a better recruitment system but Has designed a way of unlocking the true Value of workplace Talent users of the System are incentivized and rewards Redirected to them instead of Traditional middlemen from the Legacy System the solution is simple we have Created a business model that enables Ownership of talent by utilizing the Phenomenon of non-fungible tokens or Nfts we now have an environment where Talent is tokenized tokenization is the Lifeblood of the system so you Understand the problem you understand What Avatar is big picture but how does It all work you know what would you do To participate as an employee or as an Employer how does value get measured and How do rewards work in all of this

Listen every Workforce participant Candidates and employers alike creates An avatar which is a digital Representation of their performance in a Tokenized form an avatar is made up of Fractionalized nfts which allows partial Ownership in any given Avatar to be Enjoyed by multiple community members Similar to owning shares in a company And receiving a dividend the community Can now own shares in any individual's Performance profile or Avatar and share In performance-based Rewards once ownership of these nfts is Established and work commences we can Now facilitate reward generation and Distribution to nft Holders which is Based on the relative strength of each Avatar an Avatar's nft values are Dynamically linked to Performance and Determines the level of rewards that Will be shared by its owners along with Its creator the strength of performance Is determined by a range of metrics such As reference checks job completion which Is governed by smart contracts revenue Generated Quantum of work completed and So on put simply the better the Performance the greater the reward and Then also because I mentioned this is Like a friend Tech you as a Speculator Have the opportunity to get exposure to The people in the workforce through Their fractionalized nfts so we need to

Explain this how how does this work how Do I get rewarded listen up the Objective is to create multiple reward Streams by gaining exposure to as much Workforce Talent as possible via nft Ownership how do we do this it's simple One nfts by referral refer a candidate Or employer onto the system and generate A 5% share of their nfts this is free Two nft purchases identify who you Believe has potential to perform and Purchase a share of their Nfts three nft airdrops become an avatar Member and enjoy airdrops of nfts as new Avatars are registered on the system Avatar provides you access to a world of Workplace talent and the ability to Share in its unlocked value participants Can thrive in an ecosystem that promotes Shared success allows direct interaction Between candidate and employer and Offers a vehicle where true Prosperity Can be enjoyed by Anyone Avatar is where technology and Humanity intersect to create true Prosperity built on the philosophy of Paying it forward work create experience And own Avatar is shared success simple And seamless Avatar tokenizing Talent so something like this I think What's going to make or break the Project is the team now it's good Because the Avatar team brings Decades Of experience in recruitment software

Development marketing Finance they're Very public check them out I like them Listen to their story on their website And just so you have some more Information on exactly what they have Going on right now there are two types Of nfts when it comes to the Avatar Platform the fractionalized nfts we've Talked about this goes live when the DAP Goes live q1 2025 right now they have Their Avatar membership nft this is a Singular nft that is owned by you with The express purpose of obtaining Benefits and Utilities in Avatar as a Project member with VIP status and this First series this first collection is Based around sharks so this video not an Offer to buy or sell Securities just Information and education always follow Laws in your respective jurisdiction Also this is not Financial advice I'm Not a financial adviser but check these Guys out check out the site learn how You can get involved if you're Interested they're offering tons of cool Prizes at the moment to incentivize even Offering you a chance to win a Tesla car Which is pretty cool so check out the Website learn more about Avatar Something like this is going to succeed Something like this will be the future I'm going to keep these guys on my radar And you know what you tell me see you in The comments


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