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The potential for this Market is Absolutely insane that's what keeps Bringing people in the thing that's so Unfortunate is that most people come in At the wrong time and if you're here Listening to this conversation today I Want to tell you that you're more likely Here at the right time than the wrong Time we are in this accumulation Zone And most people are going to come when The media tells them about it when their You know Uncle Joe tells them about it Or what whoever else they're going to Buy at the exact wrong time and then Sell at the exact wrong time you need a Buy Low sell High I know it sounds Simple but it's super obvious and it's The really the only way that money gets Made in this market and if you're here At this time you're at the right time to Buy low and then sell High when the time Comes but you have To the best way to make money in Cryptocurrency if you're new if you're Just starting out so you and me we're Ogs we have different strategies but if You're a new person coming into crypto Today Lark Davis what do you think they Should Do if if you're new to crypto you've Arrived at a very interesting time i' Just like to say that right now we are In the accumulation phase of the market How long that lasts for anybody's guest

Likely up until the Bitcoin having there Can always be a change in Market cycle Patterns could take longer could take Less time but you are in an accumulation Period right now so that means you have The opportunity to go out and buy some Of the more fundamentally strong coins Whether that be you know your Bitcoin Your ethereum your salon your chain link Whatever it might be at relatively Reasonable prices compared to where they Were and where they could be going in The next cycle a lot of people are going To come into the market and want to take Way too much risk and they've got to Find the hot new subm million market cap Coin and then they get chopped up where They use too much leverage and they get Chopped up in a sideways moving Market There's times to go crazy long with Leverage in the market that's when the Market establishes a really strong Direction there's times to find those You know low cap altcoins and go all in All this stuff but a lot of people are Just getting chopped up in 2023 and it Sucks to see because it's at a time Right now where it's relatively easy Long term to return some big gains in The market so that's what I'm seeing you Can still get those more strong coins Out there but also also because the Market is a bit quieter right now air Drops baby air drops go farm those air

Drops there's never been more airdrop Farming Alpha out there and most people Are too lazy to go and click the buttons And do it so don't be lazy go go get the Air drops guys and how do people find Out about that how do new people know How to farm an aird drop like what is That yeah so it's a great question I Mean there's there's lots of alpha Floating around um whether it be you Know on YouTube or on X or wherever it Might be there's lots of people Shar Information um but basically let's take ZK sync as an example here's a concrete Example of how to potentially position Yourself for the ZK sync airdrop it's a New ethereum layer 2 Network much like Arbitrum or optimism which both did Token airdrops that made people a lot of Money so what you need to do you need to Go find the ZK sync website you need to Bridge your money across from the main Ethereum Network onto the ZK sync Network that alone can get you in the Running for a potential airdrop but Realistically what we've seen in Previous airdrops is consistency right So you want to not just Bridge your Money over once and go I hope I'm going At the airdrop now you need to keep Showing up on chain so every week you Want to go and do a swap on sync swap For example which is one of the big Decentralized exchanges on the ZK sync

Network and you do that once per week You swapped some eth for usdt and you Swap it back so you get two transactions Per week we've seen in previous examples That it depends on how long you've been Using network how early you showed up How many transactions you made how much Money you bridged over and all this kind Of stuff how many different applications Did you use did you claim nfts for early User participation all this kind of Stuff so not every airdrop is even close To being the same some sometimes you can Get into the test net sometimes you have To bridge real money over to the main Net of course there's risks when you're Bridging real money onto Main Nets right New protocols can get hacked there can Be rug Poes you have to be careful right So don't don't bet your life savings on Trying to farm an air drop on a new Chain but if you follow those simple Steps if you're consistent if you put in The work and you show up on these new Chains honestly because they do look for People who are I'm going to start a Thousand addresses you're not going to Get the airdrop they're going to find You that's what they do but if you're Using one maybe two addresses honestly Then you have a good chance of standing Up for a decent air drop in the Future so you're saying two great Strategies for new people coming into

