This Man Predicted EVERYTHING!! What Comes NEXT!? (3 NEW Crypto Coins)

Like it's hard to find good altcoins the Fact is most people that are in this Market will end up losing the money when It's all said and done and so to find The winners it's very very hard to do What low cap altcoin gems are primed Ready to blow look Bitcoin just broke All-time highs this historically is the Best time to be in crypto you can easily Turn $1,000 into $10,000 tomorrow and Then who knows at $110,000 easily turn Into you know $50,000 $100,000 $300,000 Entrepreneur and investor Kyle chass is Back with three new low cap picks he Seems like he has high conviction it is Happening 100% there is zero doubt in my Mind I will bet anything to anybody on This planet by entire net worth I Guarantee you Aaron look there are not a Lot of crypto experts who have br Rado Like this I just understand it right I I Look at something and I can understand Yeah this this could be big hey this is Not Financial advice anything can happen In crypto but this is Kyle's follow-up Interview the last five picks that he Gave us he was right exactly what he Predicted last time happened we're on The verge of of of something Revolutionary we're on the verge of Institutions being able to finally Invest in Bitcoin which is going to pump Our entire market like crazy we're about To see a bull market that and I have

Never seen before no one's ever seen Before it's going to be unlike 2017 Unlike 2021 it'll be massive you guys Watching are going to get carried away And everyone's going to be drunk on Being rich smash the like button send This video to somebody who wants to know More about crypto without further Ado Let me intro this this man predicted Everything expert cryptocurrency Investor Kyle chass been in crypto a Long time has cryptocurrency businesses About 3 months ago came on this Channel And gave five great altcoin picks and The market exploded after that including Those coins you named there was salana There was chain link there was robit There was a couple others ladies and Gentlemen smash up that like button I've Been listening I've been reading your Comments and he is back Kyle chass with Three more picks today how you doing Today doing very very very good I'm not Sure when your view viewers will see This but uh we we recorded this on the Day that Bitcoin broke all-time highs And it's not a corre a correction but That makes me feel very good way ahead Of the the having um I think that we Should all give ourselves a pat of pat On the back like we're Uh definitely it's nice so before we Jump into your three picks what are your Current thoughts on bitcoin and I guess

Just the General market right now I put Out a video last night I kind of went on Off on this rant right and it was Talking about news of adoption Edward Sowden said that one country he believes Is going to announce this year they've Been and then like all these big buyers And then Black Rock and now you know Merl Lynch and kind of had this epiphany Of what I have been speculating all Along but but it's happening right now So you know I got in Bitcoin in 2012 and I saw it in 2013 as potentially a world Reserve Currency and I thought maybe this one Day has a shot up doing that and that's Like a crazy Vision back then right like It's so 99.9% it doesn't happen and then Every year after that I became a little Bit more optimistic about it and now the Epiphany I had today was that it is Happening 100% there's zero doubt in my Mind I will bet anything to anybody on This planet my entire net worth I Guarantee you Aaron that Bitcoin will Become the most unified Global World Reserve currency I it's hands down Because you start to see all these Countries adopting and then we just see The bricks countries announcing that Their new currency will be with Cryptocurrency well do you think they're Going to try to start new ones or use The most battle trusted most hard one

That everyone else always already trusts Right but regardless of them you see all The time signs of really a crazy Activity like there's Mr 100 who's Buying since 2022 has been buying 100 Bitcoins on average every single day Since then and Michael sailor and black Rock and Merl Lynch and trillions of Dollars and now you've got other Countries and so what I realize today is That every single country on this planet Will hold Bitcoin and its reserves every Single business will and every single Institution will and everyone will have Bitcoin eventually the question is When when the individual actually takes The time to understand it because it's a Far superior form of Reserve or money That than anything else that we have Today you know for all the reasons that You talk about all the time and when They actually take the time and truly Understand it they will then become Orange pilled and say okay this is a Good thing and they will they will get On board because if they don't get on Board they will get left behind and so Anyway that that Was it was like it was like this oh my Go like it's actually happening man like Wow yeah I like what you're saying Kyle I'm going to send this video to actually Some of my friends because I think they Need to hear it and I want to get into

