This Meme Coin Will DESTROY the #1 Frog Meme! APU

I was blown away when I learned this This is not Peppe this is Peppe this is A poo py a poo py a poo py a poo you see The difference it's so obvious when you Look at it look peepe is a strong meme Obviously we all like Pepe I feel like I See a poo a lot more though people share AO memes a lot more Pepe is one of the Strongest meme coins I mean done huge Numbers what happens when people realize That aoo is the Frog meme we've Partnered with aoo to make this video Possible so what is this Apu apustaja I'm not sure if I'm pronouncing the last Name correctly Apu is one of the most Used memes on the internet I'd say aoo Is a playful and innocent frog with no Political baggage and no IP copyright Problems pppe holders often knowingly or Unknowingly use aoo because it Bears More mematic power than Pepe itself Andrew Kang the owner of the original Pepe nft acknowledges that they are not The same frog AO aims to be the biggest Meme coin in history and has a massively Engaging Community it is a community Takeover and all marketing efforts are Funded by the community let's really Dive into ao's Origins and why it's Different aoo is a Charming green frog That originated in 2016 from Finland and Quickly became an internet sensation Unlike Pepe APO is recognized for its Youthful innocent Persona devoid of any

Political connotations making apoo a Widely beloved figure across social Media platforms forums across the Internet at large so APO blew up the Internet as APO just continued to Explode into digital spaces globally the Natural progression for this iconic meme Is to now step into the decentralized Finance realm inviting enthusiasts to Join in turning the number one meme into The number one meme coin so APO lives on Ethereum eth contract base contract Unis Swap is probably my go-to decks but also bitg Max C Bing X lbank coinex All the big ones taking a look at their Tokenomics 420.69 Billion total Supply 82.7 n billion Supply burnt so about 20% Of the supply has been burnt zero buy Tax zero sell tax 100% of the supply Provided to the liquidity pool and the Liquidity pool locked forever sleep Tight you're in good hands with 100% of The initial Supply provided as liquidity And every LP token burnt verified here It's safe to say that long-term growth And sustainability are Central to the Vision of appu here you won't wake up to Marketing coins being dumped on you nor Will you find all liquidity has been Rugged overnight you've already done the Hardest part which was finding a poo now Buckle up and enjoy the ride taking a Look at Dex tools to confirm this

Information 12.8 th000 holders this is good and the Automatic audits it gets a great score And the 99 out of 99 Dex score these Automatic audits are not end all Bealls But certainly a great initial Glimpse Road map this was interesting some Things completed some things still Loading so phase one their launch decks Listing 1,000 plus holders and Community Takeover this is completed centralized Exchange listing check 10,000 holders Check you can see what's on the horizon Something I'm waiting for is the tier One exchange listing the official merch 50,000 holders and then phase four Includes world domination also something Really special that APO does and again This is 100% Community funded Billboards All over the world look at this time Square this is a front angle hello me Friends we decided to stick around Longer in NYC expanding our campaign in Time Square we are garnering massive Amounts of Impressions from this Initiative truly legitimizing and Spreading awareness for aoo check out Our new Time Square ad on the Information Beast billboard above McDonald's take a Look at this this is straightforward Really cool you're probably going to see EP who pop up in a city near you I say This because they are just cornering the

Market getting billboard coverage like If you just look through the media Section of their Twitter you see so many Different Billboards in so many Different cities so many different Angles not to mention all these cool Memes like for instance this one more Angles from our aoo placement on 54th And way right here right here it's a Video right here and right here and then I move from 54th in Broadway to 52nd in Broadway and what do you know something Is brewing at Boom boom Boom boom you tell me in the comments if You've seen one of these in real life I Bet a lot of people have or actually in Real life or online because their Community is big and they've been taking A lot of pictures if you search for them Also congratulations they recently Acquired a big Acquisition of this domain name keep These guys on your radar they have a lot Of news that comes out frequently but I Happen to know there is some big news on The horizon so I guess my final thought Is Pepe is the 21st largest cryptocoin In existence it's certainly one of the Most popular meme coins itself but a lot Of people who like pep PE I feel like a Lot of them really like a poo not that People don't like pppe obviously Pepe is Huge but I don't know I see people

Sharing a poo a lot and they probably Think it's Peppe so the way I'm thinking About it is you know as more people Start to realize who aoo is why couldn't A poo challenge Pepe like this makes Sense to me Pepe is the 21st largest Coin on the planet why is it so popular Cuz people love this meme but I don't Know don't you think I see people Sharing this Meme and they think it's Pepe a lot of people like the cute of This meme so a poo can challenge and is In the process of challenging py as a Meme coin people really like this frog This frog is not political I tend to Think that a pooh will eat into peppe's Market share but you tell me so what are You waiting for I'm going to leave links To all of this in the description below Get a poo on your radar and you tell me What do you prefer aoo or peepe I like Aoo


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