This MrBeast-Backed Crypto will CRUSH the 2024 Bull Run (Be Ready)

This is crazy guys we are going to hit 100 million subscribers today today I Want to put the xcad network on your Radar this is a crypto project I'm Excited about for 2024 because xcad Network is pioneering the watched earn Revolution for 2.1 billion active YouTube users I mean they're backed by The best YouTubers Mr Beast and KSI have Invested the platform has already Onboarded hundreds of creators with a Cumulative total of over 750 million Subscribers and with a few big Announcements happening in 2024 let's go Over what xcat is and why we're still Seeing so much growth in the ecosystem And by the way xcat is a channel partner They will be launching their own Sofi App in 2024 I think you're going to want To hear but generally speaking what is Xcad and how are they different well the Vision is to bring creators and fans Closer together so think of them like a Fan token platform as well as an nft Platform and when we say fan token much Like how Chili's connected sports teams And athletes with their fans right we Saw so many fan tokens from specific Athletes and football teams in general Which led to a stronger connection with Their fan base xcad is doing the same For YouTube we've seen play to earn and Move to earn achieve mainstream adoption Well there are 2.1 billion people that

Actively use YouTube and xad's mission Is to bridge the gap between those fans And those creators because here's the Problem there's a huge gap between fans And creators especially the big ones There's no rewards for loyalty no way to Get closer or to really get your voice Heard by the Creator so here's how they Bridge the gap for fans benefits for Fans you can watch your favorite Creator And earn Creator tokens directly on YouTube I've done a few videos on Exactly how this works showing that if You're watching Youtube anyway if you're Watching altcoin daily or Mr Beast Etc Why not earn crypto in the process Another benefit for fans you can use Creator tokens to vote and have your say In your favorite creators decisions Maybe you decide what type of content You want to see specific designs for Merch Etc and of course use Creator Tokens to access exclusive perks from Your favorite Creator maybe that's a Follow back on Instagram maybe it's the Meet and greet with literally hundreds Of different creators on the platform The sky the limit and by the way another Way to sort of think about this is just How you would fly on an airline and get Rewarded in Air Miles their own loyalty Reward system xcad is very similar and Of course the more you hold the more you Earn but Austin how does the xcad token

Come in I mean if all these different Creators are launching their own Creator Token how does the native token get used Well well the only way you can get Access to the perks is with the Creator's native token and in order to Get the Creator's token you do need to Buy it with xcad creating constant xcad Utility but now understanding that the Fans do benefit what's the benefit for Creators well we get an additional layer Of monetization via fan token unlocks While adding to The Fan Experience and Building more loyalty this one actually This one's the big one for me creators Get a competitive Advantage due to Increased watch time and engagement Amongst fans and viewers leading to Stronger video performance right a huge Benefit is in order to earn the token And this is actually something I Discussed in these two videos linked Down below viewers need to watch at Least 80% of each video to actually earn And if YouTube sees viewers of a certain Channel watching the majority of the Video YouTube likes that and then also The third benefit for creators although We mentioned this slightly you build Loyalty amongst fans through offering Them exclusive perks and the ability to Vote on key decisions getting stronger Viewer feedback and allowing fans to Feel truly involved again this was a

Huge success we saw in the sports world Xcad is bringing this to YouTube and Actually one other thing I want to Mention that has to do with Chili's is That jump trading one of the largest Funds in the space who also backed Chili's by the way and they did very Well they're also backing xcad also Zil's a backer and KSI who like I said Is an investor has not only tweeted About them from his main account but has Also made videos on xcad and most people Don't realize how much building there Actually was in these last 2 years bare Market the xcad ecosystem is composed of Multiple daps which strengthen and add Value to the Creator token ecosystem They have the influencer market cap Where you can track and analyze Different Creator tokens there's also The deck this is where you can swap Buy Sell creater tokens also the governance Portal adding to the Decentralization power to the community Through a decentralized process we Enable users to propose and vote on Important changes creating a fair and Transparent ecosystem for all this is How you would influence decisions of Your favorite Creator the nft Marketplace coming soon the watch to Earn plug-in most of you have downloaded This it's actually right here you know Plugin we' I've showed you this before

There's a walkthrough video down below If you want to see how that's done also The Launchpad raises funds for the Initial liquidity of a Creator so this Is known as a clo Creator liquidity Offerings and you do need xcad to Participate and this is where past and Future creators will launch their tokens If they choose I believe the average clo Is likely to be around 50,000 xcad so Just looking at the content creators They already have on board in the pink The red that's past Clos the blue is Upcoming Clos that would be a lot of Xcad that's about to get locked up if They all complete it and actually just From 150 creators that would be 7.5 Million xcad locked up which is almost 20% of the circulating Supply again just Showing the utility which leads to the Scarcity of the asset so number one you Stake that xcad to gain access to the Initial Clos number two also xcat is Paired with the Creator tokens in the Clos locking in that token pair Liquidity it's also used for governance For staking and just Powers the Ecosystem in general and also obviously A big upcoming event is their V2 Ecosystem by the way their road map is Very public there's a lot in the lineup But I'm most excited about their social App competitor defc this is how xcad Social app compares to friendtech and

The potential impact on the xcad token So friend. te got this many users xcad Doo hasn't launched yet friend Tech was Mostly just for Twitter SLX users xcad For YouTube and Instagram and X so going After more platforms the native token Wasth native token xcad fee breakdown as It Compares and of course this is an Ongoing story so more details on the B2 Ecosystem and how xcad social fits into Creator tokens will be released in the Leadup to the launch and I thought this Was a really informative video Sofi is More than just an app xcad Doo coming Soon [Applause] [Music] Other cool stuff to look forward to next Year in their road map they're launching An L2 blockchain next year meaning each Creator will potentially be their own Dap of course xcad will be the gas that Gets burnt creating more utility and Potential deflation if I missed anything In this overview that you're excited About comment down below xcat has Survived the bare Market actually Becoming the most successful launch off Of down maker showing that they've Clearly been building in the bare market And with credible backing the Sofi Trend In general being so huge users already On their platform with large audiences And many more coming next year xcad for

Me is definitely an ecosystem to watch Like always see you tomorrow


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