Your altcoin picks because that's why People clicked on the video today but Just in a sentence Bitcoin clears at Least this price this cycle what do you Think $500,000 at least this cycle yes Of course so I I you know and this is Kind of I'm glad you asked me that Because [Music] Um because because people keep wondering Like treating Bitcoin like It's it's some sort of sort of regular Other asset class right that's like Optional but no we're we're Seeing gold has been The the Reserve Currency or the reserve for thousands of Years and we are seeing In Our Lifetime Right now and you and I are talking About it every Day gold being displaced by a more a Super Superior version of it this is Unbelievable and it's all the numbers Are all the data is out there to suggest That we're right gold gold uh you know Is Flowing out and Bitcoin flowing up And we all we know it's better So and my God the the the the ETF flows Have been Unbelievable and this is going to be the First Domino so I I'm I'm actually Afraid to tell you what I what I really Think is going to happen I think it's so Far out from what most other people Believe like some people say like

120,000 are you kidding me Like do do do you only look at charts or Are you are you understanding what's Going on I I don't understand so um I've Always been an internal Optimist right And and maybe a little bit ahead in my Timeline but I I do feel like now is the Time well I'm certainly bullish and I Appreciate you keeping it 100 with us You know most people are kind of afraid To say they're you know bullish price Predictions because they got burnt last Cycle and the cycle before uh but Kyle Let's get to it dude let's talk about Three altcoins that you really like new Picks last time you called five picks Chain link salana rbit and two lower Caps this time you got three picks What's your first One yeah so uh all right so we're gonna Do uh Ando so Ando is something that Kind of is very institu Real world asset focused right these Guys uh essentially figured out a way to Tokenize black rocks ETFs they haven't Done the Bitcoin ETF yet but they've Done a bunch of the other ETFs and they Recently came out with news a few days Ago saying that they're building the Platform that will tokenize every Single uh like every single asset or Every single product like every single Bond every single ETF every single Product tokenize it and put it on the

Exchange that they're building and bring Liquidity to it so we can have a much More liquid and you know liquid market Now because it's not on a lot of People's radar I think it's a a really Good entry right now And we've all known that real wallet Assets what Larry Fink says you know the Future is tokenizing everything that can Be Tokenized I've been waiting for this to Happen since like 2017 like when is this Actually going to happen and it seems Like now is a time so the person who you Know is the kind of the first mover and Has the biggest market share in that Space is going to be massive and so Ando Oo exactly lar I was just going to say Larry thinkink and black rock even Before they launched the Bitcoin ETF Says hey we're starting to understand Crypto the tokenization of real world Assets where we know every single buyer Every single seller trades 247 that's The future and you're saying Ando is in Your opinion one of the better projects Right now for tokenization of real world Assets yeah I think it's the the main One in my opinion you know they they've Got all the connections on Wall Street And they've um they've made really good Progress so yeah guys amazing amazing Amazing group of you know investors as Well coinbase and you know everyone else

That you would want to see when you do Do research on a project that's what I Want to know guys let me know what you Think about this in the comments below And what real world asset projects you Like what coins Kyle pick number two Number two is Zeta chain uh Z And I am I am very very excited about Zeta chain like very undervalued for What it is you know there just wasn't This kind of like normal hype that you Would hear from you know a manta Network Or blast or Something but Zeta is significant and Has its amazing quality team have been Building for a long time but it's Solving a real problem we as you know Are we build different daps on top of Blockchains And everybody that does that has to Think which chain do I want to build on It's a horrible thing to think about and Like it's so inconvenient so Zeta chain Has been building infrastructure where You can just deploy your dap on Zeta Chain and it's on all the every evm Layer and it just works across Everything so you no longer do you have To think about which chain I deploy on It just works and so now we have a a Huge ecosystem that's growing I'm Excited about it because there's not It's not being shilled by every