The space today are one the airdrop Thing which you just described I agree And then the other thing it's almost Like buying ethereum in 2018 when it was Under $100 it already had a huge runup Cycles before that doesn't mean there Wasn't you know it's it was a quality Project and had you know way more of a Huge run to go so there's a lot of quote Unquote Blue Chip ships and nobody knows Exactly which ones will make it in the Future but there are a lot of good ones Right now and they're at relatively Cheap prices and this could be a good Chance to to get into some of those Exactly and then is there because I know That you like to farm the air drops is There any different strategy for like an OG Like Us in the space that you could Give um I think for when it comes to air Drops it's really um yeah yeah i' say For air drops it's a very equal Opportunity Space right where we do have um Basically anybody can show up to the Airdrop and try to farm the airdrop and Sometimes it's based on if you put more Money in but you're taking more risks When you do that you don't necessarily Have to put more money in when it comes To people been around in the space Maybe Are more familiar with how the space Works I would say right now we are a bit Spoiled for Choice when it comes to some

Pretty interesting looking low cap Altcoins that have potential to have big Returns in the coming cycle and if You've been around then you're going to Understand how to better approach those Low cap altcoins and it's not Necessarily something recommended for Somebody who just got into crypto Yesterday right there's a lot of risk There you need to know how to identify Decent tokenomics decent you know user Growth uh teams that are actually Delivering on technology and stuff like This potential use cases within the Industry there's a lot of moving Parts But if you can find those small cap Altcoins and there are some great ones Out there have strong backers and they Fit all the descriptions and they're Only worth 10 million or 15 or20 million Market caps right now that could go 20 30 40x 50x in the next cycle potentially Right but if you are playing the low cap Altcoin game and whether you're new or You maybe need a reminder on this is to Use risk management strategies and one Of the probably the biggest things you Can do here is position sizing when it Comes to these low cap altcoins because You have to expect massive price Volatility you have to assume that if You're putting let's say have $100,000 Portfolio you put $5,000 into this low Cap outco you have to expect that $5,000

Could go to to zero so that's why you Keep it a smaller percentage of your Total portfolio only 5% right if you Lose 5% of your portfolio it's not going To be the end of the world not great but Not the end of the world and you have to Expect that it can go down 50% tomorrow And still do 20x in the future so you Have to be ready for that kind of crazy Price volatility and keeping that Position sizing small is the best way to Protect yourself against losses and to Manage your risk when it comes to Playing the low cap altcoin game you Have to be ready to take profits when You get massive pumps if you see it's Done a 10x got to get some money off the Table because could lose 90% tomorrow we See how the low cap coin game works it's A volatile brutal player vers player Marketplace even for the stronger coins That look good now they may not look so Good in six or 12 Months I think you identified two key Strategies for ogs you know taking more Risk the way you just described right Now the the the two things when you're Like messing with these low cap like you Know High uh High return potential coins Is one you're not just diving into coin That has a pretty picture although you Know any you know those have done well In the past but us ogs we're listening To The Whispers we're getting into the

Telegram groups saying who's backing These coins and you know some funds or Some investors have a history of uh you Know just have a history of launching Coins so you start to hear these Whispers so that's one thing um really Figure out where you're getting the best Alpha um and then number two was the Risk management which is also so Important new people coming into the Space don't realize that if you're not You know you need to take profits you Need to pay yourself and you know you Need to just proper you know good risk Management so I I like that you that you Identify that uh Lark before we get too Far you know I know you I've been Following you for a While but who are you for the folks at Home who might not know feel free to Brag a little bit about yourself because I know you've done really well in Crypto um yeah so I got started in Crypto uh you know making content Full-time in 2017 and I've been been basically going Down the rabbit hole of crypto crazily Since that Time and I love it it's an obsession but It's also become a business right um Full-time employment and taking the Decision to jump into crypto as my Full-time job I did it actually in November 2018 which was an interesting

Time because the bull markets uh the the Bull market peaked a month later and the Bare Market started two or three months Later and it was a brutal year in 2018 By conviction in this asset class as Being one of The Highest Potential Return areas for the coming decade the More I learned about it the more I was Convinced and I'm still very convinced On that reality so that's why I started Creating content and I've been just Loving making content and it's what Keeps me showing up every day to do live Streams and make shorts and post my Thoughts on X and all that stuff because I really love doing it and of course I Managed over time to build a pretty Good-sized audience only about half as Big as altcoin daily mind you you but uh You know I think it's a great community That we have here in the total Cryptocurrency space with a lot of great Creators making great content it's an Honor to work in this space and to have You know a YouTube channel that's become So big or an X account that's become so Big and to have that voice De to share My thoughts with the community and Hopefully help educate people and help People along their journey in the Process yeah you've put together a great Channel and everything that goes along With that guys you can follow Lark Linked below so do you still think like

