*This* is what will happen if Blackrock’s Bitcoin ETF is approved!

Something pretty Monumental happened Today BlackRock just filed for a spot Bitcoin ETF understand the significance Of this BlackRock is the largest asset Manager in the world BlackRock has 10 Trillion assets under management the Most ever CEO Larry Fink just filed for A spot Bitcoin ETF in this video I'm Going to clue you in exactly what this Means for crypto again understand the Context the SEC has adamantly refused to Approve a spot Bitcoin ETF for years of You so entrenched that it's litigating The issue against grayscale right now Knowing that the SEC disagrees BlackRock BlackRock wants to list a Bitcoin ETF on NASDAQ everybody understands how big This is right this really shows you how We tell you about stuff that the Mainstream media and big players don't Until they get involved themselves in 2017 BlackRock CEO Larry Fink calls Bitcoin an index of money laundering in 2018 CEO Larry Fink said BlackRock Clients had zero interest in Bitcoin Exposure and BlackRock had zero interest In offering it this year was a great Time to buy Larry Fink went on TV and Convinced yonato is it true that you're Building out a cryptocurrency capability Uh uh no I mean we're looking at it We're looking at blockchain Technologies And we're looking at all the questions In crypto blockchain is just the

Underlying technology don't your clients Want crypto exposure no I don't believe Any client has sought out crypto Exposure really yes But at some point they might Do you need to be prepared I don't at The moment no I have not heard from any One client they're looking to and to uh To buy a cryptocurrency at this time but Right now I can tell you it worldwide I have not heard from one client who Said I need to be in this today BlackRock files Bitcoin ETF application With the SEC BlackRock with coinbase as Its partner has submitted an application For a spot Bitcoin ETF following a Thursday morning report make sure you're Subscribed to our Channel we keep you up To date on the entire cryptocurrency Market on a daily basis if you're Interested in making money in Cryptocurrency Make sure you subscribe BlackRock the world's largest asset Manager filed an application on Thursday Afternoon to register a spot Bitcoin Exchange traded fund ETF with United States Securities and Exchange Commission BlackRock which technically Had 9.5 trillion in assets under Management to the first quarter of 2023 Is working together with coinbase the Largest U.S crypto exchange the ETF Would use coinbase custody for the ETF And rely on the exchange's spot Market

Data for pricing while B and Y melon Will be the cash custodian a spot Bitcoin ETF would be a big deal feel the Fact that it's spot that they'd have to Custody the Bitcoin themselves and not Just be trading paper Bitcoin for Context registering a Bitcoin ETF with The SEC has been a difficult task Especially for funds dealing with spot Market trading today it's not a single Application for such a spot ETF has been Approved by the SEC over concerns about Potential fraud or manipulation in the Spot Market in contrast the SEC has Approved four Bitcoin ETFs for Futures Trading so what happens to bitcoin what Happens to the cryptocurrency market if And when blackrock's spot Bitcoin ETF Gets approved well here's what happened To Gold this is the exact day the first Gold ETF listed on the New York Stock Exchange You can see what happened if a spot Bitcoin ETF is traded on U.S exchanges If it is approved this will imply a Skyrocketing bitcoin price as we have Learned from the example of gold Bitcoin And gold have similar properties Bitcoin Is a better gold the New York Stock Exchange listed the first gold ETF in 2004. since then the gold price has Never saw the November 2004 level again Gold with a market cap of one trillion Dollars at the time has now reached 11

Trillion dollars that's an easy 10x many Economic factors influenced the price of Gold but the listing of the ETF played a Significant role in the entry of global Institutional funds make no mistake About it now on June 16 2023 you'll tell Your kids about this date the world's Largest asset management firm BlackRock Could repeat the same story for Bitcoin If Bitcoin follows Gold's lead approval Could kick off arise that could last for Years I'm curious to know what you think About this BlackRock news because there Are different ways you can think about This hey if you're interested in buying And trading Bitcoin and looking for a Good crypto exchange to do that check Out our Channel partner bitget use our Link below and you can claim a whole Host of cash rewards just by creating an Account and trading over five thousand Dollars worth of rewards if you complete Certain tasks some just for creating an Account but then after that you have to Complete certain tasks like doing your First trade over five thousand dollars Worth of rewards for you to claim in Addition to the over five thousand Dollars in rewards for you Bitcoin Created a special trading competition Just for the altcoin daily audience this Trading competition lasts for two weeks You can get additional bonuses of one Hundred dollars two hundred dollars