Influencer in the world um but it's it's Until Now now your massive channel so now your Audience gets to see this but um yes This is to me this is a no-brainer Interesting Zeta chain it's called yes Okay let's jump to number three Kyle What do you Got number three is is going to be whiff Now I I'm guessing yes what's that stand For like something with a hat you know And that's the beauty of it anything With a hat and that's that's why I I Loved it so much you know the the mtic Factor the value of it you know and That's that's kind of what I want to get To it's a meme but you know people now Are trying to now the memes we have meme Season people are trying to see send me Memes all the time it's me for people Are asking me for like the low cap D gen Plays at this point yeah and like people Are sending me things that are meme Coins that's just like a picture of a of A not funny thing on the screen and They're saying buy this I'm like but This isn't even funny like uh like and People can't the community can't go make More memes out of this thing right it's Not it doesn't have that verality factor And so when I I made really good money Uh so far on on Pepe then B And then with and so everyone on my Research team says I'm like the the the

Mcoin trading mcoin like King I just understand it right I I look At something and I can understand yeah This this could be big And last Bull Run was essentially the Trial period to see if memes if the World decided that memes would have Value and they they did right we saw Sheba go up to 40 billion Doge 89 Billion and we know that this this Cycle and if that was a test net for Memes this is going to be the main net For memes Because the fact is is that there's Going to be millions or tens of millions Of people that come into crypto from Today for the whole bull run and they Don't care what you know ZK ml is or Like zero knowledge proofs or what Paralyzed EVMS are or modular blockchain They don't care right they just want to See a funny dog that that they could Laugh at and speculate because the thing Is that all of these projects that we're All this great technology that we're Buiding on it's not real world adopted Yet anyway right by the time that the Market cycle finishes we still won't Have massive mainstream adoption it will All have been speculative so memecoins Give gamblers an easy way to speculate In crypto and so yeah with I called it 40 Million market cap so I have a vvp group

As well it's free to get them I told the community about it and Literally an hour and a half before it Listed on binance I sold everything I Think I put I it was a 50x on that one Which is amazing 50x on the spot plus I Did some lever Trading long made made Another crazy amount of that and then When it listed on binance I shorted it Which I never have shorted anything in My entire life but I just knew the cycle By now because I did it on Pepe and I Did it on Bon and I know how these Things work So I like memes I understand them and uh I think so on my Twitter today we just Announced Myro as probably will we Follow the same cycle as whff and then Some of these things will make it back Like I don't know if Bon Necessarily is going to be an 80 or Hundred billion dollar meane but I think Whff will why because you see wh Everywhere it's on CNBC it's on Bloomberg it's on every analyst and the News like because it's with a Hat it's just it's just with a hat And bonk isn't funny it's like some dog Like with a Bat you're Laughing yeah I know because because It's ironic that I said that and if it Just said dog with bats maybe it would Have done better but it was it was not

So um I don't know man it was just and The way they did it so it's perfect um But here's an important thing to to Think about a lot of people think that That Pepe and maybe whiff now that it's Crating are done man So I sold my entire spot position before It got listened on binance but I plan on Buying back in I'm GNA let it you know The LA like uh Pepe corrected 80% after Binance listing Bon corrected 70% after Listing and I'm just going to see this Is a different market so we might not Correct that much I'm gonna feel it out Over the next couple days see what Happens if it goes higher it's okay I'm Gonna I'm gonna buy back in I think that I think that Pepe and wh will Be dare I say it like Doge will always Maybe be number one because Elon But Sheba I wouldn't be surprised if Pepe and and whiff took out Shea um is My guess I mean we saw whiff got listed On uh Robin Hood of Europe and I'm sure In US Robin Hood will be too so um so Yeah I I like memes because uh they're Fun and uh it's where I make the most Money actually you really I can see You're really passionate about memes I Can see why I call you your research Team the meme King and just to kind of Recap what you just said and we only Have a few more minutes total you said Your number three pick is whiff you like

The meme Bonk sucks whiff is awesome you Also think maybe the next whiff could be Myro generally you like memes in general But when they get listed on a tier one Exchange or a big exchange that's the Time to sell and you know I'll tell you I'll tell you why I'll tell you exactly Why so I'll make it quick so when you See we see this with we saw with Pepe Bon and with all of a sudden it like it Could have huge volume every single day And the price gradually increases Steadily but then there'll be a period Of like a week or two where it just goes Ballistic like it took us forever on on On uh on whiff for to get like past 50 Cents and then it just exploded in like A few days to like almost $2 guess where That came from binance was buying it up Because because it's a community ran Project there's no tokens for them to Pay listing fee to binance so how's Binance going to capitalize on the Opportunity they don't so they're going To go buy it up create a frenzy get Everyone else to pump the price and then As soon as it lists they sell tokens and That's how they make money so I'm Certain that's what happens right like It just happens every single time so Anyway that's the that's a Secret guys I don't think bunk sucks but Uh I don't know it's not as good as Whiff guys smash the like button and