So do you still think that crypto is one Of the best Industries to change your Life financially become a millionaire Whatever that means 100% right now again very interesting Time to be in the markets because right Now crypto is like a trillion dollar Market cap we got up to three trillion Last time and even if we just went back To three trillion didn't go beyond that Lifechanging gains of $2 trillion a Market cap comes back in and it will Let's say the cycle we go further let's Say we go 678 trillion market cap from Here to the peak the amount of money That's going to be made on some of these Assets is insane and that takes us up to The 2025 bull market Peak the 2026 bare Market then we got to look forward to The 2029 bull market Peak where we're Going to go over 10 trillion maybe go up To a 14 trillion doll total market cap For all cryptocurrencies combined and of Course you know the the the ensuing bare Market and I guess 2030 after That the potential for this Market is Absolutely insane that's what keeps Bringing people in the thing that's so Unfortunate is that most people come in At the wrong time and if you're here Listening to this conversation today I Want to tell you that you're more likely Here at the right time than the wrong Time we are in this accumulation Zone

And most people are going to come when The media tells them about it when their You know Uncle Joe tells them about it Or what whoever else they're going to Buy it the exact wrong time and then Sell at the exact wrong time you need to Buy low sell High I know it sounds Simple but it's super obvious it's the Really the only way that money gets made In this market and if you're here at This time you're at the right time to Buy low and then to sell High when the Time comes but you have to remember to Click the sell button or you're going to Do a round trip on your Investments so let's say people are Following you following me they're doing Great in crypto it's in full Market They're practicing good risk management Like you talked about so they did you Know take some profits they pay Themselves after you make the money do You think it's smart to diversify and What does that mean to you yeah Absolutely I I Diversify my profits out of crypto you Know crypto is a great money generation Machine at certain times obviously Sometimes it's not but uh in general It's a great money-making machine and It's very cyclical and what I do is I do Get money out of the market so for me I've plowed a bunch of my profits into Stocks some tech stocks you know I own

Some EV stocks and some coinbase stocks Stuff like that but a lot of it's gone Into dividend stocks energy providers Mining companies stuff like this and That's just solidly sitting there making Money for me all the time which I love So that's a nice area to diversify I did Buy some gold as diversification too and You know I'm not sure how much more gold I would buy in the future gold doesn't Really do a lot but it's kind of fun to Have the little pieces of metal to look At from time to time and of course uh Real estate is the classic one which I Don't actually have any phys iCal real Estate besides our family home um I do Own a bunch of real estate investment Trusts get exposure to the real estate Market I keep going back and forth on Whether I actually want to deal with the BS of being a landlord or not I'm really Not convinced yet I might just stick With real estate investment trusts but Here's the thing altcoin money is High-risk money nft money is like super Crazy high-risk money mean coin money is Like crazy stupid risk money you can Make money in all those Places when you make the high risk money Understand that high-risk gains can turn Into high-risk losses super super fast So if you are making those high-risk Gains on anything beyond the top few Coins then you need to take profits do

It aggressively when it happens don't be Afraid to take profits you don't want to Become a part of the quote unquote Community and be a bag holder for five Years or something and then capitulate At a 99% loss it's not great been there Done that not fun don't do it you can Move money of course into top cryptos as Well you know if you got great profits During the Bull Run you buy Bitcoin but You're probably going to want to stick In cash for a while and wait for the Inevitable bare Market to come because If you get a bunch of great profits you Buy Bitcoin it drops 70% in the next Bare Market have you really protected Your wealth at that point not really so You got to remember how cyclical this Market is and time your moves around Those very strong volatile Cycles final question on this topic Finish this sentence Lark and feel free To be as brief or say as much as you Want I became wealthy When I became wealthy when I fully Committed to the cryptocurrency market That was the the the gamechanging factor For me and in 2017 I made more money Than I could have imagined making which Wasn't a lot comparatively but for me it Was a lot at the Time um and sticking with crypto not Giving up during the bare Market of 2018 2019

Allowed me to become um you know to Achieve that seven figure net worth um Eventually further into 2020 2021 Etc so it was crypto it was crypto It's uh what's brought me incredible Monetary um opportunity hey join us at Bitcoin Amsterdam October 12th and 13th This is an epic Bitcoin conference use Code altcoin daily 10% off tickets get This ticket or get this ticket ticket Prices increase as we get closer to the Event so many awesome speakers are being Added every single day use code altcoin Daily for 10% off hope to see you there


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