Three hundred dollars just for reaching A certain threshold of trading volume You yourself so if you trade anyway Might as well make an account on bitget Through our link and start claiming These prizes the trading competition Trading volume of 300 000 or more during The campaign period two weeks gets you a One hundred dollar usdt bonus trading Volume of 500 000 or more during the Two-week campaign period gets you 200 USD bonus trading volume of one million Or more during the campaign period of Two weeks gets you a 300 usdt bonus Reminder the selling points of bit get Why would you use bitget bitget is a top Five derivatives Exchange in the world Bitget is a top 10 spot Exchange in the World bitget is the largest and leading Spot and Futures copy trading platform Bitget has 8 million users in more than 100 countries bitget has a 300 million Protection fund second only to binance If I'm not mistaken bit get practices Merkel 3 proof of reserves something few Exchanges do if you use our link and Create a Bitcoin account on Bitcoin Exchange you open yourself up to a whole Host of rewards that you can get over 5000 dollars and you can participate in This two-week trading competition I'm Curious to know what you think about This BlackRock news because there are Different ways you can think about this

Number one BlackRock manages about 10 Trillion in assets only about 10 percent Of all Bitcoin is sitting on exchanges So about 50 billion dollars worth of Bitcoin point five percent of BlackRock Money moving to bitcoin would buy every Single coin available let that sink in Another way to think about it BlackRock Is Affiliated or owns about 99 of American Goods land buildings now they Will control 100 of the money great job Everyone yet another thing to think About a question that's kind of Unanswered at the moment it's going to Be a spot Bitcoin ETF thumbs up with Coins being custody at coinbase thumbs Up which is being sued by the SEC thumbs Down perhaps Larry should call Gary and Have a word reminder Larry Fink and BlackRock led the ETF revolution in Tradition Regional Finance as well we Have been part of the huge revolution in Investing through ETFs we believe that ETFs will be changing the whole way we Invest and now BlackRock is one of the Leaders in the Bitcoin Revolution and Not just Bitcoin I want to remind you That Larry Fink is interested in the Utility of ethereum and other Cryptocurrencies and overall the Revolution of tokenization as well I Believe the Next Generation for markets The Next Generation for Securities will Be will be tokenization of securities

Um we will and if we can have that Distributed Ledger that we know every Beneficial owner every beneficial seller We all have our our code of who's buying Who's selling instantaneous settlement This technology is going to be very Important I am I you know look at it we have been Part of the huge revolution in investing Through ETFs we believe that ETFs will Be changing the whole way we invest Many people still use it as a means While people are investing it for Indexing no they're the majority of People were putting money in an index in An ETFs or active investors that are Buying exposure the entire bond market Is being transformed as we talk right Now I mean the transformation think About instantaneous settlement Bonds in Stock no middlemen we're going to bring Down fees even more dramatically Uh as for me I don't have to vote on any Shares anymore because a beneficial Owner will do all the voting hey if You'll be in Portugal around the 10th Through 12th of July use our code Altcoin daily50 for 50 off tickets to Block down Festival it's not just a Conference it's an experience it's a Festival we'll be speaking there we'll Be hanging around I hope to see you There again use our code 50 off tickets Again we tell you about stuff like this

Before the mainstream media tells you Before these big players admit it Themselves so for a an even more of a Deep dive on blackrock's foray into the Cryptocurrency space check out either of These three videos we've done on BlackRock either of these three videos Great resource and generally subscribe To the channel to stay up to date on Everything going on in crypto see you Tomorrow


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