Tell me what you think about everything Kyle is saying do you like Bon do you Like whiff or like what do you think in General I do think Kyle is bringing the Alpha just like last time Kyle thank you So much for coming on I want you to plug Uh one of your company's Commonwealth We're partnered for this not for us but Anybody who can get in uh I you know Across the world I think this is a good Opportunity please tell us what Commonwealth is we'll have a link in the Description and just general final Thoughts for the altcoin daily audience Go follow this guy on YouTube go follow This guy on Twitter thanks s um yeah so I mean Commonwealth is is a great project and The opportunity at hand right now is you Know there's all these things everyone's Out there aird drop farming and cool why Not it's free Money but what Commonwealth has done is Something quite amazing they created the World's first free fund it's about $2.4 Million of capital invested at the same Rounds that really good VCS like the Best VCS get in at so early stage before IDE prices before everything and so That's $2.4 million in a in 15 AAA Quality projects that $2.4 million in a Bull run could turn into easily 50 Hundred million and so right now what The what the campaign is is you go

Download the app and get to try it out And then you go do task and you can earn XP points and there's a leaderboard and You know if you're in the top 10 of Leaderboard by the time it ends you can Get a $10,000 slice of that fund and That $10,000 could easily turn into you Know $50,000 $100,000 $300,000 and if you're in the next I Think top 100 you get $5,000 slice and The next thousand get I think A1 th000 Slice and then anybody who just does the Basic requir Gets an airdrop of the wealth tokens Which is the bare minimum which is what Everyone else just does right so um and You get to try out the app which is Really important because we built this Because I've been in crypto since 2012 And I was really fortunate you know that I became an credit investor quite young Uh because I bought Bitcoin early and Appreciated but a lot of people out There don't have and even then I Wouldn't have had the connections to get Really high quality deal flow you get Good high high quality deal because you Have your channel but 99.9% of the world Doesn't get the same deals that you and I do or VCS right and that sucks for Them and I felt that at one time in my Life and what really made a big Difference for me and allowed me to Invest in coinbase allowed me invest in

Kraken and ripple Abra Circle Etc was a Platform called Bank to the Future and It allowed people like myself to invest Early stage with VCS in some of the best Companies in the world in crypto And nothing like that exists today so we Wanted to build something like that That's fully decentralized fully Autonomous and we've been building for The past two and a half years and I Believe that there's tens of millions of People out there that want exposure to Crypto but they're terrified to to pick Something and put their money into it You know because they don't have they Don't have the knowledge and research Like they have it's so hard to Understand the space so Commonwealth is Made for anybody who wants access to High quality deals that are prev vetted And due diligence is done And can invest as little as as $10 into A fund it's the same kind of I like to Describe it as like you know a16z or Something meets Wall Street bets um Meets Robin Hood retail app for the Masses I encourage anybody from our Audience who is uh you know is in the Proper jurisdictions to participate in This do it try out the app use our code Below um for full rewards Kyle thank you So much for uh coming on our Channel Today this was great I I don't want to Jinx it but I'm predicting 200,000 views

Um uh thank you so much man more than That come on let's go everyone smashing Likes and I will for for your us Audience I'll tell you too um we will Probably in six months uh I'm just kind Of like early news we will be focusing On um real world assets and security Like tokenization of um Securities and Being allowing that to be operated Within the United States um so someone Wants to do like a you know a business That's not a utility token uh they could Do that on like the Commonwealth Institutional or Commonwealth us or Whatever so at that time can announce it But uh but yeah anyway thank you Erin For having me um always a pleasure Always a pleasure man thank you so much Later Kyle see man byebye thank you


Coinbase is a popular cryptocurrency exchange. It makes it easy to buy, sell, and exchange cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Coinbase also has a brokerage service that makes it easy to buy Bitcoin as easily as buying stocks through an online broker. However, Coinbase can be expensive due to the fees it charges and its poor customer service.

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